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Gods' Edicts Part IV - The Crucifixion of the Duchesses

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The Crucifixion of the Duchesses

Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more.


King Titus VI is dead. He perished of natural causes a mere three weeks after becoming betrothed to Queen Lucie of Avondaläe. She was a beauty of unmatched quality from the nearby nation; a short, slim girl of twenty years of age with some of the largest breasts in the known world. Her massive, 34L breasts were plump and ordained her chest with a regal sensuality. Her statuesque face and small, erotic mouth coupled with expressive, auburn eyes made her the target of many suitors. But only King Titus VI of the Supreme Kingdom had won her attention and approval of her father.

But shorty after they were wed, and before the King had consummated the marriage, he died in his sleep, to the shock of all.

As the Kingdom mourned their fallen ruler, the newly crowned Queen Lucie the Avondaläe, mourned in accordance with all of the ancient traditions and Edicts of the Gods. She wore only black, and covered her face with a veil of mourning. It was all entirely appropriate.

But then, less than two weeks after the death of the King, rumors began to spread of an attempted coup and a possible assassination attempt on him. The blame fell on three Duchesses, whom were nieces of the deceased King, and they were promptly arrested.

The Kingdom was abuzz with conspiracy theories and worry! But then, fifteen days after the death of King Titus VI, an announcement from the crown was made; ‘The Duchesses of the late King are to be tortured and crucified for Treason!’.

Everyone in the city and nearby villages was ecstatic and curious to see the death of those who had (allegedly) orchestrated the death of the beloved King Titus VI.


Chapter 1 – The Stage is Set

Queen Lucie sat upon the throne of the Kingdom. Her throne. She wore a tight-fitting black dress, which barely reigned in her massive, voluptuous breasts, and a veil, and the crown of the Kingdom rested upon her brow.

The commanding officer of the Kingdom’s army, her army, approached her and bowed, going down on one knee out of respect. “They are arrested, your highness.” He declared.

“All three of them?” She asked softly. No need to be loud; she was the Queen now.

“Yes, your highness, all three. The sisters Chloe and Mary were arrested at their home, and Duchess Leah was arrested at the Royal Library.”

“Good. Put out announcements. I find them guilty of high treason. I will have them properly punished and executed as soon as possible.”

“By your command, your highness.” The commanding officer bowed nearly to the floor. He would do as his new royal leader ordered.

The Duchesses would be tortured and crucified, as per the Gods’ Edicts.

In the palace dungeons, Duchess Leah was left alone in a small cell. She was a regal beauty; twenty-one years old, fit and lean, standing only 5’ 2” ( 157 cm ). Her breasts measured 34B and her waist was a mere 20 inches. She had an angular, lean face, with a small nose and a sexy, flirtatious mouth. Her hair was black and went down past her shoulder blades. She was a virgin and very self-conscious of her body; where others saw beauty and raw sensuality she saw awkwardness and shame. Her mother, the late King’s sister, had been nagging her to take on a suitor but she was far too self-conscious. She was very confused when she was arrested at the library, as she perused books about ancient heraldry.

In another cell of the palace dungeons, Duchesses Chloe and Mary (Leah’s cousins), were confined to another small cell. The red-headed sisters Chloe and Mary were both very beautiful to look upon. Both had pale, smooth skin. Both had long, sensuous red hair. Both had large, expressive, blue eyes. The main difference between them was that Mary, the younger sister, was a couple of inches shorter, and also had slightly smaller breasts. While Chloe had large, dangling 34E breasts topped with wide, gorgeous nipples, Mary had 36D breasts that were perky and had smaller, circular nipples on them. Both sisters were virgins and were very guarded about their bodies. Chloe was twenty years old, while Mary had just turned nineteen years old.

Both had been arrested in their home and were very confused as to why they had been brought to the dungeons. They consoled each other that there must be some confusion with their late uncle, King Titus’s, will and testimony. So they got through the night with little to no panic.

Little did any of the three Duchesses know that their crucifixions had already been announced and set in motion. Their final days were upon them.


