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Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

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(Part 3 of 4)

“Lie down and pour the contents of the bottle into your ass,” instructed Mahdi next. She complied and carefully went down on her side, still keeping her vulva wide open for all to see while she slowly tilted the bottle inside her ass. She whimpered as she felt the cold liquid pouring into her rectum.

bottle anal2.png

“That’s not how you do it,” said Mahdi and he instructed her to get on hands and knees while he grabbed hold of the bottle. He shook it, causing the liquid to froth and foam and erupt from the bottle into her bowels. Alisa gasped and cried out when she felt her colon expanding under the massive eruption.

bottle anus.jpg

“This is what we want to see,” said Mahdi, emptying almost half the bottle into her ass. Alisa felt her head spin and since the wine was quickly absorbed by her bowels, she felt herself getting slightly drunk.

“Now take the bottle and clean it before you stuff it in your twat,” said Mahdi while he pulled the bottle from her ass and handed it to her.

Alisa bottle2.jpg

Alisa winced as she was forced to lick the bottle. It smelled like her ass and tasted filthy. But Mahdi wanted her to clean it thoroughly.
“You don’t want to take it in your womb dirty, do you?”
“What do you mean, take it in my womb?” whimpered Alisa.
“You heard me. I want that bottle to reach past your cervix into your baby chamber.”
Alisa shivered. Licking the neck of the bottle she felt it was a huge and very solid object. Pushing that into her cervix was surely going to hurt like hell.

Alisa bottle lick 3.png

“Don’t just lick the tip,” commented Mahdi, “take it deep into your mouth, get a feel for it and imagine that going into your womb.”

Alisa bottle lick 4.png

Alisa shivered at his words, but sucked on the bottle, taking it as deep as she could, while tears streamed down her face. This was proving to be much more horrible than she had imagined.


(Part 4 of 4)

When the men around her got impatient and Mahdi instructed her to get on with it, she put the bottle down on the floor and squatted down over it. With a sigh she pressed her slit against the mouth of the bottle and folded her sensitive flesh down around the glass neck. She had become wet enough to make her movements easy and she felt it arousing to slide herself up and down a little, feeling the ridges of the bottle top rubbing inside her vagina.

Alisa bottle3.jpg

“Take it deeper,” said Mahdi, “kiss it with your cervix.”

She whimpered as she took the bottle neck deeper still, feeling how it started to spread her vaginal entrance wider open while it also pressed up against her inner seal.

“Deeper,” said Mahdi, but Alisa whimpered and said she could not. Her cervix resisted entry as the bottle mouth was just too wide. And it was painful to push down on it any harder.

Alisa bottle5.jpg

“Your cervix has been breached and fucked several times,” commented Mahdi, “so it’s nonsense that you can’t accomplish this. Come on, fuck your womb with it. Stretch that cervix by taking it in and out.”

She whimpered and tried but shook her head again. Then the man with the flogger sprang into action and after pushing her down on her back, he started to flog her breasts.

Alisa bottle4.jpg

Alisa cried and wailed, begging the man to stop hitting her, while she used her hand to cover her slit to avoid getting hit on her clitoris as well. The man was aiming several times for her slit, but she managed to keep herself covered enough.

“Just push it in,” said Mahdi, “and we’ll stop flogging you.”

Alisa cried out and using her foot, she pushed the bottle harder and further inside.

With a scream she felt the mouth of the bottle slowly dilating her cervix and slipping into the tight seal to her womb.

They stopped hitting her at this point, but Mahdi told her to take the bottle and fuck herself with it.

“Spread your legs really wide and slip it in and out of your cervix a couple of times.

Alisa bottle fuck.png

Alisa complied with trembling hands and gagged when she felt the cold champagne bubbling and foaming inside her vagina, cervical passage and also her womb. It was a horrible sensation and as her womb expanded with the bubbles, it also hurt quite a lot.

“This is what we want,” commented Mahdi, “make the bottle cum inside your womb.”

Alisa bottle6.jpg

Alisa wept as she kept fucking herself, emptying the bottle further into her womb, until it was entirely empty. When she took the bottle out of her vagina, the champagne sprayed from between her pussy lips, though some remained inside her womb, where the alcohol added to her state of being drunk.

Mahdi finally was satisfied and told her to toss the bottle aside while he got a new one.

“Let’s go to the courtyard,” he said, “for your final show.”

