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Dhelia Crucifixion

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Thank you very much and I think you are right, they are very important moments part of the humiliation, the moment when the young woman faces the hammer for the first time is something that I really like to include. It is the equivalent of sensually undressing a lover before fornicating her.
As we say,(in this country)....she's fucked,one way or another !! ;) ;)


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You've just put me in a dilemma hahaha
I like the coverings, for me it is an important part of a crucifixion, it gives the girl a special sensuality but in this case, because of the type of punishment of the young woman, it could be that they have the habit of eventually starting to tear off their skin until The last garment at some point. We could let the audience present eventually answer the question by majority. Does it seem like the idea?

I understand the eroticism of loincloths, but do not share it. WelshWebb’s Christian girl, who shared her sect's horror of nudity, was promised she’d be crucified with that last shred of modesty.

She was not promised she would keep it. :eek: :babeando:


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Chapter 8
After several strokes on each foot, the young woman's body was finally completely fixed to the terrible instrument of execution. The audience was delighted with the spectacle of that young body that was twisting in the wood, suspended only by the four nails that had left her in an otherwise perverse position.

The girl was moaning with energy during the first minutes. Their moans were heard like those of a dog that bellowed by the cock of how much beast it was going through, but all that was for pain, for agony ...
The intense pain in arms and feet had made her completely forget what she had suffered with the lashes in the city square.
Dhelia watched the soldiers in front of her inspect her naked body.

She felt terribly humiliated after being used by so many men that her body was a mere object of pleasure for all present. Her breasts shone soaked with sweat in the sunlight that rose more and more in every moment in the sky.
The perfect curves of the young woman invited lust, no doubt many of those present would have given everything they had to possess that woman, still being nailed to that cross, but the moment of the caresses had passed hours ago. There was only agony and a horrible death.
From time to time she felt observed by that corpse that brought those terrible thoughts to her head ...

"Would that be a girl like her?"
“Would she have been desecrated like her until she became that horrifying spoil of what she once was?
-That's how you end up, bitch!
A soldier who lay watching her at the foot of his cross told her with laughter ...
-I remember when we kill that girl, a slave like you. But she had more luck ...
We broke her legs a couple of hours after being crucified since she was only one more slave, but you ... ha ... you had very bad luck having angered the governor.
It is a shame for you ... Your death will not only be slower, but more frightening ... It is the result of the "crucifixion of prostitutes" for you there will be no broken legs ...
Dhelia was crying disconsolate among the spasms of agitated breathing ...
Se was terrified that her legs would break ... But she knew that what she would live would be much more distressing, slow and painful ...
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Chapter 7
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The patibulum was pulled almost immediately hard towards the cross with a rope attached to the top.
The wood sounded suddenly, that had sent a wave of pain to Dhelia's pierced limbs. Immediately the one in charge of lifting it, pulled from the other side of the cross with force.
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As the battered body of the girl ascended her skin touched the rough wood of the vertical wood. He could see with horror that on the floor there were still two nails waiting to enter the flesh of his feet. The horrible torture was not yet over for the girl.
Tugging the dark-haired female was climbing with pain and as she writhed in agony watching the ground move away from her bare feet forever.
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She made impossible efforts to lean on the wood while groaning in pain and arched suspended over the instrument of torture. Thus, it was pulled upwards until the wood of the patibulum fit into a groove at the top of the cross.
She was panting and crying in agonized howls, his chest was moving at the hectic pace of his breathing, all his weight was being supported by wounded wrists that overflowed in a darkened blood groove pulled by gravity.
The crowd was excited tumult to see the girl.
"Wash your feet! Let there be no escape for the whore!"
-Noo ... -No please ... no more ...

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Dhelia sobbed that she had ever heard that this was the worst part ...
A soldier took the remaining nails and approached the girl, she would have wanted to feel that this stretch was an eternity, but it was not so. A couple of steps and the executioner was within reach ...
-Nooo ... -Noooo, not anymore!
The soldier took the girl's foot. Despite the abuse it was delicate and soft.
He moved his foot so that the ankle was at the side of the cross.