Chapter 2 – Preparations

The day after the Duchesses were arrested, the process of their execution had already begun. Orders had been signed, decrees formally made, and manpower properly allocated. It was a massively complex affair.

The Queen’s younger sister, eighteen year old Princess Marina, had taken upon the burden of overseeing the execution, since a High Priestess of the Sisters of Suffering had not yet been appointed since Vera’s crucifixion months earlier.

Princess Marina had studied the Gods’ Edicts, and was confidently sure that she could oversee an execution on her older sister’s behalf.

Princess Marina was short, only 5’ 2” (157 cm), and had plump 34C breasts. They were large for her lean frame, but nowhere near as large as her older sister’s. She had icy blue eyes and a face that was either sexual or stern and no where in between. She worshipped the ground that her older sister the Queen walked upon. If these Duchesses posed a threat to her, then Princess Marina would ensure that they were properly tortured and crucified.

It bothered her that the condemned were girls her own age, and as she read the Gods’ Edicts, she was shocked at the horrors and humiliations that they would be subjected to. But then she thought of her sister, Queen Lucie, and she felt her resolve harden. These traitors must pay she thought.

So she set in motion the proper things, and the morning after their arrest, all three Duchesses were taken from their cells and marched through the dungeons.

Duchess Leah arrived at the preparation chamber first. A wooden platform on wheels dominated the torch-lit room. There were guards and soldiers everywhere. And against the far wall, a line of slave girls in their ‘barely-there’ garb stood obediently with their eyes leveled at the floor. Hanging from the rafters were three beams of wood, which were also chained to the wooden platform on wheels.

Had Duchess Leah gotten more sleep, maybe she would have realized that she would be strung up on the wooden platform and that slave girls would be tied to the wooden beams to march them towards crucifixion. But this never occurred to her.

No, instead, Duchess Leah was marched into the room, and she held her regal face and noble chin high, still trying to maintain a modicum of decorum even though she was scared.

Duchess Leah, who had been in the library when she was arrested, was wearing a purple and blue tunic that was very expensive. Underneath it, she had special cloth undergarments that were very comfortable. She had no idea that she would soon be stripped of all of these.

Duchess Leah was marched towards the wooden platform, which had a small set of stairs on it. She was escorted up the stairs and towards one of the three wooden beams on the platform. Her hands had been shackled behind her back, but these bindings were removed, and were replaced by a cord of strong rope binding her hands at the wrist in front of her.

It was at this moment that Duchess Leah realized what they were about to do to her. She squirmed and protested. “I am a Duchess! Niece of the King! The, erm, late King! How dare you treat me like a common prisoner!”

“Shut up, cunt.” One of the guards said to her as they affixed a hook hanging from a rope attached to the wooden beam on the platform. Her hands were raised above her head and she was left dangling on her tip-toes, her body vertically stretched. It was not the guard’s mean words that frightened Leah, it was the apathy with which he uttered them. Leah realized that something horrible was happening.

At that moment, Duchesses Chloe and Mary were escorted into the chamber. They both wore white and gold robes and had silver and gold tiaras on their foreheads. When the strung-up Leah saw them, her heart skipped a beat. Why are my cousins here she wondered?

The sisters were led up onto the platform and their bound hands were similarly switched to forward facing and then they were raised up like Leah was.

They waited for the mass of guards to evaporate before speaking. Once they were all vertical on the platform, the guards went down to do something with the slave girls. This was when Leah spoke to her cousins.

“What is happening?” She asked in an urgent whisper.

Gorgeous Duchess Chloe bit her lower lip and shook her head. “I don’t know. Something seems wrong.”

“Indeed.” Duchess Mary added in a reverent whisper. “I am frightened.”

Duchess Leah snarled. “They treat us like prisoners. They will all pay for this madness.”

The sisters Chloe and Mary gulped and nodded. They wanted to believe their cousin.

