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Illustrated short stories

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"Amanda´s Cuaresma"
Amanda was typing frantically at the computer. The BDSM website had finally responded to her and accepted her request as a bondage model. That could make her a lot of money because the web was well known and was very successful among thousands of perverts around the world.

The fiction of the web consisted of models pretended to be masochistic women who wanted to make their fantasies come true. Before the bondage and sadistic porn sessions, the candidates confessed their fantasies in front of the camera completely naked and often masturbating. Then they explained what kind of torture they wanted to go through, how many executioners wanted to be dominated and raped by, and things like that.

Amanda was indeed a masochist and admired the realism of the scenes she saw on that web. Actually they seemed almost real !. However, the main motivation was money. For a twenty-four hour session of BDSM with very few limits she was going to charge $ 10,000. Even more, if she was successful with the public and managed to become a bondage queen, she could repeat in several sessions and accumulate a small fortune in a short time.

She had a plan.
The young woman was naked talking to her audience and at that moment she confessed that the story that had always awakened her masochistic desires was the "Cuaresma" of Duke Galeazzo Visconti of Milan, a psychopathic and sadistic ruler of the fourteenth century. Viscontian Cuaresma consisted of a gruesome process of torture and execution that the ruler reserved for traitors and spies. Instead of an execution in a single day, the torture lasted for forty days. The inmate was tortured in the most savage and inhumane ways on alternate days and on the intervening days he was allowed to rest. Of course the tortures were in crescendo and ended broken on the wheel.

Of course many of those tortures described in the method of the Duke of Milan seemed old-fashioned so Amanda proposed an update of them with a mixture of medieval and other more modern tortures: the whip, the rack, the wooden pony, electric shocks and of course the cross, as the crucifixion was one of the web's favorite punishments. Also, every other day she would not really rest but would be at the mercy of dozens of sadists who would subject her to the most depraved sexual practices including gangbangs with more than ten men at the same time.

Amanda's satisfaction was great when the editors of the web accepted her proposal as that meant that she would shoot several sessions with them. The girl was young an pretty and had a beautiful body so they knew it would be a good deal.
Amanda smiled when she saw the poster announcing the upcoming “Amanda's Cuaresma” performance. This consisted of a photomontage in which his naked body appeared superimposed in a sordid medieval dungeon.


Days later Amanda was on a luxury yacht in which she and nine other models had embarked to go to the Island of Flowers. This was a small island in a corrupt republic that the BDSM productions company had rented to make its recordings. It was a discreet place where sordid crucifixion scenes could be filmed outdoors. In addition there was an old colonial fortification that had been adapted for indoor recordings and in it there were dungeons and cells that perfectly simulated torture chambers that did not they had nothing to envy those of the Inquisition.
During the two weeks that the cruise lasted, the models enjoyed all kinds of luxuries, they could have fun and sunbathe on the deck in a bikini or topless. All of them were very young and beautiful and had gorgeous bodies. The sado web paid very well and for that reason they could afford to choose the best of the best. Anyway they let themselves be recorded to do the making off and they also did long sessions in front of the camera masturbating while they recalled their excitement and the orgasms during the bondage sessions that they had not really experienced yet. Time had to be bought.
Once in the port, the girls disembarked and very happy they took some photos

However they met a welcoming committee that they did not expect,...
a group of soldiers in camouflage uniforms pointing them which left them puzzled.

Suddenly among them the one who seemed to be the leader appeared flanked by hooded individuals wearing shackles and chains, stepped forward.

A couple of soldiers with shoulder cameras recorded everything.

- Welcome to the Island of Flowers, the officer said sharply and with a sadistic expression. As you have been told on the trip, from this moment we are going to start recording and you have to act. I remind you that this means that you are slaves and you have to obey everything we tell you… ..

The girls looked at each other and some smiled excitedly.
- All right, get naked, take everything off and put your clothes in that bucket.

