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E-DigitalFantasy - Pictures of Wenona

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Wenona a beautiful fetish model for incredible photos exhibiting beauty and a flair for erotic excitement!!! She was a long standing performer for Kink.com specializing in their sites such as Water Bondage, Hogtied, Ultimate Surrender, Device Bondage and many videos up to full XXX. She has a fit body and incredible flexibility. A great friend for many years! My photos of her that I will post her will include glamour, fetish, bondage, toys, and X-rated. Enjoy the excitement that Wenona can bring to you!!! She is always willing to please and experiment!

My starting photos here will be of her outdoors with some incredible views looking up from below her!!! One of her outstanding features, besides the incredible body, is her seemly always erect nipples!!!

IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3502.JPG IMG_3533.JPG IMG_3538.JPG IMG_3614.JPG IMG_3629.JPG IMG_3638.JPG IMG_3644.JPG IMG_3654.JPG IMG_3661 (2).JPG
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