Alisa whimpered softly and suddenly all her strength left her.

“Wait,” she whispered, trembling and not able to stand on her own two feet. Two men stepped in to support her and they dragged her along to follow Mahdi outside.


Will she indeed die of a combination of tortures all the others were condemned to? Thats the question. Send her out with an nice long bang or let the Cavalry rescue her-Ha! Wouldn't it be insane if her dad was head of the military operatives running both this Syrian prison and her her former situation. Suffer well and long my dear.



Chapter 28: Execution​

Part 1 of 6

The courtyard was crowded. Lots of male prisoners but also female prisoners wearing burkas. Everybody cheered when Alisa was dragged outside, naked, wobbling and swaying as if drunk. She was drunk in fact, and drugged as well, but mostly she was scared out of her mind.

Here she was again, in front of a crowd of furious men and women wanting her death, looking forward to her being tortured to death. And this time the prospect of escape was much nearer than before – the Syrian troops were no doubt encircling the prison. But she dreaded nobody was going to save her in time.

The two hulky men carried Alisa between them towards the platform where her execution awaited. She noted the gallows, ropes hanging down from them, and also the large stake erected in front of the platform. She shuddered and lost all ability to stand or walk.


Although the setup wasn’t entirely clear to Alisa, it looked dreadful and ominous. The ropes hanging down from the beam were clearly waiting for a victim and the pole rose ominous up into the air. The men dragged her up the stairs and onto the platform, where they made her wait at the side while they carried a large wooden cartwheel to the centre of the stage. Alisa watched puzzled as they attached ropes to the wheel and hoisted it up.

Alisa Wheel1.png

Next they made her lean against the wheel while it was swinging in the air, close to the pole. It was clear that the pole was just wide enough to fit into the centre hole of the wheel, if the thing was horizontal. Alisa gagged when they lowered the wheel, putting it flat on the platform and told her to step into it, placing her feet between the spokes of the wheel. More ropes where then attached to the wheel and they started to raise it horizontally while she had her legs stuck between the spokes. Alisa wrapped her arms around herself in apprehension, shivering in fear and dread while the wheel got hoisted up to her knees. Next they told her to spread her legs wider and they tied her legs to the spokes.

When she was attached to the wheel, they stopped lifting it with the ropes and she felt how heavy the thing was. It hung between her legs and she groaned as it was pulling her downward. The stupid thing weighed at least 35 kilograms and she was struggling to carry it with her legs.

Mahdi then came up to her and he held a fresh bottle of Champagne. All the labels had been removed and the metal cap was also gone. Instead a thin piece of string was tied around the neck and the cork, which was still in place.

“The string will prevent the cork from popping,” explained Mahdi as he handed her the bottle. “Typical champagne bottle size, don’t you think?” he added, as if that mattered to her. Well, it did matter, but not in a sense that she would be pleased about it.

“The cork is 33 mm wide,” he continued, mostly to irritate or humiliate her. Or maybe he tried to frighten her. Which he achieved easily.

“The body is 88 mm wide.” Alisa frowned. That was wider than the previous bottle had been. Mahdi grinned and nodded. “Yes, this bottle is slightly wider. I think the glass is thicker. The previous bottle was 80 mm wide, this is almost 90.” Alisa shivered. Everything above 60 was insane, she felt. She glanced at the pole and winced as the wooden pole appeared to be 60 mm wide. She scratched her previous thought – it was all insane.

“Still only 750 ml,” Mahdi went on, “but once it pops, it goes to five times that volume.”

Alisa gasped. She really didn’t want that bottle to pop inside her. And yet that was probably Mahdi’s intention, despite the string over the cork.

“I had this nicely chilled,” he added, “so it won’t pop too soon. And like I said, the string will hold the cork. For a while.” It confirmed her suspicion and she groaned in apprehension.

He handed the bottle to her and she took it from him with trembling hands. He was right about it being chilled. The bottle was cold in her hands and there was a lot of condensation on the glass.

Mahdi held a plastic flask to the bottle and he squirted thick globs of lubricant on the cork and neck.

“Use your hand to spread it all over,” he said, “you want this nice and smooth.”

She didn’t want that at all, but she knew she had little choice in the matter. With trembling hands she rubbed the lubricant over the cold and wet glass. She imagined dropping the bottle and watching it pop at her feet. That would be so much better than what they wanted her to do with it. But she was sure he had other bottles ready in case this failed.


