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Illustrated short stories

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As soon as they finished crucifying the 50 slaves, they went to find Sofia.

As the script of the film said, she had been left for last and as the person responsible for the plot against her life, the "emperor" had ordered something special for her.
To the Cross r.jpg
To lead her from the prison to the place of the torture, they tied her hands behind her back and the same rope was passed through her crotch for an executioner to pull. Thus, Sofia had to walk, brushing her sex and anus with a rough rope of hemp.
The girl walked among the crosses where beautiful naked women writhed in pain and despair. The girls already had pains and cramps all over their bodies while dozens of mosquitoes were feeding on their wounds.
Some girls had already been crucified for a couple of hours and begged their executioners to lower them from those thrones of torment. In fact, more than fifty hours of slow agony still awaited them before they died.
Sofia passed between all of them and finally reached the place where she herself was going to suffer her ordeal.

The girl froze before the hell that had been prepared for her.

Jess smiled when he saw her appear.

- Well here is finally the protagonist. From now on the cameras will focus on you, act naturally, let yourself go that Muñoz will take care of everything, ha ha.
unnamed (5).jpg
And after giving her a kiss on the lips, he separated from her and said.

- Action!


Sofia's ordeal began with a long and cruel flogging
Muñoz, who was disguised as a carnífex, and put a bar between her ankles to force her to keep her legs open. Then tied her up with his arms raised and began to whip her.




The lashes followed one another and the leather cut cleanly into the young woman's skin, causing open wounds.


Sofia screamed like crazy.


But Muñoz continued to whip her and when she reached 50 strokes the young woman had her back ad buttocks raw

Only then did he stop and prepare to apply the second part of the torture.

- What beautiful boobs you have, have you ever been pinched with red-hot pliers?

- Please have mercy, just crucify me.

- There's time for that sweetie, now let's see if you have sensitive nipples.

Muñoz stirred the embers and she saw that they were incandescent.

-Please, please don't.

- Which one do you prefer to start with, on the right or on the left?

- No, mercy, I beg you.


- Since you can't make up your mind, I'll start on the right, hmmmm, what a soft skin and what a beautiful tit you have, ohh, yes you have it sensitive, your nipple has become hard just by touching it. Imagine what you are going to feel when I touch you with this.

- Please, please, no, no.

-I know you can feel the heat on the tip of your breast, do not hold back and scream all you want bitch, so you will give us a good show.




The hot iron hissed against the fresh skin and a thread of smoke rose upward.



Muñoz not only settled for pinching the knuckle, but he also twisted it sideways if he did pull it off.


Sofia did not stop howling mad with pain and despair


When the iron cooled, Muñoz placed it on the brazier and picked up another red-hot tongs.

- No more, no more, please.


- If I have only just begun. Come on beautiful, you owe it to your audience, they are sadists and you are beautiful, but you are here naked and defenseless and they want to see you suffer.


- You see?



Muñoz pinched her belly button in several places and twisted the flesh as she continued to scream.

Ha ha, by now you should have passed out but they gave you a good amount of drugs. Now I'm going to pinch you here between the legs.





While the girl was ululating, Muñoz pinched her labia and clitoris and then began to fuck her with the hot pliers.


Sofía's entire body trembled from the excruciating pain but the pliers were entering the vagina causing the semen and vaginal fluid to boil inside.

The torture of the hot irons lasted half an hour longer. At the end of that time Sofía's body was covered with marks of whipping and burns so that she was faint.

Come on!, now we are recording the crucifixion scene.


Sofía was left half unconscious after the torture of the hot irons. The executioners had to revive her with salts and they gave her a good drink of the torture drug so that she would endure the crucifixion awake

1621174540855.pngdescarga (11).jpg
When she saw the cross, the pointed iron nails, the mallet and the crown of thorns on the ground, the girl pissed herself in fear and prayed not to be crucified. She thought it was all a nightmare and she wanted to wake up then, but everything was real and would be seen by thousands of spectators because the camera did not lose a detail.

- Come on slave, the executioners are waiting for you. Nothing and no one can save you from the ordeal, so have a little dignity, lie down on the wood and stretch your arms, if you facilitate the work of the executioners, they may be merciful to you.
descarga (6).jpg
- No, please have mercy ...

