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Gods' Edicts Part VI - The Game of Crosses

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Lexxie and Hayuna and Viola and Apolonia were all getting doubly penetrated before the crowd. With thick hard dicks in their pussies and their asses, all four girls were groaning and exclaiming loudly. They felt ashamed that their naked bodies were on display for the lustful crowd.

But their suffering was meager compared to the 4 unfortunate crucified girls behind them…
Tara was squirming against the wood of the cross. Her sexy face was totally overcome with an expression of pain. Every single movement by her hurt. Her breasts heaved upon her chest, above her taut stomach, and the crowd loved it.

Ashley was struggling on the cross. Her heavy tits made it super difficult for her to raise herself up for a pained gulp of air. She realized with a pang of fear that she would likely be the first girl to die. She was having such a hard time raising herself up against the nails and breathing like a wounded animal. Her massive, soft tits were resting against her chest. She blushed and began to sweat.

Kagney and Katee were having a hard time on their cross. Both girls had to basically press up against each other and strain painfully against the nails just to get a breathe in. It was extremely painful for them and super humiliating. Both girls were in incredible amounts of pain.
Kagney was an empath and felt a deep, visceral need to try to help comfort the slave girl nailed to her. As she began to speak, she realized with a pang of guilt that she had sentenced this girl and others to death just earlier that morning.

“Hey. Look at me.” Kagney said in her breathless, high pitched voice. She stared into the eyes of slave girl Katee and saw the pain and despair there. “Look at me. We are here, together.” She felt Katee’s naked body trembling against her own.

“I don’t want to die.” Katee said mournfully.

“I do not either.” Kagney agreed. “You’re shaking, let us try to calm you down. Kiss me.”

“What?” Katee blushed.

“Kiss me. It will distract you from these awful nails piercing us.”

Katee looked doubtful, but she obeyed. She put her lips on Kagney’s and they kissed. With their bodies nailed together, they were writhing upon the cross in unison.

“I am Kagney. And I am here with you.” She said. “Let’s try to comfort each other, alright?”

Katee sobbed and nodded. “Alright.”

Kagney kissed her and nodded. The nails piercing her limbs hurt so fucking bad. But she wanted the naked slave girl pinned tightly to her to stop crying. She just wanted to try to make her feel better.
After an hour on the cross, things were going exceedingly poorly for those crucified. As well as for the 4 girls getting double fucked below the crosses.

Tara was struggling on the cross. Every single movement she made hurt egregiously. She looked up at the sky and prayed for an afterlife with benevolent gods. She looked back down and her eyes locked onto a man in the crowd staring at her, his hand in his trousers, masturbating. She wished with all of her might that she could cover up her naked body. But she could not. The man grinned as he masturbated and Tara blushed with shame.

Ashley was agonizing against the nails piercing her skinny wrists and feet. She had resolved to purposefully hasten her death by not coming up for air, but she could not fight her primal instincts. As she raised herself up for air, arching her back and sticking out her massive breasts, she cried out in pain. She just wanted this torture to end.

Kagney looked Katee in the eye and whimpered. She could no longer pretend to be in a place where she could comfort the slave girl nailed to her. She was in far too much pain. Katee saw that Kagney was losing it emotionally.

Katee wanted to say something comforting, but she just didn’t have the air for it. Her body was struggling too much to survive. Their naked bodies were pressed together and they were both sweating profusely.

Down below the crucified girls, the lead executioner was supervising it all with a happy sense of satisfaction. The King, though, was growing bored. He wanted more spectacle. And he wanted to cum, again. His stamina was amazing. He remembered that his nickname was The Stallion. And his massive cock deserved pleasure, he reckoned.
It took three more hours of brutal suffering, but finally, death came for the slave girl named Ashley.

The nailed slave girl had been battling the iron spikes in her limbs to come up for air, and with her heavy tits, she never stood a chance.

Ashley tightened up her butt and lean legs and strained painfully with her arms and came up for a final breath. Her back arched and her boobs were thrust out, to the crowd’s delight.

Her sexy little mouth formed an ‘O’ and her hips relaxed, exposing her pussy. Her little nipples on her massive breasts grew very firm and hard. She noticed that she had stopped sweating.

In horrendous pain, she strained her limbs to come up for another grasp of air. But her body did not respond. Her strength had left her.

Ashley writhed and squirmed against the cross. But despite her efforts, she could not push up for more air.

Her final minutes were full of spastic thrashing. It made her big soft breasts put on a great show for the crowd. But, as her body rebelled against her, she realized that she was dying. So did the crowd. Many men (and some women) were masturbating to her torture, and others had placed bets about which slave girl would perish first. The energy in the crowd grew excited, at the nearing of the first death.

