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End Of Day.

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Look close Bob ... End of Day - Prairie Pain -  Dark Rider.jpg End of Day - Prairie Pain -  Pale Rider - 1A.jpg End of Day - Prairie Pain -  Pale Rider 2.jpg ... :smoking:
Thanks for the hint - I don't know who the others are, but the one I can identify is the crux figure in the burning wagon, in the distant centre of the picture! :D

GoatJr Prairie Pain Pale Rider 1A cf Alice Makar.jpg

All three versions show dramatic scenes of tension, but I think the nocturnal interpretation has presented the biggest challenges in terms of lighting adjustments. Comparing the pictures, the high quality of blending makes it difficult to tell precisely which components have been added. The females, their discarded clothing, the birds and starry sky are the most obvious new elements. The burning wagon, smoke, flames and the bodies in the distance are also plausible additions to the original painting. Consequently there are many new details, which have transformed a peaceful scene into one of violence and fearful anticipation. Nice work, GoatJr! :)


Thanks Bob ... the stars were an after thought . I love playing with the light . Not always successful but sometimes it just come together , sometimes not ... as always you make it larger than life , thanks for the input . Your work is superb here and on DA ... :campeon:
Thanks very much for your compliments, GoatJr. As you say, a number of your pictures appear to be interesting explorations of the effects of light and darkness. Whilst my dA gallery was deleted in the purges last year, Cruxforums member phill87 had the foresight to preserve everything in the 'inter-planetary file system' archive. Thanks to him, the pictures are stored in alphabetical order, and they can be seen via this link. :)
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The more the merrier ... End - Choice Chics.jpg
That’s me … second from right, thinking to myself that there’s no way I’m going to spread myself like that!
Readily identifiable to Barb and the rest of us is Caprice, in an uncharacteristically modest pose. All of the girls seem to have faces with subtle, digital overpainting to change their expressions to ones of collective apprehension. This is quite appropriate in view of the enthusiastic bidding, and the range of poses is perfect for this auction scene.

Inserting seven new figures into Gerome's painting is ambitious, but the lighting adjustments have produced a unified effect. We should not overlook the background preparation in which the brickwork has been extended to conceal the original, painted figures. Nice work, GoatJr! :)

GoatJr Choice Chicks cf MPL Basic Instinct.jpg

Again I cannot identify most of the characters, although Alice appears courtesy of MPL's 'Basic Instinct'. Like the others, her face has been partially repainted to alter her expression to one of enquiry, with raised eyebrows. Gerome's slave markets are proving remarkably popular with our manip artists, and this interpretation invites comparison with recent work by @CamCrux and @Jollyrei -

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