Despite not stopping crying or begging for mercy, Sofia obediently lay down on the cross and spread her arms along the patibulum. As she did so, the girl did not stop shaking.

Muñoz and another of his assistants disguised as legionaries grabbed both arms at the same time and began to drive the nails through the wrists.


descarga (9).jpg

The metallic knocks rang out and were answered by Sofia's desperate howls. Blood came out of the wounds and splattered the guards and the girl's naked body, but they did not stop gliding with their mallets driving the nails deep into the rough wood.


- My GOOOOD!, no, STOP, PLEASE, NO MORE, stop please.


- Ha, ha, suffer you traitor whore



- Ha, ha the slut seems to apreciate the nails because she is wet like the whore she is.

- Sure she also apreciate our cocks nailing her pussy, ha, ha.

Two executioners took off their panties showing big erections and they fucked Sofía in pussy and mouth.
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Sofia stopped screaming when the executioners filled her mouth with cocks.
The young woman had to do the blowjob compulsorily enduring the pain in her wrists that burned like hell.

The executioners take turns making him suck one cock after another. Jess wanted the scene to last much longer and in the end she was fucked by eight legionnaires.

images (54).jpg

That became a disgusting bukkake.

The camera recorded Sofia's face stained with semen and then the executioners proceeded to nail her feet.

Roman Arena - Chap2 - 452.jpg


Skating Jesus Crux 8.jpg
- Nail it right between the fingers, when she stand up to breathe all her weight will fall on the nail and she will think she is in hell.






The insertion of the nail was much more painful than the hands and lasted several minutes.

When they left her alone, Sofia cried inconsolably thinking that the worst was over.


However, the worst was yet to come, at a sign from Jesus the executioners were putting the cross upright. This scene was recorded with several cameras.



The entire weight of his body hung from the three nails and the pain was then excruciating as the now exposed and exposed nerve endings brushed against the metal of the nails.

At the same time her bare and skinned back and ass brushed against the rough wood, digging dozens of splinters into each other,

Jess was smiling sadistically, the scene was enormously sadistic and erotic. In fact, his old penis was stiff without the need for a blue pill.


When Sofia calmed down, she saw the tremendous spectacle from the top of her cross. As far as the eye could see, long lines of crucified women stretched out. All of them struggled desperately over their trees of martyrdom.

Young Sofia understood that now it was her turn.

The initial pain from his injuries soon moved to the rest of her body, starting with his injured back, then arms, knees, back......
barb crux 48.jpg
Her wounds stung and soon dozens of insects came to bite her. At first, Sofia scared them away with sudden movements, but there came a time when she couldn't do it.

At one point Jess ordered a crown of thorns to be placed on her head.

- Come on, crown her, don't forget she's the queen of the movie.
A guard climbed a ladder and put the crown on her head. The thorns dug in and made him cry out in pain.


After several hours of ordeal, the heat was unbearable and Sofia felt a terrible thirst and headache.

default (3).jpg
He could no longer hold her posture for long and had to change it every few seconds.

- It seems that the protagonist is already beginning to "dance"

- Yes, the fun is about to start,.......by the way,.... you've almost emptied the Santa Marta prison.

- Don't worry, my men are already arresting new prisoners.

- I'm glad to hear that, in a few months I intend to make another movie.

- Count on it Jess, as long as I have my share.

- Of course, general.
barb crux 24 c.jpg
Sofia took more than fifty hours to die. Her slow agony was caught on camera.

"The General's Daughter" was a success in both its legal and snuff versions.



Three months later.....

- What's your name?
- Shirley

- Nice name, and why do you want to make a BDSM movie with me?

- Because your movies are the best, they are very realistic and erotic. I really liked "The General's Daughter", the protagonist acts very, very, .... as if the crucifixion were for real.......I could not stop masturbating while I saw the movie..... Are there going to be crucifixions in the new production?....... It is one of my favorite fantasies, I get very horny every time I think of myself naked on the cross.

- Well......in this case I will please you, ....you will be crucified. And now, if you don't mind, ......I mean.....I'd like to see you naked, take it all off......