Ashley tried once again to come up for air, but she could not. She strained against the nails painfully piercing her wrists and feet. She wished desperately that she would somehow survive. And also that she could be clothed. She was so ashamed to be naked.

She thought about the men she saw in the crowd, stroking their hard cocks at her nakedness and suffering. Their faces were the final thing she saw bettors she died
Tara the slave girl was the first to notice that Ashley had perished. She looked over, her stretched chest hurting terribly, and saw that her fellow slave girl was hanging still and completely limp from the cross.

She gulped and shivered as she realized that she was looking at a dead girl. Her entire body was convulsing with pain and she feared that she would be soon to follow Ashley into death. She said a silent prayer to the Gods for Ashley, and then looked back at the evil crowd that was leering at her naked suffering.

Kagney and Katee were doing their own complex dance on the cross. They did not notice that Ashley had perished. Their sweaty foreheads were pressed up against each other. Their naked bodies were pressed together and both girls were suffering with every movement that they took to breathe.

The lead executioner, a solid professional, quickly saw that Ashley had perished. He walked over to the King, his well endowed cock hanging between his legs. “Your Highness,” he gestured at the naked dead slave girl.

The King’s cock stiffened at the sight of the naked, crucified slave girl, dead on the cross.
Kagney, feeling her brutalized, impaled limbs rub up against the unforgiving steel of the nails impaling her limbs, had a sudden realization; the poor slave girl nailed to her must be in even more suffering and agony. After all, Kagney was nailed to the cross. Katee was simply nailed to her.

As they pressed their naked bodies together and gulped in precious air, Kagney sank back down and ventured a couple of words. “Are you hurting?” She asked breathlessly.

Katee moaned sexually. She used some of her precious air to answer. “Yes. So, so much.”

Kagney felt the blood dripping from her impales wrist and tried to fathom how much more Katee was hurting.

But things were about to change for them…
Apolonia was selected by the King himself to be pulled from her double fucking. She shuddered, wondering what torture her executioners had planned for her next. She had still not fully wrapped her mind around the fact that she was being put to death. And she had not even committed a crime!

She was escorted away from the bench and she looked up the crosses. She gasped and balked. She knew one would soon be hers. She saw Tara, naked and nailed and suffering visibly. She saw Katee, nailed awkwardly to the former High-Priestess. And then she beheld Ashley, hanging dead, her limbs nailed excruciatingly, her supple, curvy body motionless.

Apolonia was grieved to see that her fellow slave, Ashley, was dead. Apolonia was escorted over to the wheel that raised and lowered the crosses. An executioner gestured for her to begin lowering them, and it was super hard for her; the mechanism was so tough and she was so weak. But the executioner began fucking her while she strained against the wheel, and she knew that she would have to perform this task, or else be tortured even more.

So Apolonia strained vigorously against the wheel, while she was fucked, and slowly, slowly the three crosses began to be lowered…
As the crosses were slowly lowered down by Apolonia, Tara began to feel some brief reprieve from her horrible suffering. It was easier for her to raise herself up for some air, because a little less of her body weight was resting on her nailed feet. She was still in immense pain, though. Having iron spikes impaling your wrists and feet; nothing can alleviate that pain entirely.

Kagney and Katee were also feeling the slight relief of the cross becoming lower. Kagney could push against the nails and breathe a little easier, though having more of Katee’s body weight on her made it a challenge. Their breasts were smooshed together and their bare clitorises rubbed together, which made them both blush. They wondered if another slave girl or former-priestess would be crucified on the central cross and then they would simple be raised back up, to resume their intense suffering.

The King watched skinny Apolonia work the wheel that lowered the crosses and he stroked his hard cock.
The crosses were finally lowered to where they rested parallel to the stage. Tara and Kagney and Katee all gasped as the massive wooden implements of execution thudded into place.

Apolonia groaned wearily against the wooden wheel she had pushed for the past long minutes. The executioner fucking her pulled his dick out of her and ejaculated on her ass. Her chest was rising and falling with exertion, and she could not summon up the energy to protest or resist as she felt the warm, thick liquid rocket onto her bare ass. She simply closed her eyes in shame and whispered a prayer to Gods whom she was beginning to think either did not exist or did not care…

Tara was breathing in heavily, her well endowed chest rising and falling deeply as she inhaled air greedily. It was so much easier to breathe with her cross lowered. An executioner came and straddled her taut belly. With her feet nailed one above the other, it would be difficult for him to fuck her vagina. So instead he slapped his large cock against her soft tits. Tara gulped in shame.

