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Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

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I guess the skewer was cooled that went through her tit's because it had already been applied to her thigh. It's all just the fun of academic torture. Love the detail of torture. Your so right about brands- that is how they brand humans-painful as Hell but not really pulling up too much dermis.

Maybe I didn't write it clear enough, but the idea was that she got first burned by a hot iron on her thigh and after putting that iron back in the fire, he got a cold skewer, like the ones used with barbecues, to skewer both her nipples.

I wonder if they will be abused more on the stage because I love the callous nature of staged bitches being tortured for entertainment.

That's also a setup I enjoy, public humiliation and suffering.


Doragon here is an interesting way to pull out a uterus/womb I got from Dr Wynter on this site. Might be useful too. I sure think it has value.

Okay, so for this project, you'll need a rare earth magnet 1" in diameter and 1/4" thick..this has a power of about 65 lbs. On the
south side of it, you'll glue a .80 inch disc of fine grit sandpaper.

You'll also need another rare earth magnet 7/8" in diameter and 1/32" thick...this will have a force of about 20 lbs. The North face of
this one will be glued to the inside of an endcap of an aluminum bodied C cell maglite, with the steel spring removed from the endcap.
End cap gets screwed back onto the C cell maglite. Light head of this one can remain on.

Another maglite is needed, this one a D cell, steel sping in endcap removed and endcap replaced, and light head removed.

So those are all the tools needed.
You then dilate the cunt's cervix a bit with a finger or whatever. Then insert the 1" magnet up her cervix as far as possible..try to
get it at least an inch up the uterine canal...you'll get a Hell of a reaction from Miss Victim, but it's nothing to what's coming. Now
stuff the cunt with the D cell maglite, endcap first. it's important to try and get the endcap resting against the cervix, so work the
angles and don't just go for depth.
Missy's about to get a surprise...insert the C cell maglite, endcap first through the open light head end of the D cell that's in
her cunt..one black aluminum tube sliding smoothly into a slightly larger black aluminum tube that's deep in a pussy.. Now the magnets
do their work, the south side of the 65 lb. magnet up her uterine canal will flip to face the north side of the 20 lb. magnet and her cervix and the front
of her uterine canal will be held in an 85 lb. pinch.. crushing but not rupturing the tissue. Her cervix is essentially welded to the
end of the D cell maglite. Enjoy the screams for a bit, then start tugging. Lightly at first, with a bit of side to side and up and
down action. There are various ligaments, but mostly, you're trying to stretch the broad ligament which holds the womb in place and
runs side to side and you're hoping to pop the utrosacral ligament which holds it from the back..this is the most important one to
damage either by tearing or stretching..as these things go, it's fairly delicate and shouldn't give too much trouble.
With patience, you'll be able to get her babybag protruding from the front of the pussy by 2 to 4, maybe even 5 inches. Now, here's why you used 2
maglites..While you hold the D cell with all your strength, have a friend, neighbor or the pizza delivery boy pull out the C cell
maglite from inside it. It's 85 pounds of force, but the instant you break contact, the force drops radically. You could probably
manage it by yourself, really.
Now you've got her most intimate and sensitive part dangling out there for you to squeeze, finger, burn or bite. Another awesome thing
about this procedure is that it yanks and traumatizes her ovaries pretty intensely. Her version of being kicked in the nuts, repeatedly.



Chapter 22: More suffering​

The cruel men were not done yet and things were going to get a whole lot worse. They were no longer waiting patiently to see what the others were doing, they all wanted to continue their torture session with much enthusiasm. Only during short breaks were the women able to see what the screaming of the others was all about.

Charlotte had one of her legs raised up by means of rope which was attached to the top of the pole. She now balanced on one leg and with her other leg pulled up high, which was only possible because she was quite athletic, her crotch became fully available. Not for sex, but for flogging. And the Arab took the flogger himself this time, striking her in sets of four lashes, then allowing her to catch her breath, before striking another set of lashes on her labia and buttocks. Soon her crotch was bright red with welts and even drops of blood oozing from various cuts. Charlotte fainted twice and each time the Arab waited for her to come around, only to repeat striking her without mercy or even a word. And just when she thought she could take no more, he stopped but gave his servant the order to fuck her. The servant however had the biggest cock Charlotte had ever seen and his erection was so strong, his cock didn’t bend in the slightest when he started to pump it deep into her aching vagina. His master then also showed his cock, which was even bigger than his servant’s, which he then used between Charlotte’s buttocks, penetrating her anus most viciously and fucking her in both orifices together with his servant. The girl howled and cried, because the penises of the two men didn’t quite go in as deep as they would when only one of them had fucked her, their positions making full penetration impossible, but being raped simultaneously in vagina and anus, was painful and horrible enough to scream. And still they were not done, because when they both erupted and pumped their semen into her body, they pulled out and each started to push fingers in her orifices. The Arab tried to work his whole hand into her vagina, while the servant tried to fist her anus. Which they took a long time to accomplish and by the time they managed to stuff their hands inside her body, she was bleeding and hurting so bad, she fainted once more.

