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okay.... next scene (warning, there is now an incestous situation, but no gore stuff....)


The bunch takes the apero drinks and Walter Miller begins:

'I prepared a wheel of fortune, 42 numbers and the action on the cross will start', explains Walter, 'Pauline you are the youngest, would you go to the wheel?'

Pauline went to the wheel and removes the clothing. She stands there in a red Bikini with tanga pants.

'We will start with the selection of the cross, 1 is Marion and Ross, 2 is Sean and Mimmi and 3 is the presentation of Rosamunde. Please Pauline!' Pauline turns the wheel and 26 is chosen.

'Okay, 26, has the prime factors 2 and 13, so it is Sean and my wife, we now choose flogging or cornu, later is the even numbers.' Pauline turns the wheel and again 26 is there.

'Okay, cornu,' explains Walter.

'Sister', shouts Christine, 'you can not do this, let me replace you.'

Pauline shrug her shoulders and walked away from the wheel. Christine jumps in, removes also her clothes in underwear, turns to the crowd spreads her leg so her shaven pussy is clearly visible.

'That is how it is done, what is next?' she asks.

'We have to decide if the cornu is for the asshole of my son, the vagina or the asshole of my wife Mimmi, again 1,2 or 3', explains Walter.

So Christine goes to the wheel enabling the others to see her beautiful ass.

'11', shouts Walter,'so my sons backside will be destroyed. Don't eat so much the next week, and sitting you probably also forget, he mocks his son. Well, who wants to remove the speedo of my son?'

'My job', says Pauline which has suddenly scissors in her hand. She steps to Sean and the speedo of Sean is history.

Walter goes to the table with the switches. Out of the wall comes a small block with an oversized dildo representing the cornu. The murmurs, it is larger than expected and the lower part widens to a diameter of about 3 inch, a thick round knob, and is longer than 10 inch for sure. The block with the dildo slowly moves out and up driven by an electric motor. It reaches the ass of Sean and lifts him up without entering his asshole.

'That is not good', says Mimmi, 'my sons penis pushes against my vagina only stopped by my pants. It is my son, give me an additional towel.'

Pauline goes looking: 'Yes, it is true.' With that she takes the penis in her hand and tries to pull it sideways. 'Already a little hard, can not move it away, probably we let the things better flow. Easy peoples....' With that she again take the scissors, cuts the strings of the tanga on both sides and removes it.

'Towel!', shouts Mimmi. Walter also steps besides his wife and his son to see what has happened. His son was semi hard, the pussy lips of Mimmi was around the shaft of the penis and red somewhat larger glans look on top. Walter takes out his cellular phone.

'For the family album', he says and makes a closeup of the situation.

'Walter, you are such an asshole', claims Mimmi. 'Pauline, could you help', Walter addresses the girl. She takes Sean's glans presses them and then pulls it towards her, while Walter takes the pics.

'Put it in', orders Walter.

'Yes?', asks Pauline.

'Yes', confirms Walter.

'No!', shouts Mimmi. Paulines finger go down the shaft of Seans penis and twists it and pushes the glans into Mimmi's vagina.

'What?', asks Mimmi.

'Don't worry, it stays in the family', says Walter and makes a pic. However, Mimmi worries makes a move and lifts herself. The move gives a small momentum and Sean which was able to sit on the dildo sits now with his asshole exactly above the tip and his sphincter muscle opens, as his eyes. His mouth open to a silent cry, while his mother has liftedherself up. Sean tries to lift himself up, now crying of pain and effort. When he finally manages to go up a little, his mothers forces are gone, she fells down, naturally she fells with open vagina on his penis and the shock enables her to lift herself up, she fells down again pushing her son deeper onto the dildo and he cries out loudly. The situation resembles a little the function of a jackhammer and also the noise has the same volume.

Chuck begins to laugh. Christine starts to applaud and the rest follows with a standing ovation. When they ended because Mimmi can no longer lift herself, the dildo and the erected penis of Sean are completely in their respective holes. Sean seemed to have passed out.

'Let us take them down, before my son cums in my wife', orders Walter.

'To late', remarks Pauline and indeed it already drops out of Mimmi's love hole. Bob goes to the switches and the two fell on the floor. Mimmi goes out, while Christine and Walter care about Sean.

