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Game of Torments

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Lord Ludwig

OK, a few premises. First of all, I am well aware I am no artist. I dabble a bit with words, and with them I have some skills. Photoshop I only started using late in 2020, learning the basics thanks to the enormous patience of @doe1971 and even now I still barely can handle the basics. Plus I lack the patience to spend whole days refining a single image. I do this purely for my pleasure, well knowing it's a very sloppy way of working. But I had some good reactions over at JD's Bazar, so I decided to put the various pics here, expanding a bit the narrative.

Second: I am using material by Agan Medon. I consider him one of the greatest artists in our specific field of interest, along with the likes of ASennov, Jucundus, Quoom, Arcimboldo and of course JD. Alas he seems to be inactive since four or five years, so I cannot ask him for permission. Of course all artistic merit is his for the original works, and if he or those having intellectual property of his works object to what I am doing here I will immediately remove all images.

Third, of course this is all fantasy. No harm intended toward real people, just a slightly more twisted version of the ASOIAF universe.

Should anybody want to add to this thread by posting GoT related material in whatever form, they are welcome. So here we go with the first scene...

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