The girls looked at each other again, although not all of them were smiling anymore.

- Come on!, get all the clothes off or you'll make me wear the whip, he said, snapping a whip of tails.
That made the most daring begin to undress.

The truth is that they were a bit uncomfortable to take off their clothes there in the open air, not only because of the soldiers but because there were also the public, curious men and women, some of whom took out their cell phones to take photos and videos.

- Come on, don't make me impatient, everything off …… the panties too, come on, all naked… I don't want to see anything.
Finally, the ten naked girls were in a single row covering their shame as best they could while one of the soldiers poured some gasoline into the bucket and burned the clothes they had just taken off.

- Ha ha, from now on you will be all the time naked and bound, so anyone can do whatever they want with you. Come on!, put the chains on them and gag them, it's getting late and they have to visit certain places on the island.


The executioners rushed to carry out the order and soon put all the girls in chains: an iron collar around their necks and shackles on their hands and feet, all of them held together by heavy chains.
Then they started gagging them and one of the girls dared to speak.

- Wait, what's the safeword?

That earned her a hard slap in the face.

- There is no fucking safeword, it is a snuff.

This made the girls look at each other in alarm.

- Come on, open your mouth, bitch

and as the girl refused, they convinced her by twisting her nipples.


Finally, with everyone bound and gagged, the officer spoke clearly.

- Well, in case you haven't found out yet, you will not leave this island alive.


- Yes, you will live your masochistic fantasies here, only it will not be a simulacrum but it will be real. Anyway, it will not happen immediately, there will be enough time to get to know each other better. And now we are going to see the others. Walk!.
The executioners began to hit lashes for the slaves to get going and they had no choice but to start walking with clumsy and short steps that made their naked flesh tremble ridiculously.

Amanda was first in line, one hench tugging on the chain impatient for her to walk while another lashed her back and thighs lash after whip.
The young woman was disoriented and very horny as she convinced herself that the terrible officer's words were part of the script. In fact, she had seen many movies that pretended to be real. The whipping really hurt but this was rough bdsm. Suddenly she saw several empty crosses on the road sides.
- Oh my God!
Then Amanda saw a naked crucified girl

- But, but, she has been nailed!, they are real wounds and blood



- Be quiet slave!
Actually, those ten wretches would soon realize that they had fallen into a trap and that it was a fake web that made two types of movies: a bondage version for the legal circle and another snuff version for the illegal one.

In fact, they discovered it when they arrived at the place where some women were being impaled. It was an impalement in true Dolcett style.
Several crying girls were tied with arms up while they watched their companions torture
The girls were impaled with metal skewers inserted through the anus and taken out through the mouth,


One girl screamed like mad while begging useless for mercy but the executioners didn´t stop the hideous torture.


Then the girl was carried to the evisceration place.
and there she was gutted by an skillfull carnifex
e966372376 (1).jpg

It was incredible that during evisceration the girl kept alive. Then the man sewed the belly again and the girl was carried to the fireplace
Finally the desperated girls watched helplessly as the girl was taken to some spits where she was roasted alive over low heat of incandescent embers.
The executioners had everything prepared hours before, but since they knew that new models were arriving, they waited so they could see the whole process.

When they understood the mistake they had made in presenting themselves to that page of sadists, the girls cried and protested uselessly, nothing could save them from the hell that awaited them.

In fact, some of those present had expressed precisely how being a Dolcettgirl was one of her favorite fantasies and the officer who knew the requests by heart announced that she herself would suffer such an ordeal in the matter of a few weeks.

It took the Dolcett girls about three hours to die slowly roasted over the coals.


images (1).jpgarena audience.jpg
The next station was a papier-mâché amphitheater in which a masquerade was being held.

