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Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

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I like the result of this story, which is a slow, calm narrative that seems to be preparing for the final eruption, waiting for the moment when the mystery is revealed



Chapter 11: First Questioning​

“My name is Farouq,” said the man while putting the photo back in the folder. “This here is Aziz and the man behind you is Karim. I am a prosecutor and these two gentlemen are agents.”
“Why am I here?” repeated Alisa with a weak voice after clearing her throat.
“We do not know yet why you are here, but I assume there is a reason, isn’t there?” His English was almost perfect, with only a little bit of an accent.
“Can I have some water please?” she asked. She had spotted the pitcher with water on the table with several glasses and she desperately wanted to wash the horrible taste of semen from her mouth. The water jet in the shower had been impossible to drink from.
“Of course,” said Farouq and he gestured at Karim to bring her a glass of water.
“In the meantime I would appreciate it if you sat down a bit more decent,” said Aziz. “I know you are naked, but can you at least keep your knees together and sit up straight. In such a slumped down position with your legs wide you look more like a prostitute.”

Alisa interrogated.jpg

Alisa blushed, both with shame and in anger. She had not spread her legs at all, but instead of protesting, she straightened herself as much as she could and put her knees tightly together. When she got the glass of water she drank eagerly from it and sloshed the water carefully around in her mouth to get rid of the nasty taste.

“First of all, congratulations on your recovery,” resumed Farouq. “We understand you were discovered in enemy territory in quite difficult circumstances. The doctors had to work hard to repair your body and bring you back to health. Which took a couple of weeks, right? Are you healthy again?”

Alisa had been recovering for a month from damages done to her in only five days. She felt how her wrists and feet were still throbbing, but not too painful and mostly from her ordeals today. She also felt a dull ache in her abdomen. But other than that she felt alright, just very tired. For a moment she hesitated. Maybe she should demand being taken back to the hospital? But she already knew the answer to that. So instead she nodded, she was in a way healthy. Healthy enough to go home, she thought silently.

The man looked at her body and though noticing the bandages around her wrists and feet, which were still wet and slightly stained, he wasn’t able to find any obvious damage. He nodded and was apparently satisfied as he continued speaking.

“From what they told me, you had quite severe injuries. Some of the injuries were rather peculiar though.” He waited once more and looked at her. She blinked slowly and bit her lower lip. She felt unsure if she wanted to discuss her ordeals, because little as she remembered it was all horrible enough.
“I read in your medical report you were with baby, which sadly didn’t survive.”
Alisa’s eyes went wide open and she blinked faster, as this was something she could not remember at all.
“I see your confusion,” said the man. “We dug around a little and it appears there was no baby at all. One of the medical staff told us about the strangest thing though. You appeared to be pregnant by the looks of it, but when they performed surgery on you, it turned out your womb was inflated with liquid. No baby. Just liquid.”
She shuddered as that was indeed something she remembered, though still only bits and pieces of it.
“Were you fucked by men?” Farouq continued. “By a lot of men even?”
She slowly nodded.
“Judging from the amount of semen in your womb, they told me it was really a lot of men, is that right?”
Again she nodded.
“How many men would you say? Dozens? A hundred maybe?”
Again she shuddered. She remembered the young men who fucked her while she was on the cross. In her mind came a number and she whispered “Twenty or so, multiple times… They raped me…”
“That remains to be seen,” said Aziz, “and judging by the amount of semen that they pumped out of your womb, the medic estimates if were at least three hundred men.”
Alisa gasped and started coughing, feeling queasy hearing that number. A memory came back to her, of bottles filled with semen. She remembered the pain of having been nailed to the cross with wrists and feet. And how they had inserted a tube into her cervix, pumping semen, which they had collected from prisoners, into her womb. They had made her look pregnant and she remembered the extreme pain of that torture. She had expected to die from it and almost did.

(See previous story: The ordeals of Alisa Foxen)

Farouq noticed her response, but he showed little empathy when he continued.
“They found you while you were nailed to a cross. The wounds on your wrists and feet testify to that and I see from your bandages that you are still healing from that. Can we see your wounds?”
Alisa shuddered but helped by Karim she removed the bandages from both wrists and her feet as well. For some reason she felt even more naked now, especially since all three men came over to her to inspect the wounds, while they talked about it in Arabic.
They sat down behind the desk again and Farouq asked: “Were you on that cross voluntarily?”
“No!” gasped Alisa. “Who would want that? I was convicted. They were going to put me to death by crucifixion. Islamic state… they falsely accused me….”
“What did they accuse you of?” asked Aziz.
Alisa was trembling. She licked her lips and started to stammer. “They said I… was a whore… they thought I was… turning their women… into whores…” She felt tears welling up in her eyes.
“Yes,” said Farouq, “They are quite barbaric. But I have never heard about crucifixion in Islamic State. Why would they do something so exceptional to you?”
“I don’t know,” she whispered.

“Was that the only thing they did to you?” asked Aziz.
She slowly shook her head.
“What else did they do?” continued Farouq, insisting to hear her story.
“They…” she started, with a lump in her throat, “they whipped me… in public.”
The men listened silently and looked at her naked body, probably to see if there were still traces of that, but she had healed enough not to display any clear signs of having been whipped. They then waited silently to hear if there was more.
“And they….,” she resumed with a whisper, “they hung me up and impaled me.”
“I see,” said Farouq. “how did they hang you? From your wrists? Like on a cross?”
She shook her head. “They hung me by the neck,” she said. “And my breasts.” She brushed a hand over her breasts, remembering how painful that had been.
“And you survived being hung from the neck? How ?” asked Aziz.
“They also,” she swallowed, “made me sit on … large poles. Not only hanging… not fully… well, only a short time…” She had trouble explaining it.
“Large poles? How? In your vagina?”
“And in my… anus…” she whispered and swallowed again, feeling dizzy just thinking about that ordeal. She also wondered how she could ever have survived that.
“Did it feel good?” asked Farouq then, causing her to gasp.
“Of course not!” she exclaimed. “it hurt, it hurt really bad.”
The men looked at each other.
“Why didn’t you run away?” asked Aziz.
“I could not…” she replied. “I was tied and they guarded me well…” There was also a bit of hesitation because she remembered how she had been given opportunity to run away and she had not taken it.
“We understand,” said Farouq. “And I think we’ve talked enough for now. We’ll see you again tomorrow. Take some rest now and I’ll let them give you some food.”
They got up and Karim called in the guards to take her away.