The End
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The Hunter

I am a hunter....a woman hunter. My victims are often lonely, beautiful bored women who want to endure a masochistic experience.
6 (1).jpg
Normally I contact them online in BDSM contact chats, it is usually the easiest and most direct way to get them.

The reason I act this way is that I work for rich and whimsical snuffers who don't settle for just any type of woman.

One of my most frequent clients is a well-known tycoon from a third world country whose name I will not reveal. He pays exorbitant amounts to fulfill his obsessions and his main obsession is to make the masochistic fantasies of beautiful women come true. Of course the girls would like live them as a mere sado simulacrum but if I capture them their fate will be death among painful tortures and hideous execution.

So my role is to find these women online and virtually hook them up.
This is not so difficult, in fact, there are a lot of masoquistic sluts over there, who spend hours masturbating in front of the computer seeing bdsm porn, in their minds many of them want to become slavegirls unless for several hours,

......specially unexperienced teenagers and hotties For my is very easy indeed. I contact them, ...
..........they tell me their bdsm fantasies then I have to get pictures of them, preferably naked, and if my boss accepts, get a bdsm date.
Once that is achieved, the rest is easy, I take advantage of the appointment to abduct them sometimes in their own flat and then my boss provides me with the infrastructure to discreetly remove the girls from the country and take them to his island preferibly by boat. Of course, since I have to go there and receive my pay, I usually guard the prisoners up to the magnate's island.
Of course I usually enjoy the girls during the trip

Yes indeed, the rich man has a small island where he has everything he needs to carry out his depraved fantasies.
The most fortunate victims are executed in a few days, but others with less luck remain in his power for weeks or months of hell suffering diary tortures and rapes until the day of execution.
My last victim wanted to be a dolcettgirl… ..

to be continue


The hunter Chapter 1: The Dolcettgirl

- Hi, gloria

- Hi master

- Are you nude?

- Yes master

- Switch on the webcam, I want to see you
....very well

- Do you like my body, master?

- Yes, but leave that now, tell me what is your bondage fantasy

- I..., I like Dolcett

- MMmmm, gynophagia, how original!, what comic do you like?
- The.... the best is Roasting Grotto

- I don´t know this, tell me (I lie. I know this sadistic comic very well I only want she to tell me)
- Well...em...Marsha, a 30 years old beautiful bussinesswoman cheats on her husband in a hotel..

- Wait a moment Gloria, I want you to masturbate, and show me how you touch yourself while you tell me.
unnamed (18).jpg
- Yes master....do you like?

- Yes, go on with the story
-Then,.....In an oversight he hits her on the head and knocks her unconscious, then he calls the henchmen with his cell phone and after tying up and gagging they drug and put her in a box of packed meat...... Marsha is already naked because she was in the shower.

- I notice that detail makes you horny

- Yes.....master......the day after Marsha wakes up blinded by a mask and notices that she is naked and hanging from her bound arms. They remove her mask and then she realizes that she has been kidnapped and taken to an island.

- Oh, an island, how interesting!

- Why master?

- Oh, ....nothing .....go on.

- So Marsha can see what.... what awaits her.

- What?
- In front......there is a scaffold where the girls....... the girls are impaled one by one ..... and..... and their belly is ripped and gutted as if they were pork to be roasted.

- And actually are they roasting?

- Yes....but incredibly they keep alive.

- Mmmmh what a suffering. So Marsha is also impaled?
- Yes.... but before she sees the ordeal of the others, they cry like mad for the torture but,....but the impalament is not the worst.

- No?
- No, after be impaled from the anus to the mouth they are........ put on a spit over ablazing embers and roasted slowly,....... very slowly, .....perhaps they last several hours to die, can....can you imagine?

- You can cum if you want Gloria, but go away two meters from the computer, I want to see you.
- Yes,....... thank you.......... master...... AAAAHHHH......

After a while....

- What do you think Marsha feels before the torture?
- Oh fear,..... horrible fear and desperation, she knows there is no exit. Nobody in earth can save her from the supplice, but....but she cannot avoid to be horny.

- Gloria, when you are about to be impaled and roasted alive to die you are not horny....sure.

- Yes, master.

- Well, let´s go to the point. As you can understand I can´t recreate your fantasy, but anyway I would date with you for a bondage sesion.