5 Minutes later Mimmi, still nude, comes back with the second plate. She stands in front of the crowd, opens her legs and her vagina: “I flushed it out. I hope you enjoyed the performance of Sean and myself, was harder than we planned, but was very enjoyable. But now, one of the crosses is empty, so we need a volunteer.”

'Never, ever volunteer to anything', says Willy, 'we learned in the service, let us decide with the wheel of fortune.'

Sean in the meantime could stand up again and Pauline gives him a passionate hug.


The party continues

Count out', orders Walter in a military voice and then the person to be crucified is determined and it is........ Pauline!

'I guess the wheel of fortune is manipulated', considers Sean, 'else not the most beautiful in the room would have been chosen.'

Pauline hugs Sean and they begin to passionately kiss each other.

'Hm', interrupts Christine, 'would my sister please move to the cross?' In the meantime Walter moves to the table with the switches and the dildo with the sedile moves into the wall again. Pauline has arrived at the cross and removes her clothes seductively. Bob, Sean and Walter lift her up and fix her arms at the patibulum. Then the legs are fixed and the upper body is bound back and the leg spreader are bound to the knees. The leg spreader is an invention of Bob which forces the knee to separate, so exposing the genitals.

Pauline seems to like exposing her vagina to the crowd, her mother Paula notices that development and asks if probably this parties are going to far.

'I have problems', says Rosamunde which hangs contorted there now some time.

'Yup', says her father goes to the switches and Rosamunde stands up, massaging her limbs.

'Does someone wants to replace my daughter?', asks Walter

'Yes, would be a good idea, I think I still can do that', says to everyones surprise the wife of Bob, 'I am now over sixty but I do regularly my yoga and it would be quite a challenge.'

'That we really like to see', says Willy, ' but tell us, when it does not go any longer, we will remove you that moment.'

'Sure, Willy, when my old bones crack loudly, you better take me down', answers Bob's wife and with that she removes her blouse, her pants, her shoes and her bra.

Willy and Chuck whistle, because Bob's wife has despite her age a perfect youngish looking breast. Her age is only expressed by some wrinkles on her stomach. Her grand mother like panties however destroys the sexy look.

'I could bring you a sexy tanga', suggests Rosamunde.

'Do not worry with such things', answers Bob's wife removing her pants. 'Can someone help me?'

Willy and Chuck lift her onto the wall and fix her arms and legs, Chuck can not resist to touch shortly her pussy lips. Those make a little an s-form which is often seen in older females and they open widely while her legs are spread.

'Some applause for Bob's wife, which is ver flexible for her age', suggests Walter and it is done.

'Do we now come to the next scene', commands Walter and the wheel turns to one.

'One', announces Walter, 'so the cross of Marion and Ross. Let us decide the action.'

Out came 17, which means flogging.

'And the number of beatings?', asks Walter and out came one.

'One is very modest', states Christine, 'let us at least see some nudes.' With that she catches the scissors her sisters left on the floor and destroys quickly the speedo of Ross.

'Hey that is not allowed. I am his sister', protests Marion. Christine looks closer.

'No problem, he is not in you and his dick is soft as jelly', she explains. Bob takes the whip, it clashes against Ross and then against Marion. 'Ouch', Marion cries and 'you asshole!', she shouts at her brother. Who looks surprised and happy the same time.

Walter goes looking and indeed Ross penis is in the vagina of his sisters, no longer 'soft as jelly' and he makes small movements. Walter does not know what, to do, 'well shit happens, let us continue.'



now to the "Challenge of Ross", remember it is the 19 year old son of the Millers bound on cross with h9s sister, something like


Walter turned the wheel, again the cross of Marion and Ross was chosen.

“Let us hope there is more flogging this time”, means Mimmi, “last time it was modest.”

“Sorry”, comes from Christine, again turning the wheel of fortune,”number 18, is six times three, so it will the cornu for Ross,”

“Cornu, me? But smaller than the one in mother, I guess. Dad, did you not said, that yyou changed something on that cross, did you?”, was the hope of Ross.

“Yes, I changed it”, answers Walter, “but not that way, you must now be strong, son.”

Some panic can be seen in Ross face and his limb dick slips out of Marion's vagina.

