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Diary of a "serial crucifier"

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Here's a story I've been thinking about for a while!
The confessions of a murderer.


I will soon be interned for thirty years!

I am sentenced to life for eight crimes that I committed in less than a few months.

So I have undertaken to tell you my story in detail and without hiding anything from you.

My name is Martin and I was given two first names by my parents, Henry and Désiré which are in fact the first names of Landru, the illustrious criminal.

My parents had me late and I was brought up rigidly in Catholic schools where the first hour of class every day was Mass.

Very young, I was put in the presence of Jesus on the cross and my attraction to this torture has only increased over the years.

Leaving a doctor in medicine after studies without history, my life was unfolding without mystery until the day when I realized that I had two loves in life women and crosses and it became a real obsession!

My dream has become to bring them both together!

Crucifying naked women, it became my passion and I got it into my head to make my fantasy come true.

I live alone in a large isolated house in the middle of a large park where I receive my customers.

The only people who are part of my ordinary are a servant in her fifties who is also my cook, her retired husband who maintains the exteriors and my secretary who takes care of all the administrative part of my business.

These three people are only there during the week and never stay later than 5 p.m.

As I have never married and therefore have no children, loneliness is very often part of my life and I have never complained about it.

I do not know when my house dates, certainly from the 19th century and, a little by chance, I discovered there in the cellars a hidden door behind which I discovered the lair of Bluebeard!

A huge room equipped like a torture chamber with everything needed to fulfill the wildest dreams of any sadist worthy of the name.

So I set out to renovate this persecution den and decided to make my fantasy come true!

This is where I was going to be able to crucify women in peace.


Chapter 1

Marie Therese .

The kidnapping

I was coming back from home visits in the countryside, it was raining and on the side of a deserted road appears a lady under an umbrella hitchhiking!

I don't do one or two, I stop and beg her to get in the car!

She explains to me that she was at the restaurant with her friend and that they had a fight!

She planted it there and left shocked at his attitude.

I scrutinize her, examine her!

She has long brown hair and is very shapely!

I would say thirty years!

The occasion being the thief, I have just decided that she will be my first crucified.

In my pocket, I have a syringe that contains a very effective drug, which does not fall asleep and leaves the person present but unable to move and speak a word.

In a second, my little syringe was emptied into the fat of the left thigh of the woman who wonders what is happening to her, demands that I stop, that she wants to go down but the drugs act very quickly and there she is calm and docile for a few hours although realizing what is happening to her.

At home, I unload her and lower her directly into my secret room.

I put her on a table and look at her!

Terror can be read in her eyes, disbelief as well.

I get comfortable to start taking care of her, that means completely naked and show her how long I am starting to have her.

With scissors and a scalpel, I cut out her clothes!

The more parts of her skin appear, the more my cock stands up!

Here she is naked!

I really didn't come across the ugliest one, her breasts are firm with brown nipples, her belly is smooth and her pink pussy with small lips that surround a fairly developed clitoris.

I lift her up and put her to a wall, a collar attached to the wall surrounds her blow and her arms and legs are spread and tied to chains well anchored in the wall.

The effects of the drug begin to wear off and the woman begins to speak and gesture again.

She screams, insults me but I wait, let the storm pass and let her calm down!

I put a gag on her mouth and, while looking at her and masturbating slowly, I compliment her on her body which I find very beautiful.

I pass my hand between her thighs and start to stroke her clitoris!

Although she doesn't want to show it, she has a positive reaction because my hand is soaked, Bartolin's glands are so made that they react even if the woman doesn't want to!

Sighs start to come out of her mouth and, on my side, my cock is stretched to the max!

I no longer resist and introduce it into her!

Her pussy is hot and tight and my cock feels really good!

I can feel her quiver, push herself forward as much as possible as if to lure my cock deep inside her!

she climaxes and screams her pleasure as my cock explodes in her vagina and fills it with cum.

I step back and let her know that I enjoyed this first contact!

I give her a drink and give her an injection to keep her asleep until tomorrow.

Each day her grief and tomorrow she will discover the rest of the program that I have in store for her .


The 2nd day.

The next day, my day is over, I come back to her!

She must have slept a lot but still seems very exhausted by her position.

I untie her neck and wrists so she can sit down and give her food and drink.

She asks me what will happen to her and I simply tell her that, like everyone else, she is going to die!

Directly the terror reads in his eyes as I laugh out loud.

I tell her that I would have liked to whip her but that I give it up because I don't want her skin to be damaged.

Now, in order to make it easier for the future, I give her a shot that will leave her unresponsive but present to follow whatever I am going to do to her.

So I untie her and carry her to a cross which is placed next to it and which awaits her.

There, I conscientiously bind her arms and legs in order to fix her on the cross before nailing her.