- Really?, when?, where?......I mean...yes my master.

- Tomorrow and in your flat, you live alone, don´t you?

- Yes, yes...my master.

- So...do you agree?.

- Yes, ......you know....I am your slave, you can make with me whatever you want.

- Well, so tomorrow you will endure some "home bondage"

- Home bondage?

- Yes, collect all the "torture tools" you find at home, you know: clothespins, thumbtacks, pliers, wax, pins, paper clips,......em......... blowtorch, whatever you want.

- Blowtorch?

- To melt the wax,....don´t worry, I know wath I do,....besides, you will have a safeword.

- Yes,.....my master.

- Anyway there is a condition.

- What, my master?

- You must go to bondage sexshop and buy a big ballgag, a black leather hood that cover all your head and two handcuff set. When you come back from the sexshop you must put your flat key under the doormat. Close the door and take off all your clothes. Then cuff your ankles with a set, put the ballgag into your mouth and tighten the belt well so that no sound can get out it. Put the hood on your head. And finally handcuff you hands behind with the other set but crossing the chains so that you will be in hogtied posture. Have you understood?

- Yes, ....yes master.

- Tell me the instructions again and masturbate again while you explan to me.
- Yes master....when I come back from the sex shop i must put the flat key under the doormat and then........

- Will you obey, slave?

- Yes master, what will be my safeword?

- Oh,...em..island.

- Island?

- Yes, if you want me to stop you must say the word "island" three times.

- Yes master I wait for you tomorrow in my flat.

To be continue
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As I say, from that moment on everything was very easy. When I arrived at Gloria's apartment the next day, I found the key under the doormat, a sign that everything was going well.

I opened, entered and closed the door, being careful not to make noise. Just ohi the muffled moans of a woman, it was Gloria who had carried out my instructions to the letter.
Sure enough there she was bound, gagged and completely naked, with a black leather hood that completely covered her head.

The girl had completely emptied the room except for a table and a bed with bars. In the four corners she had placed four shackles inviting me to use it as a torture rack.

On the table she had placed everything that I ordered the day before but she had also added some more things like a pinwheel, a fairly thick anal plug and tweezers with nipple stretchers.

She evidently sensed my presence but was silent in expectation.

I also stared at her without doing anything for a few moments, I felt very powerful and my cock got hard thinking that only I had the power of the destiny of that beautiful girl. I could limit myself to a sado session with her and then leave her happy and satisfied, but no ... work is work, Gloria's terrible fate was already written.

Anyway, that didn't stop me from having fun with her for a few hours and that's exactly what I did....
Of course I fucked her and tortured her at will.
Gloria behaved very well, like a submissive slave and despite her screams and tears she did not use the safeword at any time.
At first I didn't even take off the hood.


But then I wanted to see her face as I tortured her with the clothespins or played drowning with her in the bathtub.

The best part was undoubtedly torturing her tits with the nipple stretchers. Gloria had them very sensitive and I think she came during the tit torture.

Gloria also came when I inserted the anal plug and started to swell it while I told her to imagine how the stake was going through her anus
couple 062 A.jpg

Finally, after fucking her for four or five hours, I thought I had had enough so I tied her up again and gagged her in a hogtied position on a table.


So I called my men on the phone to come get her. I wanted Gloria to hear me give the instructions. At first it seemed that she did not understand anything but little by little she realized that this was not a simple BDSM game but that she was going to be kidnapped. Little by little I saw how his face changed in a gesture of terror.

An hour after four guys arrived with all they needed.

To be continue


hc 046.jpg
This is the part that I like the most. The four executioners immediately went to work with the girl.
unnamed (2).jpgpreview.mp4.jpgimages (4).jpg
They are four professionals judging by how they work with the prisoners. The tycoon chose them in his country prisons among the worst rapists and psychopathic torturers. With his influence he got them out of prison on the condition that they do that job.
In a few minutes Gloria had been tied up in a painful hogtied and put in a box. Due to the comments we made amongus, she finally understood that they were going to put her on a boat to take her to a third world country and sell her there as a sex slave. Terror made her react and she tried a couple of times to rebel and untie but it was all useless.
When they put her in the box she gave me one last look of anguish but I couldn't do anything for her anymore ...actually I didn't want to.