A quick question. What was the reason for the sperm to be cooled in her previous ordeal?
Temperature during the day was high, semen go bad easily if not cooled. Besides, this way she could really feel it going inside her body.


Yesterday my external harddrive stopped functioning and I was not able to repair it myself. Today I put some techboys to work on it and hopefully they will get it going again and grant me renewed access to everything I had already written and what I was working on. For now the story is sadly on hold.


Yesterday my external harddrive stopped functioning and I was not able to repair it myself. Today I put some techboys to work on it and hopefully they will get it going again and grant me renewed access to everything I had already written and what I was working on. For now the story is sadly on hold.
Bummer- hopefully it will be corrected soon. Good Luck


Sadly my external harddrive could not be saved so I lost everything I wrote for the past years. The chapters I already had written for this Alisa story will be easy to rewrite, it will just take a little bit of time. I'll start working on that this weekend.



Chapter 12: Encounters​

prison uniform.png

Alisa was given a prison uniform to wear, a pair of trousers and a shirt, all orange. She hated to put it on, but at least she was no longer naked. They also cuffed her, which was painful, even though they didn’t tighten the metal cuffs around her wrists. Next they brought her to the common area, where she was placed at a table at the far end. A tray with food was placed before her and then the guards left her alone. The other male inmates were hanging around at the other end of the room. They were talking amongst themselves, not paying much attention to her. All the men were clean shaved, but some had cuts and band aids on their chins, indicating they were not voluntarily shaven.

Alisa ate her food slowly and without tasting it. She listened to the conversations of the men. Some were speaking French, others Turkish and quite a few spoke Arabic. She had no idea what they were talking about, but she sensed they were all foreigners who had joined Islamic State at some point. There were eighteen of them, but just now two more entered. One of them walked past her, giving her a glance as if checking her out. The other stood behind her and when he spoke, her heart skipped a beat.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in,” he said and she recognized the voice. “I had expected you to die,” he said while sitting down at her table. Mahdi looked at her with a smile, his face beardless and riddled with cuts and scars. His left arm was in a cast and she noticed how he had limped when he walked around her.

“I can say the same of you,” she said softly, averting her eyes. She felt nauseous.

“I was lucky,” he said. “The attack was unforeseen and many of us died that day. But for some reason I was taken prisoner.”

“Why aren’t you in the overcrowded cells with the other assholes?” she asked.

“I wondered about that too,” he said while reaching out for her plate and taking a piece of bread of her meal and eating it. “All of us are foreigners here,” he added as explanation. “Maybe they want to take better care of us before sending us back home. If home wants us, that is.”

“I do not belong here,” she shook her head. “I am not one of you,” she added while looking at him with piercing eyes, as if he was responsible for locking her up here. Mahdi just smiled at her.

Suddenly the door opened and a young girl was dragging in between two guards. She was naked and struggling. Alisa gasped when she noticed how young and beautiful she was. The girl had blond hair, a slim figure, small pointy breasts and she spoke Scandinavian mixed with English. She was barely eighteen years old by the looks of it.

“What are they doing with her?” she asked Mahdi. She noticed how all the men in the room looked at the poor girl while she was dragged to the large free wall at the long side of the room. There were rings attached to the wall and the girl was pushed against the cold plaster, her arms outstretched above her and she was cuffed to the rings.

“Please, no, let me go!” she wailed. Her feet were pulled to the side to spread her legs and they were also cuffed to rings at the bottom of the wall. When done, the poor girl was tied in spread position, arms and legs wide, her breasts and stomach pressed against the wall. Alisa gasped again and started to get up when she saw one of the guards taking out a flogger.

“Don’t,” said Mahdi to her, indicating that Alisa should remain seated. “Just watch,” he added, “you don’t want to take her place.” She sat down again but cringed when the first stroke hit the poor girl. The guard lashed her back hard, several times, leaving bright red marks on the perfect skin of the girl. She cried out, screamed, twisted her body in vain, trembled all over and pulled desperately at the cuffs holding her in position. The flogger was made of a bundle of soft ropes with little knots, which hurt the girl visibly but didn’t break her skin.

Alisa had tears in her eyes while she watched the whipping take place. She glanced at the men, who were not doing anything to stop this. They watched and she noticed how some had a hand on their crotch, massaging their cocks. She felt nauseous again and wanted to jump up, hit those men in their faces, curse at them, scream and shout, anything… But she did nothing and remained seated, frozen in both disgust, anger and also fear.

The flogging continued, carefully lashing the girl from her shoulders, down to the waist and then on to her buttocks and the backside of her legs. Her entire backside was bright red and riddled with stripes when they were finally finished. The guard put the flogger away and stepped back.

“You have half an hour,” said the other guard to the men, who immediately approached the poor crying girl, moving up to her like predators. Alisa gasped and gagged when she saw the first one lowering his pants, taking out an erect cock and then grabbing the hips of the girl to pull her slightly back, making her more accessible. With a loud wail the girl was penetrated. The man started to fuck her with hard and fast thrusts. He soon came and ejaculated inside her, while being pulled away by another man who was no longer patiently waiting. As he stepped away his cock was still leaking thick globs of semen, which fell on the floor.

“Animals!” hissed Alisa. Mahdi shook his head in response. He had not joined the others yet. Not everybody was hurrying it seemed. But while the Scandinavian girl was fucked in her vagina and anus multiple times, the men one by one emptying themselves inside her, Mahdi got up as well.

“Those who don’t cum inside the girl are whipped themselves,” he said to Alisa, as if he was making an excuse for himself. Alisa gritted her teeth and clenched her fists as she saw her nemesis also taking position in the line up and soon he too fucked the girl.

One of the men was not able to achieve a true erection and no matter how he tried, he could not bring himself to fuck the blond girl properly. When the time was up, the guards released the girl from her position at the wall, after which the failing young man was undressed and put in her place and flogged most viciously on his entire back. He didn’t cry out, only grunted when a lash was particularly brutal. Fifty times they struck him, until he could hardly stand.

In the meantime the girl was on the floor, curled up and crying, semen leaking from her lower body. Alisa wanted to get up and help her, but she didn’t dare and remained frozen in place. Mahdi didn’t return to her table. The men resumed talking amongst each other while food was served by two other guards. The blond girl was eventually dragged away and brought back to her cell, after which Alisa was also taken to her cell.

