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From my experience, I can tell you, dont get carried away with electricity (could happen) I have a shocker that uses one AA battery. Used on a wet vagina , it does give a nice tingle . Used with a wet , inserted metal egg it is plenty intense . The battery doesnt last long, but I use the rechargeable ones in all my toys. Have fun, but be safe
Yes, but there are still those that are used to shock cows. I think they could cause harm to a person.


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Have you more of this stuff, for a long living thread?
When not I would like move it in the "Electro-Torture Thread".

No, unfortunately the movie contains only this short clip.
It's OK for me if you want to move the post.

Superb work.

During all the time she has spent chained on the metal frame, her major concern was trying to keep her legs as tight as possible, in a futile attempt to hide her sex from view.
But now all her attention is centered on the man behind her. There is silence inside the room, the only - almost imperceptible - noise is a cadenced click from the potentiometer the man is playing with.
Suddenly, she hears a metallic snap followed by a continuous low frequency noise. The light from the bulb hanging from the ceiling dims slightly.
The fat, sweaty man is now slowly waving the alligator clip in front of her eyes.
She bends over her, and kisses her on her forehead.

"80 Volts"
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