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Fucked while being nailed or crucified

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From the city walls the sisters, cousins and friends of the volunteer girls witnessed the hideous scene for hours, and they could hear the desperate howls of the damned.
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The girls watched the rape and torture of crucified girls with a mixture of fear and sexual arousal.
A Not-So-Comforting Thought 7 7.jpg
Ha, ha, laughed and mocked Legatus in front of the cross where the chief's daughter suffered. If a hundred more girls like you offer themselves as slaves, I swear I will forgive the city and not ravage it!.

That was nothing more than boastfulness, but again the girls of the city surprised him because that same night he received a message in which a hundred of them offered themselves as slaves to be crucified in exchange for the city.

The Legatus was a man of honor so he had no choice but to keep his word and forgave the rebel city.
Greek Girls 01.pngGreek Girls 02.pngDoomed Trio.jpgReady For Nailing 2.jpgAwaiting her entrance.jpg
That same night dozens of girls volunteered and submitted to the legionaries. Some dressed in light clothing to be quickly undressed and others directly naked. As they fell into their power the legionaries bound them with strong wet ropes at the wrists and elbows.


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Sometimes you think you posted something in your thread, then find out you didn't.
More consensual ones I guess as in all cases the woman is the guys lover, last 3 are sketches.

Please leave thumbnails blurry!


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Greek Girls 06.png
The girls were locked up in the fortress of the city where they heard their fate from the legatus. Surely the girls expected to be crucified with their companions outside the city walls, but in reality their fate was going to be much worse. The legatus and their officers had to give up the city loot so the girls would be used as sex slaves and whores. They would be taken to Rome and several weeks later games would be organized in the amphitheater where they would be executed.
Greek Girls 07.png
The legatus was enraged at having lost the loot so he ordered the girls to be stripped naked, tied to a column and whipped with flagrum of knotted tails soaked in salt vinegar.
Greek Girls 08.png
The flogging marked the bodies of the condemned women who screamed with all their might while their torturers felt how their cocks became hard as stones.
465286AC-22D9-4A1B-B6FE-D9D269C57F5C.jpegGreek Girls 08.png
The legatus demanded that one of the slaves suck him off to enjoy the show more.
Greek Girls 03.pngGreek Girls 04.pngRavaged 1 10 10.jpgGreek Girls 09.png
The legionaries imitated him and raped all those virgins in the dungeons.
Dungeon Degradation 12 14.jpgA Shameful End.jpg
The girls ended up full of semen.


A1EF1457-D41C-4495-8793-644927631943.jpegCum Slut 11 18.jpgraped.pngmartica s.jpg
The rapes continued in the dungeons and the women seemed to submissively accept the sacrifice they were making as they were penetrated through all their orifices by dozens of perverted and brutal soldiers.
martica whip.jpgDungeon Cropped 1114.jpgThankgiving Cooking Tip1  11 22.jpgiron.jpg
However, the legionaries were also angry because they wanted to rob and loot the city. Consequently, they unleashed that rage on the poor girls who, after being raped, suffered perverse torture all night: first they were savagely flogged and then subjected to fire or the bite of hot irons on their skin.
Spread Witch.jpgDungeon Games 7.jpg
Howls of pain and pleas for pity filled the corridors and of the fortress, but the legionaries had orders not to kill their victims the first night. The poor girls then understood that many such days and nights still awaited them. Her companions who were now dying on their still-living crosses could consider themselves lucky.


Warmth on a Cold Night 2.jpg
While their companions suffered in the dungeons, the crucified girls survived a freezing night in which their guardians had to light bonfires to warm themselves.

The next morning relatives were allowed to approach the crosses where their daughters, granddaughters and sisters were in terrible agony. Every minute seemed like a century and the poor girls begged their executioners for mercy.
A Father's Anguish.jpgA Father's Shame  9 19.jpgA Mother's Grief n.jpgA Mother's Grief2.jpg
The relatives cried when they saw the tremendous ordeal in which these young women were struggling and, overcoming the pain in their hearts, asked the guardians to finish off the girls to end their suffering.

Let the Dance Begin.jpg

The guards replied that their general had forbidden the crucified girls to break their legs to hasten their death and that they remain suffering the torture of crucifixion until the last breath. The guards cruelly told mothers and fathers that in their experience, if they were given to drink, these young, healthy girls could last alive on the cross for at least three days and nights. They also added that before dying they would leave them alone so that the scavengers, raven, crowns and vultures would devour them little by little.

We are also going to relight the braziers to torture them with red-hot needles , so if you don't want to hear their howls of pain when we pierce their breasts and pussy with the hot needles , we advise you to say goodbye to them now and stay as far away as possible.
alberta comforts adonia r.jpg062375E6-108C-4085-A529-D482DE3A9270.jpeg
Seeing that they could do nothing for them and without wanting to witness the barbarous torture, the relatives said goodbye to their daughtersand crying left the place of the torture.
Quenching Her Thirst  8 30.jpgagujas.png
While they were leaving the guards gave the crucified women a drink. With the water they mixed the so called "torture drug" a stimulant drug that would prevent the girls from losing consciousness during hot needles torture.