The cell was clean. There was a fixed bunk and a toilet. There was also a washing table with simple care products, like a tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, a small towel, toilet paper and a wash cloth. The bunk was hard and not very comfortable but Alisa curled up on the bed and sobbed, the scene having brought back quite some strong memories and traumas. After a while she stopped crying though and she noticed an itching feeling between her legs. As she felt with her fingers, she was surprised to notice she was wet down there. She gently started to rub herself, brushing her fingers between her lips, spreading the juices around her clitoris and flicking the sensitive little knob. She groaned and gasped when she quickly reached an orgasm.

Several times that night did she wake up, feeling aroused and each time she masturbated without understanding why or how. The orgasms never lasted long and didn’t go deep. It felt more like release to her, a way to take her mind of horrors that kept haunting her.



Chapter 13: Questioning​

(part 1 of 2)

“What kind of pole was it? How big was it?” The questions had been going on for hours already and they kept coming back to details like this. Alisa was tired and she felt sick answering questions about the horrible events she had endured.

“I told you,” she sighed, “I don’t remember.”

“Stand up, point out to us, how high up was this pole?”

She hesitated but stood up, biting her lower lip as she tried to remember.

“They were different heights. The one they forced in my … anus… I mean, I think it was… this high.” She held her hand up over her head. The first pole had been as high as a large man. The second was much shorter.

“This high,” she said, holding her hand up to her middle, “was the second one… for my… vagina.”

Farouq nodded while Aziz was taking notes.

“How did you survive this again?”

“I told you, I was also hanging from a rope.” Alisa sighed and closed her eyes, only to open them again as she didn’t want to see the images her mind presented her.

“And how wide was it?”

Alisa shuddered as she thought back and holding her hands out in front of her, she estimated by pretending to put her hands around the wooden shaft.

“This wide I guess,” she said, holding her hands up forming a circle. Aziz got up and approached with a tape measure to take the size.

“That would be diameter of around 6 cm. Quite wide, I’d say.”

Farouq agreed and asked incredulous: “Are you quite sure?”

Alisa shrugged. She wasn’t sure but it was likely right. She sat down again and said: “Look, you have been asking me questions for hours now. But I’d really like to know why I am here? What do you want from me?”

“We want to know if you were collaborating with the Islamic State,” said Aziz.

“They tortured me!” she shouted, shifting to the front of her seat. Her hands held wide she cried out “They crucified me! How is that collaboration to you?!”

Farouq folded his hands and looked at her with a faint smile on his face. “You seemed to enjoy it all. From reports I hear, you had quite a few very intense orgasms. In public even, on full display! Maybe you were also paid for your … performance?”

Alisa screamed and was becoming so frustrated at this point, she didn’t even know what to say anymore.

“Do you deny experiencing pleasure during your so-called tortures?”

“Yes!” she cried out, “they made me do that!”

“Do what?”

“Experience pleasure! I did not enjoy it! It hurt!”

“You are contradicting yourself,” said Farouq. “But we are willing to listen and observe. Show us how you did not enjoy it, as you say.”

“What?” Alisa had a heated blush on her face and was about to shout some more, but the remark of the man caught her off guard. “How?” she added.

“Get up and undress,” said Aziz. Alisa blinked as she felt several emotions clash with each other. She still felt anger, but also fear, shame and something else, she could not identify right away. Her heart pounded in her throat as she slowly got up.

“What do you want of me?” she said softly while her fingers fiddles with the hem of her shirt.

“We need a demonstration,” said Farouq. “Undress, don’t keep us waiting.”

Karim moved up behind her and started to pull her shirt up, but Alisa pulled away from him.

“I can do it myself,” she said annoyed and she lifted up her shirt, revealing her bare chest to the men. They had already seen her naked the previous day of course, but Alisa blushed bright red when she dropped the shirt. Her breasts swayed when she moved and she knew the men watched her forms closely. She had cursed herself for being attractive before but even more so right now. Had she been unattractive, she would not be in this position, she thought. With gritted teeth she pulled down her trousers, revealing her broad hips, round buttocks and the patch of hair that distinguished her sex. When she was fully naked, they watched her silently for a few moments. She folded her arms under her breasts and tilted her head as if daring them, scolding them for finding her attractive. Farouq smiled at her.

“Do you feel excited?” he asked.

“No, why?” replied Alisa.

“Sit down and spread your legs for us,” he said. She slowly went back on the chair and spread her legs. It did not give a good view of her sex yet.

“Slide forward a bit while leaning back and spread your legs as wide as possible.”

Again she complied but she blushed while doing this.

“This doesn’t prove I am a whore,” she said softly, “You are telling me to do this.”

“Most whores are told what to do,” Aziz replied to her. She scoffed, but before she could reply, Farouq said: “Now bring your hands to your genitals and take your lips between your fingers and slowly spread your vulva wide open for us.”

She shivered when she complied, spreading her lips for them, showing them the pink of her slit.

“Now use your fingers to reveal your clitoris,” he added. She shivered as she used her index fingers to gently pull at her own flesh and pull the hood of her sensitive knob back a little. She bit her lips as she felt a tingling sensation inside her vagina. She was getting aroused by this shameful display of herself to the men. She hated that and she tried to hide it by looking straight ahead with an angry expression on her face.

Karim stood behind her and reaching around he put his hands on her breasts. She raised her hands to stop him, but Farouq told her to keep her pussy lips spread open and let Karim touch her. She shivered as she once more complied. Keeping herself spread open and in full view, she felt Karim’s hands on her breasts, gently caressing her, causing goose bumps on her arms and a shiver running down her spine. She held her breath when his fingers caressed her nipples, gently massaging her sensitive knobs.

“Amazing, isn’t it,” said Farouq when he noticed her rising excitement. “Two such little buttons, so sensitive, capable of bringing so much pleasure. And pain.”

She gasped when Karim pinched her nipples hard.

“Do you enjoy that pain?” asked Farouq. She shook her head and groaned when Karim squeezed her nipples even harder and started to twist her sensitive flesh. Her hands flew once more to her breasts when he pulled hard at her nipples and she tried to stop him.

“What’s the matter?” asked Farouq, “Don’t you like that?”

“No,” she said with contempt in her voice, “it hurts.” She rubbed her breasts now Karim had let go of her nipples. They tingled and she felt how her breasts were warmer from that treatment. Her nipples also felt more sensitive now.

