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Facing The Wood

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I Was Robin Hoods girlfriend long before Maid Marrion came along. When i found out the Sheriff of Nottingham had a bigger cock i drifted towards him, but that brought me to a sticky end. his knights took turns with me on the round table. Lance-A-Lot did`nt get that name for nothing, he lanced me more times than i care to remember. That did`nt seem to worry the Sheriff,he was too busy trying to bed Maid Marrion,until Lance-A-Lot got there first, he had her under the Greenwood Tree. Marrion was never the same after that, she always walked around with a vacant look on her face. None of this seemed to worry Robin, he was too busy with his Merry Men and what they got up to i never dare ask.
I think it should be re-named after Dorothy, She-would Forest :p


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I think this is MH but could be Ascanio... Christ, Tree's second post in a row on topic...


00003825.Little.Caprice.jpg After conducting a serious, long term, federally funded study of your posting behavior on the public service educational website, known by its devoted followers as "CF", I have concluded that, yes, posting on topic twice in a row is a rare occurrence for YOU. Keep up the good work.;)



Although I've heard of backwards crucifixions the idea still seems strange to me. Kinda like you were crucified by dyslexic executioners. This, too, in front of a decidedly hostile crowd. Not much fun to be had here I'm afraid. You can't really even answer back to the bloodthirsty mob. You poor girl.



Idea For Crux Images​

Here is an idea for what kind of crux images I would like to see. I would like to see big beautiful women crucified, totally nude of course, which there are not enough images of on CruxForums.
I would also like to see the women crucified in reverse, so ass to see their asses front and center, instead of the face and front that is the usual here.
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You've definitely got a niche with big beautiful women facing their cross if you'd like to pursue it. Also, you could always commission an artist or two to create the sort of work you would like to see!
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