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Illustrated short stories

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The guard ripped brutaly the tong and made the girl keep stand.
images (12).jpg
- Legs whide open and arms over, now!

- Well, the officer said, wait for me here and don't move a muscle. I'm coming back right now.
images (33).jpg
In reality, that "right now" became almost two hours of waiting in which the young woman had to stand in that position. Sofia wondered if Jess had already thought she had missed the flight or something.

Of course the guards saw the anal plug shining between the buttocks and laughed at that gringo whore they had arrested.
default (2).jpg
They even called other guards and airport personnel to see her and mock.
All those teasing only made Sofía get hotter and hornier and her nipples started to grow and get hard as her sex got wet.

Suddenly, the door opened again and several graduating soldiers appeared before whose presence the soldiers stood at attention. It was about a general, a colonel and a captain who came with other soldiers who brought chairs for them.

The three officers sat behind the table but Sofia had to remain standing and was not even allowed to change her position.

Mademoiselle, the general said suddenly, very serious accusations are weighing on you.
- What? She said.

- You are charged with terrorism and attempted murder.

- You are....., you are wrong,...... I don't know what you are talking about.

- It is useless to deny it. We have proof, but what we want from you is to confess what you intended to do and how. We also want the names of your accomplices here in San Bernardino.

- Sofia couldn't believe it, were they all crazy?

- Well?

- No, I don't know what this is all about.

- Miss know that we have time and means to make you confess so if you persist in denying everything we will be forced to use them.

- I really don't know what they're talking about.

- Okay, I have advissed you. Let them put some handcuffs on her and take her right now to the Santa Marta Prison, there we will continue the interrogation in better conditions. Guards!
- Come on bitch turn around and lean over the table.

- No, no, I am innocent.
- Obey bent over.

7 (1).jpg
The guard handcuffed poor girl and laughing he started to pull the anal plug out of her ass hole



- Ha, ha, what a whore!, she is all wet.

- Get over it, this is not a brothel

They handcuffed her hands and as the girl kept protesting or saying that it was a misunderstanding, the general ordered that they gag her with a rubber ball.

Then Sofía was taken to Santa Marta detention center in a closed van that took six hours to travel.


Santa Marta Prison was a detention center located in the middle of the jungle around an old "hacienda" (farm) on which modern prison facilities had been built.
md_ac54c2-1.CoibaPrison_ChuckHolton.jpgimages (40).jpg
This was a very special women's prison in the middle of no where. The only way to arrive was a bad road impractical during the rainy season.

There was no village and no other farm in a fourty milles radium and the few families that lived there were evicted years ago by the government. Thus, there were no annoying witnesses, journalists, or humanitarian organizations to monitor so that the inmates received humane treatment.
In this way, suspected terrorists, union leaders, political opponents of the regime or simply too curious journalists were kidnapped and taken to prison nude, tied and gagged in the trunk of private vehicles.
689_1000.jpgimages (42).jpg
Lustful drivers often stopped on the road to rape them and then carried them the last few miles out of the trunk like trophies.
Once in prison, the prisoners were under the control of "trusted prisoners", actually, torturers, psychopaths and rapists taken from the worst prisons in San Bernardino to do the work of executioners, cruel job the enjoyed a lot.
That last image is very interesting indeed. Skewered, catheter, shock treatment, and now the blowtorch. She should appreciate she’s privileged to be in such expert hands. Masterful and survivable. I hope she suffers a very long time! Lucky thing!


In Santa Marta the average length of stay was 16 months, but no girl left there alive. They disappear discreetly or they were sentenced to death in a pantomime trial that was held in the same prison.

The prison sentence was in itself a hell because of dairy continuous rapes, humiliations and punishments.
In addition, the first days, the prisoners were taken to special interrogation chambers to extract any type of information from them. On average, the new inmates were tortured for three days, but in exceptional cases they could be interrogated for six or seven days with their nights with the help of stimulant drugs. Many of them confess innocent´s names only to avoid the endless tortures, so that more "no guilty" girls were kidnapped and imprisoned in the next weeks.