“Pleasure yourself,” said Farouq. She shook her head but he insisted. With a blush she brought one hand down to her vulva and slowly moved a finger through her slit. Karim pushed her other hand down as well and resumed caressing her nipples. She groaned silently as this aroused her and with a sigh and a blush she started to rub her fingers around and over her clitoris.

“Keep going,” said Farouq while Karim once more pinched her nipples. She bit her lower lip as she kept fingering herself while the pinching became more insistent and painful. She gasped when Karim twisted her nipples and started to pull at her breasts.

“Keep fingering yourself,” insisted Farouq, “enjoy the pain.”

“I can’t” gasped Alisa, desperately trying to ignore the pain in her nipples. It killed her excitement and at some point she cried out and grabbed Karim’s hands to stop him torturing her breasts.

“Alright, let’s try something else,” said Farouq while getting up. Both he and Aziz came around the table and made her get up. After turning around they made her sit on the table. Karim took position behind her and her hands were cuffed behind her back. Then they made her lean back against Karim’s broad chest and spread her legs wide, after which her ankles were tied with ropes to the corners of the table. She shivered as she was delivered to the three men, spread wide open, at their mercy.

“Alright, let’s see how much you desire to be aroused and pleased sexually,” said Farouq while he put on blue latex gloves and lubricated his fingers.

“Please,” whimpered Alisa, filled with dread where this might go.

Farouq spread her lips with one hand and used the fingers of his other hand to gently massage around and over her clitoris. Alisa gasped as this felt very exciting. And when Karim started to massage her nipples, she grunted in a sudden overwhelming surge of lust.

“Do you want my fingers inside you?” asked Farouq while he kept gently masturbating her.

She looked at him and swallowed. If only she could resist the feeling, but it was too strong.

“Yes,” she stammered. He looked her in the eyes and asked “Yes what?”

“Y…yes, put your fingers inside of me… please.”

He nodded and pushed two fingers slowly inside her vagina, causing her to shudder and gasp. Another surge of lust went through her body and her stomach visibly trembled with excitement. Farouq curled his fingers inside her body, rubbing the sensitive spots inside her vagina, quickly getting her more aroused. Then he pulled his fingers back and out of her and started rubbing against her anus.

“Ask me to put my fingers into your anus,” he said. Alisa bit her lower lip and desperately wanted to say no, but she knew it would also excite her and she desperately wanted to feel more.

“Pl.. please,” she stammered softly, “put your finger inside my…. anus.”

He started pushing, first one finger and then quickly pushing a second into her anus. With a gasp she felt him penetrating her ass, which was slightly painful at first, but also exciting. And he was well lubricated so her sphincter allowed him to move his two fingers in and out of her anus as if he was fucking her. She gasped and shuddered, feeling her arousal getting higher still, almost to the point of an orgasm.

She was confused why this was all so exciting to her, while it was in fact embarrassing and frankly, she was being raped by strangers. How could that arouse her so much? Was she drugged again, she wondered? But no, it was more likely that her body was screwed up. A word came to mind: she felt derailed, or deranged even.



Chapter 13: Questioning

(part 2 of 2)

Farouq noticed how she started to tremble, her vulva leaking copiously with her own lubricant, clearly being so aroused she was on the verge of coming. He pulled his fingers out of her and stripped the glove from his hand. Alisa felt a shiver running down her spine when he lowered his pants and revealed a large erect cock, shining with his own precum. She hated this. It was revolting that he was going to rape her. And yet she felt extremely aroused. She wanted him inside her.

He held his cock aimed forward and rubbed the shiny crown through her slit, pressing it against her clitoris, making her shudder with excitement.

“Do you want it?” he asked. She nodded in return. He looked at Karim and gave him a signal. The man held something in front of Alisa and she frowned as she noticed what it was. It was a red plastic push pin. She shuddered when Karim pinched her left nipple with one hand and then brought the push pin closer to her nipple.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. The metal pointed pin was held close to her nipple.

“Tell him to push it in and I will fuck your pussy,” said Farouq. He kept slowly rubbing his penis against her slit, which still aroused her greatly. But she also squeezed tightly at the sight of the pin held to her nipple. She definitely didn’t want that sticking in her nipple. But she also desperately wanted to be fucked. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to resist her urges and suddenly she realized she was nodding.

“You want it?” asked Farouq, seeing her nod.

“Y… yes,” she stammered, without understanding what possessed her. She was blinking her tears away and gazed at the push pin held at her nipple. “Give it to me,” she added, averting her gaze and staring at Farouq’s cock instead. “Give it to me,” she repeated with a sob. Then she gasped and cried out when a sharp pain cleaved her breast when the pin was forcibly pushed into her nipple. It didn’t go in all the way on the first push and while she gasped in pain she watched as Karim manipulated her nipple some more, pushing the pin in several times and preventing her nipple to flex inward by squeezing it tight. There was blood and pain and after three pushes the entire metal pin finally stuck inside her nipple, which was now adorned with the plastic cap sticking to her nipple like a crown.

Alisa sobbed silently, trembling all over but then suddenly gasped out loud when the stiff penis pushed her pussy lips aside and slipped into her, spreading her vagina wide open and folding her sensitive flesh around the hard warm shaft. It felt absolutely amazing and gone was all the pain as her excitement spiked higher and higher with each thrust of the large cock inside her.

Only moments before she was coming, he stopped fucking her and while holding still, another pin was showed to her. Karim pinched her right nipple, holding the pin close to it, the sharp metal nail ready to torture her.

“Are you ready to come?” asked Farouq.

“Yes, yes please, make me come,” she gasped, squeezing her pussy tightly around his shaft.

“Beg us for the pin then,” said Farouq cruelly. Alisa wailed softly and blinked tears from her eyes as she stammered her immediate reply, feeling desperate at this point.

“Give me the pin,” she whispered, “please… stick it in me..” with more urgency in her voice.

Karim started to painfully work the pin into her right nipple while Farouq resumed fucking her. Pain and lust were battling inside her trembling body while she cried out and shook her head in despair. Six times the pin had to be pushed hard against her nipple before it penetrated her flesh deep enough to make the metal nail completely disappear. Farouq fucked her slowly, but with very deep thrusts, reaching as deep as he could all the way into the upper parts of her vagina. Alisa clutched herself around him, milking him, desperate to come and finish this ordeal. Karim in the meantime used his fingers to flick the push pins inside her nipples which both hurt but also increased her excitement.

