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Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

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Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen​

About a journalist who escaped execution by Islamic State, only to discover her troubles are far from over.

A continuation of the ordeals of Alisa Foxen

By: Doragon (2021)

Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story are entirely fictional. The following story contains strong sexual elements, bizarre torture and is basically a sexual horror story.

Chapter 1: Aftermath​

Alisa was taken off the cross in unconscious state. The soldiers probably would have left her there had she not appeared to be pregnant and still alive. The men just could not leave here there and tried everything to get her out of her predicament. They had great difficulty releasing her wrists and feet from the cross, which were tightly fixed after having been nailed to the wood for three days. In the end they simply cut the wooden beam and pole, leaving her limbs attached to the nails and wood and making it possible to ship her out. A helicopter carried her to a hospital in a nearby major city that was in the hands of Syrian troops, while the medics struggled to keep the girl alive. The transport itself was almost too much for her as her lifeline had been stretched so thin. She flatlined while still in transport, but the medics were able to revive her. Sadly they concluded her baby had not survived as there was no measurable heartbeat there. Little did they know there was no baby at all.

Once in the hospital Alisa was taken to an operating room where two teams of doctors started working on her. Their first priority was dealing with her assumed pregnancy as they considered that the most life threatening. They performed a C-section on her, but the moment they cut her open, she erupted like a punctured balloon. The medical staff had never seen anything like this before. The woman had so much slimy semen in het womb, she only appeared to be pregnant while she was no where near such a state. How she got in such a condition was anybody’s guess, but there was quite a bit of vomiting done in the OR that day.


After cleaning up that mess and keeping her stabilized the whole time, they also discovered how her cervix had an implement fixed inside, the one-way valve, which was surgically removed - with great difficulty, but they managed. In the meantime doctors were working hard in two teams to remove the nails and the blocks of wood from her wrists and feet. A lot of reconstructive surgery was needed on her bones, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. They took twenty hours to fix her, after which she was finally considered out of danger. Nobody knew however if she would remain cripple and if she would regain proper use of her hands. For now she just had to recover and at first they kept her in a coma to avoid any kind of stress for her delicate systems. She was still unidentified and it was unknown what had brought her in such a condition.

The medical staff decided to keep it a secret what her condition had really been and she was put down in the books as a casualty of war and that she had been pregnant but had lost her baby. But of course rumours were soon spreading about her.



Chapter 2: Favourite patient​

Akram worked as a male nurse in the nightshift. He loved working at night, since it always meant the hospital was quiet. He preferred to work alone as he enjoyed sitting with patients in the night while they slept, just watching them mostly. Sometimes a bit more though. In the ER there were often other nurses and staff present, even during the night, but sometimes he got a chance to attend a single patient in a separate room, monitoring the bleeps and pings while the patients were still in coma.

This evening his shift included watching a beautiful woman of Western origin, who’s name was unknown, as was her history. There were rumours though. Apparently she had a love for semen since a lot of that was found inside her body. Was she a prostitute then? One could only speculate. And speculate Akram loved to do while sitting next to her sleeping form, watching her, pondering her story. He noticed she had beautiful features and her skin, as far as she wasn’t bandaged, looked smooth and clear. Her fingers were not bandaged and they looked delicate and sensitive. He knew she was kept in a coma, so there was no chance she would wake up, which meant her could caress her fingers without any response of her. And as he grew more curious, he also got bolder. He leaned over her and watched her face from close by. She was breathing through a tube and the sound of the breathing apparatus had replaced any sound of her own breathing. There was also a thin feeding tube stuffed into her throat. Seeing the two tubes fixed inside her open mouth, was kind of hot to watch.

After a once over of all the machines monitoring her, he grew even more bolder and he pulled the sheet down a bit. She was only covered by a thin sheet and she was naked. There were bandages taped around her breasts, but her nipples were clear and he smiled as he enjoyed the sight of those perfect little knobs. He could also see enough of her breasts to see how they sacked sideways just a little, but had enough firmness to form two little mounts which were slowly going up and down with her breathing. He touched the soft flesh, cupped a breast with both hands, squeezed gently and then put his mouth on her nipple. With a soft groan he sucked on it, tasting her skin and though she mostly smelled like a hospital patient at this point, he also got a sense of her natural scent. He sucked harder on her nipple and smacked his lips, licking the little button. She was fully sedated of course and in such a way she would not response much to any stimulation, not even to inflicted pain. But her body did respond on an automatous level, like her nipples hardening to the stimulation. At first he was apprehensive about that and immediately checked her pupil response to make sure she wasn’t waking up or anything. But there was no response in her pupils and she remained fully unconscious. Which made him lick his lips, pull the sheets down completely and look at her naked body with clear lust in his eyes.

She had of course bandages around her abdomen and her genitalia were also covered and likely stuffed with cotton and wound dressing. There were drains leading to a bottle under the bed, likely for waste products of her body. Her feet were also bandaged. And she had wound patches all over her body, where her skin had been torn and cut. But in general he could see her body well enough to notice her beautiful shape and exquisite build. He could not help himself and grabbed his erect penis inside his pants to slowly jerk himself off. As he got more excited, he lowered his pants, taking his erect cock fully out and when he got close to an orgasm he took a cup and held it under the tip of his penis. With panting groans he squeezed his cum into the cup, very much enjoying the sensation of his self-inflicted orgasm.

Akram pulled his pants up again and looked at the naked sleeping woman with a smile. Then he raised one eyebrow, remembering the rumours about her. He grinned as he took a new syringe without a needle and sucked his semen from the cup. Next he took the feeding tube hanging down the woman’s chin, took out the little rubber plug and replaced it with the syringe. With a grin he pushed the plunger, sending his semen into the tube and down to her stomach.

