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Giving birth

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There is not a pain more useful, true and magnificent than a Woman giving birth. Think to her poor vagina and vulva literally ripped apart by the baby going out ! The Woman giving birth feels in same time Pain & Joy to perpetuate the mankind.... See this video I found .... https://www.heavy-r.com/video/197966/Giving_birth/ . I love this kind of performance ! Think to the orgasm she got when being impregnated by her male ..... Think to the volupty she felt when seeing the baby growing and moving in her belly during pregnancy. And later, she's here, in the hospital ; at this instant it remains no orgasm, no volupty but only a pain which could last 12 hours of intense partum labor...... child delivery delivery.png
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Hear the screams of this mother.... @ 15 min 15 seconds : vulva extreme stretching..
Clitoris hood became invisible, the inner lips became so tiny compared to the gigantic openning .... See her breast : full of milk, ready to lactation..... Magnificent video on YT ..

A friend to me gave birth three times and she refused all peridural analgesia :
"I wanted to feel the pain and the path my baby traces through my flesh. I wanted to deserve my joy to be mother. It is the cross that we women must carry " she told me to justify her choice....


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Neko Girl
oho yes long pain but me heard neko kittie jump from mama belly very fast also what a great reward when born little sweet kittie or kitties meow nya :oops: :cat:
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