I now wait for the drug to finish working and start lifting the cross until it is stabilized upright.

Coming to her senses, she's praying to me not to nail her down, let her live, that she will do whatever I want!

Obviously as naked as her to carry out my task, I climb onto a small stepladder and offer her my hard, stiff cock to suck.

Thinking of being able to escape the final sanction, she puts more than good will to satisfy me and, in no time, gets there!

She doesn't flinch when my sperm squirts in her mouth and, wanting to satisfy me completely, shows me that she swallows all my production without hesitation.

That's fine, she's a good girl, but the day is not over and I'm getting back to work to finish her crucifixion!

So I do my best to nail her definitively to the wood of her cross!

She moans, screams in pain, curses me but nothing she says reaches me and I continue my task until all four limbs are nailed down.

I then remove the ropes that held her and step back to admire my work.

It is totally what I expected!

She dances on her cross in infinite suffering.

How long will her ordeal last?

I ignore it but will not do anything more to relieve her or accelerate her death.

Happy with myself, I masturbate slowly, I would stay for hours contemplating her!

She is truly beautiful and exciting to be a crucified woman.

I check if everything is in order, if her nails can't hurt to let go and take the opportunity to cruelly pinch her nipples then go down to her pussy!

It's weird, but it seems normal that a crucified woman goes through unimaginable orgasms!

So I want to test this and start penetrating her with my fingers while I massage her clit!

Automatically her cries change and the more I stroke her the more she asks me not to stop, the more she tells me that she is a bitch who asks only to cum!

So I keep going until she reaches a phenomenal orgasm that leaves her panting on her cross.

I have enough for today, so I'll leave her to her thoughts until tomorrow!

Will she still be alive?

I hope for her and for me too, who still want to enjoy the spectacle of her suffering and her death.


The sequel and the end

What was my surprise the next day when I arrived in the cellar hearing the grunts of my crucified!

It was not grunts of pain but of pleasure!

She was simply enjoying alone on her cross!

Hearing and seeing her, I can't resist and after quickly stripping naked and placing a stepladder against the cross, I hasten to penetrate her hot and dripping pussy!

My penetration only increased her enjoyment but, very excited by the situation, I couldn't hold back my ejaculation for long.

So what they say is true!

Crucified women experience exceptional orgasms on the cross.

If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it.

Calm returned, I examine my victim and find that her heart is beating very fast and her breathing has become very irregular.

To suffer, she suffers a lot!

Her movements on the cross have become jerky and are reduced to their simplest expression because her limbs must be completely knotted, crippled by cramps and must not be able to do much anymore.

She asks me to drink but thirst is part of the torture and I refuse her, I no longer want to keep her alive too long and, moreover, this water would relieve her and I want her to experience the pains of the crucifixion.

I see her exhausting herself and declining by the minute, her ordeal will surely end soon!

Her breathing becomes more and more difficult!

Now she doesn't even straighten her head anymore and is animated by nervous tics that shake her whole body.

Suddenly, she reared up and fell back against her cross!

It's over, she just gave her soul to the devil.

Even dead, she is a sculptural beauty and as I want to keep her intact as long as possible, I decide to embalm her!

I open her and remove all the most putrescible organs and replace her blood with formalin!

Her complexion has changed but her beauty is still visible.

She was remarkable in spending just over 48 hours alive on the cross.

I think there is a way to do better and, starting tomorrow Saturday, I'm on the hunt to find her a little sister to keep her company!

I say one, it could be two, I'll see.


Chapter 2

Carla and Mireille

The catch and the start

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, there are always young girls on the country roads who come back from the ball a little tipsy and in a hurry to get home on time so as not to have to suffer the wrath of the father of the family!

This evening, luck is with me!

Two charming young girls are in the case and when I kindly offer to take them home, it is with joy that they accept!

Friendly and pretty, they are 22 and 23 years old and are happy to be able to do part of the way by car because the evening was very wet.

Admitting the fact that I am a doctor, I offer them a small injection that will instantly remove all traces of alcohol!

At first hesitant, I manage to convince them and it is spontaneously that they stretch out their arms to me to receive this miracle cure.

Moments later, they are both present but unable to move anything.

They are light and transporting them to my cellar is a snap!

I tie one to the wall and lay the second on the table where I take off her clothes!

Her name is Mireille and is a redhead with a pussy topped with a thin tuft of red hair, her breasts are quite small but very firm, and her face is studded with small freckles.

It's the other's turn to be deprived of their clothes!

She is a blonde with a completely shaved pussy with a mischievous clit sticking out between her private lips.

I can not resist and also get naked and directly penetrate my stiff cock to hurt!

I feel a little resistance and push a little harder!

The girl was still a virgin and, after having ejaculated inside her, withdraws me to see my sperm a little pink with her blood flowing out of her pussy.

