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Fear before..........

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.....being "zapped"



... before something bad is to happen

If anyone is interested in the origin of this beautiful clip: It is from the Kink.com movie "The Slave Auction" (production ID: 33988).

The girl we see here is Alani Pi. She is not credited on the website, since she is only an extra that appears briefly in the beginning. The movie credits her as "special guest".

The main star is Dee Williams (a.k.a. Darling).


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Stumbling Seeker
wriggle ... squirm ... twist ... Ok where has he gone !?
he said he'd be away a moment to ... 'get something for me' ... uh huh ...

Should I scream for help?
He said if I scream he'll have my guts in a steaming pile on the ground ...
... is this some kind of test?


... he said that while he was running the knife all over me ...
the one he used to cut away my panties and ...
tracing the blade all over my body, pressing in, but not cutting
... not yet ... letting me know though how easy it would be ...
He knows way too much about me, this is not some random weirdo ...
i'm scared ... rustling in the underbrush .. steps ... here he comes ...
what am I going to do!??
nothing I guess ...
... except beg and wriggle and squirm, and bleed when and where and how much he wants me to ...
please Sir ... no ...
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