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I hope you enjoy my new story. I was motivated by some discussions, about relatives crucified together. As in most of my stories the situations are strange, the crucifixions are more BDSM like and the sex is bisexual. The story starts 27 years ago and continues today. Located somewhere in the states, but only caucasians are involved, which is purely accidental, but helped me to work out the story. Be warned I will do work out some incest problems, which can hardly prevented in that story lines. So I tell you about the involved persons,

All persons of the story are adults, they are

Paula Dupont 48
Willy Dupont 47

Christine Dupont 21
Pauline Dupont 19

Mimmi Miller 45
Walter Miller 47

Sean Miller 25
Marion Miller 21
Ross Miller 19
Rosamunde Miller 19

Melissa Berner 46
Chuck Berner 47

Rosamunde Berner 23
Rita Berner 21
Roger Berner 24
Robert Berner 23
John Berner 22
Jake Berner 19

Bob Cooper, 67 and his wife 57, former football trainer, then rector of a college, now retired.
We are close to the middle of the USA in a smaller town, it is today, but the story starts 27 years ago.
Also two male stripper appear.

I was motivated by some nude American football pics, which will help us to enter the story.



First chapter:


Willy Dupont, Walter Miller and Chuck Berner went together at the local college in Painsburgh 27 years ago. Together they joined the football team. Every Thursday from 16 o'clock on upon 20 o'clock there was main training. Also in the free time the members of the football team are encouraged to spent there time at the football stadion. One Tuesday morning Willy, Walter and Chuck were on the blocking sled, the device they loved most. Walter already pushed it half through the field, when Bob Cooper the trainer and his good looking wife appeared on the training place.

'Hi sports, you are here', says the trainer rather surprised, 'that shows the right attitude.'

'We also wanted to use the slider, isn't it, Bobby-boy?', explains Bob's wife, while Bob's face turned red.

'You actually..', says Bob, but his wife quickly says,'would you not like to show how far you can slide,,,,'

'Slide', grumbles Bob. He moves in the direction of the blocking sled. He gives Walter and Chuck a sign and they stood as weight at the backside of the sled. Bob packed it and pushed it over the field and back.

'Good lord', said Willy, 'how did you trained that?'

'You want to know?', whispers Bobs wife into the ear of Willy. She has moved closely to Willy who could smell the perfume of her and obviously she was pressing one of her breast against his left arm.

'Yes', stuttered Willy.

'Bobby-Boy', shouted Bobs wife, 'the kids like to see how we train that, actually we came here for that reason.'

'I do not know', says Bob Cooper, 'probably that is now to far away from the acceptable behavior and I may loose all my authority!'

'Hey boys!', ask Bob's wife, 'you may have seen some nude males, haven't you? You want to see how real man trains for the football?'

'Yes we do', shout the three young boys.

'You see, Bob', she explains, 'that is 4 to one, so 80 percent is clearly the majority, go to the changing room, we prepare the line instead'

'Yes, mam', says Bob and slowly goes to the changing room of the stadion.

Bobs wife in the meantime goes to every door of the arena and closes them with the key the trainer naturally has.

After that she joins the three boys, they drink some tea from there bottles. Bobs wife seem to have a very good figure and she wears the traditional brave wife dresses, such as a long enough rock and a nice blouse. Probably the top bottom she should have closed, because to much can be seen of her breast for the American housewife.

'You must know, kids', she start to explain the beginning show, 'my husband, then still my friend, Bobby-Boy, I trained by using his deep fears. Naturally now he has no fear anymore, fear tends to ru out. But we keep this as training method. It also renews our love and keep the marriage young. You should do similar thing, when you are married.'

'I will not marry, my life is the sport', swears Walter Miller, 'I will become a famous football star and then I can choose every day another of my female fan, to please me.'

'Or male fans', laughs Chuck.

'Yes, it is good to have an aim in the live', also laugh Bob's wife and they laugh together.

'Okay, but I must now say a serious word', explains Bob's wife a few seconds later, 'what will happen now, will be the strict secret under us five? Do you swear?'
The three boys nodes.

A minute later, Bob Cooper comes out and an astounded mumbling came out of the mouths of the three boys. Bob wears a very old helmet, the shoulder pads and the Jersey of his former club, he also wears new Cleats and socks. The rest of the clothing he left away. The four look fascinated of his medium sized dick as he swings, while Bob approaches the four.

'Did they swear not to talk and have you closed all doors', he asks his wife, 'okay sports I'll explain you the trainings today.'
Bob groups his wife and the three boys around him standing legs apart and fists on his side, the boys could not stop starring at his penis, while his wife smiles.

'Okay, we all know the motivation problem mainly in the harder sports, such as football, or ice hockey where pain is our daily bread. So we were searching for motivations. One motivation is naturally fear. We can fear naturally not use directly for motivation, so we decided to focus on a smaller fears. One is the fear of humiliation, we started by training units with goals in case you missed them, you had to remove a pice of equipment and naturally no one liked to be nude at the end of the training', Bob started his lengthy teachings.

'As trainer, me and my wife will show you the rules', he continues, 'and we will do it till the bitter end. Are you ready sweetheart?'

