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Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

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I was referring to the father's character sketch and her motivation after receiving gifts and letters. Seemed jarring to me. Not because I don't believe someone could be a child abuser or have those thoughts about their kid but the gifts and letters while she's in jail just added a layer of incredulity to me. She sounds like someone who was primed for her bad luck before she was captured. Now the dad character has added his own perverse touch that dovetails nicely with the goals of the two torture factions she's found herself in the midst of. I guess I'm trying to hold onto a less ill fated and already damaged character. Someone whose relative innocence made her original ordeals all the more insufferable.
You use your skills well in creating this Alisa character , the people around her and the settings. I'm seeing the characters and setting as becoming less grounded in reality- fictional though it maybe- and losing my sense of storyline. However If I see each ordeal as a separate episode- a vignette- then I'm less apt to get hung up on the plot convolutions that lose me. But you know me at this point I enjoy the process and have actually figured out what the actual storyline could be for the father and her current dilemma. Ha.
It was never my intention to create a new layer of planning to the whole story. She fell into the hands of Islamic State by accident, it was pure fate she survived and again ill fate that she fell into the hands of just another group of molesters. The added storyline about her father's secret dreams, and also her own secret desires, are in line with an apparent fate that is her life. Sexual deviancy is something that apparently has always been lurking for her and it will at some point also kill her. But the real reason why I added the storyline with the letters of her parents, is not so much to explain anything or to add some incredible extra plotline. It is, as you said before, to really mess with her mind, to break the final barriers. And I felt it was a fucking hot idea to write about.

I am a very big fan of Justine as written by de Sade. The idea of an innocent girl getting in trouble all the time, appeals to me. Is it likely that so many bad things happen to the same girl? Well, according to the Sade there is no reason why not. There is no god after all. There is also no real measurement of torment anybody deserves or can expect.


It was never my intention to create a new layer of planning to the whole story. She fell into the hands of Islamic State by accident, it was pure fate she survived and again ill fate that she fell into the hands of just another group of molesters. The added storyline about her father's secret dreams, and also her own secret desires, are in line with an apparent fate that is her life. Sexual deviancy is something that apparently has always been lurking for her and it will at some point also kill her. But the real reason why I added the storyline with the letters of her parents, is not so much to explain anything or to add some incredible extra plotline. It is, as you said before, to really mess with her mind, to break the final barriers. And I felt it was a fucking hot idea to write about.

I am a very big fan of Justine as written by de Sade. The idea of an innocent girl getting in trouble all the time, appeals to me. Is it likely that so many bad things happen to the same girl? Well, according to the Sade there is no reason why not. There is no god after all. There is also no real measurement of torment anybody deserves or can expect.
Yes, you have turned her mind inside out only to discover it is for orgasm that she will live and die. It is indeed feeling like Justine or a number of damsels in distress stories. The young lady gets in repeated jams loses her clothes..and then so much more!


Thought you might find this interesting-even if perhaps your already familiar with the quote. Camille Pagilia is my another favorite author. Her "The Sexual Personae" is the best overall survey of what motivates our passions, our art and human civilization I've ever tried to understand. These are not defenses of cruelty in human nature but recognition they exist. What we make of them or do with these natural passions is the question. I express mine in art and thus recognize, enjoy and vent them harmlessly.

De Sade

"We rail against the passions,” he wrote, “but never think that it is from their flame that philosophy lights its torch.” For Sade, vile and cruel desires are not aberrations. They are fundamental, even constitutive aspects of human nature. And what is more, said Sade, those faculties of reason that Enlightenment thinkers held in such high esteem are only a byproduct of these deep-seated desires: humans are governed by these desires far more than by any rational impetus. Nobility is a fraud. Cruelty is natural. Immorality is the only morality, vice the only virtue."



(Part 2 of 3)​

With a shudder she continued reading. Her father had written a lot more than her mother had. And he was much more candid and open in his confessions. With a blush she read on while fingering herself.