Again they stopped right before she had her terribly desired orgasm and she wailed with frustration when he pulled out of her. He looked at her as if he was estimating her.

“I don’t know if you deserve to come,” he said, eliciting another cry of frustration from her. She was sweating by now, her body trembling, her vagina squeezing empty and wanting.

“Please,” she gasped, horrified at how she had been reduced to this and yet wanting more so bad.

Karim gave a push pin to Farouq, who held it up to her and then brought it to her vagina. Alisa drew in her breath and held it.

“In your clit, right?” he said cruelly, waiting for her reply. Alisa whimpered in despair, a high squealing sound.

“Fuck me?” she asked with a squeal.

“I’ll fuck you if you take this in your clitoris,” he replied. She started weeping, her body shaking, jerking at the ropes holding her. She closed her eyes, wishing this was over.

“Push it… in my… clit,” she whimpered. She felt his fingers spreading her wet lips, pulling away the hood, baring her sensitive swollen clitoris and then there was pain like she had never felt before. She screamed and her body tensed up completely when the metal pin started to pierce her clitoris. First it went in only a little bit but a second push got it deeper. Still not deep enough though and Farouq pushed three more times, twisting it in between, rotating it inside her sensitive little knob, until finally it got fully inserted in her flesh. Alisa was weeping, crying, sobbing and screaming during the procedure. Her excitement dropped enormously and she forgot why she had even asked for this torture as it was so completely counterproductive. But when Farouq pushed his penis against her anus, she drew in her breath and pushed against him, desiring him inside her body.

Farouq fucked her anally and though this felt exciting enough to counter some of the pain, it didn’t arouse her as much as being fucked vaginally. The flicking of the push pins in her nipples by Karim helped her excitement some, but the pain this caused dampened her lust at the same time. And Farouq sometimes pushed so deep he bumped against her, his lower stomach pushing against the pin stuck in her clitoris, which ached really bad. Alisa cried out and panted while she was being raped. Her orgasm was always near but never quite there and it frustrated the hell out of her, causing her to wail and beg for release.

When Farouq pulled his hard cock out of her anus, she looked at him with wide open teared up eyes and begged him to fuck her pussy. He aimed higher and rubbed his dirty and stained cock, that had just been digging in her rectum, through her slit, making her gasp and cry out and shudder with desperate longing. With a cry she then felt him pushing his penis into her vagina, deeper and deeper, until his pubic bone crushed against the tack stuck in her clitoris. It felt like a smooth sliding towards incredible lust, but ending in flaring pain. She gave a scream but her longing didn’t care about the pain anymore. She wanted it, more than ever.

Karim then lowered her backwards, letting her lie down flat on the table, her head hanging over the edge. From her upside down position she saw how he lowered his pants also and held an incredibly long penis in front of her face. She didn’t hesitate one moment and took him in her mouth. She sucked on him with an eagerness she had never displayed with anyone before. Karim then placed his hand on her breasts and started to roughly massage her, painfully pressing the tacks deep into her nipples, hurting her while at the same time exciting her.

Farouq and Karim started to fuck her with long and powerful thrusts. Alisa gasped and choked when the long penis pushed into her throat. She gave muffled wails and shuddered all over while she was suffering under the pain they inflicted on her but also excited by the sexual stimulation she received. Each time she got near to an orgasm, the pain pulled her away from it and she got more frustrated all the time. Especially when both men easily achieved their orgasms. Farouq erupted with force inside her vagina, while Karim filled her mouth and throat with thick globs of hot semen. Alisa choked and gasped, giving muffled cries in frustration as she kept being hurt by the tacks sticking in her sensitive areas.

“I’d say the result is inconclusive,” said Farouq while he pulled out of her and raised his pants.
“We need more experiments,” said Aziz.
“Maybe more extreme pain and discomfort,” added Karim.
“Please,” coughed Alisa, shaking from the ordeal, still horny as hell but also aching all over.
“Maybe next time you can come for us,” said Farouq while he slapped her swollen wet vulva, making sure he slapped the tack stuck in her clitoris as well, making her cry out in pain.

They released her, removed the tacks, dressed her and called in the guards to bring her back to her cell. The interrogation of this day was over.


She is not a painslut - pain in itself doesn't excite her. She is a dopamine and endorphine addict. She also suffers from PTSD - most of these situations make her respond as if she is about to die. It feels to her as if sex and orgasms are her only way out, or at least offer some relief.


Were there 3 men in the interrogation room?
Yes, Farouq, Karim and Aziz. The last one didn't participate in the rape, he just took notes and observed.



Chapter 14: Women​

“To them we are nothing but objects, toys to play with,” said the tall brunette, who was called Andrea and came from Germany. She appeared to be tough and angry. Alisa knew nothing about her yet, but she understood that angry feeling all too well.

Five women had come to her table that evening to join eating their meal. There had been no whipping or rape like the evening before. Alisa was relieved about that. The fact that she had been raped during her interrogation, was bad enough. Her nipples and crotch still ached and she kept silent mostly, playing with her food and listening to the others.

“They like to break toys,” said the short one. Her name was Carolina and she was from Portugal.

“We are women! We have rights!” said the Swedish blond, whose name was Annika. She was the twin sister of the girl they had whipped and raped the previous day. Her twin was called Kajsa and she sat with them silently, depressed, frightened.

“How are you feeling?” asked Alisa, not participating in the discussion the others held in soft tones. The blond girl looked up at her and smiled weakly.

“I feel better now,” Kajsa answered softly.

“Why did they… do that to you?” Alisa asked the question that had been burning in her mind the whole time.

“They do that to all of us,” said Andrea.

“You were also whipped and raped?” asked Alisa. The Swedish blond girl winced.

“Of course,” Andrea shrugged, almost as if she was already used to it.

“It was her first time,” said Carolina, who reached out for Kajsa, briefly touching her hand to try and offer some support.

“They pick a girl at random intervals, sometimes every other day, sometimes two at the same time.” The girl who answered was older than the others and called Charlotte. She was probably French, judging by her heavy accent.

“But why?” asked Annika.