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In normal crucifixions the victim's feet were nailed together to the front with a single nail, but that was not a normal crucifixion… It was the horrific “Crucifixion of prostitutes”
The penetration of the nail made him give a brutal spasm in which his whole body was twisted in pain ...
-The time has come to pay as you must, bitch ...
With each blow the girl writhed back, raised her mouth to the sky and screams came out even louder than before ...
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A unique style and a very lively and graphic way of portraying this girl's horrific experience. Remarkable, wonderful work Maicoldraw.
The image of the girl in the background seeing the nails in the foreground, very original. And the foot nailing in B24, she wears a loincloth but it gives her almost zero modesty, her pussy is in clear sight as her feet struggle for purchase on the rough wood. I hope the Roman is not distracted as he swings his hammer.


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Not the same story/sequence at all. I think she’s a one off render, posted earlier on Obscene Display.

maicoldraw? Help here. ;)
It is indeed a different sequence that I uploaded in my personal posts post. The one I've been presenting here is new and I've been doing it these days.
The previous one is complete here :)

t was simpler since the crucifixion position did not change, something that is done much faster.


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It is indeed a different sequence that I uploaded in my personal posts post. The one I've been presenting here is new and I've been doing it these days.
The previous one is complete here :)

t was simpler since the crucifixion position did not change, something that is done much faster.

Thanks, lots, for the link, maicoldraw. I missed the thread when you started it, and I shall forthwith steal a number of the pics for other threads, because WHOA!!! :eek: :babeando::very_hot:


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Thank you very much for your comment, and yes, it happens that my texts are originally in Spanish and something is lost to me by the translation. :sisi3:
I've edited the pronouns a little, but haven't changed the 'Spanish English' otherwise,
it gives the story a lot of character - and suits the lovely dark-skinned girl with those gorgeous eyes!


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Chapter 9
The girl stirred her body for several hours. The hardest part was noon, I was exhausted and sore. She had lost sencibility in her arms that went numb at times and at times pulsed with terrible pains. His entire body burned in the sun and he was panting tired. She felt she would pass out, but a soldier approached her.
-Nothing of that little bitch ... it's time to stay aware.
The soldier took a spear, picked up a sponge and soaked it in the sexual secretions of the men who had ejaculated in the morning.
They had added to those fluids some drugs that were used to revitalize the body and prevent fainting.
The grimy sponge approached Dhelia's lips. She refused between sobs ... I just wanted to die once and for all ...
-So you prefer to go hungry huh? NOTHING OF THAT!
The soldier took a hot iron that lay in a small bonfire that the soldiers had built as the sunset approached.
-If you don't want me to burn your fucking pussy you're going to drink!
Dhelia felt terrified… she opened her lips and felt the sperm emptying her tongue.

Despite the putrid smell it was almost refreshing since he had not eaten or drunk anything since last night ... He had made a terrible mistake ..
The next hours of torture were agonizing. Over time the concoction had made his body revitalize and everything started to hurt again, almost as if he had just been crucified.
The soldiers enjoyed the dance despite the fact that during the day the crowd had moved away ... They would return the next day to see the next phase of that torture.

Dhelia remained in agony until sunset.
The sun's rays dimmed until the stars and a beautiful full moon invaded the horizon.
Despite the night it was clearly illuminated. He was panting and crying in agony knowing that this torture would last two more days until the final execution.
The bonfire of the soldiers illuminated his exotic body and cinnamon.
-Please kill me ... please ...
He begged at midnight to the only guard left behind to take care of his torment.
-Kill you? Nothing of that! Tomorrow will be much more fun.
The soldier said with contempt.
-It's more ... the time has come for your medicine ...
Again the sponge soaked in rotten semen was brought to his mouth.
The torture continued overnight.
Dhelia cried out to the lunar goddess of destiny that she would end her suffering that same night ... she could not bear more ...
But the goddess lacked interest in the affairs of mortals.

As much as she cried, as much as she begged, no matter how much she wished to die, the concoction would take away from the death of her body everything that her torturers wanted her to do...
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