“I never allowed myself to touch you,” he continued, “but trust me, I often thought about you, even while I had sex with your mother sometimes. Am I a bad father? You were a really pretty girl and now you are a pretty woman who many men enjoy.”

Alisa shivered again. He was so wrong and it was horrible what he confessed. And yet, it somehow excited her and she almost felt sorry for him, carrying this secret all this time, hiding his true feelings for her when she was still young and living at home. Had mother ever noticed? She felt a pang of guilt towards her mother. Especially when she read on and noticed it was even worse than she imagined.

“My interest in you started when you were still very young,” her father wrote. “Remember when you were still doing gymnastics? At some point you started developing breasts. They were still very small and your hips were hardly wider yet. But seeing you do the exercises in that tight leotard always gave me a hard-on. It was such a shame you stopped doing gymnastics before your body developed further. I would have loved seeing your sexy body and full breasts with such a leotard doing full splits and handstands. In fact, I am going to send you the leotard you wore as a teen, something I kept all those years. And you know what? I did something I did many times over in the past years when I fantasized about you. I masturbated and left my cum inside the leotard, for you. It’s almost as if we had sex after all, right?”

Alisa dropped the letter after finishing it. Her hands were trembling and for a long time she sat there, staring at the package in front of her. She didn’t know what to think, or feel. Then finally she took the courage to open the package further. Inside was a plastic wrapped parcel and when she took the plastic off, it revealed the blue leotard she remembered well. She used to be a gymnast as a teenager and this was her suit. But it was much smaller than she remembered. She carefully looked at it, holding it up and then looked at the inside. With a shock she noticed something slimy on the inside, in the crotch area. The thing had been sealed by the plastic. She quickly checked the stamp for the date and realized it was no longer than three days ago that her father had sent this. And with a shudder she also realized her father had told the truth, she could smell it. His semen was on the inside and it had not dried up completely. With trembling hands she held the piece of clothing closer to her face, smelling the scent of old semen. She felt a shiver rubbing down her spine. She was both disgusted by it and yet, at the same time, she felt greatly aroused. Was she mad or something?

It was one thing reading letters from her parents, it was another to hold something that held so many memories. But it was insane that her father had sent her something so … personal. She held the piece of cloth closer to her nose and carefully touched the wet spot with her fingers. She bit her underlip, shaking like a leaf, while she suddenly made a decision. She removed the lingerie of her mother and started to put on the leotard. It was much too small for her of course, and she had to be very careful. But as she put her legs in and then carefully pulled it up, she gasped when she pressed the cold wet patch against her crotch.

View attachment 1041473

“Oh daddy,” she groaned, almost having a spontaneous orgasm. She quickly pulled the garment up further, stretching the leotard extremely to fit around her body. It fitted badly, she had to stretch it up all the way, making it very tight in her crotch. Her breasts hardly fit inside the suit and she was squeezed almost flat when it was on and around her body.

With a shiver she ran her hands over her stomach and she winced when her hand reached her crotch, where it felt cold and wet. But she felt her vagina clenching and in her mind she saw her fathers erect penis. She realized how huge it had appeared to her, when she was young and had never seen an erect penis before. Maybe he wasn’t as big as she remembered, but at the time she could not imagine anything bigger than a fingertip going inside her vagina. And his penis had been as wide as her wrist, she was certain of it.

With a gasp she started rubbing her fingers against the crotch of her leotard, rubbing the slimy fabric against her wet vulva. She was amazed at how aroused she got when she felt the cool slimy substance working between her lips and against her clitoris. She had never been so aroused before in her life. She lied down on the bed, spreading her legs wide and masturbated herself with her fingers. Yes, she was certain of it, she had completely lost her mind, but this felt so good.

Suddenly the door of her cell opened and two guards came in, She quickly got up, clenching her legs together and folding her arms around herself. With a cry of shock and a red blush on her face, she was lifted off the bed.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she gasped and then cried out when she was put down on her feet while her arms were twisted behind her back and she was cuffed. With another cry of shock and surprise she was pulled over to the metal dildo on that bar and pushed against it.