“Too bad you won’t taste it, but Akram is going to give you the good stuff anyways and nurse you back to health.” He spoke softly and tenderly to the unconscious woman and when done, he put everything back the way it was supposed to be.

“Goodbye my favourite patient,” he whispered, “I’ll be back tomorrow.” He kissed her on the forehead and left as that ended his shift.



Chapter 3: Tender Care​

Akram gave the woman his tender care for several days but at the fifth day he walked in on Mo doing the exact same thing he had been doing. The woman was uncovered, on full naked display, while Mo was using her hand to jerk himself off, a cup ready with his other hand to capture his semen.
“What the fuck are you doing?” hissed Akram.
“Same as you bro,” chuckled Mo.
“You are a broom boy and not even allowed in here,” hissed Akram back at him, mostly annoyed that a cleaner was abusing his patient. He wasn’t even a nurse!
“Chill out,” grunted Mo as he was ready to cum. With a grunt he started to squirt his semen into the plastic cup. And when done he chuckled, clearly satisfied with his harvest.
Akram walked up to him and pulled him away from the woman by the arm, almost making him spill the cup.
“Take your filthy paws off her,” he said.
“Come on,” replied Mo in a somewhat louder tone, also getting angry now. “We all know what you’ve been doing all week and me and some of the boys also wanted a slice of this pie.”
“What boys?” asked Akram in a surprised tone.
“Well, Abdul, Jabir and Omar. And me of course.”
“God, what have you been doing?” gasped Akram.
“Same as you. We’ve been feeding her cum.”
“I never…”
“Oh don’t be stupid, it was all on camera. But don’t worry, Omar took care of that. He is with security. You’d be in so much trouble if it weren’t for him.”
Akram looked around and now noticed the camera. He never bothered to check for that and groaned inwardly.

“So,” he said with a sigh, looking at the still comatose beauty on the bed, “we’ve been feeding her cum every night, the five of us.”
“Six,” replied Mo, “we believe Doc Faisal is also doing it.”
“Doc Faisal? But he is the one who operated on her.”
“Yeah, weird huh?” grinned Mo.
“We’ve got to put a stop to this,” said Akram, his eyes still fixed on the helpless woman. He really felt bad about it all right now.
“Why?” asked Mo, “It’s not like she notices. And I bet she loves to give head once she is awake. She’s a semen lover, right?”
“That’s only a rumour,” said Akram, “We don’t know anything about her.”
“Still, it’s not doing her any harm and it’s fun to do.”
“No, we have to stop doing this. I mean, really? Fuck!”

Akram paced up and down the foot end of the bed, nervous as hell and yet… He glanced at the woman again, at her perfect shape, her smooth skin, her wonderful breasts, and he sighed.
“Alright, but we must have rules,” he said. He went to the other side of the bed and pulled the cover over her body, making sure she looked like before.
“Come to the cafeteria tomorrow evening and make sure the other guys are also there.”
“The doctor as well?” asked Mo, with a smirk on his face.
“No, of course not! We can’t deal with that. He has his own responsibilities.”
Mo shook his head as this felt like a double standard to him, but then he shrugged.
“I’ll let the guys know,” he said and then he left, leaving Akram to tend to his duties the rest of the night, which he performed without the perverted ritual this time.


..and suddenly a black ops force of unknown origin sweeps in- shoots these jerk-offs, carries Alisa back to a secret torture location so they can re-nail her, torture her, fill her to a 9month condition where they force her give birth to something more solid then sperm. All because they must complete the snuff film they have been contracted to complete on forfeit of their lives. William was freed but decided to lie about his participation and her whorishness. Mahdi was just a tool, now the pro's take over. HAha- just my fantasy...


..and suddenly a black ops force of unknown origin sweeps in- shoots these jerk-offs, carries Alisa back to a secret torture location so they can re-nail her, torture her, fill her to a 9month condition where they force her give birth to something more solid then sperm. All because they must complete the snuff film they have been contracted to complete on forfeit of their lives. William was freed but decided to lie about his participation and her whorishness. Mahdi was just a tool, now the pro's take over. HAha- just my fantasy...
Something like that. Wait and see.



Chapter 4: Rules​

Only Mo showed up and late as well.
“What the fuck,” said Akram, “where are the others?”
“They are with the prostitute already,” replied Mo.
“Shit,” cursed Akram and he started to make his way to the private room where the woman was kept, closely followed by Mo.
“They are not doing anything yet,” said Mo, “I was sent to get you.”
“Fine,” grunted Akram, “and stop calling her a prostitute.”
“You’re right,” chuckled Mo, “it’s not like we are paying her.”

The other three were already waiting around the bed of the woman. Akram immediately noticed the tubes were gone from her mouth and throat.
“You fucking bastards,” he hissed, “Did you remove the tubes? You can’t do that!”
“Hold your horses,” replied Jabir, “The doc did that this afternoon.”
“Apparently she’s stable enough to breathe on her own,” added Abdul.
“She has less bandages as well now,” said Omar while he pulled back the sheet to uncover the naked woman.

Akram stared at her. She looked even more perfect now. Her breasts were fully on display now, perfect orbs which were resting against her chest, the nipples dark disks on a sloping landscape. Her stomach was flat and tight, a bit skinny even. Just above her pubic mount was still a bandage taped where they had performed the C-section. But her crotch was also free of bandages, showing a perfect slit with a small tube coming out from her urethra, her catheter. Akram shivered as he watched the beauty in front of him and then groaned softly as he knew this was going to get a whole lot more complex than he thought.