They watched in transfixed wonder and horror as the guards prepared some of the slave girls…


Chapter 3 – The Slave Girls

The guards selected three slave girls from the line of two dozen slaves. They picked the girls with the sturdiest asses and the biggest, dangling breasts. They needed slaves who could pull a load, but they also wanted a show of bouncing tits for the crowd of citizens.

They picked a blonde slave in her late twenties with a curvy body and large, salacious breasts. As she was stripped naked, the three bound Duchesses were confused. Why are they stripping a slave they wondered? The blonde was stripped completely naked and then had ropes tied around both of her wrists. She did not resist in the slightest. Her wrists were firmly tied to the far-right wooden beam, and the ropes were tightened, pressing the voluptuous slave against the wooden beam, where it rested cumbersomely on her shoulder blades. She held it up there obediently and kept her eyes fixed downwards. But her heaving chest suggested that she, too, was afraid of what was to come.

Next, this process was repeated with two more slave girls. There was a brunette with wide, plushy tits who was stripped and tied to a beam of wood. And lastly, in the center beam of wood, a black-haired girl with a skinnier body and perky, bouncing tits was affixed. The Duchesses were very confused at this point.

After stripping and preparing the three slave girls who would pull the Duchesses to their own execution, the guards returned to the three elites on the wooden platform. They were about to be stripped completely naked…


Chapter 4 – Stripping

The guards approaching the three Duchesses all had erections in their trousers. All three Duchesses, being virgins, had no idea what this meant, but after seeing the slave girls stripped and tied tightly to wooden beams, they were afraid of the encroaching guards.

The pair of elect guards, two young men in their twenties with the stubble of young age, approached Duchess Leah. They eyed her purple and blue tunic with an expression of lust that Duchess Leah confused for hate.

She wrinkled her nose at them as they reached for the hems of her expensive clothes. “How dare you—”

She stopped when they fiercely tugged at her hemlines and stripped her tunic off of her. She was aghast that they would take her clothes like this since she was a royal. She blushed intensely at being only in her undergarments. But then the guards reached for those as well…

“Stop! No!” Leah said with as much gravitas as she could muster.

The guards ignored her. They pulled at her undergarments and exposed all of her nudity in one fell swoop. Duchess Leah was completely naked.

Duchess Leah gasped. Duchesses Chloe and Mary were similarly aghast. If Leah was stripped naked, then they would be next. The sisters’ minds reeled, wondering what was happening, and what was causing this. Leah’s mind was ashamed and also in shock. With her breasts sticking out for all to see, she was beside herself with embarrassment and shame.

The pair of guards quickly advanced to Duchess Chloe, in the center. She was looking at them, imploring them with her big eyes for mercy. They ignored her expression, and reached for the hemlines of her tunic.

“Please, no.” Chloe whispered.

The guards ignored her and stripped her completely naked. Her illustrious breasts dangled from her chest and bounced with even the most subtle of movements. Duchess Chloe blushed intensely at her nakedness.

Finally, the guards approached young Duchess Mary. She did not protest. She was far too afraid, and shocked at her older sister and her cousin’s stark nakedness. As her garments were stripped off, Mary’s lower lip quivered. She was so ashamed to be naked like the slave girls before them.

Once all three condemned traitors were completely naked, the guards left the wooden platform. The girls were to be pulled through the city by the naked slave girls, for all to see and for all to mock, before their demise.

The hard cocks of the soldiers pulsated in their trousers. These girls were going to put on a great show on the cross.


Chapter 5 – Procession

Duchess Chloe, now stripped naked, bit her lip in concern and embarrassment. Her and her sister and her cousin were stripped naked by guards and tied to these cruel posts! And naked slave girls were tied to wooden beams to pull their platform. What was happening!?

A guard gave an order for things to “proceed” and suddenly someone working the winch at the far end of the room revealed that one of the walls was actually a door. As it opened, sunlight spilled into the room, replacing the torchlight, and illuminated the six naked women in their indignant and helpless plight.