There they were all disguised as ancient Romans and they were having a kind of games in which beautiful naked women suffered all kinds of torture before and during their crucifixion:
Gabriel Roman arena 408-1-.jpg
Gabriel Roman arena 397-1- (1).jpg
hot irons and pliers....
New roman arena 239.1-.jpgGabriel Roman arena 105.1-.jpg
hooks and cat nails.
Of course, the new arrivals were horrified that the executioners used nails to fix the models to the crosses, driving them into their wrists and feet. Those poor girls howled in desperation in a bloody orgy.
Gabriel Roman arena 209.1-.jpgGabriel Roman arena 257-1-.jpg
The executioners were not satisfied with crucifying the slaves, but once they were crucified they tortured them for hours in the most horrendous ways.

Some of the new models pissed in fear when they saw that because they had requested the crucifixion as main punishment. Amanda herself had asked to be crucified three times for her Cuaresma but without nails.


This time the models were placed in stocks on the arena so that visitors could fuck them from the front or from behind while enjoying the show.
Amanda lost track of all the blowjobs and penetrations she suffered from both pussy and anus.

Finally at dawn they reached the fortress, there the girls were separated and each of them was led to a different dungeon.
On the way Amanda could hear the desperate screams of the girls who were currently being subjected to torture and a group of hung and blinded girls waiting their turn .

On the door of her dungeon something made her experience a chill of terror: Torture Chamber n. 7 "Amanda's Cuaresma" (04/14 to 05/26), indeed that amounted to forty days….
Tied up, naked and alone in the cold dungeon, Amanda experienced cold sweats as she saw what was in front of her eyes. She did not know if they had done it because they were very well organized or out of sheer sadism, but the executioners had placed a sign with a date on each of the torture instruments that they were going to use with her, and they had also followed their instructions to the letter .

alex tynska 03.gif
04/15 Flagellation, fifty lashes.
04/16 Break
04/17 Water torture
04/18 Break
04/19 Riding five hours on the wooden pony and fifty lashes.
04/20 Break



04/21 Witches' chair and torture of the pins under the nails
04/22 Break
04/23 Torture rack, stretching without shoulder dislocation,.
04/24 Break
04/25 Whipping and first Crucifixion abroad in roman style
04/26 Break
04/27 Water torture in backbreaker rack
04/28 Break
04/29 Electrotorture on rack

… ..The torture sesions were in crescendo both in time and cruelty and every two days they were more horrifying because Amanda herself had wanted it that way

05/13 Cradle of Judas.
05/14 Break
05/15 Crucifixion outside with nails cornu as sedile and tit torture with red hot irons and hot tongs.
05/16 Break

The young woman was already sorry that her mother had thrown her into the world, especially when she thought about the way she herself had arranged for her execution: broken on the wheel. After breaking the bones of her limbs with a bar, the executioner would twist her arms and legs between the spokes of a cartwheel and this would be hoisted and placed high so that the young woman would agonize for hours or days in a horrible death. The seagulls would probably start to eat her while she was still alive.

The end


Cristina missionay´s martyrdom

In a remote corner of the Amazon jungle, two almost totally naked women carry heavy logs tied to their arms on their shoulders.
The girls are guarded by several Jivaro warriors who do not hesitate to poke their asses with some sharp rods if they delay.
One of them is white, her name is Cristina, while the other is called Mara and she is a girl from the tribe who has just come of age.

The humid heat of the jungle is unbearable and all the way hundreds of mosquitoes bite the two women in every corner of their skin. As they are tied they cannot defend themselves from insects or scare them away.

Cristina's body shines drenched in sweat, and her big tits tremble freely, jumping from left to right to the rhythm of her steps.

Cristina is flushed seeing how the warriors look at her with lust, and under loincloths their large erect penises can be guessed. They will surely penetrate her again through all her orifices before execution. That is what they have been doing with her for a fourteen months when she came to the Amazon forest.

1615026378597.png 1615026468017.png

Cristina was a young virgin nun when she came to the village with the intention of evangelizing the savages. However, they had no intention of converting to Christianity and the chief decided that Cristina was so beautiful that she would become their sex slave from then on.