“Wait, stop, what are you doing?” she cried out.

They raised the bar, moving the dildo higher up until the tip reached up past her hips, and locked it into place. Then they lifted her by the arms, still not speaking a single word. With a hand at the back of her knees, her legs were spread. With a cry of frustration, she felt them placing her crotch on the hard tip of the dildo.

View attachment 1041474

“Stop!” she cried out, “Wait! Let me go!”

The metal dildo pushed against the crotch of the tight leotard and pushed the slimy smooth fabric between her lips. With a cry she felt it pushing into her wet and smooth vagina. She gasped out loud when she sensed how the dildo pushed into her, forcing her vagina open and around the smooth surface of the dildo, but it also pressed the fabric of the leotard along inside her body, causing a tight stretch inside her vulva. It was like the ultimate wedgy and since the material of her suit was so flexible, it stretched over the penetrating dildo, entering her vagina along with the metal object. She now also sensed how broad the dildo was, stretching her vagina wide open.

View attachment 1041475

“Nooooo,” she cried out while they lowered her further. When the bullet shaped top of the dildo was inside of her, they let go of her legs and allowed her to stand on her toes. And as soon as she found her balance, they let go of her altogether, leaving her balancing on her toes, with the pointy head of the dildo fully inserted in her vagina. They checked if she was balanced well enough and adjusted her leotard at the front so it slipped between her lips, making it easier to be pushed into her by the metal dildo. Then they turned around and left, still not having said a word to her. She cried out, pleaded to them to come back, to free her, to get her off the thing, but they ignored her, closed the door behind them and she heard the lock turn.

She was alone, the metal dildo inserted in her vagina, enveloped in the fabric of the leotard that had covered her crotch. She held her thighs clenched tightly around the metal object sticking inside her, trying to avoid sinking down any deeper. With a gasp she realized the semen of her father had been pushed into her vagina as well and she cringed, writhing with her body, squirming with her hips, desperate to free herself, but she was stuck. Her movements caused her to sink slightly lower, taking more of the dildo inside her vagina and causing the fabric of her suit to press even tighter into her slit and against her clitoris. Her vagina became very warm from the motions. She quickly raised herself up again on her toes, trying to get as high as possible, but she could not lift herself off the damned thing. She then tried to reach down, bending backwards, trying to get to the lock that held the bar up so high, but it was between her knees and she could not reach that low. She then tried tilting her hips, but this only resulted in her vagina kind of fucking the dildo, which went very smooth because of the wetness down there. And as she looked down she noticed how the leotard was getting wetter, clearly showing as a darker wet spot at the front where the fabric was tightly pulled into the crack of her slit.

For awhile she kept struggling and to her frustration, it got her nowhere. The only result was that she was getting more wet and even aroused by the constant stimulation of her crotch. If she held still, the arousal sank a little because the coldness of the metal was spreading through her vagina. The metal was warming up, but slowly and it easily dissipated. Finally she came up with another idea. If she pushed down, maybe she could break the crotch part of her leotard. The bullet shaped head of the dildo might rip through the fabric, right? With a grunt she tilted her hips a few times while slowly lowering herself on the huge invader. She gasped as she felt the pressure of the fabric getting strong as it wedged her vulva even tighter, pressing harder and harder against her clitoris. At the same time she felt the bullet shaped head reaching deeper into her vagina, scraping against her G-spot and she shuddered as this felt good, really, really good. She gave a whimper in frustration that her hands were cuffed behind her, preventing her to masturbate. Or free the fabric of the leotard from the invading dildo. She raised herself up on her toes again, but almost immediately sank down again, gently fucking the large intruding rocket into her tight vagina. She groaned as the tightening motion against her clitoris also started to get really stimulating and as her own juices dissolved the somewhat dried semen of her father, the fabric became more slippery all the time, sending such lovely sensations through her clitoris, her knees started to buckle and her thighs were trembling. It was getting harder to keep herself on her toes and all the time she kept sinking lower, still of course also hoping the fabric of the leotard would break or tear. It didn’t. Instead it kept stretching while also pulling tighter and harder against her clitoris and also between her ass. She also noticed how the leotard got pulled down at the front and back and her breast started to bulge out from the top, with her nipples peeking out.