'Hey,' protests Marion, 'that is not good, put it back in.'

'It is your brother', explains Mimmi, her mother,'that is not allowed.'

'Christine, Mimmi, for the next step it is better we bind the Ross and Marion together', orders Walter and gives Christine a rope. Mimmi and Christine step to the cross and they bind the two on cross in the middle together together. The rope goes over the ass of one person on the cross, then above the others ass again, to ensure the two bodys are bound together and still can move. Mimmi rubs the dick of her son and after a few strokes she tokes it back to her daughters vagina.

Mimmi and Christine steps back and Walter puts down a few switches. Out of the wall comes a real big plug. It is black and has a conical head with about 1.75 inches diameter. After the head it follows a pyramidal cylinder whose larges diameter is 3.5 inches at the bottom. That cornu has a length of about 25 cm.

With a loud screaming the plug moves up and stops shortly below. Slowly now it moves upwards. Christine and Walter approach the cross again. They shift carefully shift Ross so that his asshole is exactly above the tip of the cornu. Ross and and his sister are slowly lifted up, without that it enters at all. Walter steps back to the table with the switches.

'That is not what I expected, actually', comments Walter, 'my son seems to be very tight, indeed!'

'Did you ever get fucked?', asks Christine. 'No', is the answer which Ross whistles through the teeth.

'That is so strange', wonders Christine and she say to the audience, 'a 19 year old anal virgin! Could you imagine? The world is still ok, when that still exists!'

Bob starts to compose:

'Poor Ross, kept himself far from temptation,
no dildo, no negro dick, even not a stick,
to open the hole of pleasure,
form man, probably for women, for sure.
kept it close, the place for dicks,
Ross that was sick,
since on cross,
now came an overdose,
open the red rose,
in destructive way, nothing left astray ,
prey to god and say goodbye,
your sphincter is now history so to say.'

'Yes yes, great Bob, luckily you become sports trainer, not poet', mocks Chuck.

'We could stop', suggests Willy,'I think he fucked his sister in front, that is already quite disgusting and surely humiliating enough. When we are forcing Ross to open his sphincter that might damage him seriously.'

So what you think, do we release Ross, or do we change the cornu?


and the final action of the Miller family

'You mean, your sons can make your wife messy and keep their holes closed?', protests Mimmi.

'It was the other son', corrects Walter, 'and he is only 19.'

'He made me messy!', shouts Marion, 'and I want him to get fucked.'

'Mama, Marion, No! Aaaaa!', shouts Ross again cuming into his sister again.

'He made me messy, again, enough!', shouts Marion and tries to push him onto the cornu by bumping up and down on him.

'Stop that', orders her father, 'we will do that.' With that he steps to his son and together with Christine he holds up Ross and Marion at the present position, by holding his left hand under the right ass cheek of his son, while does vice versa.

Bob goes to the table with the switches and with an ugly sound the dildo moves about half way down.

'What you plan?', panics Ross.

'We let you crash down. Are you ready, Christine', answers Walter.

'Yes', says Christine.

'No!', cries Ross.

'One, two, threeeeee', says Walter.

Christine and Walter steps back, Ross tries to keep the position but after 5 seconds the pain in the arms is to large and he fells down, crying. The rope around his middle prevents that he can move his backside, so the dildo crashes in his asshole and enters.

Ross cries now at an incredible volume. 'Are you silent', says Marion, 'you fucked me, why shouldn't you be fucked yourself.' With that she lifts herself a little and let herself down again and again and again. That way she pushes the dildo deeper and deeper into her brother. Indeed, Ross stops his crying and looks with unbelief into his sisters face.

With an avid face expression, Marion passionately goes up and down forcing her brother to accept the whole dildo. 'Down, down, put that thing in, you asshole', she spits into the face of her brother.

Ross starts crying again and he seems not to go deeper. Christine steps to the cross and begins clapping the ass of Ross and indeed he slides down the rest.

'Now your sigmoid thingy has accepted it', states Christine, 'how do you feel?'

'Hm, oath, strange, feels,', answers Ross, 'isn, it, complaftely?'

'So how you feel? All okay?', asks a little worried Christine.

'Hm, goodel, hurt arms, no air, butn so good in my ass', comes out of a little blue face.