What are they going to do to us? Why do we carry these heavy logs on our shoulders?

I don't know Mara.

Cristina's response was very pious, because she knew exactly what they were going to do with them, the chief of the tribe had explained it to her in detail weeks before.

Gabriel Roman arena 341-1-.jpg

Cristina had brought several books with pictures of sacred history and early Christianity. She thought that these images would help her to Christianize the Jíbaros, but the chief of the tribe was especially interested in the images that reflected the martyrdom of Christian women in the Roman amphitheater.


With sadistic imagination the chief thought that that year they could celebrate the traditional annual sacrifice of a young virgin to the gods of the jungle in a more fun way. That year it was Mara's turn, but Cristina would also accompany her.

So you will be happy to die as well as the Christian martyrs, he said laughing at her sadistically.

In the jungle there were no nails or iron instruments, so the chief commissioned them to some merchants who came by the river and who passed through there once a year. So Cristina had to wait more than a year for her martyrdom and became the favorite whore of all the warriors of the tribe who raped her daily. In fact, since the nun had started having sex, her boobs had grown larger and much more sensitive.

Finally the order arrived and that precipitated the execution of the two women.


When she arrived at the place of execution, Cristina knelt on the ground completely exhausted and only when she recovered her breath was able to see what they had prepared for them.

A chill of terror ran through her nude body.
descarga.jpg medieval-torture-device-iron-spider_1_cda49d7710fb722529f7fc638861ac2c (2).jpg
There the two stipes of the crosses where the two girls were to be crucified were erect, but in addition there were other sinister iron objects such as long nails, pliers, punches, and even breast rippers. There was also a burning brazier where the embers were already forming where they were going to heat the torture tools.

As they laid on the cross to crucify her and the loincloth was ripped off, Cristina remembered what the chief had told her. Their martyrdom was to last three days and three nights and once they were crucified the two girls were to be tortured with hot irons very slowly on all parts of their bodies, but especially on their breasts.

Before the imminent moment of her torture, Cristina felt her sex get wet and her nipples became hard and erect once more......

The end


Belonging to an old and wealthy patrician family and being young and beautiful in the splendorous Roman Empire was surely fortunate. However....., Claudia was not happy.
At her 21, she had been married for three years to a rich and handsome legatus whom she loved very much. Unfortunately her husband had cheated on her with three best friends: Silvia, Hortensia and Julia. They had seduced him in turn or at same time and had share his bed. They surely continued to do so.
Now at the party organized by Silvia Ulpia herself, three young women ridiculed and laughed at her. Claudia knew it, those looks… those whispers… those mocking laughs.......

Those cruel women had always despised her because she was the most beautiful of all and now they had stayed with what she loved the most: her husband.

Claudia was humiliated but her dignity as a Roman matron forced her to keep silent, hide and smile at the same friends who had stabbed her in the back.
There was that shameless Silvia, exhibiting herself to her guests as if she were a whore. Claudia hated her
She had to take revenge, but no matter how much she thought, she could not think how.
Suddenly she heard a conversation between two unknow men. The two spoke in whispers of the old emperor Tiberius who had lived on the Isle of Capri for several years, indulging in all kinds of sexual orgies. In fact, in his old age, the adopted son of Augustus had decided to flee from Rome and the world for fear of conspiracies against him and the possibility of being assassinated. His faithful Sejanus, the tribune of the Praetorian Guard, watched over him and his interests in Rome, and he did this work very seriously.

Sejanus had many spies in Rome and a minimal criticism of Tiberius or a simple suspicion was enough for the accused to be arrested and sentenced to death even if there was no evidence of his guilt. Even more, anonymous complaints were considered sufficient evidence to be arrested and convicted.

