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Fucked while being nailed or crucified

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The rebel city had resisted the siege of the Roman legionaries for two months, but the intense bombardment of the catapults and ballists had weakened the walls and made the assault imminent. The besieged asked for a truce. The Roman legacy demanded that in exchange for a four-day truce they had to deliver ten young virgins as slaves. He made this demand thinking that this condition would not be accepted, but to his surprise ten young beautiful girls volunteered to give their fellow citizens a break. The girls were handed over to the Roman troops naked and bound.

03 Regina Walk to the Cross.jpg02 Regina Debased.jpg

The ten girls served as sex slaves to the besieging troops for four days and finally the legacy had them crucified in front of the walls. This was done to undermine the morale of the besieged and to let the city's young girls know what awaited them if they fell into the hands of the Romans alive.
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Before crucifying them the girls were savagely flogged with flagrum
No Despair.jpgRegina on the Cross 4  8 5.jpg91E2AB8D-1A13-486E-9381-995027E06C4A.jpegRegina on the Cross 4 8 5.jpg
They told me that you are the daughter of the chief of the rebels, I hope your mother sees how I fuck you in front of all your compatriots, ha ha.

comforting the doomed a.jpgbrazier-pliers-and-tools-of-a-medieval-blacksmith-E17A52.jpg
Look what we have prepared for you, do you see that brazier? After fucking you on the cross, I will pinch your nipples with those hot pliers



Graf von Kreuzigung
It's a real shame that Jastrow hasn't been active here in over a year,
Remembering when he offered us a pic every day of the year 2018, almost 3 years ago already.



The crucifixion of a beautiful naked girl awakens the wishes of the executioners. Thanks to that, the condemned has a last moment of pleasure during the torture

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Ah yes, the male point of view. How can it be pleasure while one is being naoled to a cross? Hmm? OK, I'll fake it. Bring that cock a bit closer to my mouth. I guarantee they'll be calling you stumpy! ;)
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