His wife looks at him and she says, 'Yes. Sweetheart is ready. Are you sure you want to show that to your scholars?'

'Come on, Sweetheart', wonders Bob, 'you are prude now?'

'Not really, as you wish', she disagrees, 'you are a little pig, piggy boy.'

With he walks to the sled. To the surprise of the three boys, sweetheart, removes her rock and they say shaved and for a female muscular legs and very sporty ass cheeks. She wears a tiny, white string tanga. Out of the sports bag she take a strap-on. It was a rather big strap-on which had a dildo of about the size of the underarm of Bobs wife. The three boys look shocked and fascinated at the free lower part of Bobs wife and the monstrous dildo.

'Well,' she answered the unspoken questions, 'we now do that since 22 years and Bobby-boy is no tiny anal virgin anymore.' She smiles and goes in the direction of Bob.

'Listen up, sports', begins the teaching of Bob, again. 'We directly go to the final exercise. The person at the slider starts one third before the end of the field. The attacker, played by my wife, starts at the beginning of the field. They simultaneously start and when the person with the slider reaches the endfield he is save, if not he is not virgin anymore. My wife and me will demonstrate!'

Bob pushes the slider to the last third of the football field and his wife starts some stretching exercises at the beginning of the field. Walter whistle with his pipe and Bob pushes with a red head the slider to the end and indeed he reaches the endfield before his wife catches him, which makes him jump of joy and making mocking sign to his wife.

'Ok, we have seen that', comments Walter, 'but what will happen, when your wife catches you Bob? We have no idea!'

'Haha, I don't believe you', laughs Bob wife,' do we show that, too, Bobby-boy?'
Bobby-Boy makes a grimace, but says:'No problem for me.'

'Okay, but you have to take it like a man, not that you blame yourself in front of the students!'

'Don't worry, they have to do that exercise later themselves', he says to the very brightened looking group of his three students.

So the same exercise was started again, but after a few steps Bob stops. His wife catch with both hands his ass and puts the extremely big dildo with one stroke in Bob's ass. He cries from pain and his wife passionately pegs him exactly ten times and the takes out the strap-on. Willy, Walter and Chuck walk down and looks at their trainer. Tears flow down his face and he says:' You see? Easy peasy, no problem, but naturally it should motivate you to be fast! Who wants to be first?'
No one wants to be first, or second, or third by the way.

'Okay, first will be Walter, then Willy and last will be Chuck', organizes Bob. His wife comes back with strap-on of smaller size and smiles: 'I am looking forward to fuck you three weenies!'

'You will not get us, you mad, mad wife', answers Chuck confidently.

Walter moves in the expected position. 'You forgot something', shouts his coach. 'What? I am on the correct position', comes from Walter. 'You have to remove your pants!', says the coach, 'my god, how will we ever win a game with such peoples?'

Walter does he is ordered hiding his penis behind his hands. Willy takes his pants and the shorts and brings them back to the tribune. Bobs wife makes thumbs up and Bob prepares his whistle.

The whistle blows and Walter pushes with incredible speed over the line, while Bobs wife looks disappointed on the very sexy ass of Walter, which jumps with joy and moons to his coach and his wife, showing his virgin asshole. 'Look at that virgin asshole! You will never get it, put your silly gummy-manhood into your own orifice', triumphs Walter. Naturally the strap-on slowed down Bobs wife additionally, this helped to save Walters virginity.

'That was very good, Walter. No one should say my methods do not work', also triumphs the coach, 'next is you Willy'.

Willy is quite confident that he can outrun Bobs wife. He has removed his pants and shows not without proud his nice ass and an impressive upwards pointing erection to provoke Bobs wife.

'Someone is overconfident', hisses Bob's wife.

So the next run starts, but after 5 steps Willy stumbles and Bobs wife reaches him.

'Noooooooo!', he cries, while he is penetrated slowly. Opening his mouth he collapses and slowly Bobs wife pulls out the strap on and gave Willy a bottle ice tea. 'Okay, 1 to 1, now it is on you, Chuck. To decide who wins', says the coach.

Chuck is less confident than Willy and tries to concentrate on his duty despite the fact that he finds it very arousing to walk nude before his friends and especially before the wife of his trainer. Bob gives a sign to his wife and they change the places. Bob slowly strokes his penis to be prepared. The whistle blows and Chuck starts pushing, but has no chance against his coach. Bob takes his chance and presses his dick against the sphincter muscle, whose resistance didn't last long.

'What! Oh!', means Chuck soon realizes that he got fucked by his coach. Chuck was able to accustom Bobs large dick and they begin passionately fuck till the coach cums into Chuck.

So the training session ends for today but continued weekly with the same persons. Walter could not defend long his virginity and lost it to Willy, but no hole stayed unused and any dick was in any hole. To further motivate the rules were extended so that the attacker will get used in the case he didn't catches his victim. Some of the other motivation methods were used in the general trainings with the whole team. The blaming when missing the aims with removing the equipment was used and it became tradition in the last training that didn't end before the whole team was nude. That yielded in the most team-oriented team of this season and a huge lead end of the season.

However, it was Bob Coopers last season as coach and he worked as dean on the college. The three boys left the football team to concentrate on their studies, all in electrical engineering. Before that the End of the year party was hold.