“There’s no reason. Sometimes they whip our backside but sometimes frontside. Afterwards the men over there get a certain amount of time to rape us. Or other tasks to perform on us.” Andrea spoke angrily, but still soft enough so the guards didn’t hear her. Annika said she would be next, now her sister had been tormented. But the other women explained there was no system. They might even pick Kajsa a second time, explained Andrea, which made Charlotte kick her under the table. The young girl broke into tears. Annika tried to comfort her.

Alisa watched it in silence and listened when moments later they shared how they ended up in here. Apparently the twins had been on a tour as bikini models for some fashion magazine and as they were taking pictures at the ruins in palmyra, they were arrested for public indecency. They all agreed this was absolutely absurd, but also felt the twins had been incredibly gullible to let the photographer bring them to such a perilous place. What ever happened to that idiot, nobody knew, but they doubted it had ended well for him.

twins.jpgThe twins were arrested for public indecency...

Andrea introduced herself as an international activist. She had been participating in several protest marches against the government some time ago, during which she was arrested. She was in here the longest of the group. She also explained there were more than five girls here. Some girls, according to Andrea, never left their cells, but sometimes they appeared when it was their turn to be broken as toys.

Carolina was a teacher who had volunteered for an international program to stimulate education for girls. She had never protested against the government, but still she had been arrested. She kept trying to get a message to the consulate, hoping for rescue that way. But Charlotte scoffed at her. With her French accent she explained how she was of the French embassy and how one day she had been kidnapped by a bunch of thugs. They had asked for ransom but it was never given. Charlotte had been raped every day for two weeks, until they had tied her up naked and left her in a public market. There she had gotten arrested and brought here. The embassy never sent help.

Alisa realised from their stories that rescue was not going to happen. But it was very unclear what happened to the women that were here. She didn’t ask though, perhaps because she was afraid to know.

Of course they wanted to learn her story as well and she gave it, but left out most of the gruesome details. She only told them how she was a journalist, how she got arrested by terrorists, raped and tortured and how they tried to put her to death, but how an attack of government troops had saved her in time.

“And now they are holding me here, because they think I was working with Islamic State,” she finished her story. The others recognized the injustice of it as they were all held here for unjust reasons. There were more angry outbursts, but Alisa didn’t join in. Instead she glanced at the men at the other end of the room. She felt like they were all inside a large cage for breeding purposes or something. The men over there were not their torturers, but breeding stallions.

Alisa sighed as she felt her crotch tingle. She was still horny from the interrogation and she would not mind having sex right now. But she would really appreciate loving and caring sex and suddenly she had the image of Charles in her mind. They only had sex in a rape situation, him being forced to abuse her. They both had regretted not having made love together when they had the chance, before they were caught. She felt sad he was dead.

Carolina noticed her sadness and took her hand, squeezing it gently and giving her a smile.

“Be careful with that,” said Andrea. She spoke softly behind her hand. Carolina pulled her hand away but Alisa took it again and said defiantly “What’s wrong with comforting each other? We’re all scared and in pain.”

Andrea looked back at her and said: “As long as they don’t think you’re a lesbian. They execute lesbians and gays.”

Alisa blinked. “We are only holding hands.” But Carolina pulled her hand back now a second time.

“My advice is,” said Andrea, “don’t touch at all. The last woman who was accused of being a lesbian, was taken out to the courtyard and they cut off her tits and stabbed a knife in her cunt til she was dead.”

“Merde,” said Charlotte, not so much for what Andrea said but because she had not at all taken into account what this would do the twins, who were both breaking into tears.

“Just do as you’re told,” said Andrea, in an attempt to calm them down a bit, “don’t provoke them and don’t think about it too much. Look at me, I’ve survived here for weeks already.”

Somehow that didn’t comfort any of them.



Chapter 15: Impaling exercises​

(part 1 or 3)

Alisa felt very despondent when they took her to the courtyard the next day. She had expected to be taken for another interrogation, but instead the two guards took her into the dreaded courtyard. She remembered crossing it when she was brought here and she knew this was where the gallows were. Hearing what Andrea had said the previous day, she felt her heart drop when she was taken to exactly this place of execution.

“No, no!” she cried out, pulling herself back. In her mind she screamed they had only been holding hands for a bit! The guards pushed her forward, but her legs gave out and she stumbled. The men then took her by the arms between them and carried her to one of the gallows at the side of the square. Three men were waiting for them, the three that had been interrogating her twice so far. Alisa whimpered and choked when she saw the rope dangling down from the gallows and the massive pole under it. Her heart dropped and she almost vomited as she remembered another similar setup.

They lifted and carried her up on the platform. It was large enough up here for all to stand.

“Brings back memories?” asked Farouq, gesturing at the pole under the dangling noose. She averted her face and closed her eyes while she nodded.

“Did we get it right?” he added and he put a hand to her chin to make her look at the setup. “Is the pole the right width?” She shivered as he made her watch and seeing the wooden pole with the tapered top and wide shaft, she felt tears filling her eyes. She slowly nodded. It was at least the same width, maybe even a little wider, but that was hard to tell. She noticed there was a band of rope around it, which was different. It reminded her a bit of a cat scratch pole. She had no idea why it was there.

“Undress,” said Farouq while he gestured at the guards to take her hand cuffs off her. She gasped and cringed and shook her head, trying to step back but finding her way blocked.

“Please no,” she cried out, “don’t do this to me!”

“We’re not going to do this to you, you are going to do this yourself.” Farouq then gestured at the guards to help her undress.

“Bastards!” she cried out when the guards took her cuffs off and started to pull her shirt over her head.

“Nooo,” she screamed, unable to fight them off. Soon she was naked, after which they pushed her towards the pole and let go of her.

“Here,” said Farouq, “I’m sure you need to grease up the pole first.” He held a jar of lubricant out to her. But she shook her head, holding her arms around herself, barely able to stand. In her mind she heard the crowd jeering at her, as if she was back in the place execution on that square with Mahdi and his executioner. She almost expected Charles and William nearby, tied to poles or something. But the prison yard was abandoned and quiet. Only Farouq, Aziz, Karim and the two guards were with her, standing around her, blocking every path of escape.

Alisa was shaking as she realized what they wanted. To convince them that she was no prostitute and that she had not worked for Islamic State, she needed to demonstrate how much torture this had been. That she derived no pleasure from it. That it almost killed her and possibly would kill her now. In order to convince them of her innocence, she had to kill herself.

