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From Arcimboldo to R. Cimboldo...

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Head cinema!!! how the girls are tied to the pole, riding a second stake and the fire burns under their feet!!!! This picture inspires a story... hmmm.... i think once the fire under their feet has stopped burning.... the birds will come for their food.... :icon12:


Close! but my train of thought was something like "Screwed"...>"Clockwise"....>Archimedes' screw....>Da Vinci's flying machine using Archimedes screw...>Monty Python's Flying Circus...>Buffalo Bill's Circus...>Arcimboldo's injuns...>Ideas for a front cover. The Red Baron wasn't part of it.
In September, Melissa's train of thought contained Buffalo Bill's Circus and "Arcimboldo's injuns".
Maybe the following Wild West scenes would fit in?



The camp was almost deserted. The men were out hunting, the women at the river to wash clothes. There were just some decrepit and deaf old folks sitting in front of their wigwams.

Talasi was bored to death. She was one of three remaining girls in the camp. She glanced at the second girl, a young captive kneeling in front of her. A white with a blonde mane, doing her job as a slavegirl submissively, grounding corn in a large wooden mortar.

Talasi's eyes adhered to the slim figure. She felt an intense need of distraction and that fired her imagination and created an idea so full of relish and cruelty...

Talasi called for her friend. Miakoda crawled out of her tipi. She looked worried when her companion explained her weired plan.

Talasi calmed her friend down: "Everybody is allowed to have some fun with a slave. There's nothing wrong with that."
Miakoda noticed how eager the young girl was for that play and she finally agreed.

Together they grabbed the hardly resisting slave, dragged her to the outskirts of the camp and ripped off her short deerskin dress.
Miakoda supported Talasi to tie the wrists of the blonde to the branches of a dead tree. Then she left the young couple to prepare the meal for the homecoming celebration.

When she returned, she was amazed about what had happened meanwhile. She sat down on the ground opposite her friend.

Talasi's face was glowing with excitement. "It was such a big fun to play with her. Watching her legs kicking around while her tits were blistering."

Miakoda glanced at the tortured breast. She recalled the male tribe members who had always liked to touch and fondle and squeeze them. "Yes, I could hear her screams all over the camp."

"Yes, that was really loud! But in the end she was too fidgety. I decided to fix her better..."

"Her ankle above her head... Wonderful idea, sweetheart! It seems this had opend up many new possibilities."

Miakoda inspected the skin redness and the blisters on the most intimate parts of the victim. "I guess that was the moment I heard her voice cracking."

Talasi laughed. "Yes, that was really deafening!"

Miakoda felt the moisture between her own thighs. "And then you turned to archery?"

"Yes. She took it better than the fire."

This time it was Miakoda's turn to laugh. "As long as you don't lit the arrows..."

Talasi clapped her hands in excitement. "Great idea, Mia! But then I need some more arrows. For the other side. Finally I'll lit them one by one."

Talasi poked at the ashes with her bare toes and shove the small pile of firewood a little bit towards the tree trunk and nearer to the foot of her toy.

"Would you please fetch me some more arrows?"

Miakoda nodded in agreement.

Talasi giggled. "In the meantime I'll make her dance on tiptoe. And jump. On just one foot."

"Be careful, don't burn your own feet!"

"Mia, you know, I am not pampered. I'm even a little curious how that would feel - an ordeal by fire..."

"This could happen to us sooner than you think, Talasi. There are several Comanche tribes around us..."

For a moment Talasi gazed into the distance.

Miakoda pulled her friend out of her weired daydream. "I'll fetch you the arrows now. But don't overdo it! Keep her in reasonable condition. When the braves return home, they should still find some attraction in her body. With her skin so sensitive now, it would be a pity if they spare her the usual bonking game tonight..."


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Another great manip from Mr A. I must include an injun chapter in the next volume of his works. As I recall there were several pics involving those wicked squaws tormenting captives.


Thank you all for the positive feedback.
But I pled guilty to neglicence and unwokeness.
I confess that I occupied the traditional culture of a foreign nation for my sheer sexual arousal...

So I beg the pardon of the French people and the Moulin Rouge theater for the abuse of the famous Can-Can dance.




Assistant executioner

Romilda of Friuli

Romilda or Ramhilde (died 611), was a Duchess consort of Friuli by marriage to Duke Gisulf II of Friuli. She served as regent of Friuli in 611, during the invasion of the Pannonian Avars.

Romilda was reportedly the daughter of Garibald I of Bavaria. She married Gisulf II of Friuli, and became the mother of the sons Tasso, Kakko, Radoald and Grimoald, and the daughters Appa and Geila (or Gaila), married to the King of the Alemanni (uncertain) and the Prince of the Bavarians, probably Garibald II of Bavaria.

In 611, the Duchy of Friuli was invaded by the Pannonian Avars under their king Cacan. Gisulf II died on the battle field, and the Avars besieged the main capital Friuli, which was defended by Romilda, who had taken command as regent. Romilda famously offered the Avarian king Cacan to surrender the city peacefully, if he accepted her peace offering by a marriage between them. Cacan accepted the offer, and the siege was lifted. However, when Romilda surrendered the city, Friuli was pillaged by Cacan, who broke his word. He reportedly spent one night with Romilda and raped her, after which he allowed her to be raped by his soldiers. After this, he is claimed to have had her executed by impalement. Her children managed to escape.

Romilda has been given a very bad reputation in history because Paul the Deacon, who in his chronicle from the following century claimed that she made the offer of marriage to Cacan out of personal attraction and betrayed her city out of sexual lust. However, to make peace through proposal of a marriage alliance was in fact a common and accepted political peace method of the time.

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I shifted the story of Romilda from the Early to the Late Middle Ages, with the clockwork already invented and any guttersnipe knowing the term clockwise...

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Poor Romilda was betrayed three times: by her allies who abandoned her and her lands in the hands of the Avars; by the prince (or king) of the misers who after accepting the promise of marriage in exchange for her peace raped her and had her raped by her soldiers (along with the women of the city) and by the story of her who presented her as whore and nympho.
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