End of the year Party 1

But also the best year at the college came to an end, so after the last training of the football team, the trainer invited Willy, Walter and Chuck to a party given by him and his wife.

They meet at the garden of Bob's house. On a table glasses with orange jus, mineral water, bread with salami and Swiss cheese. Willy, Walter and Chuck wear suits, Bob's wife was wearing hot blue pants and a transparent yellow blouse. The aureolas and the nipples were clearly seen. There was some chitchat and a lot of laughters.

'Where actually, is Bob?', asks Chuck.

'He will join us with the diner', answer his wife, 'we should go in anyway, it is time, we shouldn't let him hang to long, so let us go to the dining room.'

'I did not know, that he is a cook', says Walter, 'so what did he prepare for us?'

'Actually he did not cook', says his wife with a smile, 'you will see him. But to answer your question, we will eat spare rips and backed potato. The dessert will be a coup Denmark.'

She heads towards the house. The three boys follow her, the dining room seems in the cellar and they go down the stairs.

'Bob is in the dining room, promise me not to be shocked', Bob's wife enters the room, 'hello Bobby-Boy, are you fine? Still alive?'

The three boys enter the room but stay open mouths and look at the wand in the backside. The room lights are dimmed and the lightning sets everything at a reddish tone. But the shocking part is at the wand. On it there is a wooden cross directly at the wand. On the cross is the trainer completely nude. His arms are bound with 2 rather wide leathers strips which go into the wand. His lower legs are similarly bound on the side of the cross in a enlightened position, so his body felt forward building a banana geometry. The knees were bound with a rope which ends in a hole in the wand. His face is rather red and his pain is clearly visible, when he addresses the boys.

'Hello boys', he says, 'thanks you came for my party. How do you like my invention? Honey, could you please pull out the sedile I have problems hanging on my arms.They burn like hell.'

'Cool isn't it?' Bob's wife first smiles at the three boys, 'when you like, you can try later yourself.'

With that she moves to a table where a lot of switches, some in rotary switches and some measurement displays. She turns one switch and out came larger wooden block with some brackets.

'A moment I must got the cornu', says Bob's wife and opens a drawer. Out of the drawer she takes a black dildo-like object which is about 10 inches long and 2 inches width. She mount it on the sedile.

'Ok, you may now sit', she tells her man and pushes him back till his ass is above the cornu. Carefully, he position himself about the cornu and try's to avoid that it enters his brown eye.

'Hahaha, do not try that', comments his wife, 'I have been fucked there so many times, it will go in with ease. Come closer boys, quite a show you will now see. And we have a special tool to see it better.' With this suggestion the three boys step closer bending forward to look closer at the tip of the cornu and their trainers ass.

'Yes one can improve the view', says Bob's wife. With that she turns a switch. The ugly sound of an electric motor can be heard. The ropes holding the knees of Bob were torn into the wand and his legs get spread.

'Hey!' protested Bob, 'that we did not checked yet!'

'It works just fine it seems', answers Bobs wife. The spreading of the legs now enables Willy on the left and Buck on the right to look closer. Walters view was obscured since the glans of the penis was just in front of him.

The spreading of the legs has the effect that the asshole of Bob is exactly above the pole of the cornu and it also open it a little his asshole, so the tip begins to slide in. Bob immediately feels that and tries to lift himself up, but the arms burn to much so he must let himself to go down and the cornu enters a little more. But Bob gives himself not up and lifts himself up again. This can not be without effect and the trainers penis begins to grow.

'Great Bob, you are still very fit', comments Chuck.

'Yes, for that every training lesson was worth it', replies Bob, 'hope that teaches you to spend more time for your training lessons.'

“Come boys, dinner time', says Bobs wife, who was able to put four dishes full of backed potatoes and spare rips.

The four sits on the table. The table has the form of a horseshoe, so everyone has a good view on the crucified Bob as he continues his 'death dance'. Bobs wife explains the death dance and that in roman times the crucified ones were nude, not as in the churches and the movies. The reason is to humiliate the condemned.

After finishing the diner, Bob still goes up and down, his hard dick also swings down and up.

'An applause for our trainer, that is an incredible athletic performance', suggest Walter.

The four stood up and applaud.

'Yes', says Bobs wife,'but now is enough, I will give Bob some relief and the we take him down.'

With that she kneels in front of the crucified Bob and begin to blow his cock.

'Can I?' asks Walter. Bobs wife make a step to the left and Walter begins to blow his trainer.
'No!', cries Bob, 'now that is really humiliating!' and indeed his penis begin to soften. Walter angrily pushes his thighs down and as soon as the cornu seems to tore Bob apart his penis hardens again and he shots his cum landing on the face of Walter.

Bobs wife steps to the table with the switches, press the red button, the leathers straps loosen, the sedile moves in the wand and Bob fell to the floor.

'Must go to the shower', he says and leaves the room.

When he comes back, he wears a bathrobe with the inscription: 'I was crucified and the only thing I got is a tasteless bathrobe.'

They all sit on table and Bobs wife brings in five coup Denmark, with actual molten chocolate.

