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Flo crucified to death on the '' Black Golgotha ''

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Assistant executioner
New on Crux forum. I'm discovering this superb realization which fully meets my fantasies.
I would like to be crucified next to her. Wonderful.


Assistant executioner
I am very happy to see this. She is beautiful to kiss and whip. Penetrate her once her arms nailed to the wood.


Maybe let's she will walking during 8-10 hours?
As I remember, she should be crucified to death on the Atlas Mountains (at first posts), and she deserve a really long and painful road to death of execution :))))))
P.S. I miss for your texts with description of events.


At the end of the stoy she will be crucified on the black Golgotha.
Before that, she belongs to a very crual master who torture e$and crucify her as often as possible in different ways.
It is a very long story...


Assistant executioner
I am patient but I would still like to penetrate it by force before my own crucifixion. It will be the last gift that will be offered to me before my execution. I like.
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