Andrea was also suffering in many ways. The man who had put her on the wooden horse, put weights on her legs to pull her down even more viciously. Then he also placed straps around her legs with electrodes attached to them. When the electrical devices were activated, they made her legs jerk rhythmically, causing her to involuntarily push her crotch against the sharp edge of the wooden horse. Andrea was cursing, but because of her gag it didn’t come out as articulated or loud as she would have liked. Seeing how she still was not broken, the man next started to flog her back with a cat of nine tails, striping her backside with red welts and bleeding cuts, which added a lot to her pain and also caused her body to shake and jerk violently while pressing her crotch even harder down on the sharp edge. But still Andrea didn’t stop cursing and trying to spit in his direction. Only when he took a cattle prod and started to shock her tits, did he manage in making her give in to the terrible pain and she succumbed to the agony by grunting, groaning and finally even fainting.

The Texan apparently had what he came for and now all he wanted was to get off, for which purpose he intended to abuse Carolina’s mouth and throat. He told her he was going to burn her other tit off if she didn’t suck him well and then fucked her brutally for twenty minutes, pushing his large erection deep into her throat, cutting off her air supply, hurting her throat by brutally stabbing into her mouth and finally releasing himself into her gullet. After he came, he pissed all over her, especially on her tits. Carolina wept in utter misery and humiliation and slumped down in her bondage position. The man then lost all interest in her and went over to the twins to observe how they were doing.

The girls were both once more assaulted by the dogs, this time in their mouths, after they had stuffed them with ring gags. The dogs could not enter their knots into the screaming mouths of the girls, but their cocks were still long enough to reach down in their throats, causing their necks to bulge when the dogs pummelled them with fast and hard thrusts. When the dogs came, both got pumped full of dog semen and there was so much of it, it flowed out of their noses and caused them both to choke violently.

In the meantime Alisa had been turned upside down on the wheel and the French man whipped her viciously on her crotch with his knotted flogger, until her inner thighs and vulva were riddled with red welts and bleeding cuts. Then he pushed his erect penis into her mouth and made her suck him while still in upside down position. He fucked her mouth brutally, regularly taking her breath away. And then forced her to swallow his semen, which was really hard to do while being upside down and it flowed as much out of her nose as she managed to swallow. When he was finally done, she had been reduced to a weeping mess, just like the others.

When the men were finally done, they went back to their seats, while the girls were all released from their bondage. But the show was not over and the male prisoners were now brought in, forced to strip and then take on the girls on stage, fucking them in every way thinkable. Since there were only six girls and there were eighteen guys, each girl had three rapists with her all the time. They also switched as some wanted to taste as many girls as they could. While other had a clear preference. To Alisa’s horror it was Mahdi who chose to stick with her and he was more than willing to rape her.

“Funny how we keep meeting like this,” he said, while the two other men that were with them held her arms because she had immediately tried to scratch Mahdi’s eyes out.

“If you fuck me, you die,” hissed Alisa back at him, hating him with a vengeance.

“That’s what I like about you,” he replied and started to fight her to get himself between her legs. “You always choose the path of most resistance. I am actually just like that.”

He didn’t push his cock into her vagina, but between her buttocks and painfully raped her anus. Alisa fought with all she had, but he kept raping her ass until he came and by then she was reduced to a sobbing heap, finally spent and overcome with pain and grief. The other men could then also join in with the rape and soon she was taken in vagina, ass and mouth at the same time. They did a trip around the world, as they called it, switching positions all the time and taking her in all three holes. Of course she tried to bite Mahdi’s penis, but at his request she got a ring gag in her mouth so he could rape his filthy cock inside her mouth and throat without her being able to do anything about it. The humiliation of that was finally too much and the last little bit of resistance she had still felt, was also broken down, reducing her to an almost limp piece of meat they could fuck as long and hard as they could.

With the other girls it didn’t go any better and all of them were hardly conscious when the mass rape was finally over. The investors were finally satisfied and everybody could be taken back to their cells, though some girls, like the twins, had to be brought to the infirmary for checks, bandaging and even stitching.


Okay, this chapter wasn't as inspiring as it should be. I felt it was hard to write well. Not only because of the complexity of torturing six women at the same time, but also because I was inspired for the following chapter, which is much weirder. I am sorry, but I am fond of weird and when something hits me in the right spot and the creative juices get flowing, I can work for hours on it, while other things get left lying around until I force myself to finish it. Chapter 23 is going to be really crazy, I promise. ;)


Okay, this chapter wasn't as inspiring as it should be. I felt it was hard to write well. Not only because of the complexity of torturing six women at the same time, but also because I was inspired for the following chapter, which is much weirder. I am sorry, but I am fond of weird and when something hits me in the right spot and the creative juices get flowing, I can work for hours on it, while other things get left lying around until I force myself to finish it. Chapter 23 is going to be really crazy, I promise. ;)
This was fine. Enjoyed it and thought is was an appropriate addition to the girls suffering. Love the stage thing. Looking forward to weird but lets hope it's not too much like Puppies yanking tits-LOL. All good my friend story still rocking along with hard suffering and great writing. And hope it get you off too because isn't that the point of creating.


This was fine. Enjoyed it and thought is was an appropriate addition to the girls suffering. Love the stage thing. Looking forward to weird but lets hope it's not too much like Puppies yanking tits-LOL. All good my friend story still rocking along with hard suffering and great writing. And hope it get you off too because isn't that the point of creating.
You think puppies yanking at tits was weird? Wait til you read the next chapter. But I think you'll like it. :p


And let me add Mahdi should still die with a hot poker up his ass. He killed Charles in cold bold and any quirky personality traits won't buy him a pardom.