Apparently Tiberius, more and more paranoid, had ordered Sejanus that those convicted of conspiracy and treason should not receive a quick death, but a cruel and humiliating death: crucifixion in the arena or in the sessorium, outside the gates, of the city completely naked to let the whole world see them.
- Also women? Asked the intercolutor.
- Yes, women must also be crucified completely naked and slowly and savagely tortured to death in front of the public.
Those terrible words answered the question that Claudia had been asking herself all night,........... now she knew how to get revenge.
Indeed, the next day Claudia disguissed in vulgar slave clothes and a veil that covered completely her face and went out into the street.
Once on the forum, she looked for a beggar kid who could not read and commissioned him to deliver a note to Centurion Macro, one of the most important officers of the Praetorium.

It goes without saying that in that note she denounced her former friends, Silvia, Hortensia and Julia for conspiracy to kill Tiberio. The plan consisted that the three beautiful women would ask Cesar to be invited to one of his erotic orgies by offering to make love with him and they would take the opportunity to murder him in bed.


The anonimous complaint was enough to mobilize Sejano's repression machinery and that same night Silvia, Hortensia and Julia were arrested in their respective homes.
When the legionaries broke into Silvia Ulpia's house, they found her making love to her slaves.
Since she was a noble woman, she was allowed to get dressed before taking her out naked on the street. The centurion gave her fifteen minutes. The surprised woman asked her slaves to dress her and had no choice but to accompany the guards.
512_listing.jpgGreek Girls 02.png
Hortensia and Julia were also caught making love each other. The legionaries mocked them, laughing that these noble women were lesbians. They were only allowed to put on light tunics, and after tying their hands behind their backs, they were pushed into the prison.
fb7c9dac6ad3ce5d035ca8926ab230a2.jpgGreek Girls 06.png
After waiting for nightfall and through the deserted streets, the three women were taken to the dungeons of the Mamertine Prison guarded by the guards. Of course their domus, jewels and all value things were immediately expropriated in the name of Tiberius and Sejanus took over a third of them.

Logically the three noble women angrily protested that they were innocent. And they threatened the centurion that if they were not released immediately they would protest to the emperor himself.
However, all their dignity and pride as rich women disappeared when the soldiers lowered them into the prison dungeons, the infernal kingdom of Afranius the carnifex of the Praetorium. He and his assistants, two ex-gladiators who served as executioners, received them half-naked and the women experienced chills of terror. They knew Afranius well and had seen him crucify and torture dozens of female slaves in the arena of the Champ de Mars amphitheater. To the detainees, the three men appeared to be giants, muscular and mischievous, and under their breeches, enormous penises could be seen struggling to get out.

- What do we have here? Said Afranius, brandishing a whip of tails, no less than three princesses, ha, ha. Sejanus tribune has commissioned me to prepare you for the interrogation tomorrow, sso strip naked, take off all your clothes.
The three women looked at each other in fear, naked in front of those vulgar executioners? Never.

- You do not want to collaborate, do you?, the tribune has ordered not to start with you until tomorrow, but if you do not want me to use the whip right now you will have to undress yourself and let us tie you up, I do not want to tear this beautiful dress.

- No, ha ha, you want to give it to one of your whores, said another of the executioners.

- Nothing to give away, those clothes are expensive and they will give me a lot of money for them. Come on, take them off now.

Silvia wanted to resist and offered the executioner money if he would allow them to keep their clothes, but that only served to receive a slap.

- Stupid, do you still think you are a rich patrician? The tribune has confiscated all your goods and when you give me your clothes you will have nothing left but your body to get a crust of bread, and now obey. This is the last time I tell you.
The three women saw that they had no alternative, so trembling and crying, they agreed to undress and gave their clothes to the executioner.


- Ha ha, so naked you are no longer different from slavegirls. And now tie them up.

