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Galley Slaves Gallery

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I have some fine manips of galley slaves. Unfortunately I don't know who produced these pictures. Anyone on our forum who can make me smarter?
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Numbers three and four must be from a movie, unfortunately I have never seen it.

3 and 4 are from a very bad film called "The Magic Christian", about the first (and only) voyage of a cruise ship. The "engine room" scene with topless rowers and a whip-wielding Raquel Welch is the only good bit.

Fun fact: Christopher Lee is credited as "Ship's Vampire". He must have needed the money.


I know it's just fantasy.
I know it's just about the kink.
I know nobody cares about history and just want to see boobs and whips and rape.

But talking just for me it is one of these things that *drive me crazy* when I see another 'Roman' warship filled with slaves.
No pre-medieval warship ever was rowed by slaves. Never!
And tiny, little girls???
Come on!

(Rant over ...)
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