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IgnikaMarcus' "Nailvember" Campaign.

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Baron Von Sade

Another late one.
Nailvember Day 14: Decepticon
She did everything she could think of to pass as a man. Cut her hair. Wrapped her chest. Even practiced to deepen her voice. All to serve in the Imperial Army. It was successful, for a time, but one fateful morning her fellow soldiers found out. Now she hangs, nailed to a cross as punishment, staring in shock at the iron spike they nailed through her sex.
Absolutely brilliant! You keep outdoing yourself.


Nailvember Day 16: Giantess Tradition
Every Winter, a maiden from the Giant population spends 3 nights crucified, in a ritual to give some of their life force to the forest for the coming Spring. It is Calysta's second night, and she hangs there peacefully while her human lover Alisson kisses her feet.


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Nailvember Day 17: Abandoned @mp5stab
Alexis thought they were her friends, but they had a grudge against her. What was thought to be a friendly trip to her parent's summer home turned into a nightmare. Her "friends" dragged her out of bed into the nearby pavilion, nailed her to the wall and a bench and then ran, taking the car to leave.


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