'What is better, than a vanilla ice with hot chocolate, after being crucified', says Bob, 'next time it is your turn, sugar-pie.'

'Sure', says sugar-pie, also known as Bob's wife, 'but only when your three sport champions also join! You could play the R-part.'

'Yes!', means Bob,' that is the big thing! You come next week?'


I hope you enjoy my new story. I was motivated by some discussions, about relatives crucified together. As in most of my stories the situations are strange, the crucifixions are more BDSM like and the sex is bisexual. The story starts 27 years ago and continues today. Located somewhere in the states, but only caucasians are involved, which is purely accidental, but helped me to work out the story. Be warned I will do work out some incest problems, which can hardly prevented in that story lines. So I tell you about the involved persons,

All persons of the story are adults, they are

Paula Dupont 48
Willy Dupont 47

Christine Dupont 21
Pauline Dupont 19

Mimmi Miller 45
Walter Miller 47

Sean Miller 25
Marion Miller 21
Ross Miller 19
Rosamunde Miller 19

Melissa Berner 46
Chuck Berner 47

Rosamunde Berner 23
Rita Berner 21
Roger Berner 24
Robert Berner 23
John Berner 22
Jake Berner 19

Bob Cooper, 67 and his wife 57, former football trainer, then rector of a college, now retired.
We are close to the middle of the USA in a smaller town, it is today, but the story starts 27 years ago.
Also two male stripper appear.
Some family pic of the Berners....
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It is still strange to see nude mother nude son pics
compared nude mother nude daughter
naturally due to the sexual connotation.
One way to develop my story, is to offer the daughters to the other families

I decided not to

or came to the fact (seeing YMCA) more nude males than females

as always. But.....


Well, despite the fact not much positive response came for my story, the next chapter is here to torture you! Read it!


End of the year party 2

A week later Willy, Walter and Chuck went again to Bob's house. This time Bob Cooper was in the garden handling some dips and a big can of orange juice, on the other side of a table was another can of ice water in which some lemon wedges were swimming. They remembered the football plays of last year and went down to the dining room already in good mood. So they are not surprised seeing the wife of Bob on the cross, but on her right side there was another, rather young female. She has a beautiful face, blond hair cut in a bob. Chuck starts starring at her.

'That is Melissa', explains Bob, 'my niece.' Both females had a loincloth and their breasts were covered by a blue cloth bond around her upper part.

'Your niece, okay', understands Walter, 'that explains why she hangs here.'

'We hang here since 3 hours', complains Bob's wife.

'You sit here on the sedile, but we change it for the first plate', explains Bob goes to the desk with the switches and the sedile dissapears in the wand. The two females fell forward and feel immense pain in the arms. They try to keep the weight with the legs, but sometimes they can get the weight with the legs, but then the feet begin to hurt, then the start going into the banana again. The three boys and their coach have some dips and watch what is happening on the cross. Chuck mainly watch Melissas actions, which was now observed by Bob, so he raise his eyebrow. The males eat meantime little sandwiches with cheese and salami.

'Let us go to the next plate', announces Bob, 'seems our females have problems now.' Indeed the two females seem to come to their limits, not only heavy breathing indicates that, also the heads began to turn red. He approached the desk with the switches and touched with of them. The females seemed relieved when the heard the sound of the sediles coming out of the wall. But this time the sediles came out with a dildo, representing the so called cornu. They were reasonably large, about 7 inches. The one for Bobs wife was black and the one for Melissa red. Both sediles moved under the loincloth of the females.

Melissa tries to sit, but feels something is not right. 'No, that is not what we agreed upon! We said no cornu! Okay, I try to sit before it.'

Bob smiles, 'come one Melissa, don't be shy. Just do it!'

'Just be dammed, uncle Bob, you bastard', assures Melissa, 'I can easily fit before that thing. No!'

She tries to lift herself, but the pain in the arms is to large and she fells back, her mouth opens an she begins to cry.

'It is in me! Take that out it destroys my anus, it hurts, take it out, someone help me!', she demands.

Chuck wants help her but Bob hold him back and approaches himself the cross of Melissa. He removes the band around her breast exposing some apple formed breasts.

'Hey!', protests Melissa and tries to kill her uncle by looking angry at him.

'Hey!', protests Bobs wife, 'I am your wife.'

'True', says Bob, steps to his wife and removes her breast covering band. The breast of Bobs wife are larger than Melissas and therefor fall down a little. In the meantime Walter arrives with a lot of Pizzas and a few six packs of beer. So it is clear that the interest of the four men, yes even Chuck, is focussed now to the pizzas. But even the largest amount of pizza will once end and the focus goes back to the females.

'Let us go to the final plate', announces Bob, 'let us reveal the rest.' He steps to the cross with his wife and removes the loincloth.

'You like, what you see?' asks Bobs wife. They see a shaved pussy in which the black dildo has completely entered. Bobs wife moves her lower parts so her husband and the three football stars can have a better view. When sure all four have seen that she tries to lift herself a little, despite the pain in the arms and then they let herself fall again, showing a real good fucking, indicating she did that in this situation not the first time.

'Let us see what had happened to my niece', remarks Bob walking to the other cross. He catches the loincloth of Melissa.