And let me add Mahdi should still die with a hot poker up his ass. He killed Charles in cold bold and any quirky personality traits won't buy him a pardom.
This is a panel I am coincidentally working on and thought it would fit in nicely for this latest chapter of The Further Ordeals of Alisa Foxen.


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Chapter 23: Letters and presents​

(Part 1 of 3)

Alisa slept a lot, alone in her cell. For two days she saw nobody, except for a guard bringing her food and drinks. She healed well, but she felt despondent, depressed even and she didn’t want to eat. But the food they brought her was so well made and smelled so good, she could not resist and eating made her feel better. She realized the people that held her here, were smart. By feeding depressed and suffering people well, they strengthened the will to survive, simply by stimulating the senses. But in Alisa’s case this worked only partially. She had suffered so much already, she no longer saw a way out. She didn’t trust anybody anymore and she had become convinced her life was over anyways.

After two days, there was a big surprise when the guards came to her cell with some metal contraption and two packages. They said nothing, explained nothing, just put the contraption down and left the packages with her. Once alone she looked at it all with hesitation. Then she got up from her bed and inspected the contraption first. It was a metal bar on a big metal plate, with a metal dildo on top. It was clear that it was supposed to be something to take inside herself while standing on the plate and since the rod with the dildo could be lifted and locked in a higher position, she could imagine how this would be something that was impossible to get off. She checked it up close and shivered when she noticed how large the metal dildo was. It was something she could take, she knew that, but it would stretched her wide and push really deep as well.

Alisa 1bar prison.png

What Alisa couldn’t imagine though, is why they put it in her cell without any explanation. It wasn’t like she would put herself on this contraption out of free will, right?

Next she turned to the packages and seeing the postmarks and stamps, she realized they were from home. Home, that was so long ago, in her mind, she had even forgotten about it. She still had family and friends back home! And for a moment she wept, hugging the two packages without opening them, because it was better to dream about the contents, than to suffer disappointment.

After an hour or so, she finally found the courage to open the packages. And she was shocked to discover that they were sent by her parents. The small package was from her mother, the larger package from her father. Both had handwritten letters inside. It was so weird, she could not comprehend what was going on here. How did her parents even know where she was? And why send her handwritten letters? People wrote emails or computer written letters these days. Even her parents were well adjusted in that sense.

With nervous fingers she opened the letter from her mother first. She recognized the well rounded and carefully written words. Her mother clearly had taken her time to write this.

“My dearest daughter,” wrote her mother. Tears welled up in her eyes and Alisa had to use the back of her hand to wipe them away so she could continue reading.

“Your father and I are so happy to hear from you. We never believed you had died, like the man from Foreign Affairs told us. You were always so clever, to fall in the wrong hands and get killed would be nothing like you. We are however very much surprised to hear about your lifechanging choices. We’re not judging you, trust me. We support you with any choice you make. We just were very surprised to learn such a thing would be possible over there. We understand you have no access to computers or a smartphone as those devices are frowned upon over there from a religious point of view. Did you also convert to Islam, we wonder? If so we even respect that. All we want is to know that you are happy. Please write a bit more and tell us about your adventures. How tough is life over there? Do they treat you well?
You asked for something to make your work a bit easier and we understand you have little or no access to decent clothes, or indecent ones in your case. Forgive my pun. Anyways, we’re going to send you a package of lingerie and sexy clothing soon. For now I will add some of my own garments, a set of lingerie your father always found very sexy when I wore it. I hope it will help a little at least.”

Alisa stopped reading and noticed she had been gasping all the time. What was mom talking about? She had not written to her parents and what’s this about lifechanging choices? Lingerie? Why would she ask for lingerie? And why would mom send her that? She was utterly baffled and quickly opened the paper inside the package to find a black bra and panties, made from see-through material. Her fingers trembled as she held it up. Her mother wore this? She smelled the fabric and suddenly she was overwhelmed with emotion, tears streaming down her face as she recognised the scent of her mother. Chanel no 5, that’s what mom used to wear.

Chanel No5 parfum.jpg

“Oh mom, what have they been telling you,” she whispered after she got her emotions in check again. “I never wrote to you! Have you not recognized it was not my handwriting?”

She looked at the letter again, rereading every word. There was something unsaid in those lines. Something her mother did not have the courage to write down. Probably not even speak out loud. Alisa shivered as she realized her mother had been told she was choosing to live here and why would she need lingerie, unless she had chosen to work as a prostitute? Alisa felt sick.

“I’m not a prostitute, mom,” she whispered. With a shiver she picked up her mother’s bra and held it in front of her. How could her mother even imagine it would fit? Her mother had very small breasts, while Alisa had more than a hand full.
She sighed as was unable to resist trying her mother’s underwear on. She giggled when she noticed how small it was, how the bra really squeezed her breasts and hardly covered her nipples. It did make her feel sexy though and she smiled while she shook her head.

Alisa lingerie.png

“Sweet mother, there’s more to you than I thought. So dad felt this was sexy, huh?” It made her feel weird to wear something her father would think of as sexy, maybe even hot. Alisa stroked her hands over her mostly naked body and shivered again. It was good her skin had mostly healed from the whip marks, but she still felt tender and her nipples hardened with even the softest touch.