“We should not fuck her,” he said, anticipating what the others were thinking.
“Why not?” asked Mo.
“Well, we do not want to make her pregnant,” replied Jabir, the only one who had nodded when Akram spoke.
“We can fuck her mouth and we can fuck her anus,” said Abdul.
“Like you can stop me from doing that,” chuckled Omar, who was already fondling his penis inside his pants.

Akram felt he had little control over the gang. All he could do was damage control at this point.
“I understand we all wish to fuck her,” he said as he himself also felt he had a raging boner already, “But we need to keep this clean, alright? If we get caught, we are in deep shit.”
The others nodded and a discussion arose on how to do this. They all agreed not to cum inside her vagina, indeed to avoid pregnancy, and also to be very careful not to leave any cum stains on the bed sheets. There was also talk about using condoms, but none of them felt that was enjoyable enough, so they voted against that.

“I think we should all fuck her now,” said Omar, “to seal our agreement. We’re in this together.”
Again they all agreed, though Akram was somewhat hesitating. He didn’t really trust the others.
“Also, no talking about this to anyone,” he added.
“Anyone spilling the beans is going to have to face me,” said Abdul, who was the biggest of the five and to show he meant it, he raised a fist that nobody wanted to feel. They all agreed and then they went to work.



Chapter 5: Thoroughly fucked​

Alisa was carefully turned in her bed, her head hanging down over the side, while her ass was hanging over the opposite side. Her legs were pulled up and when they discovered how flexible she was, they pulled her legs sideways in a full split, spreading her fully open by tying her ankles to the head- and footboard of the bed.
“Fuck, she looks so hot,” said Omar, who had his cock out first and stepped up to her wide open bottom.
“Not her pussy!” said Akram.
“Of course not,” replied Omar while he used one hand to guide his cock and the other to spread her buttocks. With a grunt he pushed his hard erection into the unconscious woman’s anus, after which he started to pump his hips.
“This feels so good,” he groaned while fucking her with slow but deep thrusts.

In the meantime Jabir was taking position at her face and while pushing with one hand against her chin to open her mouth, his other hand guided his erect penis into her wide open mouth.
“Don’t choke her,” warned Akram, who was still seeing it as his task to be the woman’s protector in a way. Jabir didn’t answer and started to fuck her mouth with slow but deep thrust.
“She easily takes all of me,” he grunted, pushing his penis in until her lips reached the root of his penis, her nose buried against his ball sack and the crown of his dick gently pressing against her uvula. The woman didn’t respond, not even when the penises in her anus and mouth started to fuck her harder and faster.
“Don’t push it in her wind pipe,” said Akram, continuing in his role of guardian.
“Don’t worry, I know what I am doing,” panted Jabir.

“Let’s switch,” said Omar while he grunted and pushed his penis as deep into the girl’s rectum as he could. Jabir agreed and they switched places. As soon as he plunged into her anus he started to really fuck her with hard and deep thrusts, grunting and panting as he worked himself towards a climax. Omar stuffed his erect and filthy penis, which had only just been inside her rectum, deep into her mouth and grinned when he noticed how he could reach well behind her uvula and into her throat. Her neck expanded visually each time he pushed in all the way.
“Don’t cum yet,” said Abdul, “I have no desire to stir your semen and I want to feel her tightness as well.” They agreed nobody was to cum until everybody had a chance to feel both her anus and her throat. The five men formed a circle around the bed and switched regularly, going around her and taking turns fucking her anus and her mouth. In between turns they calmed down enough to be able to avoid cumming too soon.
“I wonder how she would feel if she were awake,” grunted Mo while fucking her throat and enjoying the sight of her neck expanding. His cock was also long, though still not as long as Omar’s was.
“I doubt she’d enjoy the taste of her own ass,” panted Akram while fucking her anus. He had noticed how all their cocks were stained after fucking her butt and nobody cleaned his cock before fucking her mouth.
“Yes, but she sure would appreciate the sensation of having cocks in her ass and throat. I bet she would cum like a pig.”
“Or at least squeal like one.”
“She’d be so sorry we are not ploughing her cunt.”
They all laughed and enjoyed talking rude about doing this to the poor unconscious woman.

“My balls hurt,” complained Jabir after he had finished his third circle around the bed.
“We all have that problem,” grunted Abdul while he fucked her ass without mercy.
“How are we going to finish this?” asked Akram.
“Let’s all empty our balls in her throat,” said Mo.
“Too much risk of choking her on semen,” said Akram.
“Here’s what we’ll do then,” said Jabir, “we’ll all cum in her anus and then use a syringe to suck the semen out of her rectum. Then we’ll push a tube in her throat and inject the semen straight into her stomach.” They all loved that idea and so it went.

Five men erupted inside the unconscious woman’s ass, one by one, grunting, panting, pushing their cocks as deep as possible and filling her bowls with semen. Next they drew the liquid out of her ass with a large syringe. It was not particularly clear liquid anymore, but that didn’t bother them, on the contrary.

“You are going to love this little cocktail,” grinned Mo while he watched how Akram pushed a tube into her throat. They all watched how the male nurse then used the syringe to inject the porridge into the tube and down the girl’s throat, making it disappear into her stomach.

Finally satisfied they cleaned the girl up and put her back in bed like she was supposed to be.



Chapter 6: Awakening​

Alisa woke up one day, totally oblivious of the treatment she had suffered during the two weeks of her coma. At first she really had no idea where she was, what had happened. She even had trouble remembering who she was. And without knowing why, she started weeping, unable to respond to any question of the medical staff. Soon after waking up, she fell asleep again, restless and often still crying in her sleep. And this was the situation for two whole days.