As for the method of execution, they were never quick or merciful. General Garcia, the warden, was very fond of the history of torture and execution, and apart from having written several books, he had a collection of medieval torture instruments.
As no one witnessed the executions, general Garcia liked to indulge his sadistic fantasy and used all kinds of ingenious, slow and extremely cruel execution methods: impalement, racked to death, broken wheel, roasted an flayed alive, and so on, but his favorite method was mostly......

crucifixion. Girls who were unlucky enough to suffer the torture of the crucifixion were nailed to the cross with nails and completely naked of course.
The expert executioners managed to keep the girls alive at the crosses for an average of two and a half days.
At that time they were not satisfied with the action of nature, heat, thirst, animals or simply fatigue, but the cruel executioners complemented the cross with all kinds of torture such as red-hot irons, the whip, or the fire.
Sofía was taken to her cruel destiny totally naked, bound and gagged in the back of a van. During the long six-hour journey, the girl wondered who had denounced her.
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Once in the prison yard, the doors were closed and the policemen took Sofía out into the open air to take her into the presence of the warden.
So Sofia had the opportunity to see how some prisoners were flogged


Why are they whipped? What guilt have they committed?

unnamed (1).gif
Probably nothing. Punishments are often drawn by lot, thus maintaining discipline.




- In that case Roberto does it for fun, he is a true sadist. He was sentenced to the gallows for raping and torturing twenty girls to death. However, the general managed to be pardoned in exchange for working as an executioner in Santa Marta. Soon you will feel the pecks of his whip on your skin, heis an animal.

- But if I am innocent.

- You are all innocent my dear and now walk!.


- Sometimes we let some prisoners whip others, thus solving their problems.

- Yes, but in this way the executioner can become a victim the next day, ha, ha.

- Yes it is very funny to see that kind of revenges. They seem to be hellcats.

Look at that one, best cocksuckers spare some punishments.

Some punishments are worse than whipping. Look at her. She has been tied with her legs open to an anthill and they have put a honey-pooled stick inserted into her pussy. I assure you that tropical ants are much more ferocious than those in your country, ha, ha.


Finally Sofia reached the place where the crucified women were, and her nipples stiffened at the sight of a slim young woman who was desperately struggling to find a bearable posture.

Who, who is she?

She is gorgeous, isn´t she?. I don't blame you, many prisoners become lesbians over time and she is beautiful especially suffering on the cross.

Finally Sofia reached the main building and the guards brought her in for the welcoming ceremony.


prison 242.jpg

Just entering the facilities, Sofia was surprised to find a woman who was not naked, she was the general's daughter, a sadistic lesbian who liked to use the whip.

- Who is this sweetie?

- She is a murderous terrorist.

- Take her to the toilet and clean her ass well, I'll give her the enema myself.

I'm going to make you very hot assassin, bubbles are going to come out of your ass, ha, ha.


Sofía was given a painful and humiliating enema and after having to keep the hot liquid in her intestines for ten minutes, she began to fart brown water.

The executioners held their noses while laughing.

- Pufff, the new one smells bad, you still have to give her a second enema.

unnamed (8).jpg

After this they tied her to the ceiling well stretched and gave her a shower with ice water with a hose to remove all the filth.

Sofia screamed in pain because the impact of the water hurt her.

- Clean her well there between the buttocks, let's not save water with this sow.

2562940_1_o.jpgimages (39).jpg
Later they took it down and they registered the holes well in case there was something in them.

The guards lingered more than necessary on Sofia's pussy and ass so that she almost had an orgasm.

prison 016 e.jpgimages (17).jpg

Finally, they did the bureaucratic procedures to enter the prison and after putting a mask on her, a brutal guard took her to her cell.
Once in her dungeon, Sofía was tied upside down from the ceiling, blinded and gagged, and the guard closed the door and pulled the bolts.

From the adjoining dungeon came a shrill sound of heavy music, but amidst that infernal noise Sofia could perfectly hear the screams of a woman who was being tortured.

The poor inmate alternated crying, desperate howls, and pleas for mercy.

Sofía lost track of time, they actually held her in that position for about ten hours when she heard them interrogate three different women or at least that's what she thought because they changed music after times: tango, country ... The executioners liked to silence the howls of the tortured girls with loud music.

Finally they went to look for her to the presence of the warden. Sofía was waiting for him for two hours, on her knees tied and with a cruel medieval accessory: the Heretic's fork.


Sin título.png

When General Garcia entered his office, he found a pleasant surprise that made his penis wake up.

There was that precious terrorist on her knees naked and bound, totally at his mercy.

The waiting with the Heretic fork had taken its toll and the girl had a horrible pain in her neck as reflected on her face.

Sofia stood panting looking at how that officer looked at her with poorly disguised lust.