“You should see your daughter now,” she whispered with a smile. Then she opened the other letter, very curious what her father had written.

“Hello princess,” wrote her father in his typical pointed handwriting. Not at all rounded like her mother’s handwriting. She drew in her breath and read further while crossing her legs under her on the bed.

“I can’t tell you enough how relieved we are that you survived. From what we are told you were captured by people from Islamic State, who then executed you. But your letter proves this did not happen. I am surprised you chose to stay with them. Aren’t they opposed to prostitution? And aren’t they very poor and opposed to pleasure? Oh well, you will know what’s best. And somehow this does not surprise me at all. Even as a child you were very adventurous and we never got you to keep your clothes on.
Your mother and I have decided to each write a letter of our own and not to let the other read what we write. That’s why I can be fully honest with you and I can write that I am not surprised with your choice to become a prostitute instead of a journalist. You were always very physical and as a teen you had many boyfriends. It helped of course that you were very beautiful, but I believe it also had something to do with the fact that you enjoyed kissing and such. You never told us much about it, but I didn’t have my eyes in my pocket.
Since you have written to us that you really like sex a lot and that you enjoy having sex all the time with lots of different men, it is unlikely that anything will shock you. That’s why I want to make some confessions to you.”

Alisa shivered and once more wondered who had written a letter to her parents in her name and which outrageous claims they had put in there. Apparently her so-called letter had convinced her parents that she had become a prostitute. It was insane!
But she didn’t really stop reading for long as she was captivated by her father’s words and really wondered what he was going to confess to her.

“I know that as a father I should not have looked at you as a woman, but even when you were a child I always felt you were very attractive. I watched you when you were at the beach in a bikini, or when you were wearing a skimpy nightgown in the evening. I noticed how your body became that of a woman and sometimes I was really jealous of the boys you took home sometimes. Do you want to know a secret? Sometimes when you slept, I came looking at you. As you were a messy sleeper, you often tossed and turned until the blankets were no longer covering you and when you got older, your breasts sometimes showed. I also enjoyed watching that round ass of yours. If only I had known then that you liked sex so much, I would have woken you and shown you the hard cock I had in my pants. Who knows, maybe you would even have enjoyed touching it?”

Alisa gasped and blushed deeply when reading those words. It was so deeply disturbing to learn that her father had looked at her in a sexual way. And yet, it also did not surprise her. She had felt it. Sometimes his eyes had been on her breasts a bit too long. Or his hand had lingered on her hip when they hugged. Her hands trembled as she realized she too had held feelings for her father. Even now she felt slightly aroused, as much as she also felt ashamed by it. She remembered one time having walked in on her father under the shower. She had seen him naked before of course, but never with an erection. After having seen that, she often touched herself between her legs before she fell asleep at night, fantasizing about that huge penis of her father.

With a shiver she put her hands between her legs and noticed she had become quite wet. She groaned in shame and also lust when she rubbed her fingers over the thin fabric of the lingerie covering her slit. She had been so humiliated the last month, she didn’t have much trouble admitting this to herself.


Working her mind, turning her into a prostitute. Hell if she wants to embrace it she has her father and mothers blessing. Though I don't suppose a rather dark organisation has coerced them in some way? Well she won't be getting out anyway and has given up so it's for the best. She'll be riding her one bar prison cell all on her own soon and old Mahdi willl walk in and say- What did I tell you- your a natural whore like all western women. Well better a whore then dead. Have you considered she might be loosing weight only eating half her food.



(Part 2 of 3)​

With a shudder she continued reading. Her father had written a lot more than her mother had. And he was much more candid and open in his confessions. With a blush she read on while fingering herself.

“I never allowed myself to touch you,” he continued, “but trust me, I often thought about you, even while I had sex with your mother sometimes. Am I a bad father? You were a really pretty girl and now you are a pretty woman who many men enjoy.”

Alisa shivered again. He was so wrong and it was horrible what he confessed. And yet, it somehow excited her and she almost felt sorry for him, carrying this secret all this time, hiding his true feelings for her when she was still young and living at home. Had mother ever noticed? She felt a pang of guilt towards her mother. Especially when she read on and noticed it was even worse than she imagined.

“My interest in you started when you were still very young,” her father wrote. “Remember when you were still doing gymnastics? At some point you started developing breasts. They were still very small and your hips were hardly wider yet. But seeing you do the exercises in that tight leotard always gave me a hard-on. It was such a shame you stopped doing gymnastics before your body developed further. I would have loved seeing your sexy body and full breasts with such a leotard doing full splits and handstands. In fact, I am going to send you the leotard you wore as a teen, something I kept all those years. And you know what? I did something I did many times over in the past years when I fantasized about you. I masturbated and left my cum inside the leotard, for you. It’s almost as if we had sex after all, right?”

Alisa dropped the letter after finishing it. Her hands were trembling and for a long time she sat there, staring at the package in front of her. She didn’t know what to think, or feel. Then finally she took the courage to open the package further. Inside was a plastic wrapped parcel and when she took the plastic off, it revealed the blue leotard she remembered well. She used to be a gymnast as a teenager and this was her suit. But it was much smaller than she remembered. She carefully looked at it, holding it up and then looked at the inside. With a shock she noticed something slimy on the inside, in the crotch area. The thing had been sealed by the plastic. She quickly checked the stamp for the date and realized it was no longer than three days ago that her father had sent this. And with a shudder she also realized her father had told the truth, she could smell it. His semen was on the inside and it had not dried up completely. With trembling hands she held the piece of clothing closer to her face, smelling the scent of old semen. She felt a shiver rubbing down her spine. She was both disgusted by it and yet, at the same time, she felt greatly aroused. Was she mad or something?

