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I forgot one rather old series, which was published in Deviantart (with the name "Pink dress") only fragmentarily.
Model Nadya (newrbfeet.ru).
Nadya_title.jpg Nadya 1 (Pink dress 1).jpg Nadya 2 (Pink dress 2).jpg Nadya 3 (Pink dress 3).jpg Nadya 4.jpg Nadya 5 (Pink dress 4).jpg Nadya 6.jpg Nadya 7.jpg Nadya 8.jpg Nadya 9.jpg
An impressive manip sequence - well thought out in terms of action, lighting and inserted shadows. Excellent work, mvalim! :)


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Calmly, bravely, or just acting as she awaits her hanging???
No, I think she’s just resigned … resigned to the fact that purchasing the “Fun-filled Middle East Travel Adventure” package tour from NailusMartyrs Travel Packaged, Ltd., rather than the “Blue State Girl Arkansas Bridal Adventure”, was a big mistake.
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