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I painted a crucified woman

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It's just a painting, not the best, but I enjoyed doing it and thought I'd share with those who might appreciate it.
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JJ, for reasons that resist analysis your painting brought to mind The Dream, by Henri Matisse.


If I ever figure that one out, I’ll let you know. ;)


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Why can we not have PM with you ? ...

Concerning the models, I can propose to you some of the photos that I use when I make manips of my crucifixion ...

Here, for example : https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/anjoucalvaries.3014/

If you wish different " shading/lighting, and high contrast in the lighting for practicing dimension. ", I can rework them for your satisfaction ...


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Why can we not have PM with you ? ...

I think my settings were wrong, I changed them so I should be able to receive messages now! Sorry about that.

The second one, "31.jpg" is particularly good with the contrast in lighting I'm looking for. Perhaps I should add that I'm also very interested in models who look like they're suffering, these ones look relaxed and posed, but I like some active straining if possible. Thank you so much! I'll look through your threads for more.

morten sigurdson

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Does anyone have photos that would make good models for these paintings? I'm looking for straightforward or slightly slanted angles for ease of shading/lighting, and high contrast in the lighting for practicing dimension.
Hi, your paintings are wonderful, really nice. Here's some pics of my wife, if you like them make their painting version.
V 198.jpgV 144.jpgV 339.jpgV 258.jpgCrown 78.jpgV 213.jpgV 222.jpg
and link of my thread, there are many pics, if you like them for your paintings.
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