The arrested girls still could not believe what was happening to them, indeed in a few hours they had become slaves and, resigned to their fate, they allowed themselves to be tied up because they were scared to death.
Then, laughing and teasing, the executioners shaved their crotches and armpits to facilitate the torture and then raped them one after another through their three holes: mouth, pussy and anus.
raped.pngFirst Rape.jpg
When they finally ended after two hours of rapes they let in several dozen praetorian soldiers who were waiting impatiently outside and the rapes continued all night.


Next morning the three women were led into Sejano's presence, laden with chains.
He looked at them lustfully and smiled. They had beautiful, proportioned bodies and as they tried to hide their wet sex he imagined what the guards and executioners had done to them all night. It also made him very morbid that until the day before those girls had swam in abundance. Sejano imagined that they were probably innocent and denounced for revenge, but that did not matter much to him. Normally in cases like this she would let the executioners torture the slaves for three days before sending them to the cross, but in the case of Silvia Ulpia and her friends he decided to extend her martyrdom to a whole week. As he thought about that Sejano felt his cock stiffen in his pants.

The interrogation started after a long time of silence to make the girls in panic

- We are aware that you planned to attack our beloved Tiberius, for that terrible crime you will be....... crucified.

Hearing those words, the three of them looked into each other's terrified eyes and protested angrily.

- You cannot crucify us, we are Roman citizens.

That earned Hortensia a slap.

- Silence, you have committed a crime of high treason and from now on you will be considered slaves.

The girls sobbed without daring to protest.

Sejanus smiled.

- But first............... you have to confess the whole plan.

- Plan? What plan?

- Everything, ......who was going to facilitate your trip to Capri and your escape, ......who are your accomplices, and why did you want to assassinate Tiberius.

- No, I do not know what you are talking about, we have never wanted to assassinate our beloved emperor and we have no accomplices.....you have to believe us

Sejanus smiled sadistically again.

- Very well, I see that you are not going to confess for good, Afranius take them downstairs and prepare the toys, I'll come down in an hour, we'll start with this one, he said, pointing to Silvia.

The executioner ordered that they be taken to the torture chamber and the screams of the condemned women were lost through the corridors.

Sejano realized that he still had a powerful erection and sat until he calmed down.

While preparing the instruments of torture, they hung the girls by the arms next to each other. Trembling with fear, the girls watched as they prepared the whips, the braziers, the torture rack and other diabolical devices.

Claudia's revenge was going to be terrible


Sin título9.png
The interrogation of Silvia Ulpia and her friends lasted seven days and seven nights of hell and, as Sejano anticipated, it was completely useless because the women could not confess anything. Actually they knew nothing.

Poor women were subjected to all kinds of infernal torture and rape and paid more than anything for the offense made to Claudia.
The whip
Red hot irons

Pussy torture



Sin título5.png
Wooden Pony

And so on....

For his part, Sejano enjoyed the entertainment and whenever his affairs allowed, he attended the long torture sessions and also enjoyed the sexual favors of the condemned women.
Finally, although no confession was extracted from them, Sejanus directed the trial in the name of Tiberius and condemned them to die on the cross. The execution would take place during the games in honor of the Divine Augustus on the Field of Mars.
The night before the torture, they let the victims rest in tiny cages and went to look for them very early in the morning.
Final Walk 7 3.jpg
To further humiliation, their sex was shaved again and the three women had to walk from the Mamertine prison to the Amphitheater of the Champ de Mars completely naked and carrying the patibulum of the cross on their shoulders.

Knowing that three young and beautiful patrician women were going to be crucified completely naked, the amphitheater's stands were filled with the public, but all those who could not enter crowded into the streets to see the women in the shame parade.


Whip walked2 r.jpgzerosenlike walk.jpgmadiosi-2015-219 Jamilla.jpgBarb X Emily 1 Low Rez.jpg
Several dozen soldiers kept the prisoners on their march towards the arena while the executioners pulled them and made them walk with whips or punctures of their spears.
d5be075ba4a3935dc609b2bce403a7e3.jpg3 models 37a.jpg
As they passed by, the public insulted them and threw balls of mud, rotten fruits or excrement at them.

