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Enf - Embarrassed Nude Female

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#2 doesn't look happy in her work

forced_nud-7258.jpg600F2C9.jpgenf FullSizeRender+7.jpgenf tilly_and_lynne___pg_01_by_anewenfartist_dac0mw7.pngenf hina_caught__by_anewenfartist_dbj45tu.pngenf 1ccdpc0wusmy.jpgenf tumblr_m7bc5jeEcA1ryv8ymo1_1280.jpg




forced_nud-7258.jpg I love this idea for a civil punishment! Just forbid her to wear clothes for three years. Where can she go? She's effectively jailed in her own home for that time unless she wants to endure the embarrassment of parading around in the nude. Then she's probably get arrested for public indecency and get a worse punishment on top of being nude for 3 years. What does a gal get for public indecency? Whipping? Non-lethal crux? It'll go bad to worse for this woman.

Will have to monitor her at home to ensure compliance. (Would any of you guys like that assignment?) No blanket at night -- just have to lie nude on a a bare mattress. It'll be worse than prison! She'd probably rather be crucifed naked in public for say 6 to 12 hours. Just tied to a cross, but more than painful. At least then it would all be over quickly.
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