This is not meant to soften me and I tie them both to the wall next to the corpse of Marie-Thérèse which is still displayed on her cross.

Coming to their senses, I am insulted by all names and threatened but, sincerely, what could do to me two naked girls chained to the wall!

I therefore leave them alone for a while so that they can take stock of their situation.

When I come back a moment later, they've calmed down and ask me what do I actually expect from them?

I simply tell them that they are going to be crucified and that in the meantime they have become sex objects that must bend to my will to avoid even more painful abuse.

The redhead is in tears while the blonde tries to get rid of her chains without of course succeeding.

I provide them with a drink before preparing the material necessary for their crucifixion.

I'm going to start with the redhead, so I give her a light injection so that I can easily position her and tie her to her cross.

The thing is quickly done and I practice the same way for the second!

So here they are tied naked to their cross.


The crucifixion

Coming back to them, I explain her what I'm going to do !

Nail them to their cross then erect these crosses on which they will die suffering greatly!

The terror can be read in their eyes which keep shedding tears!

So I'm going to start but first, I get naked because while I nail them, I will rape them, obviously.

So I begin to nail them to their cross!

A nail in the wrist of one and a nail in the wrist of the other!

I want this to last a long time so that they can enjoy each of their nails!

As soon as the nail is in place, I remove the strings so that, if they look, they can see the head of her nail protruding from their flesh.

They scream, of course, and their screams only make my erection bigger.

To make the pleasure last, I give them up for a moment, giving them plenty of time to realize what it is like to have a wrist pierced by a point of steel.

When they see me coming back to them my hammer and nails in hand, they scream harder but that only increases my excitement!

I crouch down and prepare to nail the second wrist of Mireille, the redhead!

I stop my movement and tell her that if she agrees to suck me off, I'll set her free!

Without me saying more, she opens her mouth as if to invite me!

I don't hesitate and stick my cock as far as possible, right down to her throat!

She almost suffocates, but still begins to dutifully suck me.

She's gifted and gives me a first-class blowjob which I can't resist very long and squirts in long, powerful jets that she swallows straight.

Obviously, there was never any question of releasing her so I proceed to nailing her second wrist.

She screams, calls me every bird name imaginable, but quickly finds herself with those two arms an integral part of her cross.

I remove the ties and now head over to do the same to her friend.

She doesn't move, seems resigned, but when the steel point began to penetrate her flesh, she screamed and tried to break free, obviously unable to do so.

When finished, I untie one leg for her and she immediately throws it up, exposing her shaved, charming, attractive pussy to me!

I can't resist it and penetrate her!

Since I had just ejaculated in Mireille's mouth, my rape lasted longer and, to my amazement, I felt Carla vibrate and come with her pelvis to meet my cock!

Little by little, the pleasure crept into her and, the moment I released my seed, she definitely came.

I took advantage of the moment when she was recovering from her orgasm to grab her foot and directly nail it to her cross.

Securing the second still bound was child's play.

So here is one who is ready to be erected with her cross and begin her agony.

Quickly, Mireille's feet were also fixed. I sit down and contemplate my work!

I admire them in their suffering and their nakedness and can not help but start to masturbate but the time is not for reverie and I apply myself to erect the two crosses so that they can begin to die, slowly , painfully .

I believe that there is not a more beautiful thing in the world than these women suffering on their crosses.

I turn off the light and leave them behind.

Maybe tomorrow, when I come back, they'll both be dead.


Slow death

The next day, the two young girls are still very much alive and are very surprised when I turn on the light.

Their faces are marked with the pain they have experienced but they do not yet wear the death mask that some people on the verge of death have!

The ground is wet under their crosses, they must have pissed during the night.

What's more normal ?

I walk over and run my hand between their legs, their pussies are wet and their vaginas leaking out a load of cum!

I wouldn't be surprised if they came during the night.

They no longer cry, no longer moan, they realized that there was nothing more to do and that they were going to die.

They still dance a little on their crosses but their muscles must be very painful and crippled with cramps!

Their breathing is choppy and very irregular.

I think for a moment of helping them die, but I love seeing them suffer so much that I give up.

I get naked and come and stroke them!

While with one hand I tickle Mireille's clitoris, I insert my tongue into Carla's vagina!

I wish they could cum once again and make their souls orgasm!

What a great way to go from life to death!

Despite their position and the pain they feel, I feel them soften, they let go and start to cum under my caresses!

I reverse the roles and when my lips come in contact with Mireille's vagina, I collect a gentle flow of cum.

Both are in the grip of an infinite pleasure.

I am happy for her and begin to masturbate frantically until I ejaculate with a loud cry of happiness.

To have an orgasm like this in the position they are in must be very exhausting and they must pay dearly now for this moment of intense happiness!