Part 2 of 6

“Ready,” said Mahdi, “Now take it inside your vagina.”

Alisa was trembling and hesitated. The bottle felt heavy in her hands. Looking down she saw the wooden wheel that was tied to her knees, the large hole under her and slightly behind her. They had used the ropes to lift the wheel up again until she no longer had to carry it with her legs. With a whimper she understood how they were going to make her sit down on the wheel, placing the bottle over the hole where they were going to make the pole stick through. She shuddered visibly.

“Come on,” said Mahdi, “you can do it. Or do you need more motivation?” He gestured at one of the henchmen who was holding a flogger. She quickly shook her head and using one hand to open her vulva by pulling her lips wide, she used the other to press the thick cork of the bottle between her lips, against her vaginal opening.

Alisa bottle fuck2.png

With a groan she pushed the top of the bottle past the entrance and into her vagina. It was slippery enough to slide in easily and she had no trouble negating the 33 mm wide cork. Quickly the thing slipped deeper into her vagina, and she whimpered as she felt the excited response of her genital area, still stimulated by the drugs they had given her, as well as the alcohol that was in her system.

Alisa fucked herself with the bottle, slowly and arousing, but she was wincing at the same time. The coldness of the glass object spread inside her vagina and she shuddered as this was a very intense while it also cooled her excitement a little.

“Don’t shake the bottle,” said Mahdi, telling her to stop fucking herself with it. “I want you to hold the bottle upright while you sit down on the wheel.”

Alisa bottle7.jpg

Two men helped her balance by supporting her by her arms, while she used one hand to keep the bottle inside her vagina while she lowered herself. Her legs were trembling and she felt her eyes filling with tears. Her hand holding the bottle trembled. Was this really how this was going to end? They helped her aim the bottle at the centre of the wheel, where the hole for the pole was. With a shiver and a sigh she felt the bottle tap against the wooden structure and then she felt her weight slowly lowering on the cold bottle.

“Ow,” she whimpered, tears dripping from her eyes as she felt the bottle pushing deeper into her, spreading the entrance of her vagina wider open, while pressing her cervix down against the slippery cork. She quickly glanced at Mahdi, who nodded at her and confirmed what she expected. She had to take the top into her cervical passage while making her entire weight rest on it.

She sobbed and panted. Her legs were shaking while she adjusted her position a little and with trembling knees she lowered herself further down on the big bottle, gasping as she felt the pressure against her cervix rising painfully. She was still dilated enough to make the cork and mouth of the bottle slip into the tight inner seal, but it still hurt. With a grunt of pain she felt her cervix spreading around the top and sinking lower still. Then her vaginal ring came to rest on the lower part of the neck and her weight held. It hurt as her vaginal entrance was already stretched wider than before. With almost 15 cm of the bottle inserted, she was close to stretching herself to the widest part of the bottle. But Mahdi was satisfied for now.

While the two men kept supporting her, she was told to grab the two ropes in front of her, which were holding the wheel horizontally under her. She complied and cried out when all of a sudden the ropes pulled upward, lifting both the wheel and herself off the platform. With a yelp of fear she felt her feet lift off the wooden planks and she held on as tight as she could, her knuckles white with the tight grip of her hands on the ropes lifting the wheel up. She felt her head spin as she sat there, on a wobbling bottle, held up by a dangling wheel, hanging from four ropes. They placed ladders against the platform at both sides of the pole in front of her, while the beam above her was swung forward. Again she cried, watching as she swung over the pole and suddenly it all became all too real for her. She screamed and tried to lift herself, gripped by terror and fright. She no longer had the platform beneath her. The ground was at least three meters below her now. Then she swung over the pole.


Part 3 of 6

Alisa could not really lift herself up as she had nothing to push off against. And pulling at the ropes that were also lifting the wheel, only resulted in both the wheel and the bottle tilting, which caused terrible cramps inside her abdomen. She cried out and screamed and begged the men to stop and pull her back.

Alisa Wheel bottle1.png

The wheel tapped against the pole a few times and each time it got closer to the hole. Alisa kept yelping and groaning, her weight precariously balancing on the bottle that was stuck in her vagina, while her legs were tightly bound to the wheel. Each time she shifted her body of tilted her pelvis a little, it ached really bad inside her cervix, where the top of the bottle was stuck.