She took the jar with trembling hands and seeing it was already open, she scooped a hand full of lubricant out of the jar to apply it to the wooden post that reached as high as her hips. She trembled as she touched the hard wooden top, which was rounded and blunt, almost 3 cm wide. The wood felt rough and dry and was warm from the sunlight. As she slowly moved her hand over it to smear the lube on the wood, the surface became a lot smoother but she felt it was not polished and there were cracks in the wood. She felt tears running down her cheeks as she imagined how much pain it would bring her to sit down on this massive instrument of torture.

Alisa scooped a second hand of lube out of the jar before Farouq took it back. She closed one hand around the tapered top and her other hand she placed under it, using both to rub the grease all over the wood. The pole was too wide to make her lower hand close around it. And just below her hand was the strip of hemp rope wrapped around the pole, which made the shaft even wider there. She now assumed that was there to prevent the pole from fully impaling her, leaving the top of the pole as intended to fit inside her. Which was still a massive length and she shuddered while she smeared the lubricant in thick layers around the wooden top that was not covered with rope.

Alisa pole.png

“Ready,” said Farouq. He had stepped back and after closing the jar he had put it away. Karim now stepped closer to her and taking her by the shoulders, he pushed her closer to the pole, positioning her under the noose. Alisa was shaking and her knees were buckling when he reached for the noose and slung it over her head and around her neck.

“We don’t have a fancy collar like you described so we won’t let you freely hang by the neck. However, the slipknot will choke you once you apply more weight to it so it will bring you pleasure enough we assume.” Aziz was explaining this in a dry tone while he held a pad to take notes and write things down. He didn’t wait for any response from her and continued.

“It is best to sit down on the pole before we open the trap door,” he said. Alisa looked down at her feet and noticed how she was standing on two wooden panels with a crack in the middle and a hole in the centre where the pole disappeared below. She understood how the wooden panels could fall away, leaving her hanging above the ground, which was two meters below. Without a pole she would be hanged and her neck would snap. But sitting on the pole all her weight would be on the tapered top of it. Only when she got further impaled would the noose tighten around her neck. She wrapped her arms around herself and bit her lip while she felt dizzy and almost fainted. Karim held her up though, so she didn’t topple. He lifted her up a little, until she was up on her toes and then pushed her forward, until her vulva slipped over the top of the pole. She shuddered when she felt her crotch press against the wooden rounded top, which immediately pushed against her vulva and pressed her lips slightly inward. But Karim moved her further, making her slide off the pole until it came to rest between her buttocks against her anus.

“We think it will warm you up more slowly if you take it in your anus first,” said Farouq. “We don’t want you to come right away,” he added, causing Alisa to scoff, but also feel like fainting. She felt a shiver running down her spine and more tears ran down her cheeks. The rounded top of the pole pressed painfully against her anus. She whimpered when Karim stopped lifting her up and she had to balance herself on her toes. This caused her to put more pressure on her anus, which spread slightly open for the wooden tip. She uttered a panicked grunt as she immediately felt how hard and merciless the pole was and how wide it already started to spread her anus when he put some more weight on it. Her hands were still free and she felt beneath her with one hand, feeling how the pole was pushing against her ass. The other hand went to the rope around her neck and she felt how the knot was pulled tight at the back so she could not lift the noose from her neck. Looking above her these aw the rope dangling, having some slack so she would not be strangled right away. The setup was pure torture and not aimed to kill her, but to hurt and possibly damage her. Because she could not imagine how it would not damage her butt to take such a massive pole inside her, even though she had endured something similar before.

“Wiggle your hips a bit,” said Farouq, “then you can take it in more easily.”

“We won’t drop the hatch until your feet are flat on the planks,” added Aziz. He made it sound like she was impatient for the hatch to drop. She looked at him and saw him writing something down. Karim was on her other side and he held his hand on a large lever, ready to drop the trap door below her. She felt sick.

“I can’t hold my balance,” she groaned with a hoarse voice, one hand reaching around her for anything to hold on to. She felt she would die after all if she fell off the pole. Something she was even considering as it was at least a way out for her. But she also knew she would not have the courage. She loved life far too much.

“The rope around your neck will give you something to balance yourself. Take the tapered part of the pole inside you and you’ll see.” Aziz didn’t even look at her while he explained this.



Chapter 15: Impaling exercises

(part 2 of 3)

Alisa wailed as she tried to sit on the pole. The more weight she put on it, the more the pole stretched her open, causing a terrible ache in her anal sphincter. The very tip of the pole was as wide as a penis, but only a little bit lower it already pushed twice that wide into her tight passage. And her weight forced her to stretch even further. The lubricant did not give her enough friction to stop her descent. Only if her sphincter held and stopped stretching wider, would her weight hold on the pole. And it didn’t, she kept stretching wider, even when it really hurt like hell.

With a final gasp she felt her heels touch the floor she was standing on and on flat feet she had reached an insertion that brought her just above the widest part of the pole. At the same time she felt the rope around her neck tightening. Not enough to cut off her breath, but she felt the rope above her straightening, just enough to make it harder to swallow.

“Looks like you’re in position. Have fun,” said Farouq and before she could protest, she felt the floor under her feet fall away. All her weight now pushed down on the pole in her anus, causing an excruciating pain as her sphincter got forced to spread even wider, instantly folding around the widest part of the pole. Her legs kicked, her feet desperately sought for some foothold and she folded her knees while pushing her feet against the pole, using her toes to try and grab on, stop her descent. It didn’t work well, but it was enough to help her sphincter to carry her weight. At the same time she felt the stronger pulling at her neck, the rope tightening further, making breathing a little harder. She was panting hard and shuddering all over as she tried to find her footing, regain her balance, teetering as she was on the top of the large pole. The wood had penetrated her deep enough to prevent her from toppling over. Besides, the rope around her neck now also held her upright, just as Farouq had predicted. Her arms however flailed, almost like a tightrope walker. Her hands were fluttering as if she tried to learn the fine art of flying. But she felt like a pinned butterfly and flight was impossible anyways.

With despair she felt how the pole drove a little deeper into her rectum, which was a horrendous and most painful sensation. She tried to catch her descent by raising her legs and try to put her feet on the edge of the hole in the platform, but they pushed her feet off the planks and back into the hole, making it impossible to climb out of her ordeal. Instead she now used her feet against the pole again and at the same time she reached for the rope with her hands to see if she could pull herself up and avoid being choked further. With great difficulty she pushed and pulled herself up a little, but her anus was so tightly stretched around the pole, it didn’t slip off immediately and instead bulged outward at first. And when she finally managed to get her anus to slide upward around the pole, she lost her footing and fell down again, causing her weight to bash herself even deeper on the pole. She cried and gasped and hollered in pain.