- I must recognize terrorists are intelligent, yes there is no doubt that with your pretty body and face, you would have got easy for you to get into the bed of our beloved president and there you would have easily murdered him.

Sofia looked at him between alarmed and terrified, but she hardly could speak

No.......no....is not true

- Your lies are useless. We know everything, someone of your people has betrayed you and told us your criminal plot, so I recommend you to confess as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to endure cruel tortures.

Sofia looked at him, denying him, terrified.
- No,...please,...there is...a te....rrible mis.....take

-The executioners in this prison are especially adept at making stubborn girls like you talk.

Then suddenly García grabbed her by the two tits and squeezing them told him.

- However, if you confess everything and are good to me I will make your life easier until the day of your execution. You wanna tell me something?.
Sofía said yes and General Muñoz agreed to remove the fork.

- Well? He said releasing her.

- It's a mistake, I don't know anything about what you're telling me.

- Damn terrorist!. He slapped her. I see I am going to have to resort to the usual prison methods.

General García picked up a phone and called the guards.

- Take this garbage to Muñoz and tell him to "soften" her tonight. Tomorrow we will proceed to apply a special treatment.
4ljkfz47dq6j (1).jpg
- Put your hands behind your back, bitch I'm going to put these bracelets on you

The guards took Sofía where Muñoz and his assistants were waiting for her like the spider to the fly.
The girl had to walk the corridors of the jail handcuffed.
Dozens of prisoners looked out at the novelty and looked at it from their cells sympathetic to the new prisoner.
They all knew where they were taking her and for what, and they prepared to hear her screams and cries of mercy in the days that followed.

At last they came to a solid closed door.

Sofia looked up and what she read made the blood run cold in her veins.


Rules of use

  1. No entry except authorized personnel.
  2. Inform by the telephone how many hours you are going to use the dungeon and if you need an extension of the hours, but remember that torture chambers are used intensively. It is advisable to reserve them for not more than eight hours.
  3. Make sure to close the door from the inside before using torture devices and tools.
  4. Remember to leave all the instruments clean and in order after having used them.
  5. Inside there is a table to adjust the voltage of the electric shocks to the weight and age of the victim. Warning!. Read it before applying electroshock to avoid unpleasant surprises.


- Come on, open the door Muñoz, here you are fresh meat.

The door opened and there appeared Muñoz the executioner with his four assistants

- Ha, ha, what a pretty princes, come in, come in, charm, you're going to have a good time.
e57e6892b79b92e281740521d2c28ad4.23.jpgdescarga (15).jpg
Sofia was dragged into that hell against her will and after closing the door and turning the heavy to full volume, the rape began....


Sofia was interrogated for five days.

Interrogations lasted an average of five to eight hours with rest intervals of another five hours.
During breaks, the young woman could not even sleep as she was usually raped by other guards or tied in an uncomfortable bondage posture or riding the wooden pony.
Caprice fullbody 2803.jpgAgentJ-Pro111.jpg
The interrogators took turns and it was not always Muñoz who applied the torture. In fact, the music changes were not produced by changes in the victim but in the torture equipment.
1620497320412.pngimages (49).jpg83F187C (1).jpg10.jpg1620497532907.pngimages (48).jpg
Sofia was flogged several times and was also subjected to the torment of water, falaka, the Malay boot, the breast press and also had pins stuck under her fingernails.

The trusted prisoners knew very well their job and they used to take their time administering pain slowly and scientifically.

Sofia became mad of pain screaming and begging for mercy while she claimed she was innocent and that it was all a mistake.


However, the worst were the electric shocks applied to all parts of her body and especially the tongue, nipples and genitals.
To do this, they tied her tightly on the parrot's perch, or stretched out on a torture rack, or tied with her arms and legs wide open.
On the second day the young woman could no longer bear it and confessed that she had come to the Republic of San Bernardino to assassinate the president and that she intended to do so after seducing him and while they were making love.

However, General García was not satisfied with that confession because he wanted Sofía to give details about her accomplices, contacts and everything she knew about the terrorist organization to which she belonged.

Of course, the young woman could not confess any of that because she knew nothing and was savagely tortured for three more days.

- Come on Sofia, come here and don't make the executioner wait, the needles are already hot, we're going to stick them in those pretty little tits if you don't speak.
- Please, please, I don't know anything, you have to believe me, don't torture me anymore.

- Come here bitch, come here and don't resist.