The march to the place of execution was itself a terrible torture.
madiosi-2015-137-forbarbv2-jpg.261815.jpeg2426954_4541669.jpgarena walk 9 27.jpg
Finally, when the three women entered the arena exhausted, they were greeted by an ovation from the audience that encouraged the executioners to parade them around the arena while the people asked in chorus for the ordeal to begin.


Of course Claudia had spent several gold coins to get a good seat near the arena as she wanted to see up close her treacherous friends tortured and crucified.

In fact, before crucifixion the carnifex had prepared other sadistic entertainments and the three were to be tortured in various ways for public fun.
The first thing was to give them a long round of lashes. To do this, they tied the condemned women to wooden structures with their arms and legs spread so that no corner of their bodies would be safe from the scourge, and the executioners flogged them savagely until they hung helplessly from their bonds.
Molested in the Arena.jpg
So they stopped the punishment and gave them to drink. The women drank without suspecting that Afranius had put a drug into the water. It was a cocktail of stimulants that would prevent the condemned from fainting during the torture.
As they were allowed to rest, a gladiatorial fight ensued, but after an hour the torment resumed.
romandecadence913.jpgromandecadence927s.jpgromandecadence930s (1).jpgGabriel Roman arena 222.1-.jpg
For this, Silvia and her companions were tied in various structures such as crosses of Saint Andrew and hot irons were applied to their skin, their flesh was lacerated with hot pliers, they were scratched with cat claws and hooks and long red-hot needles inserted in the breasts.
The condemned women screamed like mad, howling and crying out for a quick death. From her place, Claudia hugged her dear husband and felt immense pleasure and even excitement when she saw the carnage they were doing with them. Revenge is truly a dish that is served cold.
Again the executioners continued to torment the women until they lost consciousness and then a second batch of gladiators followed.


Poet Laureate
Staff member
Molested in the Arena.jpg
So they stopped the punishment and gave them to drink. The women drank without suspecting that Afranius had put a drug into the water. It was a cocktail of stimulants that would prevent the condemned from fainting during the torture.
Looking at the picture, we're being given stimulation, but not by mouth!


It was already near noon and a herald announced that the execution was imminent. The herald read the sentence condemning to the cross the three traitors who had plotted the murder of the beloved Tiberius.
Gadriella of the Imperial Wood 10.jpg
Amid the excited shouts of the crowd, the executioners dragged the condemned to the crosses that rested on the ground.
c 0058.jpg
They screamed and kicked, resisting like crazy, but it did not help them because they laid them on the crosses, three executioners for each one of them, one on each arm and another to hold the legs. Then Afranius and his assistants knelt beside them with long iron nails and hammers.
The executioners raised their hammers and there was silence in the amphitheater that made it possible to hear the first metallic blows on the nails and the screams of the condemned women.

Andaroos 14 - Page 875.jpg

Claudia was excited and even felt her sex get wet when she saw the three naked women howling like crazy while the iron of the nails entered through the carpal tunnel, breaking nerves and tissues.
Mad with lust, some executioners took the opportunity to once again rape the former patricians in the midst of this terrible torment. It was the height of humiliation.
After nailing their arms, the executioners nailed their feet through the instep with even longer nails, causing even more intense pain. Now the howls of the condemned were louder and they even hit the wood with their heads to lose consciousness, unable to bear that agony.


Finally Afranius went through the three crosses making sure that the nails had penetrated deep into the wood and would be able to hold the women's bodies.
c 0123.jpg7087647-bi1.jpg7087647-bi3.jpg
The time had come to put the crosses upright and for that the executioners were helped by several soldiers who used ropes and wooden poles.
images (4).jpg
When they saw the crosses with the naked women were getting vertical, the public screamed hysterically, clapping the executioners.
For their part, the condemned felt how their ass and backs, wounded by the whip, slid along the stipe and dozens of splinters were embedded in the flesh. it was like a painfull descent to hell.
c 0129.jpg7087668-bi44.jpg
Finally the base of the stipes entered the holes previously dug and the crosses fell conviolent shakes that reverberated on the bodies of the tortured women and their wounds.