The slave girls were ordered to begin pulling the wheeled platform with the Duchesses on it. The three of them strained with all of their might to pull the beams on their shoulders, which were chained to the platform, and as they leaned forward, their entire body weight going into the pull, their breasts dangled and swayed seductively.

Duchess Leah, the oldest of the three condemned, was more well read, and she began to put pieces together in her mind. This was some sort of procession, and they were the prisoners. The pariahs. The naked, worthless, savages to be made an example of. Princess Leah gulped in fear and trepidation. She wanted to ask her cousins if they knew anything, but she feared speaking out of turn and drawing the wrath of the callous guards.

By the Gods, Leah thought, cousin Chloe’s breasts are massive! And poor cousin Mary is naked also. She is beautiful. I wish they were able to wear their clothes right now.

Her two red-headed cousins were trembling in fear, naked and pale, and squirming against their bonds.

The slave girls strove diligently and slowly pulled them forward, out of the chamber and into the city street adjacent to the palace complex. All six girls wondered where they were ultimately going. The slave girls just wanted the exertion and physical intensity to end. The condemned Duchesses wondered where they were being brought in their shameful nakedness.

As the slaves pulled the procession into the city street, guards cracked whips threateningly to spur on the slave girls. The three naked girls on the platform, the confused Duchesses, simply blushed and blinked in shame at every onlooker that they passed. The eyes of the citizens went from their beautiful faces to their supple, naked bodies, every time. And the Duchesses were thoroughly humiliated.

Proceeding through the city streets at a slow, procession’s pace, it was, surprisingly, Duchess Mary who first realized where they were heading.

Are we not making for the city’s central square, she wondered as her breasts bounced? Is this not where executions are conducted? But that cannot be for us, we have done nothing wrong. Mary looked at her sister, and they made eye contact. The pain and shame was there, but also hope. An echo of Mary’s thought that neither had done anything wrong. This will all be sorted out they both hoped passionately.

Duchess Leah, as they were paraded naked through the streets, was not as hopeful. She remembered how her cousins, the Princesses Niya and Yema and Lexa, were crucified brutally and then it was later revealed that they were framed and had done nothing wrong. She prayed that something similar was not happening now.

As they neared the central city square, the humiliated Duchesses each had a moment when their stomach’s dropped when they saw the stage set up in the center of the square. Not only was it abuzz with guards and soldiers, and there was a plush looking throne for (they assumed) the Queen, but there were also three massive wooden beams laying on the stage; crucifixion beams.

Duchess Chloe gasped. Duchess Mary swooned. Duchess Leah shook her head in denial.


Chapter 6 – The Beginning of the End

A massive crowd had gathered in the city square. The girls were petrified to be naked before so many of their fellow citizens. The Duchesses Chloe and Mary, as their platform was pulled up adjacent to the stage in the center of the square, saw their parents in the crowd. They felt intense pangs of embarrassment and shame, and wanted to call out to them, but also wanted to wait until they were told they could speak. Duchess Leah did not see her parents and let out a sigh of relief. She did not want her parents to see her bound and nude.

As the platform was pulled laboriously up next to the wooden stage in the city square by the exhausted and sweaty slave girls, the condemned Duchesses saw a smaller and more dignified procession on the opposite side of the stage; the Queen was here.

Queen Lucie was wearing a tight, tight purple and black dress that accentuated her ample curves and the Kingdom’s crown on her forehead. For the first time anyone had seen her publicly, she wore no veil. She was flanked by guards and aides and slaves and her own sister, Princess Marina, who wore a black corset with a flowing dress, and a silver and gold tiara on her forehead. Her plump breasts looked even bigger against the constraining of the corset. Her lean legs cascaded from underneath the dress and propelled her forward. She made eye contact with the Duchesses and saw the fear and humiliation in their eyes. She wanted to go an apologize and comfort them, but then she remembered that they were a threat to her sister. And her sister Lucie was the Gods’ gift to the world. She was perfect. Marina was so happy that Lucie was Queen now.