“That’s it,” commented Farouq, “use your feet to move your body up and down on the pole. I bet it feels great to fuck the pole in your tight ass, right?”

A second time did she try to raise her feet out of the hole, but again they prevented her to find any footing that way. Instead she once more put her feet against the pole and tried to lift herself that way. She managed to do that and since her anus had stretched wide enough, she now slipped up with more ease, though nowhere near lifting herself off the pole completely. And again her feet slipped on the rough wood, making her sink down on the pole. She screamed when she felt the pole slipping even deeper into her rectum, up to the first bend to her colon. The rope now also tightened considerably around her neck, making it very hard to breath. She panicked and with a low grunt she pushed herself up a third time, learning how to be most effective with her feet and her hands on the rope and discovering how it was only getting harder. Her feet were still injured from her previous ordeals and they hurt. But she ignored that as her ass was aching so much more and the choking rope was so frightening, she feared for her life.

Three more times she managed to lift herself up a little, but each time she slipped she felt herself sinking lower, the pole driving up deeper into her ass, passing the bend and pushing painfully deep into her colon. The final time she sank down to the ropes and her anus held there, the friction and width of the hemp ropes being enough to carry her weight. By this time she was spent and her feet kept slipping so she could not lift herself again. The rope around her throat was tightened so much, she could hardly breath and the pain of the constriction around her neck was awful. She felt dizzy and it felt like she was going to die most horribly.

Through her haze of pain and despair she felt hands on her breasts, painfully squeezing her flesh. She wanted to cry out but she was choking too hard. She wanted to use her hands to push them away from her aching breasts, but she kept her own hands on the rope above her to try and ease the choking noose a little. With dizzying pain she felt how they pulled at her breasts and made her turn around, slowly rotating her ass on the pole until she was facing the men on the platform.

After they had turned her around and they had released her breasts, she felt how they lifted her legs and spread her thighs. Alisa gagged and choked while she fought them in vain while they lifted her legs sideways, spreading her wide open. The pressure of the pole inside her, pushing against her womb and inner organs, caused her to lose control of her bladder and she started urinating. Farouq put his hand on her crotch.

“There, already coming like crazy, aren’t you?” he said, listening to her grunts and groaning and watching the convulsions of her body. Alisa wanted to scream, tell them she was not coming at all, but she had hardly enough breath to stay conscious. She felt how the fingers of the man pushed into her vulva and started digging into her vagina, using her urine as lubricant. The urine also splattered down the pole, wetting the ropes that her anus rested on. With a cry of despair she felt Farouq using his fingers to rub her tight vagina, stimulating her G-spot and also using his thumb to rub her clitoris. It did excite her, strange enough, as if her body used the stimulation to counter the incredible pain she was experiencing and which was impossible to deal with.

Without her noticing it, Karim put a plank over the hole which Farouq could stand on. She also didn’t notice how Farouq opened his pants and took out a large erect cock. She could not see that because of the tears filling her eyes. Only when she felt how he pulled his hand back and pressed his penis against her vulva, did she understand what he was doing. With a low grunt she felt the penis pushing into her vagina. Farouq reached around her with his hands and squeezed her buttocks. Aziz and Karim still held her legs wide and spread to the side while Farouq now started to fuck her.

“Damn you’re tight now,” he said. Her vagina was of course pushed shut by the massive pole inside her rectum. Despite that he started to fuck her with hard and deep thrust, causing her to gasp and grunt. Her body started to move up and down with each thrust, making her anus bounce on the massive pole.

“Let’s bring you to another orgasm,” Farouq panted. Alisa was amazed how they kept interpreting her cries of pain as a sign of experienced lust. That was so degrading and made her feel even more desperate.

Farouq not only thrust his penis deep into her, he also used his hands to move her up and down, forcing her anus to move on the pole and press down on the ropes each time she bounced downward. Slowly her anus started to stretch a little wider, folding itself around the rope. This not only caused enormous pain in her anus, it also forced the pole even deeper into her colon. And the rope around her neck tightened even further, taking her breath away.

Seeing how her eyes started bulging and her face was not only red and wet with tears but she now also started to look blue in her face, Aziz loosened the rope a little to allow her to breath and also allow her body to sink even lower.

Farouq rammed his erect cock into her tight vagina and he could no longer contain himself. With low grunts he started coming and sprayed his hot semen into her. Alisa was struggling, convulsing and shaking all over while she was still bouncing up and down on the massive pole in her anus while the man came inside her vagina. The rope around her neck still prevented her from speaking or even crying out loud and she could only utter low guttural grunts to display her agony and fear. But just when she felt she might die, Farouq pulled back out of her and as he stepped back from the woman in her ordeal, he gestured at the others to release her legs.

Alisa hung by the rope around her neck, stuck on the huge pole that was deeply embedded in her bowels. Her body was shaking and jerking, her belly visibly twitching and cramping. She was amazed at how much her body could take. The pain in her anus and abdomen was incredible. Her neck also ached terribly from the rope that pulled her upright while being stuck on the huge pole. She could barely breath. With tears in her eyes she gazed through a haze at the three men standing around her, as if they were waiting for something. Somebody took her hands, which she had hanging beside her body now, no longer having the strength to even reach for the rope above her head. Her hands got brought forward to her crotch. She felt how they pushed her fingers to her open vulva and how her fingertips got pressed against her clitoris. They moved her fingers around and over her clitoris while the fingers of her other hand were pressed against her lips and manipulated to pull her slit wider open. She shuddered as she felt herself getting excited. From somewhere far away her mind wondered how that was possible. But she noticed how she wanted it as well. It felt like relief, like something she could live for. Her fingers twitched and she took over, started to masturbate by herself. As they let go of her hands, she continued rubbing herself, quickly bringing herself higher and higher. She felt how her slit was slippery, slimy even and she realized it was semen dripping out of her. She rubbed the semen through her slit and around her clitoris. The waves of lust took over from the terrible pain and she felt the world spinning as she slowly rose beyond the situation, waves of lust running through her body. In her orgasm she didn’t have enough air, her body convulsed with the final bit of energy she had left and finally she passed out and fell limp.
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