Once upright, the soldiers filled in the gaps with wedges of wood, stones, and earth.
Only then did they walk a few meters away to admire their work.


Crux in the Arena 8 16.jpg
There were the three completely naked women, three beautiful bodies shiny with sweat, arms exaggeratedly spread and legs slightly bent.
crux 344 B.jpg
Thin streaks of blood trickled from the wrists, sliding down the arms and armpits. Blood also dripped slowly from the feet forming a small pool at the base of the crosses.
7A0F9692-42C8-4BD6-A82E-1DF94067FFD2 (1).jpeg671D9360-6BF1-4380-80D2-A46FFBEED7CD.jpeg704F4E2B-523C-4D3B-8630-B4F4D770FF92.jpeg
The women cried with their faces contorted with pain, unable to understand why so much cruelty. In fact, the torment had only just begun and it would be very long.
Claudia hugged her husband without losing detail.
That whore, Silvia Ulpia was getting what she deserved, but even suffering on the cross, her body was still beautiful, she also seemed to be horny because her nipples were prickly and hardened and the same thing happened to her bare clitoris and labia. Drops of sperm from the latest rapes slipped between her thighs.
1 c wragg d.jpg
Claudia realized that her husband was hard seeing how Silvia stretched her nude body along the cross to be able to breathe. her round tits he had sucked many times trembled obscenely.
Claudia smiled at him and putting her hand under his panties began to sneakily masturbate him. Silvia's husband smiled at his wife and kissed her.
Then Claudia looked at Silvia again while she was masturbating and a few minutes later she showed her shiny hand of semen, looking into her eyes with hatred and mockery at the same time. It was an irrational act in which Claudia marked the territory and showed victory to her rival.



At that moment, and without knowing why, Silvia understood what had happened: it was Claudia who had denounced them! In the midst of her agony, Silvia tried to clarify her ideas while she saw her ex friend look at her torture with delight ……

- It was that bitch, that whore has denounced us for fucking with her pretty husband. Dawn her... and now .....now she is enjoying our torture.
crux 370.jpg
- No, ....Silvia,.... it can´t be true.
- Yes, look at her face she is smiling

- Oh Silvia the pain is unbearable I can stand no more this horrible torture.

- Hold firm Julia, don´t give her the satisfaction of seeing you crying.
Minutes on the cross are like hours,............. and hours are like days,....... time stands still.
There is only pain, no more than pain, humiliation and contradictorily sexual arousal.
The pain moves from the nail wounds to the rest of the body, to the joints, to the muscles ... the cramps start early and nothing can mitigate the agony. The women changed positions almost every ten seconds trying to find momentary relief but it was all useless.
And oddly enough, the three women showed obvious signs of sexual arousal, hard nipples,.... wet sex,..... perhaps by exposing themselves naked and humiliated and causing dozens of men to masturbate in their presence.

Soon, the executioners and guards take advantage of her helplessness and nakedness and took advantage of the former patricians by abusing them to the delight of the public.

Princess in the arenas 2..jpg

- Oh matrona, you look like a nasty slut, your pussy is dripping sperm, come on guys, this noble womanneeds her slaves´ special services, ha, ha.
- Ha ha, do you enjoy your crucifixion, noble lady? What else do you want from your humble slave?

- No don't..... leave me..... gods I am cumming.


- Ha, ha, what a dirty whore!, look at her she has come in the middle of the torment

- A soldier has told me those traitor bitches sucked everything in front of them in order to get rid of the torture for a few minutes.

- I can´t wait their tits to be tortured with red hot irons.

- I am sure they will scream like pigs they are.
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