As the Queen was seated in her plush, cushioned throne, to oversee and behold the execution, Princess Marina stood obediently by her side while she watched the execution unfold in its opening stages. Princess Marina felt breathless. She was excited, appalled, dreading, and lusting for watching the brutal execution and torture to unfold. It was her first, after all.

With the platform brought adjacent to the stage, first the slave girls were brought up. Their wooden beams were unlatched from the chains that affixed them to the platform, and then they were marched up to the stage, the wooden crossbeams still on their backs. The slave girls were doused in sweat and trembling with exhaustion already.

As they were marched to each of the three massive beams of wood, the Duchesses were swarmed by guards, who lowered them down from their hanging and untied the ropes around their wrists. As the Duchesses, unbound, were walked onto the stage, a guard on either side holding their arms, the slave girls were told to straddle the wooden beams and then lie back, thus letting the crossbeams fall into place, where a mechanism attached them. The slave girls were ready to be crucified. But they must be defiled first…

As the three nude Duchesses were escorted to the front of the stage, to be presented to the realm, their stark nakedness struck them and they shrank back in embarrassment. Their breasts jiggling, their virgin pussies uncovered, and their supple bodies on display, they felt dehumanized and objectified like never before.

Each Duchess was placed on their knees before the crowd, their naked bodies trembling. The crowd’s lustful energy was palpable.

Duchess Leah was thinking how dare they look upon my shameful, naked body? They should be cowering in fear, for I am a royal!

Duchess Chloe was just plain embarrassed. I cannot believe I am naked in front of so many people. My pussy is on display and by breasts are dangling from my chest. I am nude!

Duchess Mary was awestruck at what was happening. I am stripped along with my sister and cousin and everyone can see our boobs and womanhoods! This is an atrocity!

The Queen Lucie waved to signal a herald, who stepped forward and announced what was going to proceed. “Duchesses Leah, Chloe, and Mary are traitors to the realm! They have conspired to assassinate King Titus VI!”

Duchess Leah protested. “This is false! We are innocent!”

The herald continued as if she had not spoken. “As traitors, they shall be tortured and crucified, per royal decree!”

Guards came behind the duchesses and pushed them onto their hands and knees. Their breasts swayed seductively, and they felt horrified and powerless.

Queen Lucie nodded for the execution to proceed, and the executioner’s men flocked to the stage. There were dozens of men, naked and muscular, with cocks swaying and bulging erections. Princess Marina was awestruck. She was amazed that the men were going to place their massive, engorged penises into the condemned Duchesses.

Duchess Mary saw tears in her parents’ eyes. That was when it dawned upon her. I am going to die today?


Chapter 7 – Ritual

With the Duchesses on their hands and knees, breasts dangling with the delightful pull of gravity, the crowd was already entertained. Duchess Chloe’s breasts especially were magnificent to behold. The Queen nodded and her sister the Princess Marina nodded also. The executioner’s men took their positions, behind the duchesses, hands on their naked hips and their long dicks erect and pressing up against their taut abdomens.

The Duchesses shuddered at having strangers touching them, and feeling their pulsating manhoods against their virgin bellies.

“Begin the ritual!” Queen Lucie said firmly.

The men began rough fucking the Duchesses. All three girls, losing their virginity simultaneously, moaned and exclaimed sensually. Their breasts clapped together, their bodies rocked, and their mouths were agape with shock and embarrassment at the sudden and visceral humiliation.

Duchess Leah wanted to somehow comfort her cousins, but she realized with a pang of shame that she was just like them; naked and fucked and defeated and humiliated. As her breasts clashed together and she suppressed a moan of undulating sensuality, she looked out at the crowd watching her and any pride or dignity she had left dwindled and died.

Duchess Chloe was too distracted by her naked body being rough fucked. Her loins ached, her breasts slammed together, and her whole tender body shook with embarrassment. I cannot believe this man it stealing my virginity right now she thought! In front of everyone! Any dignity or humanity vanished from her mind and she felt intensely degraded and horrified at what was happening.