With a cheer of the crowd below the hole finally found it’s mark and slipped over the top of the pole. They lowered the wheel a little further, until Alisa cried out when she suddenly felt the bottle lifting, pushing harder against her wide open slit. The bottom of the bottle was now resting on the pole which poked through the wheel. She desperately pulled at the ropes that were holding the wheel up and tried to lift herself again, but she had no way to find relief this way. She then tried to use her leg muscles to lift herself and this worked a little, but she could feel how it was impossible to raise herself upright from this sitting position without any other form of support. Besides, her muscles would not be able to hold her up for very long.

Alisa wheel.png

They had of course noticed how the poor girl was lifting herself by using her thigh muscles and they compensated the few centimetres she had managed to win this way, by lowering the wheel a few more centimetres. Alisa cried out when she felt the pressure on the bottle increasing again. Her legs trembled as she kept trying to lift herself while her hands pulled frantically at the ropes, without scoring much result. She groaned and whimpered as the pressure at the entrance of her vagina kept increasing as her weight kept pressing down harder on the widening bottle. She desperately reached above her head, grabbing hold of the rough ropes and tried to lift herself by pulling herself up. This worked better, but it was heavy as she not only had to lift her body with her arms, but the weight of the wheel as well, as it was tied to her legs. She cried, groaned and struggled and gasped as she felt the wheel and her body lifting, but the bottle lifted along as well. The hole in the wheel was not wide enough for the bottle to fit in and as the wheel rose up, so did the bottle. It didn’t help at all and she screamed in frustration. And as her arms grew tired pretty quickly, she had to lower herself again, crying out when she felt her vagina stretching even wider around the bottle, almost as wide as the body itself.

Again she tried to lift herself up a little, when all of a sudden she felt hands on her feet. She jerked and tried to pull her feet away, but the hands grabbed hold of her ankles as well and they started to pull her downward. And not only that, they started to swivel her from left to right. The bottle was pressing so hard into her, that it remained almost entirely in place while her body swivelled around it, if only a little, which was just enough to lower any friction and cause her vagina to sink even lower around the massive glass object.

Alisa screamed when she felt her vagina spreading around the wide body and even lowering around it, while the top of the bottle started to slide up inside her cervical passage. But pretty soon she was stuck again, her genital area painfully stretched and carrying her weight.

Mahdi told his minions to stop pulling at her legs and he instructed the men on the platform to make the necessary preparations for her further punishment. Alisa gasped and cried out when the two men got on the ladders next to her and after freeing her hands from holding on to the ropes, they pulled her hands behind her back and tied her wrists with rope, which was then pulled downward and attached to the wheel. Not only was she no longer able to balance herself or lift herself with her arms, she was now attached to the wheel at three points, with both knees and her hands.

To make matters worse they started wrapping ropes around her breasts, tightly squeezing her fleshy orbs until they were two painfully swollen balloons. The ropes were then attached to hooks which were lowered above her and she felt panic rising as she realized they were going to pull her upward using those ropes. Which they immediately did, until she screamed in agony. Her weight was slowly carried by her breasts as the ropes pulled her upward. She had been lifted up by her breasts before, but this time it was much worse and really painful enough to make her head spin and almost vomit in agony. The wheel added almost 50 kilograms of weight to her body. It really almost felt like her sensitive breasts were being ripped from her chest when they carried all that weight.


Next they detached the ropes that held the wheel up, making it dangle freely from her knees while still fitted around the pole. They quickly lowered the four ropes and there they were held by four men who used the ropes to balance the wheel and keep it horizontally. And by pulling at the ropes they could also pull the wheel downward, adding even more pull to her aching breasts. Alisa almost fainted when she felt them playing with her aching body, pulling her upward or downward by either pulling her breasts up or by lowering her breasts and making her weight sink down on the bottle.

When they stopped pulling her up and down, they left her sitting there, on top of the pole, sitting on the large bottle which was resting on the tip of the pole that stuck through the wheel. Alisa was in so much pain, she was panting and crying continuously. Her vagina was aching really bad from the enormous intrusion of an almost 9 cm wide bottle. Her cervix was also aching really bad from having the corked top of the bottle forced deep in that tight inner seal. Her breasts were constantly burning from being tied so tightly and though her weight was no longer hanging from the ropes, she was still held upright by a constant slight pull at her sore breasts.

