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CruxForums Privacy Policy

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The new General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union
require a site like ours to make clear our policies for storing and using data relating to individual members,
and how we guard the privacy and confidentiality of our members,
so we have adopted the following:


The privacy, confidentiality and anonymity of CF members is our highest priority,
and will always be protected and respected.

No information relating to members will ever be passed on or shared
with any other persons, websites or organisations.

The only data held by the site for all members are the username and email address given on registration.
These are only used for the legitimate purposes of conducting the site,
mainly to send 'alerts' as selected by members, who can at any time amend or restrict their preferences,
and occasionally to communicate necessary information if this cannot be done within the site (e.g. if access to the site is unavailable).

The only other information supplied optionally by members is that shown on their profile pages,
which they can edit and restrict access to at any time.

If a member feels that any message, thread, image or post on this site may compromise their privacy,
a staff member should be alerted as soon as possible by private message or by using the 'report' button.

Any member may request confirmation of the data held on them, by asking a staff member.

Any member wishing to cancel their registration should contact a staff member.
If the member so requests, their data will be deleted.
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