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Ideal male crucifixion aesthetic?

Ideal male crucifixion aesthetic

  • #1 Stud: Masculine, Muscular, Hairy, Powerful build

    Votes: 25 49.0%
  • #2 Femboy: Feminine, Hairless, smooth, slim build (possibly long hair)

    Votes: 24 47.1%
  • #3 Heavy: Large/Obese, natural/averag look

    Votes: 6 11.8%
  • #4 Older: Lean, well maintained, experienced on the cross

    Votes: 8 15.7%
  • & Free-Hanging from cross

    Votes: 20 39.2%
  • & Sedile/Cornu

    Votes: 27 52.9%
  • & Chastity Cage

    Votes: 5 9.8%
  • & Other (post below)

    Votes: 2 3.9%

  • Total voters
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Speak for yourself, I am pretty smooth and slinky! XD

Great post though. My cock is very small so perhaps my humiliation would make other men feel good about themselves.
Interesting point, not that I believe you (yours surely much bigger than mine!), but I was thinking about what would be interesting for the viewers.... In a roman setting, and probably a modern one to, you would love to see a barbarian crucified, so with hairy, ugly body and big, horrifying penis! Just think of all this roman ladies, who are shocked and sexually attracted by these uncivilised men- In todays world, we see most porno's with large and always (at least since viagra) erected penis views. There are naturally "special interest groups", but I guess most porn actors are manly man and naturally always ready, just like me.....
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