It was one thing reading letters from her parents, it was another to hold something that held so many memories. But it was insane that her father had sent her something so … personal. She held the piece of cloth closer to her nose and carefully touched the wet spot with her fingers. She bit her underlip, shaking like a leaf, while she suddenly made a decision. She removed the lingerie of her mother and started to put on the leotard. It was much too small for her of course, and she had to be very careful. But as she put her legs in and then carefully pulled it up, she gasped when she pressed the cold wet patch against her crotch.

Alisa lyotard.png

“Oh daddy,” she groaned, almost having a spontaneous orgasm. She quickly pulled the garment up further, stretching the leotard extremely to fit around her body. It fitted badly, she had to stretch it up all the way, making it very tight in her crotch. Her breasts hardly fit inside the suit and she was squeezed almost flat when it was on and around her body.

With a shiver she ran her hands over her stomach and she winced when her hand reached her crotch, where it felt cold and wet. But she felt her vagina clenching and in her mind she saw her fathers erect penis. She realized how huge it had appeared to her, when she was young and had never seen an erect penis before. Maybe he wasn’t as big as she remembered, but at the time she could not imagine anything bigger than a fingertip going inside her vagina. And his penis had been as wide as her wrist, she was certain of it.

With a gasp she started rubbing her fingers against the crotch of her leotard, rubbing the slimy fabric against her wet vulva. She was amazed at how aroused she got when she felt the cool slimy substance working between her lips and against her clitoris. She had never been so aroused before in her life. She lied down on the bed, spreading her legs wide and masturbated herself with her fingers. Yes, she was certain of it, she had completely lost her mind, but this felt so good.

Suddenly the door of her cell opened and two guards came in, She quickly got up, clenching her legs together and folding her arms around herself. With a cry of shock and a red blush on her face, she was lifted off the bed.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she gasped and then cried out when she was put down on her feet while her arms were twisted behind her back and she was cuffed. With another cry of shock and surprise she was pulled over to the metal dildo on that bar and pushed against it.

“Wait, stop, what are you doing?” she cried out.

They raised the bar, moving the dildo higher up until the tip reached up past her hips, and locked it into place. Then they lifted her by the arms, still not speaking a single word. With a hand at the back of her knees, her legs were spread. With a cry of frustration, she felt them placing her crotch on the hard tip of the dildo.

Alisa lyotard 2.png

“Stop!” she cried out, “Wait! Let me go!”

The metal dildo pushed against the crotch of the tight leotard and pushed the slimy smooth fabric between her lips. With a cry she felt it pushing into her wet and smooth vagina. She gasped out loud when she sensed how the dildo pushed into her, forcing her vagina open and around the smooth surface of the dildo, but it also pressed the fabric of the leotard along inside her body, causing a tight stretch inside her vulva. It was like the ultimate wedgy and since the material of her suit was so flexible, it stretched over the penetrating dildo, entering her vagina along with the metal object. She now also sensed how broad the dildo was, stretching her vagina wide open.

Alisa wedgy.png

“Nooooo,” she cried out while they lowered her further. When the bullet shaped top of the dildo was inside of her, they let go of her legs and allowed her to stand on her toes. And as soon as she found her balance, they let go of her altogether, leaving her balancing on her toes, with the pointy head of the dildo fully inserted in her vagina. They checked if she was balanced well enough and adjusted her leotard at the front so it slipped between her lips, making it easier to be pushed into her by the metal dildo. Then they turned around and left, still not having said a word to her. She cried out, pleaded to them to come back, to free her, to get her off the thing, but they ignored her, closed the door behind them and she heard the lock turn.

She was alone, the metal dildo inserted in her vagina, enveloped in the fabric of the leotard that had covered her crotch. She held her thighs clenched tightly around the metal object sticking inside her, trying to avoid sinking down any deeper. With a gasp she realized the semen of her father had been pushed into her vagina as well and she cringed, writhing with her body, squirming with her hips, desperate to free herself, but she was stuck. Her movements caused her to sink slightly lower, taking more of the dildo inside her vagina and causing the fabric of her suit to press even tighter into her slit and against her clitoris. Her vagina became very warm from the motions. She quickly raised herself up again on her toes, trying to get as high as possible, but she could not lift herself off the damned thing. She then tried to reach down, bending backwards, trying to get to the lock that held the bar up so high, but it was between her knees and she could not reach that low. She then tried tilting her hips, but this only resulted in her vagina kind of fucking the dildo, which went very smooth because of the wetness down there. And as she looked down she noticed how the leotard was getting wetter, clearly showing as a darker wet spot at the front where the fabric was tightly pulled into the crack of her slit.