By the time she got her heels to touch down, having sank down with her feet now flat on the ground, the pressure in her crotch had started to really ache. But each time she bounced on her toes, the arousal of the movement inside her, compensated and soon she was actually humping the metal dildo, getting closer and closer to a massive orgasm. She felt the wetness leaking from her crotch and dripping along her inner thighs and finally she was so aroused, she lost all sense of shame.

“Oh daddy,” she groaned and then cried out as a massive orgasm tore though her body, almost making her lose her balance, something which she only barely prevented. And luckily so as the metal bar and dildo would have cause serious damage had she toppled over.

For quite some time she struggled to keep standing upright, the dildo still deeply embedded in her vagina, with the fabric of the stretched leotard still covering it inside her body. Her clitoris would have become numb from the constant high pressure if she had not kept raising herself on her toes now and then, releasing some of the pressure. But the exercise started to give her cramps in her feet and the calves of her legs, so she was standing on flat feet for longer times.

She had noticed how only the bullet shaped head of the dildo was inside her when she was fully on her toes, but if she was on flat feet, almost half the dildo was stuffed inside her, with the bullet brushing against her cervix. She tested that little sensation by sinking a little through her knees, which almost doubled the pressure of the fabric in her wedged crotch, but the cloth still did not break. And she sensed clearly how the rounded tip of the dildo started to press against her cervix at that depth. So she preferred to keep her legs straight and often fled to her toes when she could not bear the pressure anymore. And she noticed how all her movements kept her on her toes in another sense – she was still aroused, almost continuously close to another orgasm.
Very very erotic.



Chapter 24: Alisa the whore​

Alisa was taken to the infirmary the next morning for a quick check-up, but she appeared not to have been damaged much from her ordeal the previous day. She was cleaned up and then brought to Farouq in his interrogation room, where she was only briefly interrogated.
“Do you agree you are a whore?” asked the man briefly.
Alisa sighed. She still thought of herself as a victim, but her behaviour and feelings the previous day had confused her greatly. As happened before also. It made her wonder if she was really nothing more than a sex-crazed bitch, like Mahdi always used to say? Even her father thought of her as a prostitute. Maybe they were right.
“I guess,” she shrugged.
“You don’t sound convinced,” said Farouq. She shrugged again. She was naked and this man, who had no qualm about torturing her, seemed to be fully convinced about her being promiscuous. So what was the point of contradicting the accusation?
“Alright, we’ll have to investigate this further then,” he said and with a gesture at the guard, the door opened again and they took her down the halls, across the courtyard, to the old part of the prison complex.

They halted at a locked door. Alisa felt a bit nervous about being here, naked and held between two guards that were a head taller than she was. This old part of prison is where the bulk of the alleged terrorists were held, in crowded cells. Why was she here? Naked!
“Behind this door are some of the most criminal elements we captured while fighting Islamic State,” said Farouq. “None of them have managed to prove their innocence yet, but we have yet to establish the extent of their crimes, so they are not yet ready for execution.”
Alisa shivered and folded her arms around her naked body, as much as the guards allowed her.
“What are we doing here, you might ask. Why did I bring you here?” She nodded back at him as he formulate the questions that were going around in her mind.
“All these men haven’t seen a woman in months. And masturbation isn’t really an option when you’re packed in a cell with other men. Can you imagine how hungry they must be? Talk about blue balls. So, there’s much to pity these fellows, right? Do you feel pity for them?”
Alisa felt pity, not so much because they could not have sex, but because being locked up like that was inhuman and horrible. So she nodded.
“Well, it’s your job to bring them some sunshine today,” said Farouq while he took her by the arm while the guard opened the locks. Alisa stepped back and gasped.
“Are you going to toss me in there? Naked?”
“Yes, a good hooker like you will know what to do. Make these men human again. There’s only fifty of them in there and if you play your assets right, most will be satisfied in minutes.”
Alisa gasped and tried to turn away, but Farouq took her by the elbows and pulled her arms back.
“No panic,” he added, “we screened this cell and none of them are as rabiate that they will kill a woman instead of make love to her. Just… don’t be arrogant, alright?”
The door of the cell opened and Alisa gave a loud cry when she got pushed closer, arms held back, tits pointing forward.