After the relatives left, the crucified girls were left alone at the mercy of their torturers.

The executioners decided to torture the girls one by one so that the others would see what awaited them.

Thus they approached the brazier to their first victim and, ignoring their desperate pleas for mercy, the executioner put on a glove so as not to burn himself and after showing the girl a fire needle about six inches long, began to insert it into her right. chest down the middle.

The doomed woman's screams mingled with the hiss of red-hot metal piercing the flesh of her fleshy chest.

Aside from screaming like an animal being skinned, the girl struggled on her cross trying to free herself.

Finally, the tip of the needle bulged the opposite side of his chest and poked out.

Once pierced with the first needle, the executioner took the second and smiling sadly he prepared to pierce her left tit in a similar way.

The girl begged and begged desperately not to do so, but nothing could save him from that torture.

Other girls were crying desperately, seeing helplessly from their crosses the suffering they were going to go through themselves.

In addition, a large number of the public had gathered in front of the crosses to watch the torture.........

Most were the men of the city who did not want to miss the cruel show. Most of the crucified girls were daughters of rich and noble families, However, a good part of the men in the audience were lower class people, among them were the servants and slaves of the families to which the crucified girls belonged. These men felt a secret satisfaction in seeing the aristocratic girls suffering naked like common slaves.

Besides, they surely wished them since they grew their tits. Now they saw them completely naked dancing desperately on their crosses, their bodies full of the marks of torture......

Gods, my cock is hard like a priapo, look at those naked beauties!

Come on, I want to see them closely

So those servants and vulgar men dared to ask the legionaries to allow them to approach the condemned and caress them.

At first the legionaries objected but when the centurion found out who these men were, he gave them permission to approach the condemned women and do whatever they wanted with them if in exchange they paid him a silver coin each.

A silver coin? Said one so called Vulcan. Do we look like we have so much money?......Come on! I have something that interests you more centurion. And whispering something in his ear, the officer showed an enigmatic smile.

All right, said the centurion aloud, get close to the girl you want and do whatever you want with her.
Payaso de espinas 11 modificado y corregido 16.jpg
Ama Julia, said Vulcano, approaching one of the crucified young women, I am devastated to see you in this terrible ordeal. Your servants and slaves have come to accompany you in your last moments.

No, don't touch me pig, no.

Probably for Julia that was also her worst dream, since from a very young age she had always had the nightmare of being raped by those lustful servants who looked at her lustfully and undressed her with their gaze. Now she was at their mercy and they were going to rape her on the cross.

Something similar happened to the other girls and they were raped by their old servants, or by other nasty old men who had known them since they were children and who had always dreamed of doing something like that to them.
Dear mistress Claudia, I have always dreamed of sucking your tits, you are only eighteen years old and since you were sixteen you were a real goddes Venus.

No, pig, leave me, leave me please, AAAAHH.

Now you feel my cock eh bitch?. Fuck me, fuck me,.....I know you lke whore, your niples are hard among my fingers .

Noooo, nooo AAAHHH, harder, pig, fuck me ....deeper.

The screams and protests of the young women soon turned into moans of pleasure and some came to come. Surely one of them secretly dreamed of being raped by her servants.

Some men were not content with fucking their young mistresses and asked for whips, pliers, needles and other torture devices to torture them while rapig

Incredibly, more than oe girl had an orgasm during her rape.

Los hombres de Carnifex.jpg

You're very wet my mistress, I think you've come, ha ha.

Rebelde degradado en una cruz 7 21.jpg
Do you remember when you had me whiped for staining the skirt of your dress?. Now is my turn, and I assure you that I will make up for every blow of the whip.

No, please don't spank me, fuck me,....fuck me if you want, but don't whip me, I can't stand flogging.

Of course I'm going to fuck you now, my mistress, I'll give you the lashes later, but now enjoy the cornu I'm putting up your ass.

Yes, .... deeper, .... AAAAHH

Incredulidad 11 27.jpg
Among the audience were not only men but also some upper-class women. They had managed to get rid of the crucifixion and now they came to make fun of their former friends turned into vulgar slaves.
Ha ha, have you seen how semen drips from her pussy? Surely more than twenty men have fucked her this morning.

Yes, and despite being crucified, the slut has surely come.

I have always said that you are a whore, you deserve all these torments, ha, ha.

emulación nv 2.jpg

Ha, ha, look at the face of suffering your dear cousin has, surely it is that huge cornu that drills her anus.

I don't think, ha ha, if it were up to the horn I'd be enjoying it because she always said she wanted to try sodomy. She suffers from lack of cock in her pussy, ha ha.


Dear neighbor, you have always been proud of your boobs, but now they are going to pierce them with those hot needles. So you will learn not to take my man from me. I think you will have the next one, I would not miss how your breasts torture you for the world.

Please tell them not to, I beg you.

Are you kidding? I still pay them a dime to have their boobs nailed twice instead of once.
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08 Regina's Frist Friends Arrive.jpg

As the sun rises over the horizon the heat began to rise to an extreme hardly bearable. The public withdrew to their homes while the guards took refuge in the shade and ate and drank something. For their part, the crucified girls were left in full sun at about 35º Celsius.