The lead executioner was using a small but sturdy metal tool to remove the nails that impaled Ashley’s pale, dead body to the central cross. He expertly removed all three nails, and a pair of his strong subordinates came over and carried off her limp body, leaving the central cross ready for a new victim.

The lead executioner walked over to Kagney and Katee’s cross. The two girls were breathing heavily, much like Tara, but it was fun to see their ample chests pressed together. The lead executioner let his eyes roam across their entire crucified predicament. He noticed how their feet were resting together, nailed painfully, lines of blood running down to their feet. He looked at how their hips were smooshed together and he knew that their vaginas must be writhing against one another. He saw their taut bellies pressed against each other. And he lingered on their breasts for a good long minute as he watched their chests press home against each other. Both girls had great tits, he thought.

Time to make sure the slave girl’s sexy body is properly displayed the lead executioner thought.

He approached and maneuvered his metal tool, about to yank the nails out of Kagney and Katee’s feet.
While this was being done, Hayuna and Viola and Lexxie were all being double fucked. They were sweating profusely and longing for the cross, for they could bear no more double fucking or shame of bouncing and exclaiming before the crowd.

Apolonia was walked over to stand above Tara. She was ordered to reach down and press Tara’s soft, big breasts against the cock of the executioner straddling her belly. Once she complied with this, the executioner began to vigorously thrust his cock between her tits.

Kagney and Katee screamed as the nails were roughly and apathetically yanked from their feet. Blood streamed anew from the wounds and both girls were hyperventilating in pain.

Once their feet were un-nailed, their wrists were next. The long nails were pulled out and they screamed as the iron spikes were pulled from their fresh, painful wounds.

With both girls un-nailed from the cross, Kagney and Katee were in too much pain to do anything besides writhe against each other’s bodies. The lead executioner liked seeing this. He wished that he could fuck either of them. But there was work to be done.

Katee’s trembling naked body was pulled off of Kagney and carried over to the central cross. The King walked over, and looked down at the slave girl Katee with tremendous lust. It did not bother him that her wrists and ankles were bleeding. His attention was affixed on her tight belly, voluptuous breasts with their small pink nipples, her skinny neck, and her sexy, agonized face.

The King nodded encouragingly as executioners angled nails to be placed in her existing wrist wounds. The two men raised their hammers and pounded the nails into Katee’s wrists. She shrieked loudly as it happened.

Meanwhile, the same was happening to Kagney. She was being carefully re-nailed to the cross, at the wrists, so that her sexy body would be on full, full display.

The lead executioner was feeling his cock pulsate with arousal as he nailed her wrists and heard her desperate squeals and pleas mercy.

He saw that his men had finished re-nailing Katee’s wrists. He knew that the King would fuck her next. He rubbed his erect penis against Kagney’s clitoris. She moaned at the touch.

“Please!” She said desperately. “Do not nail my feet again!”

The lead executioner shrugged and returned to his duties. He did not speak to the former-High Priestess as he placed nails to re-impale her skinny, sexy legs to the cross shaft.
The King fucked slave girl Katee. Hard. With her wrists re-nailed to the crossbeam, he could tell that every thrust of massive penis into her was hurting her immensely. He liked this.

Technically, in accordance with the Gods’ Edicts, he should not be doing what he was doing. He was breaking so many rules. He was fucking a slave that had already been fucked by other executioners, who were commoners compared to the sacred queen. He had had two girls nailed atop each other, which was not allowed anywhere in the sacred texts. And he was executing his own priestesses for no reason.

I am a bad man the King thought to himself, with a guilty sense of immense arousal, as he ejaculated inside of Katee. Her breasts bounced around on her taut chest and her sexy face and little wrinkled nose were scrunched up in pain.

The King moaned with pleasure as he let half of his load erupt within her, and let the rest shoot off onto her bare, uncovered vagina.

The King looked to his left. The executioner tit-fucking Tara was nearing completion, Apolonia sweating with shame as she held Tara’s supple boobs together for the man to fuck.

The King looked to his right. The lead executioner had obediently re-nailed Kagney to the cross. She was writhing and panting in extreme pain.

The King nodded happily, and casually slapped his dick against Katee’s bare pussy. She moaned at his actions.

He walked over and had Polina the slave suck his cock clean while he heard the lead executioner giving orders for the crosses to be raises back up..
So, I had a bunch of free time this last week, which is why I was posting so actively in this story, but I just got hired onto a ton of other writings so I’ll have to take a hiatus from here, but I’ll finish this story eventually. Sorry to make you all wait
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