'Uncle!', cries Melissa, 'let me keep it. You promised me, that I will not be nude on the cross.'

'I lied', answers Bob and removes the loincloth. 'oh look, my niece swallowed it completely.'

'Yes, typical member of the cooper family', comments Walter also seeing a completely entered dildo in Melissas ass. Chuck stars at Melissas lower part.

'Okay boys', begins a new teaching of Bob, 'in roman times the viewers were mocking the nude crucified victims. But we are not in that barbaric times, so the two crucified will have to see us nude.' With that he undressed himself, the stood naked between the crosses so Melissa and his wife could see him.

'Uncle!', Melissa tries to protest but can not look away from her uncle's big but limb dick.

'So you let your trainer hang?', asks Bobs wife looking at the three guys. They understand the meaning and start to undress, Finished that they stand with standing dick next to the trainer, Chuck naturally in front of Melissa, which continued to look at her uncles dick. Walter and Willy were standing before Bob's wife, which smiled at them.

Bob saw that in some sense he is not fitting to the general picture, but with a few strokes he manages to get hard also.

'Okay, we now saw it', announces Bobs wife, 'can we go down?'

'Yes', agrees Bob step to the desk with the switches and release Melissa and his wife. Later is hold by Walter while falling from the cross. While he holds her, her hand moves down and shoves his penis into her vagina. She pushes him down so she lies on top of him and winks Willy. He steps behind her and starts fucking her asshole. Melissa looks at her aunts actions, obviously her aunt did not do that the first time. So she must have done that in all the after-training sessions with her husband and the three boys which are here.

That moment Melissa feels that the ropes begin to loosen and she fell onto Chuck. 'What my aunt can, I can do to', thinks Melissa and to the surprise of Chuck her hand takes his penis und manages to put it in her vagina. With that she looses her equilibrium and they land in a standard missionary position on the mat before the crosses.

Bob looks around. His wife makes a DP with Willy and Walter and moans loudly. Melissa seems to enjoy a very conventional fucking, she now even kisses Chuck. He begins to feel lost in a sense, but he comes with an idea. He walks behind the new love pair Melissa and Chuck.

Bob looks at the pair, sees how the ass of Chuck goes up and down. Bob is more than shocked by his niece, who seems to enjoy it than by the strange situation. He moves to the face of Melissa sticks his dick in Melissas mouth, who passionately starts sucking her uncles dick. Later he moves behind the pair. With one push his hardened again dick ball-deep in Chuck's ass. Although it was not the first time he did that, the sudden and forceful fucking made Chuck crying out loud, but soon Chuck smiles.

'What?', wonders Melissa, 'yes uncle Bob, fuck that silly bastard!' She says while she crawls out of her position and leaves the room.

Five minutes later she comes back fully dressed again bringing in the dessert. Willy, Walter and Bob's wife have already finished and start eating the dessert as if they were short before starving of hunger. After they finished, also Bob seem have to finished in Chuck and comes to the table.

Melissa hugs Bob checking his dick the same time.

'Thanks, uncle Bob', she smiles, 'a real unique adventure with you and your friends, but next time you take more care of me, promised?'

With that she leaves the party.

27 years passed by, Chuck and Melissa married and they have 6 children Rosamunde, Rita, Roger, Robert, John and Jake. Rosamunde and Robert are twins.


Has this pic been manipulated by Phlebas before posting or is the ... äh ...size in range of biologically and naturally existing growth possibilities?
Guess it is manipulated, but size is possible. But that chapter here is fantasy anyway, we must have a male around 40 and 3 sport guys around 20.


It is now time for the Duponds and their daughters:

Remember Party 1 (The Dupond family)

When Bob Cooper finally retired, he was after his duty as college dean, 12 years at a local construction company. One day he met Willy at the Mall.

'Hi, Willy', he shouted,'long time not see, what happened in the meantime?'

'Yeah trainer, you know I am married to Paula', answered Willy, 'we have 2 daughters Christine and Pauline who are 21 and 19 yers old. Last month I moved back to this city. I also met Walter, he has come back to his hometown also.'

'Oh, I did not know',means Bob, 'where did you live now? Did you find a decent home, already?'

'Yes, I did so, close to the border of the city, there are already small one family houses. I did a lot of building, I even copied your torture chamber', he said with a smile.

'Funny you say that, we should do a reunite party. As you know Chuck married my niece Melissa, they have six, yes six children', he tells Willy.

“Me I have two beautiful daughters Christine and Pauline, now grown-up', tells Willy, 'yes unification would be great, let us contact the others.'
So they agreed to do a unification party soon.

A month later the whole bunch arrived at the house of the Duponds. After some Chichat in the garden, Willy proposes to go the house. 'I think, I know what to expect', is the guess of Chuck.

They entered the dining room. At the wall were 2 wooden crosses. On the crosses the two daughters of the Duponds were hanging. Christine a 21 year old brown haired female and Pauline a 19 year old blonde. Christines breast were hidden by a yellow band, she also wear a yellow loincloth. Pauline wear the same but in blue. The arms were fixed with leather bands on the patibulum the same way as Bob's cross. Quite obvious, this was an improved version of Bobs cross. Both were sitting on a sedile, the feet are fixed close to the cross, so the legs build a right angle. The knees were fixed as in the case of Bob's construction. The two were sitting relatively convenient.