For awhile she kept struggling and to her frustration, it got her nowhere. The only result was that she was getting more wet and even aroused by the constant stimulation of her crotch. If she held still, the arousal sank a little because the coldness of the metal was spreading through her vagina. The metal was warming up, but slowly and it easily dissipated. Finally she came up with another idea. If she pushed down, maybe she could break the crotch part of her leotard. The bullet shaped head of the dildo might rip through the fabric, right? With a grunt she tilted her hips a few times while slowly lowering herself on the huge invader. She gasped as she felt the pressure of the fabric getting strong as it wedged her vulva even tighter, pressing harder and harder against her clitoris. At the same time she felt the bullet shaped head reaching deeper into her vagina, scraping against her G-spot and she shuddered as this felt good, really, really good. She gave a whimper in frustration that her hands were cuffed behind her, preventing her to masturbate. Or free the fabric of the leotard from the invading dildo. She raised herself up on her toes again, but almost immediately sank down again, gently fucking the large intruding rocket into her tight vagina. She groaned as the tightening motion against her clitoris also started to get really stimulating and as her own juices dissolved the somewhat dried semen of her father, the fabric became more slippery all the time, sending such lovely sensations through her clitoris, her knees started to buckle and her thighs were trembling. It was getting harder to keep herself on her toes and all the time she kept sinking lower, still of course also hoping the fabric of the leotard would break or tear. It didn’t. Instead it kept stretching while also pulling tighter and harder against her clitoris and also between her ass. She also noticed how the leotard got pulled down at the front and back and her breast started to bulge out from the top, with her nipples peeking out.

By the time she got her heels to touch down, having sank down with her feet now flat on the ground, the pressure in her crotch had started to really ache. But each time she bounced on her toes, the arousal of the movement inside her, compensated and soon she was actually humping the metal dildo, getting closer and closer to a massive orgasm. She felt the wetness leaking from her crotch and dripping along her inner thighs and finally she was so aroused, she lost all sense of shame.

“Oh daddy,” she groaned and then cried out as a massive orgasm tore though her body, almost making her lose her balance, something which she only barely prevented. And luckily so as the metal bar and dildo would have cause serious damage had she toppled over.

For quite some time she struggled to keep standing upright, the dildo still deeply embedded in her vagina, with the fabric of the stretched leotard still covering it inside her body. Her clitoris would have become numb from the constant high pressure if she had not kept raising herself on her toes now and then, releasing some of the pressure. But the exercise started to give her cramps in her feet and the calves of her legs, so she was standing on flat feet for longer times.

She had noticed how only the bullet shaped head of the dildo was inside her when she was fully on her toes, but if she was on flat feet, almost half the dildo was stuffed inside her, with the bullet brushing against her cervix. She tested that little sensation by sinking a little through her knees, which almost doubled the pressure of the fabric in her wedged crotch, but the cloth still did not break. And she sensed clearly how the rounded tip of the dildo started to press against her cervix at that depth. So she preferred to keep her legs straight and often fled to her toes when she could not bear the pressure anymore. And she noticed how all her movements kept her on her toes in another sense – she was still aroused, almost continuously close to another orgasm.


Nice concept, very Japanese cartoon trope, with the material stretching inside her. Seems she didn't wonder much about the sudden arrival of guards at just the right moment. Nor the coincidence of the pole and wet leotard as "gifts" to fuck herself with. I think the joung journalist has taken leave of her senses- except for one, the one between her legs. Dad has some explaining to do! Did you ever mention her age?


I think the joung journalist has taken leave of her senses-


except for one, the one between her legs.

Also fucked up.

Dad has some explaining to do!

He's the sort of man that thinks he is morally right for not abusing his daughter, while in fact he fantasized about it, even when she was still a child. He's a pervert. The type that does church work to prove his moral standards.

Did you ever mention her age?

I don't think so, but she's mid-twenties I believe.



Chapter 23: Letters and presents​

(Part 3 of 3)

When the door opened, she literally jumped, gasping as the jerking motion hurt quite a bit in her crotch. Farouq entered, together with a guard.

“Ah, I see you are enjoying your presents,” said the investigator cruelly.

“Please, get me off this thing,” gasped Alisa.

“Are you telling me you aren’t excited?” asked Farouq in return and he brushed his fingers over her vulva, before holding his wet fingers up to her. She could smell her own excitement on his fingers, as well as a faint scent of semen.

“Please,” she whimpered again, much softer this time.

“Do you admit you are a whore?” asked Farouq. Alisa looked away and closed her eyes, whimpering softly. The things she had felt and done in the last few hours, how could they be denied?

“I am a whore,” she stammered. “Now please, get me off.”

“I plan to get you off,” said Farouq. “But first you have to show me something.”

She looked back at him, tears in her eyes, dread filling her as he grinned at her.

“Fuck this rod,” he said, “Show us what you are made of.”

She shuddered and bit her lower lip before slowly nodding. Then she started to lift herself up on her toes and lowered herself again, groaning as she felt the dildo traveling up and down in her vagina, the fabric of her leotard tightening the wedge. She slowly bounced on her feet, riding the metal dildo inside her body and felt how she was getting more aroused.

“Is that all you can take?” asked Farouq while he walked around her. The guard in the meantime was still standing near the door, looking at her with a smirk on his face. Alisa blushed bright red and glanced at Farouq, not sure what he meant. He tapped with his shoe against her ankle.

“Spread your legs a little further,” he said, “that will make the rod go deeper.”