- Ha, ha, much better, and now the hot needles

- You´d better speak bitch

- No, I don´t know nothing, nothing AAAAAYYYYYYY

The executioners only stopped when she was at risk of death.
images (14).jpg
Finally a pantomime trial was improvised and lasted no more than ten minutes Taking into account she had confessed her crime, Sofia was sentenced to death. The judge clarified that the day and time of execution would be communicated to her at the appropriate time, as well as the execution method and.other details of the additional tortures that would be applied to her during the execution.

- In view of the horrible crime that you were going to commit against our beloved president, we hope that your ordeal will be painful and long so that it will give you time to repent before leaving this world.

As the tearful girl was being carried back to her cell, the General reflected on the painful way to execute this beautiful girl: skinning alive? Impalement? She had a very beautiful body so he would probably choose the crucifixion for her ....... anyway he would make that decision when the time came.

Meanwhile, Sofia began her sentence in that green hell, forgotten by the hand of God and populated by lustful and sadistic devils that daily turned inmates into bondage toys.

Two months later General García was in his office with an old man.

- So, you say you are a film director. What are you looking for in Santa Marta?

- Well general, precisely I am making a movie.......


- What kind of movies do you make, Mr Jess?
- Porn movies, in two versions: BDSM and snuff porn

- Snuff movies? I thought they were illegal.

-They are, but those kind of movies can be sold in certain protected circles and they pay very well.

- It is very interesting but you still haven't told me why you have come to my prison.

- What is it going to be? I want you to provide me with actresses and models for my films.

- Models for snuff movies ?,....so, do you mean .....?

- Exactly..... what you are thinking.

- Wow!

- Given that they have been sentenced to death, it does not matter how they die and so.... we can get a financial benefit.

- And what would I gain?

- $ 20,000.

- For how many victims ?, I mean ..... models?

- Fifty

- Hmmm, too many,....I want 30,000 and 15% of the profits.

- 25,000 and 10%

- Okay, deal done.

- It's a pleasure doing business with you, here's a cash advance of 5,000.

- And what is the plot of this movie? "The general's daughter."

- I think you will like it, it is about Romans and crucifixions.

- Hmm, I love crucifixions.

- Precisely I need your men to help build the crosses. It will be a massive crucifixion.

- Yes, 50 nude girls crucified at the same time. it will be worth seeing.

- In addition, some of the dungeons will have to be converted into old torture chambers with all the necessary equipment in good condictiones. Remember there are not fakes nor atrezzo, all is real.

- Count on it, if you will allow me I have some ideas for the film as well as some historical devices you can use: torture rack, witches 'chair, Judas' cradle.

- I had already heard of you, General. I will be happy to hear your suggestions. All right, now I would like to see your girls, I have to do the casting.

- All right, and General Garcia picked up the cell phone. Have the prisoners form.

The general accompanied Jess to see the prison and choose the 50 girls who were to be part of his film.

The director was delighted to do this casting with dozens and dozens of young women completely naked and subjected for weeks or months of torture and rape.

Some were taken from the tiny punishment cages

preview.mp4 (2).jpg
Some insisted on covering their shame with arms and the soldiers forced them to show their bodies well.

- You have a great variety of girls here and they are all very beautiful, but I want to know how they behave in action, could the executioners do a demonstration?

- Of course.
Thus, after making a first selection, a few were taken to one of the torture chambers and while one was subjected to various torments, the others were hung by their arms, waiting their turn and hearing the screams and desperate begs of their companions.

Jess had a good time watching the girls' reactions to the torture and choosing the ones that satisfied him the most.
- Come on, is your turn, bitch, come in.
-AAAYYYY, AAAYYYY, Mercy please, mercy.

- What are they doing to that poor girl

- Probably she doesn´t apreciate the red hot needles in her nipples, ha, ha.
- Please don´t hurt me please.

- Don´t be afraid, it is only a casting for a movie, ha, ha.

Old Jess got his cock stiff during the long sadistic casting that lasted for several days.
On the second day he found Sofia and gave a sadistic smile.

- Oh General, I already have the protagonist, she will be the general's daughter.
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Sin título2.pngWhen she saw Jess, Sofía was shocked and momentarily happy, but then she became stunned, because she did not understand what was happening.

- Beautiful Sofia, you have good taste Jess.

- Yes, baby, you will have a leading role, which means the most minutes in the movie.

- Aren't you going to try the casting with her first, Jess?

- Yes, why not?

- Take off her shibari and gag, and take her to the torture chamber.