'My daughters agreed to be the part of the entertainment program', says Willy with proud. 'As you see, Bobs construction has been improved, but we will see it in action.' The other guest applaud and they take a sit around the table which was arranged like a horseshoe so all could see the 2 crucified girls.

'The first table is Penne Alla Vodka', announces Paula and she brings in 6 plates.

'Bon appétit', says Paula Dupont and they begin to eat always spending some time for looking at the 2 crucified girls, which smile because of the attention they receive.

'The second table is Garlic Bread Bruschetta', announces Paula. And indeed her husband goes to the kitchen and comes back with six plates and remove the old 6 plates.

'In to the second round also our crucified ones have to do some action', announces Willy. He and his wife stand up and go to their daughters. Willy stands next to Christine, graping the towel covering her breast, the same does Paula at her younger daughters side. They simultaneously remove the bands covering the breasts of Christine and Pauline. The guest stand up and begin to applaud. Christines breast are rather heathy with big aureolas, something for the breast lovers. Pauline the younger and sporty sister has very little breast with nipples standing in attention.

'And also the loincloth', announces Willy and they are pulled away. Both sisters are shaved and the spread legs enable a direct view on their pussy lips. Proudly they present it to the audience. Willy and Paula then spread the pussy lips of the crucified, so everyone can see it clearer and insert first one finger then two fingers. Pauline and Christine were looking rather shocked.

'We didn't discussed that. It is humiliating', complains Pauline.

'It is for better exposing your pussy', explains Paula Dupont, 'and you can not tell me, your new friend didn't do that with you.'

'Not while I am on a cross', mocks Pauline.

'He is not a good choice anyway', mentions Willy Dupont. Pauline looks with great anger to her father, just forgetting she is completely nude and her legs are spread apart. When she realize it, she tries to put the legs together again, which was not possible since the two knee binders spread their legs.

Christine looks with amusement on the struggles of her younger sister. 'Let us start eating', suggest Willy. The eating indeed started, but progressed slowly, since Mimmi, Walter, Melissa and Chuck passionately starred at Christine and Pauline.

Paula and Willy had finished there Garlic Bread Bruschetta and were looking with amusement at her friends who were starring at their daughters.

'The third plate is Vanilla Panna Cotta as dessert', announces Paula and brings it from the kitchen.

'Now we came to the real show', explains Willy. He steps to the desk with the switches and begin to operate some of them. The sedile of Christine moves back into the wall. Christine fell forward hanging now painfully on her arms.

'Ouch that hurts', she cries, 'bring back my seat'. Willy operates some switches and out of the wall comes another sedile with an impressive dildo. Christines mother stands up and pushes her back above the sedile and she sits down on it completely inserting it into her vagina, without any resistance. Her mother looks shocked about her daughters easy living.

Christine begins to feel what happen and after a short time she tries to move up to get the dildo out. She didn't managed it and fell down on it, so she tried again and the death fuck starts. The guests begins to applaud.

Next is Paulines turn. Her sedile does disappear and out of the wall came also a sedile with big dildo. This time it is a black one, while the one of Christine had a fleshy color. Also Pauline fell in a banana, but she didn't cry and only the face showed her pain and effort. Paula also pushed her second daughter back to the wall, but not far enough, because she is still shocked about Christines looseness, so the tip of the dildo slides in Paulines asshole.

'Ouch, no! Not there', cries Pauline, 'that tears me apart, help me!' Paula looked at her husband for help, but Willy just nodes his head. 'My daughter can handle that', he states.

Indeed, Pauline bites on her lips and goes slowly up and down, letting it enter any cycle a little deeper. The guests in the meantime were sitting again, enjoying the dessert and starring with open mouth at the show of the two sisters.

After five minutes the sisters were exhausted and sitting on the sedile, with completely entered dildos. Christine was completely relaxed, while the painful face of Pauline tells another story. Also the dessert has entered completely into the mouths of the guest.

'I believe, we can relieve Christine and Pauline from her pain', says Paula and goes to the desk. First Christine is released, she fells on the floor completely exhausted and rests there motionless. The skeptical look of Pauline from the cross shows that she seem to foresee what will happen to her and stops fucking herself preparing to be released.

Indeed she was relised also and could land properly. She stood up naked as she is touching her asshole with the left hand but seemed satisfied that it is still there.

The guests stand up and begin to applaud and Bob Cooper says: 'Thank to Christine and Pauline who entertained us perfectly, being crucified and humiliated by a merciless fucking, it is now time, that our two hosts are humiliated also, please undress!'

With laud clapping and whistling Willy and Paula begin to undress, which in the case of Paula not really took long. She removed her dress and two heavy hanging breasts were visible, then she took of a string tanga and she was nude. Despite her age of 48 her belly was very muscular, the legs and the vagina shaved and 2 youngish looking lips were visible. A scar indicates that the two daughters were born with a cesarion, but the audience was to surprised to mock her about that. In the meantime, also Willy Dupond managed to get nude. He still looked very athletic, so he was tried to stay in form, what Bob observed with satisfaction. He had removed all his body hair and his penis was already half-hard.