I watch their chests and see that they lift faster and weaker and weaker over time!

They are looking for air and have terrible difficulty breathing!

They don't cry anymore, at the point where they got, I wonder if they still suffer.

I see that Mireille is seized by nervous jolts which shake her whole body!

I think she's coming to the end of her resistance!

She suddenly rears up, lets out a loud cry and immediately falls back, her head tilted to her chest, it's over for her!

Carla has just watched her friend die and knows it will happen to her.

She begs me to finish her, to give her the final blow, to allow her to end her suffering, but I refuse, I want her to go through with her ordeal!

Lucky for her, it doesn't last very long.

The air really can't get to her lungs anymore and she is suffocating!

His chest is rising faster and faster and I can imagine his heart racing under his skin!

She releases all the urine still in her bladder, looks at me hatefully and, at the end of her strength, lets herself be carried away by death.

It was beautiful, theatrical, worthy of an opera with the death of the heroine in the final scene.

I sit down and contemplate them again!

Tonight, I'm going to have a lot of work to embalm them but, there is nothing to do, I want to keep them as long as possible.


Chapter 3


A mistake ?

It was quite by chance that I found myself in Gilberte's presence!

If I was looking for my next victim, she really wasn't the kind of woman I was looking for!

In fact, I had seen her before because she had come to see me for liver problems.

Gilberte is the perfect illustration of the drunkard!

Difficult to meet her with fresh blood.

She really is the woman no one but drunkards like her would appreciate fucking!

She lives in a slum on the outskirts of the town and it was in a completely ravaged ditch that I found her.

I had a lot of trouble transporting her because one hundred and thirty kilos that let go, it is not easy to move.

When I got home, I stripped her of her rags and put her in a cage against a wall in my cellar.

A good shower was essential, so I refreshed her with my garden hose.

The icy water on her made her come to her senses and she realized her predicament.

She recognized me and asked if we were in the hospital and if I was going to take care of her so that she could treat the liver that she had suffered from for years.

I told her no, that she was in my house and the useless life she led was going to end, that I was going to rid humanity of a canker by nailing her on a cross until they died. follows.

She then started cursing me, calling me all names but I only replied with a sadistic smile and gave her an injection which immediately calmed her!

Like the others, her brain is functioning, but she is unable to move or speak a word.

As usual, I stripped off my clothes and made her see my full erect cock not because of her but because of what I was going to do to her.

After opening the cage, I still have so much difficulty dragging this dead weight to her cross.

Given her weight, I wonder if a single nail in each of her wrists will be enough to hold her on her cross once she is erect and so I decide to add two more attachment points that will cross her shoulders. .

So I apply myself followed by the frightened gaze of the filthy woman I am busy crucifying.

With the top nailed down, I tackle her feet and, even with her legs wide apart, her infamous slobbering pussy is still hidden by impressive layers of fat.

Finally, I will not seek to penetrate her anyway and therefore hurry to finish my thankless job.

Without the hoist, I would never have been able to erect this cross but here it is, it is done, I did indeed succeed in crucifying her.


A monster in agony

Basically, I am happy to have crucified Gilberte!

I had never seen or imagined that someone could be so ugly on a cross!

The corpses that line the other three crosses in my cellar are still beautiful, but this time it's horrible!

Everything hangs.

I think her breasts would hang down over her thighs if it weren't for these layers of fat layering on top of each other!

Her genitals are completely hidden and I'm sure that to see where she gets wet, she would have to be rolled in flour as there are so many folds.

She has just come to her senses and begins to suffer on this cross that she will never leave.

Her pain gives me an erection but, rather than trying to penetrate her, I masturbate and cum on her!

I let her insult me and go back to admire my three other victims who, so far, have hardly moved!

Their skin is icy and they have that color that all corpses have but I still find them very pretty!

I think that my new victim, when she is dead, will not be part of my museum, her body would be a stain on others!

I regret having crucified her a little, but now it is too late and I cannot go back!

So I decide to hasten her death by breaking both her legs like the Romans did so that she suffocates faster!

The sound of broken branches making her tibia and fibula as they break resonates in my head like a pleasant noise which is not at all her opinion because she screams harder and starts insulting me again!

All her enormous weight that only the nails of her wrists and shoulders hold must cripple her even more than when her feet hit the ground and her face begins to turn blue!

The air is no longer reaching her lungs and I have the impression that she is going through her last minutes!

She doesn't even scream anymore, doesn't have the strength anymore!

One last nervous twitch and it's over, death has taken her away.

Since I don't want to keep her, I'm going to bury her in my park!

As much as I enjoyed my previous victims, I am so disappointed with this experience!

In the future, I will try to better choose my victims in order to get the most out of them in pain and pleasure.
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