Sofia entered the torture chamber submissively. The young woman still did not understand the presence of the film director there and perhaps she hoped that he would finally give an explanation that would serve to free her.
The executioners untied her but only to re-tie her with her arms over head.

Jess and the general felt a powerful erection.

One of the executioners carefully chose the whip and began to whip her



Of course the casting was a total success as the girl responded erotically to the lashes, shaking her precious body and screaming sharply.

After the forty lashings, Jess asked to be alone with the prisoner and then spoke to her.
- Jess, please, you have to get me out of here, there has been a confusion and they think I am a terrorist, someone denounced me and ...

- Ha ha, it was me who denounced you
- What? why?

- I had it planned from the beginning, it was the only way to snuff with you.

- Pig! motherfucker!, Nasty murder, I hope you burn in hell.

- There is a long way to go for that, but the next days you are going to make a sado movie as you dreamed of, but it will be the last one because you will die on the cross amid terrible torments.

- What?, no, no please don't crucify me, it is a frightening way of dying

- Are you kidding me?, I'm going to make a fortune out of this, and now it's the last few hours in peace before filming starts, ha ha. Sweet dreams darling

- No, NOO, where are you going? Come back.

Sofia did not take part on the first day of filming but Jess started filming the next day.

The scene represented the interrogation of Sofia's slaves. The executioners tried to extract information from them about the plot, but everything was useless because they did not know anything.
To do this, they set up one of the dungeons as a torture chamber of ancient Rome and the executioners exchanged the welders, prods and electrodes for red-hot irons and hooks.
The general stepped behind the camera to enjoy the scenes that had always swarmed in his imagination.

Ready? Action!



On the third day of filming, Sofia was taken to the torture chamber again to record the interrogation scenes.
images (44).jpg
Before starring in her first and last film, the new sado actress received a humiliating enema to prevent her from shitting during filming.
ta040-09 (1).jpg

- Hello beautiful Sofia, are you ready for your first shoot? I hope you are not nervous, it is easy you just have to let yourself go, the executioners will do everything else, ha ha......,Is everything ready? Action.

And all hell broke loose for the poor girl. For the next three days, Sofia was taken to a torture chamber every morning where she was subjected to brutal tortures as if she were in the time of Ancient Rome or the Inquisition.



2016-03-16-14-15-21 (1).jpg

wooden pony




Judas Cradle



art - Malleus Maleficarum.jpg

red hot irons

hanging from tits and whipping again.

During the endless torture, the executioners interrogated her about an alleged plot against the emperor. It did not matter what Sofia said or answered because the goal was simply to torment her out of sheer sadism.

- I don't understand why you need so many hours of shooting, Jess, nor do I understand how you are going to pass these real scenes into a legal BDSM movie.

- I see you know nothing about cinema, General. This is the raw material of the film, but then you have to make the montage in which you tell the story you want. With this material I can make many BDSM or Snuff movies. Anyway I think I have enough, so tomorrow we can start recording the outdoor crucifixions , is everything ready?

- Yes, the soldiers have already made the crosses and there are several hundred long and large nails, plus the uniforms of Roman soldiers have already arrived.

- Excellent, so we'll start recording tomorrow.

- Director, the actress has fainted again.

- Wake her up, I want to film a torture scene with the pear of anguish


Very early the next day, the guards went to look for the condemned women, it was necessary to take advantage of the daylight hours to shoot and the crucifixion scenes were to last all day until dusk. Although the warden had given instructions not to explain to the inmates their fate, the guards and executioners were extremely cruel, explaining to the smallest detail the torture that awaited them while they were raped for the last time.


Because of that, when they heard passing noises in the corridors and the shouts and orders of the guards, the girls knew that they were finally coming to look for them.
Down 610.jpg
Many felt a chill of terror on their naked bodies.
Some girls had one last kiss. In the long months in prison, some had become lesbians and had fallen in love with each other. Certain lovers asked the guards not to separate them and crucify them together.
Sofía also kissed her cellmate when they came looking for her because they left her there for the time being. Sophia would be crucified last.


- Come on, stand up, the time has come.

- No, please, no.

- What are they going to do to me?

- Don't worry, it's just a movie, ha, ha.

Of course, the condemned received the traditional daily shower and enema, in addition they were given a cocktail of stimulants so that they would not faint from the pain during the torture.


The girls were taken out to a patio and lined up to prepare them.
- Oh my God, no, no.
The executioners placed the patibuli next to them as well as the nails. At the sight of those huge nails, more than one girl peed of fear.