'On the cross with them', orders Bob. He and Chuck lift Paula on the cross, while Mimmi Miller goes to the desk to find the switch for the leather bands. After some trials, they were able to fix her arms and legs and to bind the spreader around her knees. Mimmi now find the switches for the sediles and manages that the one with the pink dildo clicks in. Bob and Chuck place her above the dildo. Chucks claps the ass of Paula and she sinks down, opening her asshole with the dildo.

'Stop! Wrong hole!', shouts Paula.

'Was not the wrong hole for your daughter, will not be the wrong hole for your husband', states Bob and steps back. Paula lowers her body inch by inch, then forcefully goes up and inch by inch back.

In front of Paula Christine turns around and now lyes with spread legs. She looks with fascination how the asshole of her mother opens and the dildo dissapears inside her. She notices that her mothers pussy lips seem to grow and are more exposed. In the meantime her mother stares at her daughters widely opened pussy.

'Willy it is your turn', mocks Bob,'you also have wrong holes?'

'All my holes are right and I will take it like a man!', assures Willy.

'Yes, we know since that was not the first time', mocks Walter.

'Happy you remember it, it was so nice how you tried with your little one', answers Willy. All laugh.

'Well we did a lot of things, wasn't it', means Bob and with Walter he tries to fix Willy on the cross. Willy is quite a heavy man, but now Bob, Walter and Mimmi know what to do and sooner as supposed Willy is fixed on the cross and the cornu has already started entering Willys asshole.

Christine now looks at her father. So she has the perfect view of him, slowly seeing him going down on the dildo with a growing erection. Willy feels how the dildo opens his hole and how the blood flows into his penis, while the pain in the arm dissapears. He sees how his daughter looks at his erection and this makes him proud and it increases his arousal. 'That is wrong', he thinks, but he could not prevent that he smiles at his daughter.

Christine smiles back lifts her butt and spreads it with both hands so her father can see her opened asshole. She looks if that has any influence on the erection of her father, but it was hard to say.

'Okay, time to do some work', says Bob Cooper and starts to undress himself, Chuck and Walter do the same followed by their wives. The rather large dick of Bob is still limb, but with a few strokes he manages to get hard. Chuck and Walter follow as during their football carrier the instructions of their trainer.

'In a line', orders Bob, 'just one touch down.' The three males go to the lying Christine.

'We have to thank for your performance', says Bob and with that he spreads her legs and pushes his dick into her vagina. After just one push he moves his member out again. Then follows Walter and Chuck doing the same exercise.

The three females and Pauline applaud.

'More till all of you shut your cum in that vagina', proposes Melissa.

'What about me?', asks Pauline.

'Later', explains Bob, 'we first release the crucified ones.'

YES, what about Pauline? And what to do having 2 daughters with 4 holes, but only 3 friends? Time will tell.


Hm, I know how to resolve the situation, but the reader should choose. In my first writing there were 2 more people involved which I deleted since it is allready to long. The Millers which follow next are 6 persons, and some heavy incest situations are involved, the Berners are eighth people....

So what has still to happen?

a) Christine has to loose her anal virginity
b) Bob and the three boys should all have some cum shots.
c) The females still are only observing.

Anything else has to happen? Just tell me!


Assistant executioner
Hm, so come risolvere la situazione, ma il lettore dovrebbe scegliere. Nella mia prima scrittura c'erano altre 2 persone coinvolte che ho cancellato poiché è già troppo lungo. I Miller che seguono sono 6 persone, e sono coinvolte alcune situazioni di incesto pesante, i Berner sono ottavi persone....

Allora cosa deve ancora succedere?

a) Christine deve perdere la sua verginità anale
b) Bob e i tre ragazzi dovrebbero farsi un po' di sborrate.
c) Le femmine stanno ancora solo osservando.

Deve succedere qualcos'altro? Dimmi!


And here is the conclusion

Remember 1 End

Bob goes to the table with the switches and with both hands he switches simultaneously 2 of them and simultaneously Paula and Willy are released and fell on the ground. They stand up, massage their muscles, Willy winks Bob and the three leave the dining room.

A minute later they are back. Paula brings in a table with 10 drinks. Willy and Bob bring in two mattresses which they position in the middle of the room.

'Let us do some exercises', says Willy, 'are my daughters still up to some sports?'

'Sure we are', answers both simultaneously.

'Is it so? Okay, Chuck and Walter, could you take place on the mattresses.', orders Bob.

Chuck and Walter do as they ordered and are now lying on their backside stroking their cocks.

'You choose', explains Bob pointing to Christine and Pauline.

'Me first, I am the older sister', says Christine heading for Chuck which seems to be better equipped than Walter. Pauline let her eyes role desperately and is then heading for Walter.

Christine is standing with spread legs above Chuck facing him and lowers herself so her vagina is slowly penetrated. She looks at her right side, but the younger sister was faster as always and fucks Walter.

While Paula sees how her daughters are fucked she begins to masturbate herself and stands naked observing the fucking. Willy also starts masturbating together with Bob on the other side of the group. His wife starts sucking Paula's tits, which motivates Mimmi to kneel before her and starts licking Paulas vagina. Melissa could as consequence only go behind Paula, spreads her cheeks and begins to lick her asshole.

