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From My Archive 1999 To ?

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This one?

It's an old picture, I've seen copies of it many times over my years online, this one comes from 2006 but I have no idea where it originally came from. My earliest copy dates from around 1999/2000.
That was the first photo of a somewhat nude crucified woman I had ever seen. I'm not sure when I saw it, but I believe it predated the 1984 Hustler magazine spread by Marjoe Gortner (former evangelist) that featured a stylized crux on its cover.


Stumbling Seeker
I find End of the Day very effective, blessed relief after a tough ordeal.
Zerco had some very inspiring scenes... a very atmospheric style that suggested much and left more to the imagination, and sometimes little series that could have a very different meaning depending on how you arranged them. I think for this one there was also Dusk, night and morning...
The "Tessa" picture is fantastic.
My most commonly used stand-in pic ;)


More from the archive 2006 (how did it get to be so long ago?)

A couple of classics in there, including a nice Arcimboldo carrying pic without signature or year, I must have found it floating orphaned somewhere.

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She's WAY overdressed,in the first two..... :devil: :devil::cool:
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