- What do you think director? These can open the parade
inspection_01 (1).jpg
- Sounds good to me, but first put a crown of thorns on their heads, so it will be more dramatic. Oh, and take the glasses off that one, we're supposed to be in Ancient Rome

That night they had amused themselves braiding crowns whose sharp thorns were three centimeters long.
001 (1).jpg

The process of fitting the crowns of thorns onto their heads was extremely painful as the thorns dug into their temples and their hair skin. The executioners drove them deep to keep them from falling off their heads. Streams of blood ran down their faces making everything more dramatic.

They also hung the nails from their necks and some clamps and pincers with which they were going to torture them on the cross. Then they tied the patibulum to their arms and tied their ankles together.
The girls set out to the place of the crucifixion naked, defenseless and humiliated while the executioners and guards, disguised as Roman soldiers, made them walk urging them with lashes or punches.

crosswalk in the desert 2a.jpg
- Walk, slut, walk or I will skin you with my whip
Messa patibulum.jpg
All this was recorded by several cameras strategically arranged along the route.
As they arrived at the place of execution, Muñoz and his assistants, who were the most expert executioners, proceeded to flagellate and crucify the condemned women one after another.

Soon the crosses began to be raised with beautiful naked young women howling and screaming in pain and despair.
That was the hell the condemned women found themselves as they arrived at the place of execution.
The first to be crucified received them crying and begging to be brought down from the crosses while others were being nailed or flogged at that time. For that they had placed wooden poles and trestles where the girls received an indeterminate number of lashes to prevent them from exerting much resistance when they began to drive the nails into them.


The whip was unnecessary in most cases as the executioners crucified them one by one and therefore four burly executioners could dominate a hysterical girl while two others drove the nails into her arms and feet.

However, Jess ordered the flogging to be intense and cruel as it turned out very well on camera.
Furthermore, he did not allow stained gimmick whips to be used to simulate injuries. The whiplash wounds were real as leather cut through skin. Some whips were impregnated with resin to produce small skinning and others were soaked in salt and vinegar to make the wounds burn.
Then, on the cross, apart from showing off the body sewn with lashes, the mosquitoes and other tropical insects would feed on the open wounds and turn the crucifixion into a prelude to hell.


The whips only stopped when new victims arrived, then they released the girls who fell exhausted to the ground or were laid on the crosses where they received one last fuck



The cameras recorded the crucifixion process in detail.

Muñoz and his hit men did not begin to crucify any of the condemned women until they finished with the previous one, so the camera recorded the process as if it were a documentary.
When the crucifixion was imminent, most of the models lost their nerves and started screaming and kicking but it was all useless. Each of them was caught by four or five strong men so that Muñoz could drive the nails through the carpal tunnel with surgeon precision.
Then the metallic blows of the mallets were answered by the uncontrolled howls of their victims and their incessant crying and pleas for mercy. When nailing the feet the proccess was much more painful.

The girls then regretted having joined that union, having written that article that criticized the mayor of the city. Devils ! while nailing the feet many regretted that their mothers had thrown them into the world.
But it was too late, the crosses were raised and they were helpless in the hands of sadists and true psychopaths who enjoyed their suffering. And this one had only just begun!.
Meanwhile, the following victims continued to suffer the lashes as they watched the soldiers prepare their cross in front of them, finish drilling holes in the hard wood or sharpen the nails with a stone. Muñoz sometimes looked at them to calculate their height by eye and thus know in which part of the stipe to nail their feet. That would make the torture much worse as it would force them to "dance" in order to breathe.


- Ma'am, I don't think she can take any more lashes, if I keep hitting her she will last very little on the cross.

The general's daughter had also disguised herself as a Roman, Jess considered that a female executioner would increase the morbidity of the film.
th (1).jpg
- Okay, but before releasing her, mark her tits with the whip. This slut is sure to be proud of her round tits ever since they were grown on her. Then at the cross you will tear them off little by little with the breast ripper.

- Yes ma'am.


Flop, flop, flop

- Ha ha, bitch, you seem to like being whipped, your pussy is wet and my cock entered easily with a single thrust. Enjoy for the last time because your cross is ready, ha ha.

unnamed (73).jpg
- Come on whore, your time has come, lie down on the cross and spread your arms.

- Please, please, do it quickly, don't make me suffer.

- On the contrary, crucify her little by little, I want the camera to record everything.
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