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Hooded or not hooded.

If you are being tortured/executed would you prefer to be hooded or not hooded.

  • Hooded

  • Not Hooded

  • Hooded but face shown upon completion of punishment

  • Brought out face showing then hooded for punishment.

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The use of hoods is and was often underestimated because every intelligent torturer must simply use them when he is "working" outdoors in the backyard of a "secret prison".
For example this was sometimes the case in the hot summer of 1975/ 1976 with the so-called "dirty war" of the national military organizations against the "city guerilleros" and "Tupamaros" in Argentina and Uruguay.

02 outdoors 1b.jpg


For myself: torture or interrogation, hooded while moved. Same if I was the torturer. Increases fear, makes the victim wonder what is happening and where they are being taken. Then when they are secured, jerk the hood off and let them abruptly find themselves in the torture chamber. Torture /interrogation is a private intimate activity at least for fantasy purposes.
For execution, no hood, if in public, hood if in private. Public executions are partly to shame the offender and set an example. In a private execution, what's the point.
Of course the alternative to both is no hood, let the miscreant see exactly what's coming to them.


It's something I would love if I were the victim but hate it otherwise. As a victim, getting deprived of my vision would heighten the anxiety I may feel from the situation (which is a good thing, in this context) and I would be more sensitive to non-visual senses, like that of touch, for example.

However, as the torturer or an observer, it would be more of a turn-off not being able to see the face of the victim, as watching the expression of horror, despair or humiliation is a big part of the fun when for me.


There is no imagination so bad that reality could not even make it worse.

For example, during the regime of the Shah around 1976, there were reports from Iran of using torture helmets which were magnifying the screams of the victims. After the islamic revolution against the Shah, the same devices were said to have been reused by the Mullah regime until today.
The only difference is that the victims are today not completely naked any more because the torturers are now "very religious" men and women and they usually punish their victims by whippings or electro shocks because of their heresy against the will of Allah and his political representatives on Earth - certainly not because the torturers are the ordinary sadists.
Similar devices are said to be used in China and other Asian dictatorships.

Iranian whipping with helmet that magnifies screams.jpg
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