Then one night, when she had calmed down a bit, Akram was sitting by her bed while she slept more peacefully. They had stopped visiting her after she had awoken, but his nightshifts continued and he had resorted to really tending to her needs.

When she woke up again, he asked her how she felt. She had not spoken yet, but she finally acknowledged someone spoke to her. She looked at him with wide eyes and when he wiped her sweaty brow with a damp cloth, she smiled at him in gratitude.

“Do you know where you are?” he asked her. She looked back without answering, clearly not understanding him. He repeated the question in English, having figured out she was a foreigner. She understood him this time and shook her head. She had no idea where she was.

“Do you know who you are?” Again she shook her head. Memory loss was not uncommon after a patient woke up from a coma. But often it came back in a few days.

Akram started explaining how she was in a hospital, how she had been recovering from her injuries for weeks now and how much she had improved over time. His questions about what had happened to her, resulted in her shrugging her shoulders and then weeping again. She fell asleep again and for a while he watched her as she slept, like he had done for so long already.

Akram felt a cramp in his balls. For days now he had not been able to fuck her and he missed that immensely. Without thinking he lowered his pants, took his erect cock out and started masturbating while gazing at her sleeping face. He stopped for a moment when she opened her eyes, but then resumed, not being able to stop. Alisa looked at him, eyes fixed on the cock he was holding and stroking. It was a large cock, very hard, swollen and stiff, precum leaking from the tip. He noticed how she was mesmerized by the sight and as he got a little bolder, he pulled the sheet down a little, revealing her breasts. She didn’t stop him. He grew even bolder by using one hand to turn her head sideways and a little closer to him. Leaning against the bed he brought his penis close to her mouth. Alisa sighed and parted her lips a little. He pushed the tip against her lips, staining her with the slimy liquid dripping from the tip of his penis. Carefully he pulled her a little closer still and he shivered when she responded by parting her lips further, allowing him to enter her mouth. With his penis in her mouth he stroked the hair from her face and while she looked up at him he gently started to slide his penis in and out of her mouth. Her tongue responded, licking against his penis. He felt like he was in heaven. He erupted in her mouth, spraying thick blobs of warm slimy semen in her mouth. Alisa kept silent and swallowed slowly. Then she blinked and a tear ran down her cheek.



Chapter 7: Recovery​

For a week Alisa was recovering further. She didn’t speak at all and still nobody knew her name or what had happened to her. In the daytime she practiced with a therapist, trying to regain the function of her hands and feet. It was painful, but she made progress and after a few days she was able to get out of bed and stand up, though she could not walk yet. Her hands regained enough function to be able to hold something, but her fingers were still weak and her wrists hurt when she moved her hands. It improved every day though and after a full week she was able to get in and out of bed by herself.

In the night she allowed Akram to fuck her mouth and obediently swallowed the semen he fed her. She also allowed the other four men of the secret club to fuck her mouth. Akram had not wanted to share her with them, but they threatened him to spill the beans if he kept her to himself. Alisa was obedient and passive and didn’t protest to the abuse of her mouth. She even seemed to behave like she was grateful to the men, as if it was only normal she had to thank them for all the good care she received by drinking their cum.

One night all five of them came to her. She was not sitting in bed and she was wearing a hospital dressing gown.
“We have come to say goodbye,” said Akram. “Tomorrow you get moved to a new place so we won’t see you again. But we grew quite fond of you and enjoyed spending time with you, so we wanted to show our respect and appreciation.”
The others nodded when Akram spoke. Alisa also nodded, with a pensive look on her face.
“They will also take good care of you where you are going,” assured Akram her. “But will you allow us to take care of you one more time?” He held his hand out to her and she took it before getting up from the chair. The other men came standing around her and she blinked as she looked from one to the next. Each man was a head taller than she was, but she felt safe between them as if they formed a wall around her, protecting her from whatever was out there.

Akram carefully placed his hands to her face and leaned in to gently kiss her on the lips. Omar put his hands on her shoulders, sliding his fingers to the collar of her gown, while Jabir took the band around her waist and untied the knot. Her robe fell open and they gently pulled it down her shoulders, letting it fall on the ground. She was now naked in between them, while Akram was still kissing her. When he broke the kiss he smiled at her and she smiled back to him. She then got turned a little and Abdul kissed her as well. Hands gently cupped her breast from behind. More hands ran over her hips and buttocks. She got turned a third time and Jabir also kissed her. When she moaned under the caressing hands, he parted her lips and used his tongue to French kiss her. Mo took her hand and folded her fingers around his erect penis when he had pulled it from his pants. All of them lowered their pants now, while she was kissed by the others as well, turning around, kissing each of them, while both her hands were placed on erect penises and hands caressed her breasts, buttocks, stomach and then even between her legs. Fingers that rubbed her vulva soon discovered how wet and warm she was down there and when they pushed her to the bed, she didn’t resist at all.

The five men draped her over the bed, head over one side, her bottom at the other side and they positioned themselves around her and also between her pulled up legs. She had a hand around the penises of Mo and Jabir, who were also on the bed at each side of her. Abdul positioned himself between her legs and he rubbed his erect penis against her vulva. Akram sat down on top of her and he used his hands to push her breasts together with his penis in between, gently stroking himself against her chest. Omar held his penis in front of her face and when she opened her mouth he pushed into her and started to gently fuck her.

