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Gabriella flogged to death

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Would say toward the end...
An alleged situation:
An immature and unconscious young man shouted from the crowd:
"No, you fucking bastards! Stop whipping her!"
It was a young man who had just arrived in the city. His name was Marco, and when he saw the mob concentrated in one place, he had gone there and could see the savage punishment of the young Gabriella. And he remembered his own childhood where he had played with a Celtic girl on an occasion when both peoples still lived together in peace and the Romans were still not too many. That girl was Gabriella. He had recognized her from a peculiar mole on her right man. A mole that had not been covered by the lashes that were given to the poor girl.

Marco did not know the crime committed by the young woman, but all he knew was that she was being savagely flogged. And that body that was once admired naked, slim, desirable, ... was now torn apart by the Roman scourges.
"Leave her, you cursed! Assassins!" Marco said, raising a dagger that he had taken from his tunic.
As amazing as it may seem, the guards were slow to react and the young man was able to stab the dagger in the chest to one, while he ran towards the scaffold, and he was able to wound another in the arm. Another was stabbed in the lower abdomen.
But finally reality prevailed and when the young man was looking at Gabriella, she shook her head indicating that it was all useless. This is how Marco received a terrible stab from a Roman gladius in the back. And he was already falling to the ground, when he received two more wounds in the shoulder and in the left hip. And young Marco, already on the ground, was cruelly stabbed.
The dying Gabriella watched as her punishment would continue.
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