By now Alisa was convinced she truly was going to die this time. Up to this point she had clung to the miserable hope of Mahdi calling it off and telling her she had been punished enough. Or the slight hope she had that the Syrian troops would storm the prison and free them all. Or kill them, which was at this point also fine with her. Because she started to think of death as a release, a final end of all her suffering.


Part 4 of 6

Mahdi spoke to the crowd, explaining how much of a whore she was and how she was going to prove that by cumming despite the horrible ordeal she was in. He climbed the ladder and showed Alisa two electrical devices her had found in the infirmary. Alisa recognized them and shivered. With a wail she felt how Mahdi started to insert a thin probe into her anus. It was hard to get it in as the bottle stretched her vagina so wide, there was little room for her anus left to spread. When the plug was deep inside her, reaching all the way up in her rectum and pressing painfully into the side of her womb, he let it rest against the wheel under her. Next he used his fingers to spread her vulva at the front and search out her clitoris. He attached a metal clamp to the sensitive little button. The clamp was attached to the probe in her ass with a wire and she knew what was going to happen. But when Mahdi switched the electrical probe on, it still caught her with surprise.

With a scream she felt a current starting to run from the top of the probe inside her rectum, through her meat to the clamp attached to her clitoris. The electrical pulses were not strong enough to burn, but just the right amount to make her muscles spasm. And her clitoris started to get really warm and excited. Alisa cried out when she felt her vagina and even her womb spasm with rhythmical contractions. It made her very aware of the dimensions of the bottle stuck inside her body. It also felt like her womb was milking the bottle or sucking on it. At the same time she felt her clitoris getting warm and tingling strongly, which caused her lower body to jerk and writhe, almost as if she was trying to fuck the bottle. And as her forced arousal started to grow, she realized they were going to force her to have orgasms while she suffered.

“Get ready for the best orgasms in your life,” said Mahdi to her while he forced a mouth gag on her to stop her constant pleading and begging for mercy. Now she could only moan and grunt.

Alisa was horrified when she sensed how her body was quickly getting aroused, despite the horrible pain she was also sensing in her vagina, womb and breasts. She tried to stop the exciting feelings by focusing on the pain, but it didn’t work. The electric probe was merciless in sending pulses through her aching muscles and she could feel her lower body starting to relax because of it. With a muffled cry of despair she felt her vagina slowly sinking down around the broad bottle, making it slide deeper into her cervical passage as well. But instead of adding pain to her body, it added to her excitement, which baffled her and caused her to squirm and shake all over. Deeper still her body sank down over the bottle and in despair she clenched her lower muscles to stop her descent into horror. This increased the sensations of her pulsing vagina, adding to her arousal and with a muffled scream she felt her body starting to convulse as the first orgasm hit her.

The crowd watched in silence how the naked girl sat trembling and shaking on the wheel, high on the pole, her vagina slowly but surely sinking down over that massive green bottle. Her tits were tightly bound but her weight was no carried by the ropes leading up. Her entire weight was resting on the bottle and her convulsing body slowly but surely worked her tight vagina to fold deeper around the wide base of the bottle. She was unmistakably having a whole series of orgasms, as her legs were trembling, her body was convulsing, her stomach was visibly spasming and her cries were loud and full of lust.

The men were allowed to walk up to her and touch her. They caressed her feet, claves and reaching up they also used hands to stroke her inner thighs, all of which added to her constant arousal. Through a haze of blurred sensations, Alisa also felt fingers rubbing her widely stretched vaginal lips, as if they massaged her and tried to help her take more of the massive bottle inside her body. It worked as slowly but surely she took millimetre after millimetre of the massive object inside her. She could clearly sense how the corked top of the bottle had passed through her cervical channel and was now pushing up inside her womb. Her womb itself was spasming around the foreign intruder, which was both painful and yet also exciting. She felt so full and yet her excitement lusted for more. The pain was becoming completely blurred with her excitement, almost as if the pain itself made her feel much more intense. This was undoubtedly the fuck of her life, though despite her highly confused mind, she also realized it was the fuck of her death.