Duchess Mary was equally distraught. She was confused that a man was assailing her in such a way. The feelings and sensations were overwhelming and as her breasts clapped together and she moaned like a carnal animal, she wondered what she had done to deserve such a horrific punishment. She could not bear to look over at her naked sister, getting similarly fucked, or her cousin Leah. She felt so degraded and humiliated.

As the three duchesses were fucked, executioner’s men also began to fuck the slave girls on the crosses. The slave girls moaned and exclaimed in sensual shock as their supple, virgin vaginas were penetrated. Their taut breasts jumped and jiggled with every movement of the men fucking them, and the executioners were highly aroused. They had the best job in the entire kingdom.

With six girls losing their virginity simultaneously, the sensual noise was epic, and the crowd was elated. Breasts clattered, mouths undulated, and the show of sexual degradation was in full commencement.

Princess Marina was blushing intensely. She was also a virgin and was shocked to watch the Duchesses lose their virginity so brutally and publicly. They looked so ashamed and degraded. Their bodies were on full display for every movement and Princess Marina felt amazingly grateful even for her uncomfortable corset.

Queen Lucie seemed tight-lipped at the proceeding execution. Like she just wanted to get it over with. But Princess Marina knew, from her reading of the Gods’ Edicts, that the condemned had much suffering to still endure.

As the men finished fucking the Duchesses, new men took their place, not giving the three condemned girls a moment to catch their breathes. As they rode the dicks of the executioner’s men, the slave girls on the crosses were nearly ready to be crucified and raised up.

They executioner’s men looked at the three writhing, sweating slave girls and had to make their decisions on how to prepare them for execution. The skinny, black-haired slave girl on the center cross deserved a face full of cum, they reckoned. Some of the men wanted to tit-fuck the blonde with the huge breasts, or the brunette with the soft tits. The executioners approved it, and as the slave girls were being fucked, lucky men also got to squeeze their tits against their cocks or ejaculate on their faces. The executioners decided that each of these three slave girls should die drenched in cum.

As the slave girls suffered and were ejaculated on by many men, the Duchesses were not even realizing what was happening to the slave girls. They were too busy being fucked on the stage in front of the entire city. Naked, sweating, and intensely ashamed, their degradation was only beginning.


Chapter 8 – The Greatest Show in the World

The audience was aroused and excited. Not only were three young, lusty, beautiful girls being fucked hard before them, but three naked slave girls were also about to crucified. And the execution was still only in its opening acts!

Duchess Chloe was putting on the best show. Her large, seductive breasts were dangling and bouncing as she was fucked, and she kept biting her lower lip as she moaned and gasped. In her mind, she wanted to comfort her sister, who was being similarly fucked next to her, but her body was too overwhelmed and her mind was too humiliated to do so. They are not seriously going to kill us, are they she begged with her mind? We’ve done nothing wrong! Mary is only 19 and I am only 20! This is so wrong!

As the whole execution had been unfolding, a young blonde slave girl had been stripped naked and escorted up to the stage to clean the dicks of the executioner’s men with her mouth. She was immensely embarrassed and ashamed at this duty as her perky nipples felt the air run over them. But she was an obedient slave and had at this point already cleaned the cocks of dozens of men.

The executioner’s men needed someone to raise up the three slave girls that had pulled the condemned out to the stage. They were drenched in cum and ready to die. Breathing raggedly, their chests, necks, and faces caked in semen, the men finally finished fucking them and tied their feet atop one another. They were firmly strapped to the cross now and ready to hang until their exhaustion and physical weakness killed them.

The men looked upon the three Duchesses, getting fucked on their hands and knees. They wanted to choose the strongest looking of the three girls to raise the crosses, so as to not tire them and detract from their suffering on the cross that was eventually to come.

Duchess Leah looked to be faring the best. Her body was rocking with every thrust of the man’s rough fucking, but her lean arms looked like they had some strength left to them. As the man fucking Leah finished within her roughly, her plump breasts clashed together and she let out a sensual moan that reached the ears of everyone in the crowd.

