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Thanks everyone! Eulalia, you post on the other thread was so good that I have quoted it here - I hope you don't mind. The comment about the Brillo pad is brilliant!!! Keep the pix coming everyone, sorry I don't have any to share myself...

I'm hanging on my Cross,
nailed wrists and ankles
cornu in my cunt.

But on my breasts
electric terminals
clipped to my nipples,
and the Spike of the cornu's
an Electric Probe!

Here's a tip for you boys “ stuff a wet Brillo pad up me, like a wire tampon, before you poke in the Probe:

That wire pad will spread the electric pain
through every nook and cranny of my cunt,
rousing my clitoris,
stimulating ovaries,
making the womb-muscles
seize and contract -
exquisite, burning agony
deep in my woman-works!

Gracias to the Sadisti Supremi of Latin America for that little refinement.

Earth-wires from each nail
will draw the current searing through
stretched arms and legs.

My sweat-soaked skin's
an excellent conductor,
copper strips down the stipes
complete the circuit.

Now all you have to do
is press the switch
(use the remote!)

See me jerk, leap, savagely twist,
shoulders and buttocks
springing off the Cross,

Hair wild,
head tosses side to side,
teeth snap,

While from my throat
comes the unearthly, high-pitched,
wailing shriek,
like no other Torture-cry.

My supple body's not my own,
it's your electric toy
that hurls at each touch of the switch,
like a trapped bird
frantic to fly.

Go on, give me shocks,
ten, twenty, thirty seconds each,
with brief gaps in between,
some more, some less,
some to my genitals,
some to my breasts,
sometimes to both...

Then pause to enjoy
the terror in my eyes,
my gasping incoherent pleas,
sobs of despair -
as I bow to the hideous power you wield
over my Cross-pinioned body.

Soon as you see me
relax a least bit,
heart-beat slows,
again you'll torture me!

Holding me taut with terror
while I fight
to endure the agony of Crucifixion,
limbs' ache, torn muscles, burning breath ...

Ah! Sadist boys,
surely Electro-Crux must be
the pinnacle of girl-pain!


Hi, I'm quite new and this is my first thread... I'm interested in electro-torture in a damsel in distress setting! Does anyone have any good quality pictures? This is a great site.

Here's a screen shot from a movie clip I picked up somewhere; I've forgotten the source.
I imagine that this poor damsel's car battery died, and she made the mistake of asking the wrong guys for a jump. Now she is stripped naked and tied to the hood of her car. They will jump her all right, in more ways than one. The cables are hooked up, and all they have to do is decide where to apply them. Probably they will take their time trying them out on one body part after another, while they enjoy watching her twist and turn. Maybe start above the knee and slowly work their way up?


And some of mine, not very good ones, but exactly on the point.


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