Then dozens of flies made their appearance, feeding on their wounds, making his torment even more unbearable.

As if that weren't enough, one of the guards hit a nearby hornet's nest and dozens of wasps landed on the naked bodies of the condemned, biting their wounds and making them scream in despair.
Meanwhile, the centurion went to speak to the legatus and informed him of the confession of the servant Vulcan. Apparently he knew that some of the rich women who had been mocking the crucified girls that morning were among the most committed to betraying the emperor. Besides the servant Vulcan assures they had documents in their homes that compromised them.

Excellent centurion, thanks for the information.

The centurion smiled with sadism

That will allow us to arrest them as traitors, and if you order them to arrest tonight and make the carnifex subject them to torture they will confess the name of other aristocratic women in the city even if they are innocent.

The legatus's face lit up.

Centurion, is fine but I will keep 60% of their wealth and you with 40%, so we will partially compensate for the loot that we have not been able to acquire.


And now form a platoon of soldiers and go arrest them
greek girls 21.png
The centurion went to arrest two of the main conspirators, sisters Adonia and Callia, and found them in bed with Marco, one of their most beautiful servants.
In addition to traitors, incestuous, come on, you are under arrest.

What, how dare you centurion?
Greek Girls 01.png
You are arrested for high treason against the emperor, let's search the house
greek girls 22.png
To get rid of any suspicion, Marco decided to cooperate with the centurion and in fact provided the documents that compromised the two girls, indeed they were letters that they intended to send the following days to other cities to rebel against the emperor.

Greek Girls 02.png

The two girls were led to the fortress and immediately appeared before the legatus.

You are two dirty traitors and you will pay for what you have done tomorrow on the cross, but first give us the names of the other female accomplices who helped you.

We have no accomplices, it was just the two of us

.Greek Girls 06.png

Confess if you don't want me to send you torture.

We have no accomplices, we have already said.

All right, carnifex take them down and torment them until they talk.


Adonia and Callia were taken to the torture chamber and laid on the torture rack where they were interrogated for more than twelve hours.
th (1).jpg
The carnifex, aided by four assistants, subjected them as slowly as can to the torture of the rack, the water, the red-hot irons and the pear of anguish while they shouted over and over again that they had no accomplices.

That was true so the poor girls could do nothing to get rid of the torment. Finally the centurion gave them a list of names, among the richest young heiresses in the city, all of them totally innocent.

Adonia and Callia had no choice but to repeat their names to finally rid themselves of this horrific torture.
Of course, after confession both were fucked by her tormentor once and again and the girls had a lot of orgasms.


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I was hoping this would be a topic thread, where we share images and whatnot regarding our favorite type of nailing. Instead, it’s just another one of... these. Ugh. Why don’t you tell us who made the images and what you like about them? Instead of some half-baked sorta story, we could maybe discuss the finer details of how a fucknailing would be set up? There are many better directions to take this thread in.

Baron Von Sade

I was hoping this would be a topic thread, where we share images and whatnot regarding our favorite type of nailing. Instead, it’s just another one of... these. Ugh. Why don’t you tell us who made the images and what you like about them? Instead of some half-baked sorta story, we could maybe discuss the finer details of how a fucknailing would be set up? There are many better directions to take this thread in.
I, too, would rather discussion over picture stories for this interesting topic.


Hair and Nails
Sometimes you think you posted something in your thread, then find out you didn't.
More consensual ones I guess as in all cases the woman is the guys lover, last 3 are sketches.

Please leave thumbnails blurry!
Or perhaps it isn’t consensual? I don’t find it hard to believe that a female executioner might be a tease. :p


Why don’t you tell us who made the images
There are so many posts on this site where the artist is not acknowledged (sometimes even when the artist is a regular here). This doesn't help people who might like to find more by them. And it really is not fair on an artist who has put a lot of work into producing unacknowledged images (either ones for which they would like payment - fair enough - or, even worse, I feel, ones they have made free for others without being recognised)


I was hoping this would be a topic thread, where we share images and whatnot regarding our favorite type of nailing. Instead, it’s just another one of... these. Ugh. Why don’t you tell us who made the images and what you like about them? Instead of some half-baked sorta story, we could maybe discuss the finer details of how a fucknailing would be set up? There are many better directions to take this thread in.
So I´d better to remove the story from here and post in another thread?. Is it not too rigid?


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So I´d better to remove the story from here and post in another thread?. Is it not too rigid?
I'd leave your thread exactly where it is. I don't see any good reason to move it unless you especially want it moved. I also don't see any reason why you should be pushed and shoved into doing otherwise.


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Sifax, your thread addresses themes I’ve gone over here

but yours is a far more informal, in-your-FACE!!! thread. And I hope mightily you can find other examples of 'forced sex thematics' than I have.

Meanwhile, here’s a repost of Damian’s savage parody of Gabriel von Max's 'Saint Julia of Corsica'


and two of his recent revisions. :eeek: :babeando::very_hot:

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