When Abdul pushed into her vagina, she gave a muffled cry of lust. Soon she was squirming between the men while they fucked her and the more she groaned and squirmed, the more intense and deeper their penetrations became. The men used great restraint not to cum inside her just yet and each time one of them approached an orgasm, they pulled out of the woman and allowed the next to penetrate her vagina, anus or mouth, moving around her in a circle. Alisa was soon completely overwhelmed with lust as one after the other pushed his penis into either orifice she had. She sucked on their cocks with eagerness and moved her hips to receive their thrusts. And when they moved her in different positions, she moved according to their wishes, making it even possible to penetrate her with three cocks from both sides at the same time. Especially when cocks were fucking her vagina and anus at the same time did she wail in ecstasy and she had at least three orgasms before the men finally also allowed themselves to release inside her body. Soon she was leaking cum from mouth, vagina and anus and the orgy came to an end when all five had cum inside her body.

As she was laying on the bed, panting, covered in sweat, cum dripping from mouth and bottom, she suddenly had a flashback of other sexual situations. And she shuddered when more memories flooded back to her. She looked up at the men and seeing Akram she smiled at him.
“Thank you,” she said softly, speaking to them for the first time. “Thank you for saving my life.”
“Do you remember anything?” asked Akram while he caressed her face.
“Yes,” she whispered. “My name is Alisa Foxen and I am British.”



Chapter 8: Arrested​

The next morning two police officers came to fetch Alisa. There also was a nurse she had seen many times the last two weeks, a friendly woman who smiled at her as usual and patted her on the shoulder, saying everything was going to be fine. The officers pulled out a pair of handcuffs and told Alisa to extend her hands. Doctor Faisal was also present and he warned the officers not to cuff her wrists.
“She is still recovering and cuffing her would be too painful for her at this point.”
“Why am I cuffed?” asked Alisa. “Am I arrested?”
“You are under arrest and we are escorting you to prison,” explained one of the officers.
“Why?” exclaimed Alisa. “I have done nothing wrong.”
“That is to be determined,” answered one of the officers.
“I am sure this is only procedure,” said the doctor to ease her mind. “You were found in a warzone and they probably have questions for you.”
Alisa was worried though. She knew she was innocent, but in the past, as far as she could remember, that had not guaranteed her safety at all. Besides, she remembered reading about Syrian prisons and they were considered hell on earth. She shuddered when she thought about facing torture and horror once again.
“Can I have some clothes?” asked Alisa, who was still only wearing the hospital dressing gown.
“You came into the hospital without any clothes,” said the nurse with an apology, while she pushed a wheelchair into the room.
“Can I at least have a scarf then?” resumed Alisa. The nurse was wearing a scarf, like all women in the hospital.
“You are not Muslim, right?” said one of the police officers, refusing her that dignity. She shook her head and sighed. They were doing this on purpose, she was certain of it. They wanted to show everybody that she was a foreigner and that she had no shame.

The officers told her to put her arms behind her back and put the cuffs around her upper arms, just above the elbows. It was a very awkward position as her arms were pulled as far back as possible to make the cuffs fit. Next the nurse helped her into the wheelchair. She was still a patient as long as she was in the hospital and patients were not allowed to walk out themselves. Sitting in the wheelchair was awkward though with her arms stretched behind her and as she sat down, the front of her dressing gown fell open, revealing one breast.
“Please cover me,” said Alisa when the nurse started to wheel her out of the room. The police officers made no attempt to help her and seemed happy to see her breast falling out. But the nurse pulled her gown back in place to cover her and she scoffed at the officers, who shrugged and indicated they should go.

As they walked through the hallways of the hospital, they drew quite some attention. It was a procession that stood out as such and the hallways were quite busy. Alisa had to lean forward, her arms cuffed behind her back, causing her gown to fall open several times. People pointed at her and were whispering to each other.
As they came to the big hall at the entrance to the hospital, there was a crowd waiting to see how the foreign woman that so many rumours had been circling about, was taken away by the police. Alisa shivered as she felt very uncomfortable with the attention. To her dismay she also spotted the five men that she had sex with the previous evening. They were all smiling at her and Akram waved at her. None of them made any attempt to stop the officers or help her. Alisa had enough memories restored to realize they had abused her. They were not friends, they had simply taken the opportunity to have their way with her. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she realized she had been raped and instead of being saved, she was still in grave danger.

The nurse pushed the wheelchair out of the doors but stopped when they were outside.
“I am sorry,” she said, “you have to get up and walk the last bit to the police car.”
The police car was parked as close to the entrance as possible but it was still a hundred meters away. And Alisa’s feet were bare, only covered with bandages. In therapy she had managed to walk little distances but it was still painful to use her feet and she could only walk very slow.
She sighed and got up from the wheelchair while the nurse supported her.
“Take care,” whispered the nurse to her, “be careful what you say.”
Alisa nodded and said softly “Thank you.” She suddenly understood the nurse would have done a lot more for her if she had been allowed.

As she turned to start walking, doctor Faisal stopped them.
“I am sorry, but that gown is also hospital property. We can’t allow you to take it with you.”
Alisa held her breath and felt her face blushing deep red.
“She is not wearing anything else,” the nurse protested, “You can’t allow her to leave naked!”
“It is not your place to protest,” said the doctor while pointing at the nurse to step away. Instead of stepping away, she said: “I’ll walk with them and bring the gown back.” But the doctor made another firm gesture at her and she bowed her head, forced to step back and distance herself from the situation.

The policemen uncuffed Alisa. She blushed bright red when they took the gown off her, revealing her naked body to the gasping crowd. Next they pulled her arms back again, putting the cuffs once more around her elbows.

