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Galley Slaves Gallery

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Here's a work of prose,inspired by that bloody fantastic scene,from "The Magic Christian"....


Rows,and rows of Women,
Young,attractive and virile,
Slaves sent to utter purgatory,
Bodies streaked with grime,
Cruel heavy oars,their company..

Their Menfolk sent to harsh servitude ,
Captued villagers,and soldiers alike,
Some condemned to the Arena,
To serve and die,as Gladiators,
A gruesome bloodied entertainment...

A veritable cultural work-bounty,
Spoils of long running wars,
Europeans,Negroes and Arabians
Blondes,Brunettes and Redheads,
All branded,reluctantly owned....

Chained to their hard benches,
Bound feet spread far apart
Pressing against floor beams
Trembling legs opened wide,
Their sex lewdly displayed....

Most girls were naked,ashamed,
Others wore a simple loincloth,
Stained material,barely covering,
Shamefully denuded exposed to all,
Helpless victims, human booty...

Pushing and pulling,eternally stressed,
Female slaves rowing rhythmically,
A back-breaking unceasing torture,
Working to the constant drum-beat...

Back and forth,they miserably toiled,
A whip-crack,painful encouragement,
Girls swearing moaning in exertions,
Servants to the brutal Empire....

Nude hairy genitals on display,
Pink vaginal slits showing,
Juicy lips opening and closing,
Hips thrusting,back and forth,
Sexually provocative,enticing almost...

Jiggling sweat soaked breasts,
Bosoms of various shape and size,
Ringed Nipples bouncing erotically,
Upwards,sideways always moving,
Self-conscious, embarrassed blushing...

A strict sadistic unkind regime,
Miscreants not tolerated swiftly punished,
Screaming victims swiftly unchained,
Mercilessly flogged at the upright post,
Lashed until a bloodsoaked mess....

Justice is swiftly administered,
Sentenced to a horrible death,
Summarily crucified,on the X-Cross,
Naked body nailed to the wood,
A grim reminder to those watching....

Unfortunate female struggles in vain,
Screams subside,becoming moans,
Blood loss and shock take their toll,
Dying in agonized utter despair,
A brutal grave reminder of life's lottery...

Helpless slaves observe fearfully,
But there's no time to gawp,
A sharp pain across the shoulders,
Shouted insults,to resume work,
Once more powered by feminine resolve...

At the day's end,oars are lifted,
Wet exhausted girls now slumped,
Bodies panting,muscles shivering
Unable to move,spent tearful sounds
Trickles of warm piss unchecked....

Desperately some girls hoped irrationally,
Their efforts would be noticed,rewarded,
A coy teasing smile,eyes gazing flirtingly
Breasts perkily upthrust,licking lips sexily
Catch someone's attention...please....!!

Unchained at Captains own request,
Taken up above,a night of pleasure
(or so they stupidly thought...!!)
Harsh reality is somewhat different,
A horrifying brutal Rape ordeal....

Fucked in every awful way imaginable,
Terrified screams silenced forever,
Throats sliced open blood now flows
Dead bodies thrown overboard,
A callous irrelevant way to expire....

New slaves unwillingly employed chained,
A continuous stream of human misery,
Onwards the Vessel moves relentlessly
Continuously the nude slaves rowed,
Backwards and forwards monotonously...

Frightened,cowed,pathetic determined,
A mixture of negative raw emotions
The overpowering stench of suffering
A lifetime of unending hardship,grief,
Their sad tortuous journey....to nowhere.

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Frightened,cowed,pathetic determined,
A mixture of negative raw emotions
The overpowering stench of suffering
A lifetime of unending hardship
Their sad tortuous journey....to nowhere.


Mercifully the end ... :very_hot:

That just about covers everything! ;)


Was it the Emperor Nero who had a galley rowed by nubile young women? Certainly seems like the kind of thing he might do.
Or maybe it was his mother's boat, the one rigged to fall apart in the middle of the bay of Naples?
See Agrippina the Younger-http://fascinatinghistory.blogspot.com/2005/05/nero-and-agrippina.html
"However, despite Agrippina's efforts, Nero planned to get her drowned in a faulty boat, but this did not work as she swam very well and was able to get a passer by to help her out of the water. She now knew for sure that Nero was determined to have her murdered and rumours have it that it was then that she started to plan Nero's death. Nevertheless, he was one step ahead of her and finally sent some assassins to have her killed. "
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