'Bob, take him down', orders Walter and he runs to the cross, for catching Marion and Ross falling from the cross, while Bob operates the switches. This went quite smoothly. Marion finally lies on her backside with her legs spread white and in an obscene matter Ross still is bound to here exposing a destroyed asshole, that is somewhat poking out. His dick is no longer in the vagina of his sister Marion, but still semi-hard. Marions vagina is dripping some cum.

Christine looks at. 'Mimmi, Walter, I think one should poke that in again', she suggest.

Mimmi looks at Walter, 'yes that is a good idea, our son should now have some fun now, gals come on, boys do your job!'

With a smile at their faces Christine presses down the left arm, Rosamunde takes the right arm, Paula the right leg and Melissa the left leg. With that also Marion is also fixed on the floor. Mimmi walks around that situation and takes a closer look at the asshole of her son. She seems satisfied and takes his semi-hard dick back in Marions vagina.

'Mama', protests Marion.

'My turn', says Bob. As trainer he was the fastest in undressing and stands, stroking his dick just behind Mimmi. Mimmi steps aside and Bob starts vigorously fucking the lying Ross.

'Ha, yes, I could hardly feel it, this bitch is completely open', Bob states. Bobs wife is still in her yoga-like position and looks at her husband.

'Hello, I am here to', she shouts. 'Yes, mam', says Chuck, which is also undressed now and goes to her. Bob's wife looks enthusiastically at the huge penis of Chuck. Chucks shortly rubs his member, tries to put it in the vagina of Bobs wife, but due to the yoga position this seems difficult, after a short word with Bob's wife he enters her anal column, which turned out the solution.

So for about 2 minutes Bobs wife was fucked anally, while Bob fucks Ross anally, who was conscious as could be deduced from a very loud moaning. The other men also were undressed in the meantime. Sean managed a chair in front of the second cross and after licking Pauline's Pussy he climbs on it and starts fucking Pauline.

Bob shoots his load into Ross and is replaced by Willy, while Ross is still hold down by the females. Willy is very fast and a minute later he also empty him selves into the son of his friend

'It is your turn, Walter', says Walter's wife. 'It is my son', says a rather shocked Walter. 'First it is his asshole, so.... and secondly your son fucks your daughter, so you are already a little off with your attitude', answers his wife.

Paula looks closer, since she holds down his right leg. 'No not longer, it slipped out, let me fix it', she says and with that she pushes back the penis of Ross back into Marion's vagina and both begin to whisper. Walter was in the meantime able to get his member hard again and begins fucking his son violently for about two minutes, cums explosively and stumbles away letting his son prolapsing.

Mimmi looks at her son and massages her sons asshole, after a while she is able to get her fist in. Marion crawls away and also the others are released from her crosses and all stand around the fisting pair.

'Marion, your turn', says her mother and removes her hand. Ross is thrown to his back, Willy and Chuck bend back his legs, while Marion starts entering her fingers. When her fists enters a painful expression is on Ross face and a silent scream.

'Deeper', shouts the crowd. Marion looks around, Milly and Walter nod and she pushes her arm into her brother who starts crying. Marion is not much impressed by the begging of her brother and continues to push. She stops short before the elbow enters. 'How does that feel?', asks Chuck, but there are just tears running down the face of Ross and he helplessly looks around. Marion pushes back her arm and pushes him in again. Melissa Berner takes the limb dick of the 19 year old Ross in her mouth and begins to suck. It was a rather hard work but finally the two females were able to get him to a orgasm, but the pain was very much visible on Ross face. With that the show of the Millers end.

'Thanks to the family Miller for that great show, especially Ross Miller who turned from virgin to fistee in less than an hour, impressive', says Bob and the crowd resolves and go home. 'Next month we will organize', says Melissa Berner before leaving.



That will be hard for the Berners to beat that show and you will guess it will be much lame to write the final chapter now.


It is now time for the Duponds and their daughters:

Remember Party 1 (The Dupond family)

When Bob Cooper finally retired, he was after his duty as college dean, 12 years at a local construction company. One day he met Willy at the Mall.

'Hi, Willy', he shouted,'long time not see, what happened in the meantime?'

'Yeah trainer, you know I am married to Paula', answered Willy, 'we have 2 daughters Christine and Pauline who are 21 and 19 yers old. Last month I moved back to this city. I also met Walter, he has come back to his hometown also.'