The cell was large, packed with men, all on small mattresses that covered the entire floor, clothes hanging on self-made lines, personal belongings stacked in small boxes, some clothed in blue prison garb, others with bare chests. Some of the men got up when they saw the door opening and a naked woman being pushed into the door opening. Farouq spoke to them in Arabic. Alisa shuddered and tried to cover herself with her hands. A man inside answered and gestured at her. Farouq made some harsh comment, maybe even a threat or something. Two men then seemed to approve and nodded at him while they stepped closer to the woman and took her by the arms.

“Come,” said one of them in broken English, “we no bite.”
“Not hard bite,” chuckled another man. Alisa cried out as she tried to resist as she got pulled into the cell. Farouq slapped her on the butt.
“Have fun,” he said and then the cell door slammed shut.

Alisa gangrape1.png(Source images: Kink.com - Sasha Swift in Russian Mail Order Bride)

Alisa was looking around with panic in her eyes as she was surrounded by so many men. They all were much taller than she was and despite being locked up in here, some were still very muscular and strong. She didn’t stand a chance against them. They held her in their midst and she felt so terribly naked and vulnerable, she whimpered and trembled all over. Hands stroked her buttocks, legs, face, shoulders… anywhere really. One man squeezed her cheeks to open her mouth and he said something in Arabic. Another tried to pinch her nipples but she covered her breasts with her hands. Only to feel another guy slide his fingers over her vulva and between her labia, making her cringe at the intimate sensation. And as she tried to pull away from the hand, she stuck her butt to the back, immediately followed by fingers pressing between her buttocks, rubbing her anus.

Alisa cringed, whimpered and writhed, trying to escape the hands, but she had nowhere to go. The men were talking amongst each other and others joined in as well, forming circles around her. She didn’t understand what they were saying, but asked them repeatedly to have mercy.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” she whimpered.
(What is she saying?) someone asked in Arabic.
(She’s begging us to fuck her,) someone replied.
“Please, I’m just a prisoner, just like you,” she whimpered, not in answer to what they were saying and unsure if anybody understood her.
“Shhh,” said the man who was still caressing her cheeks and now put a finger into her mouth. She groaned and squirmed, unable to continue pleading with them, except with her eyes.
(She’s a Western whore.)
(Then she likes it rough.)
(All Western whores love to be hurt.)
Alisa cried out when her hands were pulled away from her breasts and someone grabbed her nipples between his fingers and started squeezing and pulling at them, hurting her bad.
(See? She is already close to an orgasm.)
(Pull harder, she loves that.)
(I know I do.)

Alisa gangrape2.png

They slapped her thighs hard and made her spread her legs, while other tortured her breasts by mauling her flesh and pulling at her nipples. Alisa cried out in agony and terror and desperately tried to escape the worst squeezing or slapping hands. Each time she covered a part of herself though, her hands were slapped away and she knew instinctively that they would only get more violent if she resisted them. So instead she suffered and wept while obeying the hints they gave her on how to stand and hold her body for them.

“You don’t need to hurt me,” she whimpered, “I will fuck you…” She desperately tried to show compliance, fearful that they might really hurt her or worse.
(What is she saying?)
(She’s asking for more.)
(Squeeze her tits, she likes that.)
(Spank her.)