Alisa arrested.jpg

While they held her by the cuffs, pulling her upper body backwards and making her stick out her breasts to the front, they slowly made her walk towards the parking lot. Alisa felt her eyes fill with tears and was trembling as she awkwardly walked down the steps of the hospital. Walking was painful to her feet and she walked very slow. Her naked breasts swayed and shook with every little step she took. There was a crowd forming around them as the procession carefully and slowly moved out into the sunlight. People were talking and some were jeering. Alisa understood enough to know they were calling her a whore. And yet people were also massively taking pictures with their phones. Some were even filming her.

It all brought back memories and several times Alisa tripped while the memories flooded back in her mind. People jeering at her and leering at her naked body. She felt her crotch tingle and twitch and with a deep felt shame she felt herself getting wet, her arousal growing as she walked naked between the leering crowd. How was this possible? She groaned softly and tried to resist the rising feeling, but it was somehow really exciting her to feel this shame and humiliation. She became so wet it leaked out and dripped down her inner thighs. People noticed and pointed at her. She felt even more ashamed and at some point she was trembling so bad, she had to keep still for a moment. She panted as she felt her vagina twitching.

“Please, not now,” she whispered and forced herself to resume walking again, terrified to have an orgasm in such a public place, but every movement she made caused her arousal to rise. Her walking steps became less controlled and she stumbled even more.

With a sigh of relief she finally reached the police van without having a public orgasm. Two more police officers were waiting there. When the doors were opened at the back, she quickly climbed inside and sat down on the wooden bench at the side. The two officers also went in and they sat at each side of her. The third one also joined them in the back and he closed the doors, after which he sat down in front of her. The van then drove off, the fourth police officer behind the steering wheel.



Chapter 9: A Wild Ride​

The journey through the city was chaotic. There were a lot of buildings destroyed in the war and not every street was clear enough to have a smooth traffic flow. The van went with sirens around blocked areas but sometimes it still got stuck in traffic. Alisa felt very naked in the back of the van, where people could look in and see her. She had to lean forward because of her awkwardly cuffed arms behind her back. Her breasts were swaying with the erratic movements of the van and the bumps of the uneven roads. The officer in front of her kept looking at her jiggling breasts. The officers on each side of her were pressed against her and a couple of times they had to prevent her from toppling forward of sliding off the bench. The officer in front of her pointed at her and said in broken English if it was hard to stay in place. She nodded. They said something in Arabic then and Alisa gasped when the officers next to her each grabbed a breast and by tugging at her soft flesh they held her seated in place when the road bumps threatened to throw her forward. She felt very ashamed by that, but didn’t dare to protest.

To make matters worse, their fingers were digging into her breasts and at the same time rubbing her nipples and she felt aroused by it. It added to the excitement she was already sensing. The officer in front of her noticed her deep red blush and grinned when she gasped softly a couple of times. He took his rifle, locked it and extended it forward, sticking the barrel between her legs. With a gasp and a groan she felt the muzzle pushing against her vulva. The man kept it there, despite the erratic movements of the woman’s body with the various bumps in the road and sharp turns they took and he moved the muzzle back and forth a little, rubbing the hard metal in between her lips and against her clitoris. The other officers pinched and rubbed her nipples and Alisa gasped, closing her eyes while she felt her lust rising even further. While tears streamed down her cheeks in shame and disgust, she slowly got worked towards an orgasm and when she came she shuddered all over. The officers enjoyed seeing that and didn’t stop there. When the car stopped for a roadblock, they pushed her off the bench and on her knees while turning her around to face the two officers. They pulled her forward while taking out their cocks. Pulling her face against one of their cocks they told her to suck them off. She felt disgusted by that and yet had no way to refuse. As she took the first cock into her mouth, the third officer inserted the barrel of his rifle into her vagina and started to fuck her with the unyielding metal tube. Alisa begged them to stop raping her, but they said they were not raping her at all.

“You can’t rape the willing,” chuckled the officer that was fucking her with his rifle. Which was arousing her as much as it was hurting her as the muzzle of the rifle was unyielding and a bit too wide for such rough treatment.

When the van resumed it’s travel through the crowded city, the road bumps caused her knees to collide painfully with the floor in the back of the van. They held her in place by painfully squeezing and pulling at her breasts. The penises were pushed in her mouth, one after the other, and they were switched regularly to prevent themselves from coming too soon. The cocks were stuffed deep into her mouth, dipping into her throat, causing her to retch and frequently choke. The wild movements of her body caused the rifle muzzle to sometimes painfully collide with her cervix.

Both police officers forced her to swallow their semen by pinching her nose when they came. Alisa retched violently but obeyed to everything they said and did as well as she could. Next they turned her around to suck off the third officer, while the other two used both their rifles in her vagina, sticking two barrels into her at the same time. By using both muzzles they stretched her vagina in various directions, hurting her while at the same time still also exciting her further.

A third time she was forced to drink semen. But the officers were still not done yet with the pretty woman. They put her down on her stomach, pressing her breasts hard against the rough floor of the van. Two officers stayed on opposing benches and they pulled her ankles up, spreading her legs wide and making her arch her back until most of her weight was on her breasts. With their free hands they spread her vulva wide open and rubbed their fingers around and over her clitoris, until she was wailing from both pain and lust. The third officer in the meantime sat down on the floor between her legs and he thrust his rifle into her vagina and started to fuck her with hard and most painful thrusts. Alisa cried out and groaned, her body bumping on the floor of the van, her breasts flattened and squeezed by her own weight. The fingers rubbing her clitoris and spreading her vulva wide open, made her crazy with lust. The rifle fucking her also excited her but as he stabbed deep and hard, it also hurt. The men worked together and slowly worked her toward an orgasm. The muzzle of the rifle twisted and turned inside her, churning the insides of her vagina and then started pushing hard against her cervix.