'Oh, I did not know',means Bob, 'where did you live now? Did you find a decent home, already?'

'Yes, I did so, close to the border of the city, there are already small one family houses. I did a lot of building, I even copied your torture chamber', he said with a smile.

'Funny you say that, we should do a reunite party. As you know Chuck married my niece Melissa, they have six, yes six children', he tells Willy.

“Me I have two beautiful daughters Christine and Pauline, now grown-up', tells Willy, 'yes unification would be great, let us contact the others.'
So they agreed to do a unification party soon.

A month later the whole bunch arrived at the house of the Duponds. After some Chichat in the garden, Willy proposes to go the house. 'I think, I know what to expect', is the guess of Chuck.

They entered the dining room. At the wall were 2 wooden crosses. On the crosses the two daughters of the Duponds were hanging. Christine a 21 year old brown haired female and Pauline a 19 year old blonde. Christines breast were hidden by a yellow band, she also wear a yellow loincloth. Pauline wear the same but in blue. The arms were fixed with leather bands on the patibulum the same way as Bob's cross. Quite obvious, this was an improved version of Bobs cross. Both were sitting on a sedile, the feet are fixed close to the cross, so the legs build a right angle. The knees were fixed as in the case of Bob's construction. The two were sitting relatively convenient.

'My daughters agreed to be the part of the entertainment program', says Willy with proud. 'As you see, Bobs construction has been improved, but we will see it in action.' The other guest applaud and they take a sit around the table which was arranged like a horseshoe so all could see the 2 crucified girls.

'The first table is Penne Alla Vodka', announces Paula and she brings in 6 plates.

'Bon appétit', says Paula Dupont and they begin to eat always spending some time for looking at the 2 crucified girls, which smile because of the attention they receive.

'The second table is Garlic Bread Bruschetta', announces Paula. And indeed her husband goes to the kitchen and comes back with six plates and remove the old 6 plates.

'In to the second round also our crucified ones have to do some action', announces Willy. He and his wife stand up and go to their daughters. Willy stands next to Christine, graping the towel covering her breast, the same does Paula at her younger daughters side. They simultaneously remove the bands covering the breasts of Christine and Pauline. The guest stand up and begin to applaud. Christines breast are rather heathy with big aureolas, something for the breast lovers. Pauline the younger and sporty sister has very little breast with nipples standing in attention.

'And also the loincloth', announces Willy and they are pulled away. Both sisters are shaved and the spread legs enable a direct view on their pussy lips. Proudly they present it to the audience. Willy and Paula then spread the pussy lips of the crucified, so everyone can see it clearer and insert first one finger then two fingers. Pauline and Christine were looking rather shocked.

'We didn't discussed that. It is humiliating', complains Pauline.

'It is for better exposing your pussy', explains Paula Dupont, 'and you can not tell me, your new friend didn't do that with you.'

'Not while I am on a cross', mocks Pauline.

'He is not a good choice anyway', mentions Willy Dupont. Pauline looks with great anger to her father, just forgetting she is completely nude and her legs are spread apart. When she realize it, she tries to put the legs together again, which was not possible since the two knee binders spread their legs.

Christine looks with amusement on the struggles of her younger sister. 'Let us start eating', suggest Willy. The eating indeed started, but progressed slowly, since Mimmi, Walter, Melissa and Chuck passionately starred at Christine and Pauline.

Paula and Willy had finished there Garlic Bread Bruschetta and were looking with amusement at her friends who were starring at their daughters.

'The third plate is Vanilla Panna Cotta as dessert', announces Paula and brings it from the kitchen.

'Now we came to the real show', explains Willy. He steps to the desk with the switches and begin to operate some of them. The sedile of Christine moves back into the wall. Christine fell forward hanging now painfully on her arms.

'Ouch that hurts', she cries, 'bring back my seat'. Willy operates some switches and out of the wall comes another sedile with an impressive dildo. Christines mother stands up and pushes her back above the sedile and she sits down on it completely inserting it into her vagina, without any resistance. Her mother looks shocked about her daughters easy living.

Christine begins to feel what happen and after a short time she tries to move up to get the dildo out. She didn't managed it and fell down on it, so she tried again and the death fuck starts. The guests begins to applaud.

