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Facing The Wood

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I Was Robin Hoods girlfriend long before Maid Marrion came along. When i found out the Sheriff of Nottingham had a bigger cock i drifted towards him, but that brought me to a sticky end. his knights took turns with me on the round table. Lance-A-Lot did`nt get that name for nothing, he lanced me more times than i care to remember. That did`nt seem to worry the Sheriff,he was too busy trying to bed Maid Marrion,until Lance-A-Lot got there first, he had her under the Greenwood Tree. Marrion was never the same after that, she always walked around with a vacant look on her face. None of this seemed to worry Robin, he was too busy with his Merry Men and what they got up to i never dare ask.
I think it should be re-named after Dorothy, She-would Forest :p


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I think this is MH but could be Ascanio... Christ, Tree's second post in a row on topic...


00003825.Little.Caprice.jpg After conducting a serious, long term, federally funded study of your posting behavior on the public service educational website, known by its devoted followers as "CF", I have concluded that, yes, posting on topic twice in a row is a rare occurrence for YOU. Keep up the good work.;)


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it's a beautiful image, one that could (with the artist' permission)
go into CMCK, it's (literally) crying out to be set in a good crux-manip scene.



Although I've heard of backwards crucifixions the idea still seems strange to me. Kinda like you were crucified by dyslexic executioners. This, too, in front of a decidedly hostile crowd. Not much fun to be had here I'm afraid. You can't really even answer back to the bloodthirsty mob. You poor girl.


Nailed and whipped


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