It was packed so well that not a sound escaped from inside the box. This seemed like an innocent move.

While a couple of them stayed at Gloria's apartment to erase all traces of our presence, the rest of us took her to the port in a van, no one saw us.

In a couple of hours we had her on the boat and it went to sea.
For safety, I waited until I was at sea to unpack the merchandise.

The trip to the island lasted ten days and there is nothing to do on the ship, so to avoid getting bored I usually "play" with the prisoners.
While "unboxing" I explained to her where she was and where we were taking her and why. I don't know if she believed me or not but she was completely terrified.
I also told her that an hour later they would come for her and take her to the "playroom" for questioning.

She asked me what the "playroom" was and I replied that it was a euphemism for a "torture chamber". Then she was almost hysterical, but I calmed her down by saying that to get rid of the torture she would only have to name some girls, you know, sisters, cousins o friends pretty and courious for BDSM as possible future targets.

Anyway, I assured her that if she was good to me I would make the magnate's executioners softer on her.

Gloria believed me and that's why she agreed to remain my submissive slave throughout the entire journey. In such a situation, any innocent girl grabs what she can.


The boat trip was not exactly a pleasure cruise for the innocent Gloria.
As I said, the tycoon's hitmen are expert torturers and in eight hours of interrogation they managed to extract from the girl a great deal of information about other girls who are assiduous to sado websites. In this way she has condemned some of them to a fate equal to or worse than her own.

For ten days Gloria was subjected to long interrogation sessions in which they used torture procedures on her body that she did not even know existed: the parrot's perch, electro shocks in pussy and tits,

th (3).jpg
dozens of pins heated in a candle piecing her breasts ... ..And a long etcetera.
unnamed (3).jpgpreview.jpg
The girl could not confess any more names but the executioners continued torturing and fucking her for their pleasure.

Of course, when the executioners finished with her and went to rest, it was the turn of the ship's crew.

Thirty filthy, dirty nerds were given a license to do whatever they wanted to her. They also had the right to have fun. Then Gloria lived a daily hell and had to eat dozens of dirty and smelly cocks. The men fucked her vaginally and anally and the girl served as a human toilet, receiving piss in her mouth and forced to rim the dirtiest asses in the world.


Once on the island, it can be said that Gloria was lucky because she was executed the day after she arrived.
hc 045 A.jpg
As soon as she disembarked, she was presented in front of the maganate naked and handcuffed, and he decreed that she would be impaled and roasted alive over low heat as she herself had described in her fantasies.
Gloria begged for mercy and offered herself to the mogul as a sex slave for the rest of her life, but that was to no avail.

The normal thing would have been to have her one or two months subjected to much worse torture than the ship before the execution, but some of the magnate's guests had to leave urgently and they did not want to miss the impalement.
Before starting the torture, they showed Gloria the bed of embers where they were going to roast her and the spit where they were going to place the stake once impaled.

The girl begged again for her life uselessly in a bath of sweat and trembling with fear.
The impalement was done in true Dolcett style.


The spit was made of metal and had a rounded tip so that when penetrating her body it would not tear or break any organ, causing a hemorrhage and accelerating death. The executioner had soaked the spit with grease to facilitate the piercing and he did it slowly, taking almost an hour to do so.


The impalement was thus a painful and long torture in which Gloria did not stop screaming like a madwoman. Her screaming only stopped when the stake came out of her mouth.

They then placed her on a table so that the rich man's guests could check that the girl was still alive.
When the embers were ready, Gloria was placed more than one meter above them. Three meters away, the heat emitted by that bed of embers was unbearable, so I imagine the inhuman and cruel torture that being slowly roasted for that woman still alive.
tumblr_nzsjg6x7ws1ttmtlso1_500.jpgunnamed (1).jpg
The executioners covered his body with fat and oil and turned him every few minutes as if he were a roast pig.

The girl took four or five hours to die, I'm not sure.

Once Gloria's ordeal ended, the magnate commissioned me to hunt down the girls she had denounced during the torture. Apparently they were some old friends from the nuns' college who fantasized about the crucifixion in the style of the ancient Romans. The rich man promised his guests that they would perform a mass crucifixion with all of them in a couple of months. That was the time I had to capture and bring them to the island.