She didn’t want it to go deeper, but also didn’t want them to do it for her. So she slowly shifted her weight and placed her feet a little further to the side. When going down she immediately felt the dildo reaching deeper into her, painfully pressing against her cervix.

“Wider still,” said Farouq.

“I can’t,” she whimpered.

“Why not?”

“It is… going too deep,” she replied. He leaned against her back and brought his mouth close to her ear.

“What is too deep?” he asked softly, sending shivers down her spine.

“It is… pressing against my cervix,” she replied softly with a whimper.

“Well,” he replied, “what are you waiting for? Push it in.”

Alisa whimpered and shook her head.

“Push it into your cervix,” he repeated, “all the way up in your womb. I know you can do it.”

The woman gasped and tears filled her eyes. She could have guessed it.

“I’ll make it easier for you,” he then said while grabbing the back of her leotard, right above her buttocks. He showed her a pair of scissors and she groaned when he cut the back of her suit, but kept the bottom part tight, still wedging her. Then he moved the scissors to the front.

“Brace yourself,” he said and then he cut the front, while releasing the back at the same time.

Alisa gasped when suddenly the elastic fabric of the leotard snapped at the front and since the back was also released, both ends slipped into her vagina with great force. The sensation of her clitoris being suddenly swiped and then released by the fabric, caused a most intense wave of excitement through her lower body and with a jerk of her hips and a loud cry from her mouth, she felt a brief but very intense orgasmic wave running through her bottom.

“There,” said Farouq while slapping her now naked butt, “now you can push down on the dildo more easily.”

She groaned but realized her was right. Each time she had let her body push down on the shaft, the pull of the leotard had worked against the penetration. She now felt how her vagina was much loser and freely stretched around the metal cylinder. Her vaginal walls had swollen from excitement, but she was extremely well lubricated. Even the slightest movement now made her feel aroused. And she was so aroused, she couldn’t stop moving.

“Is it… inside?” panted Alisa, her body visibly shuddering while she rocked her pelvis back and forth.

“The crotch of your leotard?” answered Farouq while he gestured at the guard to get closer.

“Yes, it’s still on top of the dildo, pressing against your cervix.” He stroked his hands over her breasts, gently caressing her erect nipples, making her gasp and shudder again.

“Push it inside you,” he said in her ear, “deliver your father’s semen inside your womb.”

Alisa cringed and trembled all over. So he knew. She had already guessed as much. They had read the letters of her parents and they came up with this horrible torture. Had they also faked her letter to her parents? Of course they had. But they had not known what the response would be, right? Oh, how her parents had played right into their hands! Alisa gagged and felt sick. But she whimpered when the caressing of her nipples continued and she felt tremors of excitement going through her body. The trembling grew stronger. Farouq moved one hand to her crotch and a simple touch of her slit, a slight pull at her skin and a brush of a finger against her clitoris, Alisa gasped out loud and her hips jerked involuntarily. Every movement of her hips caused her vagina to clench around the hard metal dildo and she sensed how her cervix was pressing against the hard top of it. There was no way out, she realized and she started weeping, afraid of the pain they wanted her to experience while also longing for the pleasure she was sensing right now.

Farouq released the cuffs around her wrists and patted her on the buttocks.

“Help yourself,” he said, to indicate she could masturbate if she wanted. “You can experience as many orgasms as you want,” he added and pressing his fingers between her buttocks, he started to massage her anus, which made her groan in excitement, maybe even because it was making her feel ashamed. She moved a hand to her crotch and with trembling fingers she started to gently rub her clitoris. Her other hand rubbed her breasts and flicked her nipples. She even went as far as taking the remains of her leotard off by pulling it over her head, going completely naked, before resuming to masturbate herself under the close guidance of Farouq and the guard.

Farouq pushed a finger into her anus and started to finger her, while she herself rubbed her clitoris and caressed her nipples. The guard in the meantime was kneeling in front of her and he pushed her legs a little bit wider, making her press down harder on the metal rod. Alisa gasped as she felt her excitement rising, slowly working herself to another orgasm. At the same time she felt how her hip movements and the slow sinking of her body was causing a rising ache in her lower abdomen, where her cervix was pressing harder on top of the metal bullet shaped head of the dildo.

“Fuck it,” said Farouq, fingering her anus and using his other hand to slap at her buttocks.

“Please, no, don’t make me do it,” she whimpered while panting in both fear and excitement. She groaned when her feet got pulled a little wider still and her cervix pushed down with more pressure.

“I can’t,” she wept and covering herself with her hands, she tried to bring her feet back together and raise herself up again. Farouq pulled his fingers out of her ass and pushed himself against her back, placing his shoes against the inside of her feet to prevent her from bringing them closer together again. He then opened his trousers to get his erect cock out and pulled her arms behind her to fold her hands around his cock. The guard at the same time spread her pussy lips and rubbed her clitoris. Alisa gasped and cried out when a sudden surge of orgasmic lust ran through her body. Feeling the erect cock in her hands revived the image of her father’s erect penis and the lust she had felt for that so long ago. The shame she felt at the same time didn’t stop her excitement, it enhanced it and she trembled all over. Her stomach quivered, her vagina clenched around the metal shaft, her hips jerked and she groaned with closed eyes.

