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Hornet1ba - My 3d Renderings

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I did reduced my output of crux 3d art lately but i never did stopped experimenting and trying to improve my skill!

Here is some of the latest results of my experimentations:
G8 Sase Isha cruxed at night2_denoised.jpgG8 Sase Isha cruxed1_denoised.jpgBlender Cycle G8 real test4_denoised.jpg

For those interested by the technical details those are Daz Studio created scene imported into Blender and rendered in Blender using the Cycle engine.


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G8 Sase Isha cruxed at night2_denoised.jpg

I like the dramatic sky coloring on this one, as well as the lighting on her body. It’s quite captivating.




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I would sit close to her cross, watching all the time and enjoy, sometimes masturbating.
For some time I tried to persuade Jastrow to do something like this, but with crosses instead of ropes. To no avail, alas. :rolleyes:

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Still experimenting!
This time with the beta verson of Daz Studio,learning how to use the upcoming
"Filament" rendering engine that is less demanding on your PC hardware
than Iray.
The first render was done in Filament and took about 1.5 seconds to render!
The second (same scene) was done in Iray and took about 7 minutes.

Daz Filament render1.jpgDaz Filament (Iray) render2.jpg
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