Despite the challenge, I think it was an easy job,... not like the capture of Lydia, a milf in her thirties or forties who had a hard time capturing.

To be continue with Lydia´s hunt


The Hunter. Chapter 2 The Historian Milf

The hunt and capture of Lydia wasn't exactly a commission from my wealthy client. In this case, I was the one who took the initiative and convinced him that Lydia was a desirable victim.
I met Lydia at a history conference. She was an expert historian in medieval history, university teacher and a great writer.
I reckoned she was in her forties but she had a gorgeous body and was fit for her age.

What surprised me the most was the topic of her lecture: The Tortures of the Holy Inquisition. The historian demonstrated extensive knowledge of medival torture instruments and techniques. She especially spoke about the witch hunt and the special tortures used on women. She spoked of breast and pussy torture with a lot of details and I was surprised that such a beautiful and obviously cultured woman treated this sordid subject with such lust.

Hours after the conference I began to research her written work. There was a long list of books and articles, all on the same subject.

"Torture in the Middle Ages", "Dungeons and torture chambers in Old Europe", "Rack, Judas´ Cradle, Witches Chair and other devices to produce pain", "Crucifixion of women along the history", "The breaking wheel as a system of execution in France in the Modern Age",

One of the titles that most caught my attention was "The Christian Martyrs, saints or masochistic whores?"

Somehow I thought Lydia was also a masochist whore and I decided to find out............ I was obsessed to see her naked and tied on a torture rack.

Days later I went to an event where Lydia was signing her latest book.
"Malleus Maleficarum, the perfect excuse for sadistic clercs".
Lydia was very sexy in a light dress with a wide neckline.

I asked to sign a book for me and trick her by saying that I was a student of medieval history and that I was looking for someone to guide me in my thesis. I told her that I was very interested in the criminal and judicial system of the Middle Ages and that I considered her an authority on this matter.
Flattered she replied that she wanted to help me but she could not attend me at that time and I asked for her personal e-mail.

She did not suspect anything strange and gave it to me.

Then I asked her for a video camera conference and I was lucky because she did it from her home computer. That allowed me to hack her hard drive and net addresses and so I discovered that I was not mistaken. Apart from her life as a serious and respectable historian, Lydia had a dark side as she frequented BDSM websites and forums. Her nickname was precisely "masochistic martyr".

Of course I also got into that bondage forum and contacted her privately of course I took the role of executioner and she that of submissive slave
Believing herself safe in the solitude of her room, Lidya told me widely about her darkest masochistic obsessions.
Her dream was to be a prisoner in a medieval torture chamber in the clutches of several strong and very sadistic executioners. She would be naked and restrainted totally defenseless in the hands of terrible executioners with huge cocks that would rape at will while they tortured her.
Her favorite torture device was the rack and she told me that every time she masturbated she imagined herself being tied to a rack and being subjected to all kinds of torture: water, hot irons, the pear of anguish and much more. Anyway, she also told me about the wooden pony, the Judas´Cradle, witches´chair and a long list of torture devices and infernal tools. I wrote down everything without leaving anything. It would take weeks to apply all those tortures to her and just imagining it made my cock hard.
seeker 11b.jpg
Lydia also confessed to me that it made her very horny to suffer torture eagle spread posture and be executed in the open air in front of a lot of people on a scaffold.
When I asked her the execution method, she replied that what excited her the most was the thought of being executed on the breaking wheel.

I smiled at myself thinking that with those confessions she was designing a very painful and rough end for her life in the tycoon island.

Then I asked her for nude bondage photos and she sent them to me but she insisted on covering her face.

Lydia wasn't a stupid naive like Gloria and she didn't want to show her face at all.
However, she showed me that she was a true masochist especially when she said to me she had very sensitive breasts and put those mouse traps on her nipples, uuuuuf what a pain!

Of course she didn't want to meet me even though I offered her a BDSM session with all the guarantees she wanted.

Lydia was not easy....no, so I had to resort to all my cunning....... In the end I trapped her by resorting to her curiosity and intellectual pride............
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To catch Lydia I had to resort to the tycoon. He was delighted to accept my proposal and agreed to build a medieval torture chamber.
images (1).jpg
He contacted Lydia precisely as if she were a businessman who was building a theme park about the Middle Ages.