“Give in to it,” said Farouq while he fucked his penis in her hands and against her lower back. His hands went to her tits and started to pinch and rub her nipples. Alisa couldn’t take anymore and started coming, convulsing with her whole body, jerking with her hips and crying out loud. Farouq used his feet and legs to spread her legs wider, forcing her twitching vagina deeper over the metal spear, pressing her contracting and spasming cervix on top of the bullet shaped dildo head and with a scream she felt her inner seal getting breached.

“It’s in,” said Farouq and he and the guard acted quickly now. He moved away from her back and stepped aside while the guard got up and went to her other side. Both men put one hand behind her knees and the other on her breast to hold her upper body straight. They started to lift her up, taking her feet off the ground. But they didn’t lift her body up, in fact, they lowered her on the metal shaft, forcing her weight to punch the dildo up into her cervical passage and then right through into her womb. Alisa screamed but kept coming at the same time.

“I’ll hold her,” said Farouq, putting one arm around her upper body while using the other to lift her leg up. The guard let go of her and once more knelt in front of her. He quickly released the lock of the bar and started to slide the dildo up higher, raising it. Alisa screamed in absolute pain and horror when she felt the metal dildo being forced even deeper into her body, fully penetrating her womb. And when the dildo was once again locked, they slowly released her, placing her feet on the ground again, this time with the dildo sticking inside her at such a depth, she was almost sitting on it with her womb.

The men supported her to keep standing upright, but didn’t help her to relieve herself. Alisa wept, not just because it hurt like hell, but also because she realized they had made her push the piece of fabric with her father’s semen on it inside her womb.
Alisa 1bar prison2.png
Her hands reached for her vulva, without realizing she did that. She felt such an urge, despite the pain she was also experiencing. And with a gasp and closed eyes she started to finger her slit again, rubbing her clitoris while her whole body was trembling and shaking.

“I’m coming daddy,” she whimpered and slowly another orgasm rose up inside her body, causing her to convulse and shake, her vagina and womb spasming around the metal shaft locked inside her. The two men observed her closely while holding her upright. And only when the orgasm and pain she was feeling overwhelmed her, making her lose all balance and strength to keep standing up, did they catch her. They lifted her up and off the metal shaft and carried her to her bunk. With her hands on her vulva she fell asleep.


While your likely right about the type of man you've represented as her father I am having a hard time believing the character you've sketched and the whole coincidence thing( he knows what address to mail this stuff to and what kind of stuff and fresh sperm?). And then he writes a full on pervy explanation of his actions. They must be sending him film of his daughter but even then wouldn't that make him want to go to the
State Dept. or some authority to confirm this ghastly turn of events. I mean how does he even know she isn't being forced despite evidence provided to him to the contrary.
I'm making the assumption this is a head game played on her. Either that or he is complicit/coerced into these bizarre actions. And the mother too! Credulity it being jilted a bit. Love the eroticism of the scenes you portray though, so please do pleasure your imagination-I'm enjoying. Thank for the age note.


While your likely right about the type of man you've represented as her father I am having a hard time believing the character you've sketched and the whole coincidence thing( he knows what address to mail this stuff to and what kind of stuff and fresh sperm?). And then he writes a full on pervy explanation of his actions. They must be sending him film of his daughter but even then wouldn't that make him want to go to the
State Dept. or some authority to confirm this ghastly turn of events. I mean how does he even know she isn't being forced despite evidence provided to him to the contrary.
I'm making the assumption this is a head game played on her. Either that or he is complicit/coerced into these bizarre actions. And the mother too! Credulity it being jilted a bit. Love the eroticism of the scenes you portray though, so please do pleasure your imagination-I'm enjoying. Thank for the age note.
I agree it doesn't make sense and of course they manipulated a lot of things to mess with her head. I am just not going to explain what really happened, because we as readers and writer are more focused on how she experiences things. To me it was very exciting to write about her confusion and mixed feelings. And it says a lot about her that she doesn't toss the letter of her father away as fake.


I am having a hard time believing the character you've sketched
A lot of charcters in the stories in this forum are hard to believe. Most men would not get an erection while torturing a woman. An let's be honest, we love writing and reading fantasy about torture and stuff, but in real life I doubt it would be arousing to really be cruel. The inner demons are usually chained and well under control. Those people that really get out of control are very rare and usually end up in prison or a psychiatric institute.
What I wrote as the fathers words in his letter, is almost cute in comparison to some of the evil bastards I read about in this forum. ;)


I was referring to the father's character sketch and her motivation after receiving gifts and letters. Seemed jarring to me. Not because I don't believe someone could be a child abuser or have those thoughts about their kid but the gifts and letters while she's in jail just added a layer of incredulity to me. She sounds like someone who was primed for her bad luck before she was captured. Now the dad character has added his own perverse touch that dovetails nicely with the goals of the two torture factions she's found herself in the midst of. I guess I'm trying to hold onto a less ill fated and already damaged character. Someone whose relative innocence made her original ordeals all the more insufferable.
You use your skills well in creating this Alisa character , the people around her and the settings. I'm seeing the characters and setting as becoming less grounded in reality- fictional though it maybe- and losing my sense of storyline. However If I see each ordeal as a separate episode- a vignette- then I'm less apt to get hung up on the plot convolutions that lose me. But you know me at this point I enjoy the process and have actually figured out what the actual storyline could be for the father and her current dilemma. Ha.
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