Part 5 of 6

Nobody was able to count how many orgasms Alisa suffered, but after half an hour the bottle appeared to be stuck at a point where most of it had been forced inside her body. Only the bottom five cm was still visible outside her widely stretched vulva. The poor woman was clearly suffering terrible pains and cramps. The forced orgasms became less and less and finally also stopped. She was so out of her mind at this point, that she sometimes appeared to lose consciousness, her head flopping while her body kept convulsing with the forced orgasms.

Though her entire weight, with the added weight of the wooden wheel, was pressing down on the large bottle, it remained stuck inside her overly stretched vagina, with much of her weight resting on the tight ring of her cervix that had now reached the bottom of the neck of the bottle and refused to stretch the rest of the way. The corked top of the bottle had reached the upper part of her womb and was stretching the little organ way up inside her abdominal cavity, causing her terrible cramps.

Mahdi climbed the ladder again and switched off the electrical devices. Then he gave her something to drink from a bottle, which was water with added drugs to revive her. But for now they kept her sitting on the bottle, allowing her body to calm down a little while her openings settled in the stretched position. Slowly Alisa recovered somewhat, until she was fully awake again. She could sense the pain of the intrusion of her lower body. Her breasts ached because they were still bound, but they didn’t carry any of her weight. She was entirely resting on the bottle inside her vagina, cervix and womb.

Alisa looked down between her obscenely bound breasts and noticed how her belly was somewhat swollen from the added volume of having almost an entire champagne bottle stuck up her vagina. She couldn’t imagine how they managed to get it this deep into her. The pain slowly lost its sharpness but a dull and throbbing ache remained. Especially in her cervix, which carried most of her weight at this point.

After half an hour Mahdi came up to her again, offering more spiked water to her. He also wiped some of the sweat from her face, which kept stinging in her eyes.

“Ready for the next phase?” he asked.

“No,” she replied softly with a hoarse voice. “Just kill me already.”

“Your end is near,” he replied, “but we need one more last effort from you.”

She shook her head but he continued anyways.

“One more orgasm,” he said “the biggest orgasm you ever had. Are you ready?”

Alisa gasped when the electrical devices got turned back on, this time stronger than before. Immediately she felt her vagina and womb spasming violently while at the same time her clitoris seemed to throb with pleasure. As she gave a loud scream, Mahdi climbed back down and ordered some of the others to grab her by the ankles and start swivelling her while also gently pulling her downward.

Alisa cried out again and again as she felt her lower body swivelling back and forth, her vagina now also slowly moving around the massive bottle. Any friction was lost and all her weight pressed downward around the bottle. At the same time the electric stimulation caused her vagina and womb to clench and unclench around the unforgiving hard object and she felt her arousal rising higher and higher as she was slowly forced up towards another orgasm. Her entire body started to tremble and shake and she wailed loudly.

“She’s getting close,” said Mahdi, “prepare for the hammering.”

Two men took position next to the pole, each carrying a large hammer, ready to strike the post. And as soon as Alisa started to convulse, the orgasm wrecking through her body, they started to pound against the wooden pole, sending strong tremors up through the wood. The tremors caused the bottle to tremble and shake as well and Alisa gave a muffled scream when those tremors translated through her lower body, adding to the tremendous orgasm she was experiencing.

“Here it comes,” said Mahdi, “strike harder!”

They hit the wooden pole even harder, causing the bottle to shake even wilder and suddenly the pressure inside the already agitated bottle became so high, the rope around the cork broke and the cork itself popped.


Part 6 of 6

Alisa felt an extremely fierce pain inside her womb when the cork hit the soft tissue of her internal organ. But at the same time she felt an even fiercer pain when the bubbling wine erupted inside her womb, expanding the little organ with extreme speed. Her entire belly expanded when the liquid burst free from the pressurized bottle and into her womb.

“Pull!” shouted Mahdi and the men holding her feet started to pull her downward by almost hanging from her lower legs. Alisa screamed and shook all over when her body was pulled down over the bottle. Her expanding womb forced her cervix lower and stretching around the body of the bottle, which was now able to penetrate her womb even deeper. The bottle disappeared from view and Alisa’s vagina started to sink down over the wooden pole as the wheel slipped down around it and her body followed the descent. In the meantime they kept hitting the pole to keep agitating the champagne and expand further, giving her the appearance of being pregnant. The escaped carbon dioxide had nowhere to go and it inflated her womb up to a fully pregnant volume while the bottle kept going up into her cervix, like a large glass baby.

