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Girls With Swords!, For Erin

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That is a very helpful perspective. So, reasonably easy for a couple of guards to simply overpower or disable the condemned without actually killing them so they can get the person to the proper spot for the execution.

Oh hell yeah. A stick is probably the first hand held weapon our ancestors ever used and it has never gone out of style. Give me a good solid 8 foot wood staff and you can pick any sword you'd like and I'm winning the vast majority of the time.

Because we live in a world where close combat without projectile weapons isn't common place we don't realize how creative or how much common sense our ancestors probably applied to any give situation. (Or even how to use the bloody things right. The number of 'sword masters" out there who don't have a clue is frightening.)

Let's take the execution for example.

1) Guards for the prisoner don't need weapons because the guards for the guards have weapons that can be deployed if necessary and are actually more concerned with a rescue attempt by armed assailants than the prisoner actually trying something. Besides why put something serious within the prisoner's reach that they could use as a weapon?
2) Control of the prisoner merely takes a few lusty lads with restraints and a hand club to knock them out if they give any trouble. Once awake the find themselves restrained (and being tied up can be very instructive as well as a LOT of fun) and do you really think the guards are above dragging them down the stairs face first by their ankles?

During the Roman Civil Wars a defeated General often committed suicide because they knew how easy it was to capture them alive and then turn their execution into a long painful humiliating experience. We know today that Richard III of England did not die during the Battle of Bosworth but was executed some time after the Battle (probably in front of Henry Tudor who was not known as a skilled warrior). Richard was well known as a good warrior and personally brave. In all likelihood, when he realized all was lost, he plunged into the battle seeking a honorable death (knowing what was in store for him if captured) and despite being heavily armored (and dealing with that is another story for another day) was captured.

Hollywood etal just creates what they think looks great and will sell. Being anywhere near accurate is far from their minds.

Now can we discuss why you DON'T wear armor when taking some chick?


I think encountering a beautiful girl with a sword - or perhaps better a war-ax - appealing erotically. First and a miserable sniveling boy I would quiver in fear at the mere sight of such woman. Then I would kneel and Surender as her prisoner of slave, With luck she would find some use for me thus allowing me to serve her for a while before she finishes me.
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