The men slapped her ass, pussy, tits and even her face. They squeezed and pulled her breasts so hard, she screamed in pain. Nobody seemed to care that she suffered. Each scream only enticed them to become rougher with her.

(She is desperate for cock.)
(On her knees then.)

They forced her on her knees and all around her the men took their cocks out, hard and stinking cocks, which they then offered to her face. Alisa gasped and cried as they also kept pinching and slapping her. In an attempt to appease them she opened her mouth obediently and got a penis shoved inside. The smell and taste overwhelmed her and she gagged with a whimper when the men fucked her mouth, one cock after another, all using her mouth to get harder and more erect.

Alisa gangrape3.png

(She loves it in her throat.)
(Push deeper.)
(Fuck harder.)
(A typical Western whore.)
(Choke her with your cock.)

The men grabbed her face and fucked her mouth hard, pushing all the way into the entrance to her throat. Her arms were held back and her tits were slapped hard, or squeezed and pulled, anything to hurt her. Her body was burning all over. In the meantime they also touched her vulva and anus hard, stuffing her with fingers, or slapping her down there, making her weep with pain.

Alisa was scared. There were so many and they were so ruthless with her.
She knew she had to be as obedient as possible, doing nothing that might make them more violent towards her. But it was hard to keep herself together.

Alisa gangrape4.png

The men put her on hands and knees, fucking her mouth one by one, while they also stuffed fingers in her pussy and anus, stretching her orifices, testing how flexible she was, trying to hurt her inside as well as the outside.

Alisa retched violently when the first man came and she tasted the bitter salty semen that coated the inside of her mouth. She didn’t get time to spit as the next penis already pushed in and fucked her as brutal as the previous one.

Alisa gangrape5.png

Next they started pushing their penises inside her anus, fucking her ass as brutal as they fucked her mouth, with long and hard thrusts. The men didn’t last long though, excited as they were. Their cocks were rock hard and many needed no more than five terrible thrusts to start coming. The slimy semen filled her mouth as well as her anus, it ran down her chin and her inner thighs. The semen that she was forced to swallow, came back whenever she retched. It ran down her nose as well and she cried continuously, hurting all over, feeling sick and desperate.

Alisa gangrape6.png

There were some African men here as well, with larger cocks than the average men in there had. Alisa struggled to deepthroat such large cocks and when they fucked her anus or vagina, it really hurt. The larger cocks were not handled with more care, on the contrary, they fucked her even harder than the other ones did. Alisa soon felt so sore, she feared she had torn in several places already.

They made it harder when her vagina also got involved and they fucked her in three places at once, in her vagina, ass and mouth, all taking turns and switching places. No cock tasted good or made her feel good. Everything hurt. She never experienced pleasure, only pain. Yet the men were convinced she was enjoying it as much as they did and the more she cried, the harder they slapped or pinched her.

Alisa gangrape7.png

It got even worse when they did double penetrations of her vagina and later also her anus. The men didn’t mind running their penises together if only it was inside one of her extremely stretched openings. Alisa was bleeding by then and hanging on for dear life. Several times she fainted and they had to bring her around by slapping her face, after which they fucked her even harder. Her entire body was covered by semen, she burped and vomited semen, it ran out of her anus and vagina, along with blood from several tears.

When all the men had finished coming, they still were not done playing with her. Next they tried to fist her anus and vagina and even both at the same time. This really tore her up and she passed out several times while they fist-fucked her into oblivion.And finally she was so far out, she could not be brought back.

When all the men were satisfied, they dropped her limp body next to the door and the guards came to take her away.


In reviewing the previous chapter I'm not sure she isn't dead. But that can't be because dad has to show up and fuck his daughter for all to admire-especially Mahdi. Ha. Just waiting patiently here.


In reviewing the previous chapter I'm not sure she isn't dead. But that can't be because dad has to show up and fuck his daughter for all to admire-especially Mahdi. Ha. Just waiting patiently here.
She isn't dead yet, obviously. I'm still writing the next part.
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