Alisa felt a pain she had never felt before. Her entire abdomen was burning with pain, her womb aching so bad, it felt like she was giving birth in reverse. And still the electrical pulses caused her body to convulse in an ever enduring orgasm. Then suddenly her eyes got really wide and she raised her head up in a silent scream. Pink foam erupted from her mouth, forming a fountain, as if her body was having a massive orgasm and she was ejaculating from her mouth.

It was clear the bottle had punctured not only her womb but also her stomach and the gas and liquid that was trapped inside her womb had only one way out, through her stomach and oesophagus out of her mouth.

In the meantime two men were now hanging from her lower legs, pulling her down over the pole while the mixed champagne and blood ran down on them. The woman was sinking lower and lower over the pole, fully impaled on the wooden shaft that kept pushing the bottle higher and higher into her body, puncturing her diaphragm and traveling up past her lungs into her chest. This caused the flow into her mouth to stop again, plugging the way as the bottle advanced, which made her still look as if she was pregnant.

Alisa was still alive at this point, though breathing was very hard and she whole body was convulsing and shaking. A bulge started to appear at the base of her neck as the bottle reached her collarbone and started to push up into her neck. She gagged as she tried to keep breathing but the way was blocked and no air could reach past the massive object stuck in her chest.

The men kept pulling at her body, pulling her even lower over the wooden pole, while the bottle was pushed higher and higher into her chest. Her neck started to bulge even wider and when she dropped her head backwards, eyes wide in absolute horror, overwhelmed as she was with the incredible pain of being impaled like that, the mouth of the bottle broke through her throat and into her mouth until it appeared out of her face, all bloody and shining, champagne still bubbling from it in an obscene imitation of cumming.

Alisa died at that moment.



Chapter 29: Aftermath​

Mahdi climbed the ladder to wipe Alisa’s face and said “It looks like I don’t need to mercy kill you after all. And I apologize for not decapitating you as well. But you have to agree your death was a blast.” He chuckled and climbed down again. Everybody watched the now dead woman being impaled on that large pole, with a champagne bottle coming out of her mouth, her breasts still bound and carrying some of her weight by the ropes. It was quite a sight.

Later that day the Syrian troops entered the prison and there was a terrible battle. According to records all prisoners died. But who knows, maybe Mahdi survived for his creative talent to torture a woman to death. In the real world the wicked rarely get what they deserve.

Alisa’s friends had been taken by the Syrians as soon as they had been released from the prison. They had however not been set free entirely and soon they found themselves in another prison, with more torture and abuse. Alisa’s sacrifice had been for nothing. But that’s another story.


This ends the ordeals of Alisa Foxen. I hope you enjoyed the two long stories.
I did indeed. Ripping end and great creative use of the bottle in her impaling. The end vignette with the bottle still "cumming" while it exited her mouth was brilliant. Excellent story telling Doragon and greatly appreciate your effort on this story. Though that shit Mahdi didn't get it in the end-Ha,ha. Thanks


I should add that though you wrapped Alisa up much as promised with a combination of tortures and an apology for not cutting her head off the tits did seem to mis
a sort of torture besides simply hanging by themn. Kind of thought you might give them a little needle work or cattle prod. This on reflection as I take a break from work. Of course all is done and thats fine. Still will send along artwork as I get to it because this story deserves further illustration besides the fine photo's you supplied.


I should add that though you wrapped Alisa up much as promised with a combination of tortures and an apology for not cutting her head off the tits did seem to mis
a sort of torture besides simply hanging by themn. Kind of thought you might give them a little needle work or cattle prod. This on reflection as I take a break from work. Of course all is done and thats fine. Still will send along artwork as I get to it because this story deserves further illustration besides the fine photo's you supplied.
The heavier ending might be more your style than mine. I am satisfied with the way Alisa was ended.

Your illustrations are more than welcome.


Alisa Foxens Post Mortem Autopsy and propaganda report. An in depth examination of her bottle and post impalememt , focusing primarily on the internal damage she might have experienced during the impalement process. This report is written by governement authorities who recovered her body and are planning to use her death as a propaganda tool to create sympathy for the regime. Besides detailed analysis of the physical and mental reaction to impalement there is background information on her, speculation about Mahdi and the four girls who were re-captured by the regime. I wrote this after doing some research on actual impalement physiology and as an expansion of the Alisa Foxen universe. Doragon has approved this as an addendum to his story.


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