“I think she want it all,” chuckled one of the officers in broken English.
“Would you like the rifle in your womb?” the other officer asked her. She replied only by wailing and sobbing.
“She definitely does. She’s such a whore.”
“Here’s the deal,” said the first officer to the sobbing woman. “If don’t want the rifle into your womb, don’t cum, alright? But if you cum…”
Alisa shuddered and she definitely did not want to have an orgasm anymore and forced herself to think about anything that was not arousing. But the police officers now both stuck a finger inside her anus and started to finger fuck her, while at the same time rubbing her clitoris even harder. She wailed and cried out, her mind losing grip on her thoughts and body as well.

“Almost,” said the third officer while he pushed the rifle barrel deep into her snatch, seeking out her cervix.
“Get ready to push hard,” said one of the others as he noticed Alisa tensing up and grunting louder.
“No, no, no,” cried the woman and then gasped out loud when she felt the fingers in her anus pulling her sphincter wide open, while at the same time her clitoris got pinched hard. With a scream of despair she started coming, her body arching even more while she lifted her head in a loud wail. The third officer started pushing with his rifle and slowly but surely the metal barrel got pushed into her tight cervix, breaking the recently healed seal and then digging even deeper into her, breaking through into her womb. Alisa screamed in both agony and terrible ecstasy, while convulsing in wave after wave of a whole series of orgasms. She finally lost consciousness while more memories came flooding back to her and the last thought she had was the memory of Mahdi telling her that she really was a whore.


The tits, the cervix, the womb C-section, the hands, the feet- she must have been bleeding like a stuck pig. This bitch is going to need some good doctors and crutches-again!


The tits, the cervix, the womb C-section, the hands, the feet- she must have been bleeding like a stuck pig. This bitch is going to need some good doctors and crutches-again!
Yes, I know you feel she should have died. But modern medicine is rather good. You might say it's supernatural - the devil's work perhaps. And anyways, I expect Alisa to regret not having died in the previous story. ;)



Chapter 10: Prison​

Alisa was spent and unable to walk once they arrived at the prison. The officers had to carry her between them, her arms lifted over their shoulders, her legs dangling under her. Her face was sweaty, her hair sticking in long wet strands down her face. There was blood between her legs.

As through a haze she watched as they carried her through several gates and past the fences into a heavily structured building. She was handed over to two guards, who carried her further into the building, while the officers disappeared and went back to their duties. Alisa was not sad to see them go, though she doubted if the guards were going to be an improvement. They were sturdy muscular men that were handling her like a piece of meat, carrying her between them through corridors and past many cell doors. The cells were stuffed with people, but instead of talking a lot or making noise, they were all very quiet. People here had learned to keep quiet to avoid beatings and torture. The stench was vile, like this was a storage space of human cattle. Alisa shuddered as she noticed the rancid smell of excrement, mixed with the metallic scent of blood. She noticed that the guards were all male, as well as the prisoners. Didn’t they bring her to a women’s prison, she thought? Or were the women’s blocks elsewhere in the same prison?

She was relieved when they didn’t stuff her in one of these overcrowded cells. Instead they took her outside the building and into a courtyard. Her relief was short-lived when she noticed how the courtyard had several pillories and also gallows. This clearly was not a basketball court, it was an execution area.

Still they kept going, crossing the courtyard to a fairly new building on the other side. The building they entered had a dusty but much cleaner smell. It was indeed a newer building, judging from the electronic security doors and the paint that was not yet flaking off the walls. They went through a corridor with several closed and locked doors but also past a couple of windows with heavy security glass overlooking a common area with tables and benches, where several male inmates were hanging around. The contrast with the previous building was enormous. This looked more like a Western prison. Also because the prisoners were not dressed in grey rags but in orange prison uniforms.

Alisa was carried into a shower room. They dropped her against the backwall and then took a firehose to spray her off. Alisa cried out when the water hit her with force and she almost toppled over, finding it hard to stay upright on wobbly legs under the powerful impact of the water jet. She dropped to the floor and bundled up, trying to avoid the water jet. The guards were not satisfied with this and they came up to her, pulled her to her feet again and cuffed her wrists, which was still painful. They hooked the cuffs to a hook at the ceiling, so she was held upright no matter what. Then they resumed spraying her with the cold water. She cried out and danced in vain, unable to avoid the water jet this time. They kept hitting her at different angles, making sure nothing was missed. The water impacted hard with her breasts and stomach, but was also aimed at her crotch to wash away the blood. But also on her back and head the water jet hurt quite a bit. By the time they were done, she felt dizzy and spent.

They dried her off with rough towels, rubbing her skin until it was bright red and sore. When she was fairly dry, they released her arms and each guard once more took her by the arm and she was dragged between them, away from the shower area and down several hallways. She was still naked. Nobody spoke with her, nobody answered her questions. She was treated like meat and she felt like that, just a body to handle and relocate. Finally they were at an iron door with electronic lock. When it opened she spotted a small room with a desk and three men that were clearly waiting for her.

The men were all dressed in civilian suits, not at all dressed like officers. One didn’t even wear his jacket and he had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up. He was also the one who put a chair down in front of the desk before the guards put her on it. The guards left, closing the door behind them. The man with the shirt stayed behind Alisa, next to the door, while the other two took place behind the desk.

“Alisa Foxen I presume?” said the man on the left. He opened a folder in front of him, filled with papers and he took out a photograph to compare it with her face. He nodded as he was satisfied it was her.
“Who are you?” she whispered, a little out of breath. “Why am I here?”