Next is Paulines turn. Her sedile does disappear and out of the wall came also a sedile with big dildo. This time it is a black one, while the one of Christine had a fleshy color. Also Pauline fell in a banana, but she didn't cry and only the face showed her pain and effort. Paula also pushed her second daughter back to the wall, but not far enough, because she is still shocked about Christines looseness, so the tip of the dildo slides in Paulines asshole.

'Ouch, no! Not there', cries Pauline, 'that tears me apart, help me!' Paula looked at her husband for help, but Willy just nodes his head. 'My daughter can handle that', he states.

Indeed, Pauline bites on her lips and goes slowly up and down, letting it enter any cycle a little deeper. The guests in the meantime were sitting again, enjoying the dessert and starring with open mouth at the show of the two sisters.

After five minutes the sisters were exhausted and sitting on the sedile, with completely entered dildos. Christine was completely relaxed, while the painful face of Pauline tells another story. Also the dessert has entered completely into the mouths of the guest.

'I believe, we can relieve Christine and Pauline from her pain', says Paula and goes to the desk. First Christine is released, she fells on the floor completely exhausted and rests there motionless. The skeptical look of Pauline from the cross shows that she seem to foresee what will happen to her and stops fucking herself preparing to be released.

Indeed she was relised also and could land properly. She stood up naked as she is touching her asshole with the left hand but seemed satisfied that it is still there.

The guests stand up and begin to applaud and Bob Cooper says: 'Thank to Christine and Pauline who entertained us perfectly, being crucified and humiliated by a merciless fucking, it is now time, that our two hosts are humiliated also, please undress!'

With laud clapping and whistling Willy and Paula begin to undress, which in the case of Paula not really took long. She removed her dress and two heavy hanging breasts were visible, then she took of a string tanga and she was nude. Despite her age of 48 her belly was very muscular, the legs and the vagina shaved and 2 youngish looking lips were visible. A scar indicates that the two daughters were born with a cesarion, but the audience was to surprised to mock her about that. In the meantime, also Willy Dupond managed to get nude. He still looked very athletic, so he was tried to stay in form, what Bob observed with satisfaction. He had removed all his body hair and his penis was already half-hard.

'On the cross with them', orders Bob. He and Chuck lift Paula on the cross, while Mimmi Miller goes to the desk to find the switch for the leather bands. After some trials, they were able to fix her arms and legs and to bind the spreader around her knees. Mimmi now find the switches for the sediles and manages that the one with the pink dildo clicks in. Bob and Chuck place her above the dildo. Chucks claps the ass of Paula and she sinks down, opening her asshole with the dildo.

'Stop! Wrong hole!', shouts Paula.

'Was not the wrong hole for your daughter, will not be the wrong hole for your husband', states Bob and steps back. Paula lowers her body inch by inch, then forcefully goes up and inch by inch back.

In front of Paula Christine turns around and now lyes with spread legs. She looks with fascination how the asshole of her mother opens and the dildo dissapears inside her. She notices that her mothers pussy lips seem to grow and are more exposed. In the meantime her mother stares at her daughters widely opened pussy.

'Willy it is your turn', mocks Bob,'you also have wrong holes?'

'All my holes are right and I will take it like a man!', assures Willy.

'Yes, we know since that was not the first time', mocks Walter.

'Happy you remember it, it was so nice how you tried with your little one', answers Willy. All laugh.

'Well we did a lot of things, wasn't it', means Bob and with Walter he tries to fix Willy on the cross. Willy is quite a heavy man, but now Bob, Walter and Mimmi know what to do and sooner as supposed Willy is fixed on the cross and the cornu has already started entering Willys asshole.

Christine now looks at her father. So she has the perfect view of him, slowly seeing him going down on the dildo with a growing erection. Willy feels how the dildo opens his hole and how the blood flows into his penis, while the pain in the arm dissapears. He sees how his daughter looks at his erection and this makes him proud and it increases his arousal. 'That is wrong', he thinks, but he could not prevent that he smiles at his daughter.

Christine smiles back lifts her butt and spreads it with both hands so her father can see her opened asshole. She looks if that has any influence on the erection of her father, but it was hard to say.

