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Forever Slavery a story of torture, death and love

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I would like to acknowledge Michael Lanes help in inspiring this fragment. We were just having fun on a random thread, a few back and forth, his character crucified mine.

However it then lead to inspiring this. Michael was instrumental in the back story and inspiring me to create this. Hope you like.


Background: Loinclothslave is a true soul slave. Her whole existence is devoted to her brutal enslavement. I am totally fulfilled as a lowly slave in chains. I crave punishment and any thing goes. After confessing my need fir my master’s torture and seeking the ultimate sanction- a proper slave death by crucifixion I was determined to have my dream death. After a minor infraction, my beautiful master, who was the only one who ever understood my need to be enslaved and tortured, obliged me while indulging my request to remain in chains even after I was nailed to the cross. He then proceeded to torture me almost unto death before I died in agony on the cross, utterly fulfilled. I had no way to know if Forever Slavery was real, I savored this tortuous death only because I loved my master so deeply and needed it to happen to me so badly from the depths of my depraved soul.

Below is this miserable slave’s story beginning from when I passed off this mortal coil....

Loinclothslave arrives beyond the mortal pale. This worthless slave remains in chains just as it had hoped. As a forever slave she arrives with broken bones healed and the beautiful iron spikes have fallen from her wrists and ankles. It is as if she lives again. But this is not the mortal realm, ghostly apparitions appear and fade. This is another place and time. She doesn’t understand why she can’t see any people at all in this realm.

One time, before her master purchased her, she was a slave held in a torture chamber. Most occupants were those wretches accused of witchcraft along with a handful of desperate criminals. Loinclothslave found herself there at the whim of an especially cruel master who paid for her to be put to the question and tortured as a witch. By arrangement she would be released before she confessed but it must be convincing. Money exchanged hands. Her then master sought to gain respect by use of torture but she could never respect a pig without the courage to whip and torture his own slaves! She would never respect him at all after this casual brutality by proxy.

The inquisitors always maintained a witch can never use their spell craft if they are chained in iron. Thus any witch (for them, there was no “accused” - all would eventually confess under their brutal methods) was *always* kept in manacles and fetters, with iron collars and chains. In fact it was here that Loinclothslave learned she preferred to be shackled and collared in hard iron.

The chamber was busy, a local famine had “revealed” many covens, so the torturers were kept busy. Loinclothslave suffered all the torments, from her frequent flogging, to inspection for the Devil’s mark. From the strappado to bastinado. From riding the horse, to the gibbet. Boiling oil and water torture. From the Judas seat to a simple torture table, where she was tormented with by hot needles, whips, hot irons, and hot pliers.

At last comes the rack, feared by so many. The chamber was so busy they indeed held two racks. As loinclothslave was chained to the rack a witch was chained to the other. The inquisitors were utterly merciless and would tighten the rack until the slave was at breaking point, literally one more notch would break them, dislocating the shoulders. It is agony, then the tormented are treated to more whips, hot irons, breast claws and so on

This is where Loinclothslave’s incredible stamina for pain bloomed anew. Her love of being tortured was enhanced by her experiences here.

Chained to the rack she was in agony but also in ecstasy. The inquisitors tormented the two racked victims for the entire day. Neither one confessed.

The inquisitors were in the habit of leaving such victims racked in agony over night in anticipation of the crescendo the next day when they would be broken and flailed.
On this terrible night, the slave finds herself racked next to a witch. Not a pretend condemned by jealous neighbour style “witch” but a genuine Necromancer.

They talked. She learned it was in fact true that a witch could not utilize it’s powers while manacled, collared, and fettered in iron. They spoke long through the night and dawn had not yet broken when the necromancer spoke darkly of the forever slave universe.

If circumstances were right, slave’s dying under torture would awaken after death as a forever slave. It only worked for slaves who were genuine soul slaves, who craved a slave’s lot including fetishes for the lash and being tortured. Even then it only works if a slave dies a genuine slave’s death and in chains. And it *must* be carried out by their one true Soul Master.

But for most, the realm is a trap. It deadens the soul, after all, it’s full of dedicated slaves without masters....

Most dedicated slaves crave some form of torture so much they fade without it so it is mostly a ghost realm. But if only these slaves, who tend to arrive there by accident knew, there is a way out. The trick is to find another who is corporeal and influct another slave death upon one another. It must be exactly the same at least in terms of major elements, spake the Necromancer. By doing doing so the slave returns suddenly to its mortal realm, back in slavery to its master.

After returning to its original mortal realm, so long as this slave dies by slave death (torture, crucifixion, impalement, whipped to death, etc,) and it is carried out by the same master (or Mistress) and in their slave chains, it can be repeated. And after making a trinity of such crossings they can also bring their master to the slave realm so long as the slave dies before him.... then returning is easy, so long as the master gives the same slave death that killed it, both slave and master are returned to their mortal realm.


Loinclothslave seeks out a still corporeal slave in the realm. She finds a young male slave who is lonely and confused, desperately frustrated. And from a completely different universe where slaves have no name but the sexual power dynamics are reversed.

he needs no convincing at all of her veracity but there is a problem because he died under the lash. crucifixion doesn’t leave a free hand to whip someone and dying under the lash gives him no time to hammer the spikes!

But they had plenty of time to work out all the logistics, find and make their required equipment, and make sure they remembered all important details of their death. For example the whip slave died by the scourge but had also been flogged with a Cat O nine tails and two different types of single tailed whips. Almost at the last he also remembered being tortured with hot irons the same day.

In the end, they were still trying to figure how a dying slave on a cross whips her companion to death until loincloth slave realised- she doesn’t need to have all 3 nails through her wrists an ankles to die!

The other logistics were fairly easy to work out, loincloth slave was also whipped and branded both before and after she’d been placed on the cross so she figured they could do this to each other first.

If she just starts off the whip slave with his ferocious flogging, includes the hot irons torture, getting it all done save the Scourging whilst he performs the same tasks on her.

Next she gets the whip-slave to hammer all three spikes home, nailing her back to the cross. The key epiphany was that he can then lever the spike from her right wrist, and pass her the scourge so she can finish whipping him to death. With her chains still on it was difficult but not impossible to wield the scourge with sufficient force to kill him.

Needless to say this all caused them both an unimaginable amount of pain. Of course for these two the biggest problem that caused was even more painful arousal.

While it occurred to both that there was no guarantee the rest of the Necromancer’s story was true or not, neither suggested alternatives like staying in this realm and fulfilling their pain need together. When they spoke about it they both agreed that their ultimate clawing need to be owned and properly enslaved override anything else, including the risk that their second deaths would be completely final.

She is in delicious agony and with a purpose. The whip slave has just expired after taking brutal punishment. It took far more scourging than she would have thought possible! She didn’t forget to have whip slave scourge her, even across her face She would again die without her womanhood but that last scourging had to be self inflicted given she couldn’t kill whip slave if her thighs were broken and couldn’t see...

Oh Master, I am dancing on the cross, oh my soul master, I am dancing home!


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Sorry I didn’t realise. I imagine there’s some guidelines for posting stories that I missed.
I very much doubt I can manage sequels to this fragment given her master character on the home world is run by Michael.

please arrange severe punishment at my inconvenience

“The End”


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Sorry I didn’t realise. I imagine there’s some guidelines for posting stories that I missed.

I didn't know we were supposed to do that either.

It’s actually not a requirement here, but it is a helpful courtesy to Madiosi when he collects story episodes for the purpose of assembling ebook versions of writers’ works. It can also be useful for readers too.
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