Yes, I know you feel she should have died. But modern medicine is rather good. You might say it's supernatural - the devil's work perhaps. And anyways, I expect Alisa to regret not having died in the previous story. ;)
Thanks for responding. Yes I think she should have died but not with a smile. Not so convinced about modern medicine in this part of the world, especially regarding infection, her feet/penetrations- bone suspensions along with the womb incision. Didn't want the guards to break into her womb so quickly. But it's do-able fiction to this point. What I don't want is her to turn into a cartoon crucified painslut grateful to her torturers for doing something like cutting off her tits while she focuses on the "ultimate" orgasm, despite obviously mind bending pain. Just a silly. And I thought it was the drugs that forced her to mindlessly achieve orgasm when cunt tortured-it's been weeks. However this maybe the fate you have planned for her and so be it. You are an excellent story teller and will make it compelling along the way and so I will read it. Please take your time and write delightful sexual tortures as you did in the first part. Personally I want her to suffer and regret everything- including being grateful to Mahdi who "took her life" while beheading her friend! Realistically an adult like Alisa would no doubt have already enjoyed many an orgasm and be deeply fearful of a death that would rob her of a lifetime of family, love, maybe even children. Hell if I was her I'd seek out the orgasm drug and take it the rest of my life without someone putting needles through my tits to cum. Since you know my art I am all about torturing a woman beyond all ability bear it while ending her- but she will not enjoy the trip nor want to repeat it if given a chance. You've made Alisa feel so real hence my trepidation's for the narrative. Funny how I've taken a personal interest in this well written tale. Enjoy writing you BTW. Thanks again,


Thanks for responding. Yes I think she should have died but not with a smile. Not so convinced about modern medicine in this part of the world, especially regarding infection, her feet/penetrations- bone suspensions along with the womb incision. Didn't want the guards to break into her womb so quickly. But it's do-able fiction to this point. What I don't want is her to turn into a cartoon crucified painslut grateful to her torturers for doing something like cutting off her tits while she focuses on the "ultimate" orgasm, despite obviously mind bending pain. Just a silly. And I thought it was the drugs that forced her to mindlessly achieve orgasm when cunt tortured-it's been weeks. However this maybe the fate you have planned for her and so be it. You are an excellent story teller and will make it compelling along the way and so I will read it. Please take your time and write delightful sexual tortures as you did in the first part. Personally I want her to suffer and regret everything- including being grateful to Mahdi who "took her life" while beheading her friend! Realistically an adult like Alisa would no doubt have already enjoyed many an orgasm and be deeply fearful of a death that would rob her of a lifetime of family, love, maybe even children. Hell if I was her I'd seek out the orgasm drug and take it the rest of my life without someone putting needles through my tits to cum. Since you know my art I am all about torturing a woman beyond all ability bear it while ending her- but she will not enjoy the trip nor want to repeat it if given a chance. You've made Alisa feel so real hence my trepidation's for the narrative. Funny how I've taken a personal interest in this well written tale. Enjoy writing you BTW. Thanks again,
I enjoy your response, it raises a lot of questions. I think about it a lot as well. For me the enjoyment of torture porn is not the enjoyment of the victim. Rape isn't rape if it's desired by the victim and though I find real life rape offensive and morally wrong, I do enjoy fantasizing about rape. In this fantasy the victim has to suffer and forcing her to 'enjoy' her fate, is just another layer of suffering. By making the victim into a character with some depth, her despair becomes more tangible. And yes, the things I put Alisa through are unrealistic - in real life she'd be a total mess, both physically and mentally and she propably would have died many times over already. But it wouldnt be the same for me to write this story about twelve women undergoing what she went through on her own. To me it's more intense if the same person suffers it all. And some of her trauma I put in the story - she's already a very disturbed person who forgot all about her previous life and reality. Her physical response to pain is by now also all wrong, as if her wires are crossed. No, she's not a painslut. But she is a complete adrenaline and dopamine junky by now. Sexual excitement helps her deal with the mental and physical pain. So she will avoid torture at all cost, but won't say no to sex. I also try to avoid making her a depressed suicidal woman, as that would be no fun to write about. Instead she somehow keeps hoping for salvation.
I realize that some things will keep coming back in my stories, as they have done so over the years. I get aroused from a good whipping scene, bondage in general, but also mindgames. As for the more brutal stuff, I enjoy fantasizing about forcing something into a woman's uterus and torturing her breasts. However, I do not enjoy amputation, so that's not a very likely element in my stories.
As for killing the victim, it's never happened in my stories before. I am hesitant about the victim dying. I had planned it for the first story of Alisa but as I got on with it, I felt the need for a surprise ending and I got too many ideas for a continuation of the story. This time I am planning for her demise, though I still have no idea yet how she will end. And also, I might have to write in some other women this time to practice killing them.


Thanks -very thoughtful response. I understand your motivation and the ground work for the story more. I will continue to enjoy. Glad your planning her demise of course as a fitting end but understand your limits in gore. I too love the idea of putting things inside a women and her tits and those highlights in your story have been very exciting and creative- and yes, realistic! I research my own torture scenarios and wondered about how much healing multiple through skewered tits would take-quite awhile. Same for C-section but your logic in using just one victim instead of 12 makes sense. Loved the whole bloated womb thing and sitting on that custom finial-very hot- along with the womb fuck. Great scene when the guys had to split her legs while she sat on womb. I did some research on womb expansion and reverse birth, very very painful..just the way I like it. Wrap for now- always a pleasure talking to you.
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