The man finished inside of her and Duchess Leah was yanked roughly to her feet. While Chloe and Mary were still fucked, Leah got a preview of their coming fate; for she beheld the three slave girls, naked and tied tautly to the cross. What is this atrocity she wondered as she was escorted towards a spoked, wooden wheel? She was shoved against the wooden wheel and the men who had escorted her over, who were also nude and had massive cocks, bent her over and began to fuck her.

Leaning against the wheel, She was fucked against it and began to turn it painfully slowly. As the wheel turned, the crosses slowly rotated up. The three slave girls would be crucified before all. As the crosses went up and the pools of cum on their chests and faces shifted, the girls realized that they would not be allowed to survive this. Their mortal demise dawned on them, and they screamed and protested. But it was to no avail.

As their body weight became more and more focused on their tender wrists and ankles, their heavy breasts became more and more cumbersome. Their naked shame and suffering was competing in their minds with the physical pain and discomfort, and they were brutally agonized.

As Leah was fucked against the wheel, she was not concerned to be raising up three slave girls to their horrible fate. She was instead worried about herself and her cousins; if the slave girls were being crucified, then that meant that until they perished, Leah and her cousins would continue being tortured!

Princess Marina saw Duchess Leah, naked and sweating, shake against the wheel and her breasts bounced like buoys in a tsunami. Princess Marina wanted to feel sorry for her, but her sister, the Queen, seemed unbothered by the mass execution and torture, so Princess Marina reckoned that she should be unbothered as well.

As the crosses thudded into place and the three slave girls cried out in agony, Princess Marina remembered what torture was coming next for the Duchesses. She snapped her fingers and motioned to the head executioner, a man with a cock the length of her forearm. “I think the condemned should be, erm, what’s the term--?”

“Doubly penetrated, your Highness. We shall begin their torture immediately.”

“Thank you.” She said with a nod. She was anxious, afraid, and also eager to see what this torture looked like in reality.


Chapter 9 – Double Penetration

As the three slave girls writhed and squirmed sexually on the crosses, Duchesses Mary and Chloe were being roughly fucked on their hands and knees, to the crowd’s delight. Leah had just completed raising the crosses, and being fucked vigorously against the wheel that raised the massive wooden beams. The blonde slave girl cleaning cocks with her mouth was so shocked at how her day was going. She could not believe she was naked and sucking off men who were torturing other women! It was a horror to her, but she was a slave, and had recourse but to subserviently obey.

Queen Lucie was becoming bored already. She wanted to reprimand her younger sister for planning such a cumbersome execution. But she stayed her tongue; Princess Marina was so sensitive, it was not worth it.

It was not the Queen’s fault; this was her first crucifixion, after all. She looked up on the slave girls, drenched in semen and sweat, suffering loudly on the crosses. She was impressed. It was good to put slaves in their place. She wondered how the Duchesses would look in a few hours when they were up there. She had no idea that in a few weeks her and her sister would meet similar fates.

As Leah was escorted, panting like a dog in heat, back towards her cousins, benches were brought up onto the stage. The men fucking Mary and Chloe finished inside their supple pussies and all three Duchesses had their hands tied behind their backs with thin but strong rope cords.

Her breath returning, Chloe turned to her sister. She still was unaware of the three slave girls crucified behind her. “Mary—” She said with sadness in her eyes.

Duchess Mary looked up at Chloe, intensely aware of her nakedness, and blushed another deeper shade of red.

It broke Chloe’s heart to see her younger sister so degraded.

As naked men laid down on the benches, their erect cocks like flagpoles, the Duchesses wondered what fresh torture was about to be inflicted upon them.

Duchess Leah decided to make a bold move. Even naked and brutalized, she puffed up her ample chest and called out to the Queen. “Queen Lucie! This is a miscarriage of justice! We are—”

The Queen stood up and shouted. “SILENCE!” She uttered, her voice dripping with hatred and disdain. It shocked all in the vicinity, including Princess Marina. “Every word out of a traitor’s mouth with prolong your suffering!”

