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German and Austrian Culture and Words ( to run away but also having fun with it before )

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Stumbling Seeker
Are GPS microchips implanted during the corona vaccination so that they can find out where I am at any time? :risas3:
Anyway on the origin of that idea, it seems that it started with language trickery.

The mRNA vaccines encapsulate their payload in 'liposomes' of a size of 200 nanometers or less.

These are also often referred to as 'nanoparticles'.

So someone ran with the idea that 'injecting nanoparticles' means 'injecting nanotechnology' ...

... and of course 'nanotechnology' has to be little robots...


Sometimes, I wonder how people with such ideas can lead "an almost normal life" and find so many others with similar crazy ideas.

At least in German internet forums, they are often writing their crazy ideas in such a very bad German - writing in absolutely correct "High German" is often really difficult (!) - so that many of them arouse easily the attention of the better educated Germans and then, they have to suffer from tough or funny returns or "back-strikes" from the more intelligent average Germans.

Because many of those conspiracy theorists are also right-wing-extremists or real neo-nazis, they sometimes use nazi-symbols for their "subculture" and many of their German opponents from the political left are using persiflages or mockery of their colors, flags or symbols to show how ridiculous they are for them.

In Germany, it has almost become a science of its own to find through all the use of symbols or their opposite use by the enemies of Nazis.
For example, what I found very funny was the use of this swastika parody by left "nazi-hunters" who called themselves "Hooligans against correct Sentence Structure" in internet forums:

Ashampoo_Snap_2021.01.13_03h24m38s_001_.jpg It usually means:

"Great! Now you can be proud of yourself because you have finally managed to write one single sentence of your nazi-propaganda in correct "High German!" !


Concerning "proud": I have never seen before such silly combinations of (tattooed) nazi symbols like beneath the "storm troopers" which stormed the US Capitol last week.
Even the most famous Swiss newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" had an article about that and other newspapers wrote that much more countries should outlaw the use of such symbols like Germany or Israel did:

But on the other hand, the extremists then find some almost forgotten old symbols from a completely different history in an opposite sense and use it for their own purposes.
There is one example which really makes me angry, because right-wing-extremists and neo-nazis are using during the last five years or so this flag as their symbol of "resistance" against our German state authorities or against the so-called "Merkel's Corona-dictatorship" etc.:

This is the "Wirmer-Flag", which was discussed as the new German flag after the fall of "Third Reich" between the German resistance fighters who tried to kill Hitler on 20th of July 1944. It has the German national colors in similarity to the cross flags of all European Nordic flags like the national flags Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.
After 1955 or so, it was almost completely forgotten because the German parliament chose the national flag like we know it today.
But this "Wirmer-Flag" is now suddenly used by German right-wing-extremists and neo-nazis as symbol of their "resistance" against our democracy and this is outrageous for me and certainly also for the heirs of the real resistance fighters against Hitler.

Anton Wirmer, the son of Josef Wirmer, who designed this flag, is truely horrified by the use of this flag by neo-nazis because they are representing everything against his father was fighting in 1944! :

And if you are interested in other symbols, which you could often see used by the crazy people who stormed the US Capitol last week, there are some more informations here below ...
(By the way, in Germany, according to the German legislation and in principle, the German police would have had to intervene before they were on the steps of the Capitol because their symbols on flags were outlawed and the police would have had to take their flags away and collect money fines right in that place.)

in English:

and in German:

and in German some information about the legislation on outlawed nazi symbols in Germany:

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Graf von Kreuzigung
Interesting, the first time I hear about the Wirmer Flag.

I just wonder whether the southern states (the old kingdoms and duchies like Baden, Württemberg and Bavaria) would have easily rallied under such a 'nordic' symbol (calling it a 'Piefke-Flag'?).


Maybe, Bavaria might have had a problem because Bavaria had similar "cultural" problems with the Northern "Prussians" as Austria(ns) always had / did, but usually and as long as all other Germans (or German "tribes" ;) ) accepted a new legislation, the Bavarians said: "OK, we insist on our special Bavarian culture and political ideas, but as all the other German federal states accept it, we will do the same, too - but certainly under special Bavarian conditions because 'Mia san mia!'"! (= Bavarian for High German: "Wir sind wir!" or: "We are We!")

By the way and as far as I know, usually only the Austrians are using the expression "Piefkes" for almost all Germans, the traditional Bavarians are still complaining about the "Northern Germans" by calling almost all of them "Preißn" (= "Prussians").
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For the real Bavarian 'Preißn' are not just "Northern Germans" but everyone who is not Bavarian, including those who are living within the borders of 'political Bavaria' (written Bayern' with y) but not members of the bavarian tribe (written 'Baiern' with i).
'Preußen' also includes all kinds of foreigners, statements like "Saupreiß, amerikanischer" (you can put in any national or geographical denomination instead of 'amerikanischer') are not unheard of.

Many, non-bavarian Germans could not help to ask themselves whether a big wall (or many, many of them) seperating a part of Germany from the other was not such a bad idea after all ...


I must admit that I did not hear before the expression "Saupreiß, amerikanischer!" but it is surely possible because "Baiern" are different than almost all other Germans.

I am old enough to remember a Bavarian "TV scandal" in May 1986, in which the Bavarian TV stations were ordered - because of extreme conservative political positions by the Bavarian TV-director (and parts of the Bavarian government) - NOT to broadcast a poltical satire & TV show, which was broadcast everywhere else in Western Germany and possible to be seen in every other part of Germany, even in most of the so-called "German Democratic Republic" of those times.

The German newspapers in the following days were full of satirical jokes and private statements like "I will use the now foreign state of Bavaria only for transit into really free democracies like Austria or the 'un-Bavarian rest of' the Federal Republic of Germany!"

Or: "What is the difference between the GDR and Bavaria?" -> "Even in most parts of the GDR you could receive yesterday the TV of the really free Western Germany, but not in Bavaria!"

That was the day, when many Germans thought for the first time, the wall of the GDR was never really put at its best place.
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