Bob's penis is rock hard. He desperately looks around and then decides to walk behind Pauline, she notices him, 'yes please'. That request he could not negotiate and he enters the already by the cornu widened asshole of Pauline.

Paula looks with satisfaction and Willy with astonishment at the classical double penetration her younger makes in front of their friends.

'Willy, outch', she addresses her husband, while Melissa puts a finger in her asshole, 'you are standing there like an idiot. There is still a hole unstuffed.'

'The hole of my daughter, that is incest', explains Willy.

'It is an asshole, so no incest!', is Paulas witty reasoning.

'What asshole?', ask Christine.

'Yours', states Pauline.

'No', means Christine, 'that one is untouched and stays so.'

'21 and virgin? So you haven't shitted so many years?', mocks Pauline.

'Ouch', means Paula, because Melissa had two fingers in her. Willy decided to go after the remaining hole, and stands behind his older daughter now greasing and rubbing his member.

'No', shouts Christine and tries to stand up, but Chuck grasps her arms and pulls her arms down.

'Nooo', she shouts as her father tries to enter her, but his dick slides of.

'iiiii, nooo', she shouts louder as her father presses the dickhead behind her sphincter.

'Relax, else it may hurt', is the useless advice of Pauline which enjoys herself saying that. Christine begins to cry, while her father has his dick ball-deep in her. He lift his ass a little and pushes back in. Christine still cries. Bob looks at his former football player: 'Should we change?'

Willy stands up, while Christine still cries. Bob takes the position of Willy who starts forcefully fucking her. She seems to gave up and just let herself entering as also Chuck starts going in and out her vagina again.

'What about me?', asks Pauline, looking at her father.

'Yes, what about Pauline?', says Paula, 'what kind of father are you, just fucking one of your 2 daughters?' She laughs, what relaxes her and Melissa puts in a third finger, then a fourth.

'Daddy, please', now begs Pauline, but Willy is already behind her and starts fucking her asshole.

With Pauline everything goes easy he thinks and indeed he enters without problems.

'Yes, thank you. I always dreamed, about that', says Pauline, while suddenly a loud cry from Paula let all of them turn the head in the direction of her.

Melissa was able to put her fist completely into Paula's asshole and shifts it in deeper. She whistles through her teeth. 'Look closer Christine and Paula, see, what can be done?' and to Melissa 'deeper!'

Indeed, Melissa pushes her fists deeper nearly till the elbow, when Paula says 'stop'. That is to much for Willy, seeing his wife anally fisted, which he never did with her and he shoots its load into the column of his daughter Christine. Next is Bob, seeing, how the fist of Melissa comes out of his friends wife, leaving an open hole and a prolapsing rectum. Chuck feels the movements of his trainer and has also an orgasm, even together with Christine. Last one is Walter after a long kiss of Pauline.

Willy leaves the room and comes back with 2 bottles of Water and ten glasses. The guests dress again.

'That was such an event', says Bob, 'we have to redo.'

'Sure', says Melissa, still out of breath,' who will host?'

'That is very clear', explains Bob, 'Walter was last, so he and his wife, as well as their four children
will host.

'We are happy to do it and have already new ideas', says an happy Mimmi Miller.


Okay, some people might think it is not possible


it is, also males

preview.mp4.jpg that was hot,

but that hurts a little


The prolapse was often shown in porn movies some time, but it is far from healthy


So, my advice: DON'T DO IT AT HOME.


Next one. Party 2...

Remember party 2

5 weeks later, the bunch meets at the place of the Millers. The bunch consists of Bob and his wife, Chuck and Melissa, Bob and his wife, Willy and Paula, as well as her 2 daughters aged around 20 Christine and Pauline. They were welcomed by Walter Miller: 'Let us go directly inside, it is already cold.'

They followed him into the living room, where not that surprising, two crosses were mounted on the wall, the way they were constructed by Bob. So the surprise that the Miller family, except Walter are on the crosses. There were two crosses, on one there is Sean Miller the 25 year old son and his mother Mimmi. The other is used by Ross and his older sister. The youngest sister, Rosamunde is fixed separately on the wall.

Mimmi Miller was fixed on the cross, her son Sean's arms were fixed over the ones of his mother. His lower legs were also fixed at the cross. On his pelvis the mother sits. She wears only a small tanga string. He wears a blue speedo. Her faces are close so it seemed they kissed each other.

On the other cross the older son Ross is fixed on the cross in the way that his knees are angled. He wears a black speedo. His younger sister Marion sits on his upper legs, her legs are bound to the inner part of the patibulum. She is completely naked and her breasts press against the torso of her brother.

No cross is left for the youngest daughter of the Millers so she is fixed directly to the wall spread eagled while her legs are also fixed on the wall. She also wears a tanga string like her mother.

'Let me introduce my family', says Walter calling the name of all of them. On the tables a tremendous amount of vegetables and mineral water is placed and the guests take a seat.

'Let us start and enjoy the show', means Bob an the party begins.


I used that pics to visualise the situation (you surely knew the originals):

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