Leah gulped and faltered. She did not want to suffer even more! That was when she was forced to straddle the far right man laying on the simple wooden benches. Her supple hips were maneuvered over his erect cock, and she was shoved down to where his entire penis was within her. She groaned sensually and Chloe and Mary gasped.

Then the executioner’s men pushed them into the same positions. Mary wanted to protest, but given the Queen’s warning moments ago, she was too afraid. Chloe simply bit her lip and quivered with emotion as she was penetrated.

Once all three Duchesses had men in their vaginas, then their asses were gripped and spread open, and another man penetrated each of them in the ass.

It was like a synchronized orchestra; the Duchesses were penetrated almost simultaneously, and each cried out erotically in shock and disbelief at the sudden and visceral bodily intrusion. As the men within each of them began to rhythmically thrust, their breasts bounced up and down and their eyes rolled back in their heads. They thought they had run out of dignity to lose, but this was something else entirely! They wanted to scream, but were too overwhelmed by the throbbing cocks within them.

The crowd was ecstatic. They were getting a phenomenal show!


Chapter 10 – Logistics

As the Duchesses were shamefully desecrated and double-fucked, the slave girls on the cross writhed and suffered as they slowly died. The blonde with the big tits was the first to expire. Shortly after, the brunette with the plush, round breasts also sank down and never rose again. Both had liquid fill their lungs and expired from aspirating and suffocating on the crosses.

The lean, black haired slave girl on the center cross (who at first thought she might drown from the mass of cum on her face), raised herself up and cried out in pain. Her whole body was shaking in agony, and her perky breasts were bouncing with every labored movement.

The executioner’s men realized that she might survive another hour or so on the cross, so they went and worked the wheel that lowered the crosses. Over the sounds of the double-fucked Duchesses, the crosses coming down was barely discernable to those on the stage.

As the slave girl on the center cross felt the brutal wood being lowered, she gasped in relief. They are going to spare me! Oh my she thought with sudden and visceral relief. She was horribly wrong.

The pale sisters Chloe and Mary were putting on an amazing show for the crowd. They were moaning and exclaiming loudly at every movement of the men within them, and their supple breasts were bouncing and jiggling enticingly.

Leah was also suffering greatly and entertaining the crowd with her gasps and moans and the movements of her gorgeous body.

The lead executioner approached Princess Marina. She looked down at his massive, hard cock and gulped involuntarily. “Apologies, your Highness.” The Executioner said, noticing her eyeline to his hard penis. “Simply a part of the job. We are going to crucify two more slave girls while the Duchesses are tortured, and finish off that stubborn slave as well. After those three perish, how many more should suffer the cross before we put up the Duchesses?”

Princess Marina’s mind raced. She got nervous under pressure. And she felt immense pressure to get this execution right. She stalled with a question. “The more slaves we crucify, the more the condemned Duchesses suffer?”

“Indeed, your Highness.”

Princess Marina gulped. She was out of her element overseeing an execution. But then she remembered that she had done her reading of the Gods’ Edicts. She nodded. “I want the Duchesses crucified before sundown, so execute six more slaves after the two you’re about to put up.” The lead executioner nodded obediently. “And let us humiliate the Duchesses more. I read about ways to make sisters swallow manhood off of each other-?”

“It shall be done, your Highness.”

“Oh, and one more thing,” Marina liked being addressed with such deference. But she also remembered Duchess Leah’s complaints about her fate. A slight against her sister, the Queen, was something that should be punished brutally. “Let’s flog the fuck out of Duchess Leah before she is crucified.”

“It will be my pleasure, your Highness.” The lead executioner said, and his cock somehow got even harder.


Alright readers; two more slave girls are about to be crucified while the Duchesses are humiliated and tortured. What adult film stars should I base the two slave girls on? I want to describe their experience as in depth as I can. Let me know your votes *wink*
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