'Okay, time to do some work', says Bob Cooper and starts to undress himself, Chuck and Walter do the same followed by their wives. The rather large dick of Bob is still limb, but with a few strokes he manages to get hard. Chuck and Walter follow as during their football carrier the instructions of their trainer.

'In a line', orders Bob, 'just one touch down.' The three males go to the lying Christine.

'We have to thank for your performance', says Bob and with that he spreads her legs and pushes his dick into her vagina. After just one push he moves his member out again. Then follows Walter and Chuck doing the same exercise.

The three females and Pauline applaud.

'More till all of you shut your cum in that vagina', proposes Melissa.

'What about me?', asks Pauline.

'Later', explains Bob, 'we first release the crucified ones.'

YES, what about Pauline? And what to do having 2 daughters with 4 holes, but only 3 friends? Time will tell.
I`ve been waiting for a story like this since months, where the explicit violence is replaced by the pressure of a weird but logically consistent social circumstance. It`s very erotic that the audience see nothing of the dildo inside me, they read its effect on my face, which I continously try to hide.


I`ve been waiting for a story like this since months, where the explicit violence is replaced by the pressure of a weird but logically consistent social circumstance. It`s very erotic that the audience see nothing of the dildo inside me, they read its effect on my face, which I continously try to hide.
I also think that the expression of a face of someone, who is anally fucked, is very erotic. There are porn's like anally accident, or some of the "audience" series are great in that respect. Todays technology however would allow to picture a "Cornu"/Dildo entering the hole. Imagine a Passion play where the Cornu and face of the Jesus playing actor is projected for the audiance, very revealing.....


I also think that the expression of a face of someone, who is anally fucked, is very erotic. There are porn's like anally accident, or some of the "audience" series are great in that respect. Todays technology however would allow to picture a "Cornu"/Dildo entering the hole. Imagine a Passion play where the Cornu and face of the Jesus playing actor is projected for the audiance, very revealing.....
links are welcomed


Three weeks later the families meet at the place of Duponts. The Berners organize this time the event. We remember that the family Berner consists of Melissa Berner (46), Chuck Berner (47) and their 6 Children Rose Berner (23), Rita Berner (21), Roger Berner (24), Robert Berner (23),

John Berner (22) and Jake Berner (19). The apero was taken in the garden additionally to the four pairs Pauline with her fiance Sean join and also Ross Miller is present, despite he still looks a little ill after the harsh fisting he experienced last time the families meet.

'Hello friends', salute Melissa Berner. 'We are happy to organize this crucifixion event. As you see our children already prepare the party room. Rose Miller comes out of the house and brings a tablet with orange and tomato jus. She is completely nude. Her private hairs are shaved and she has small breasts and long brown hair. After the drink they enter the house, Rose dissapears in the dining or party room.

Later the crowd enters the house. 'Please undress', says Chuck Berner and starts opening his shirt. 'Naturally, you want to show your big dick', says Bob's wife, 'remember that well.'

'Don't be pussies, show them', means Paula and all begin to undress and place there clothes properly at the wall. Sean, Chuck and Bob already have hard dicks when all enter the party room.

In the party room on the left side of the backside they see the displayed Rita Berner. Her legs are bound to the wall so the feet are about 20 cm over her head. Her arms are bound spread to the wall, so her ass points out. She is about 1m above the ground and her asshole directly points to the door seems a little bit opened and is leaking larger amounts of grease.

On the right side Jake Berner the 19 year old son is bound similarly on the wall, but in his case the arms are over his head and the legs are lifted but far from the wall. He is also nude and has an average sized hard cock pointing upwards close to his belly. His upper belly is bound to the wall.

In the middle are the 2 crosses used in the parties before. The sedile is already in the upper position and two big black dildos are mounted on it to represent the cornus.

In front of the two crosses are 2 benches parallel to the back side wall. On the benches are 5 red dildos in increasing size from left to right.

Left of the left cross stands Roger and right of the left cross Rose, at the right cross Robert and John are standing, all are completely nude and stands motionless. Rose holds Rogers erect penis with her right hand and he has two fingers of his left hand deep in her pussy. The same situation is found on the right cross, but Robert has his two fingers in Johns asshole by griping him from the backside.

'Let us start', shouts Chuck.
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