His idea was to hire Lydia as an expert in exchange for a large sum of money. She would do the historical assessment and supervise the correct realization of the dungeon and torture devices.

Finally she herself should travel to the banana republic of the tycoon to give a lecture on the subject. Of course, this conference would be paid handsomely and furthermore she would increase her fame and therefore increase the sales of her books. In fact, in order for her to take the bait, the tycoon offered to republish her books with elegant images from the torture museum itself.
Needless to say, Lydia believed it all and began to monitor the images that came to her of the different torture devices: the rack, the witches' chair, the pear of anguish and so on.

It all seemed devilishly wicked to me. She herself had to supervise the correct realization of the infernal devices that were to serve to torture her for weeks. You had to be very Machiavellian to imagine something like that. Also, in the end, it was not going to be necessary to kidnap her and take her to the island because she herself was going to go there in her own shoes, ......voluntarily as a lamb.
images (5).jpg
I admit that during the long wait that lasted two months I was very excited and I imagined Lydia in front of her computer masturbating while imagining those steamy scenes that were happening in her mind.
Finally the day of the trip arrived and she arrived at the airport with a fake ticket. She was dressed very sexy, maybe too much.
One of our agents phoned her that the official flight had been suspended but that the tycoon was lending her his own private plane to take her home.

Flattered by such kindness Lydia did not suspect anything again, but the private plane was a trap to lead Lydia directly to the island, that is to say to the spider web.
In fact, when he set foot on the island, her terrible fate was already written, but the tycoon wanted to prolong the mockery and organized a fictitious conference from the torture chamber itself.

When the conference ended, the fake public applauded and then question time began.

The tycoon asked Lydia if she wanted the executioners to test the torture devices on herself.

She laughed thinking it was a joke but then the tycoon changed his tone.

- Come on, bitch, get naked right now, we're going to test the torture devices with you.
Suddenly Lydia realized at last that she had fallen into a snuff trap and a shiver of terror ran through her body.

Minutes later she was naked, gagged and tied up in front of the crowd.

My dear friends, said the tycoon. Seat down the show is starting just now


Lydia was executed at the breaking wheel six weeks after being captured. So she was in the claws of our cruel psychopath executioners for 42 days, 1008 hours, 60480 minutes and every minute was for her an entire life of torture and pain.

Of course I had my prize and enjoyed the beautiful milf alone. She was an experienced lover and used all her skills to convince me to prolong acts of pleasure in order to delay the endless torture sessions...........but useless.

The cultured Lydia, the refined successful writer and history teacher saw all her bondage dreams fulfilled and all her holes filled by the cocks of cruel torturers as if she were a poor vulgar peasant woman accused of witchcraft in the Middle Ages.
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She also tested on her flesh all the torture devices that she herself had designed
The whipping post

the pillory
the wooden pony

She tasted the "crucifixion pleasures"


The tycoon wanted to reproduce one of the inquisitorial proceedings that Lydia had collected in great detail. The victim was Lydia of course.
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Before beginning the torture he read the chapter to Lydia so that she could hear the horrible things that awaited her. While the milf listened to the savage tortures that had been applied to a witch from the 14th century, for 10 days she trembled and even peed all over herself in fear.

The first was to look for the mark of the Devil. Lydia suffered this painful ritual for six hours.

- You yourself wrote that the Devil's mark was a gift from the Lord of Darkness that allowed witches to endure pain and torture. You even wrote that many inquisitors believed that this gift gave the witch a sexual arousal that caused her to have multiple orgasms during torture instead of pain. Prick her clit executioner

- You also said that the mark should be in the least visible places, for example ... within your gender, hangman open his lips and inhale inside to see if we find the mark.


- NO, no please be mercy please.
After six hours of useless seeking Lydia has fainted. She was allowed to rest but two hours later the examination was resumed.

- You say yourself that your boobs are very sensitive. The next few hours we will see if it is true.




- We are testing here.
- Mmmmmh

- It hurts, is n´t it?

- Ha, ha, your nipple is very sensitive indeed.
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The next day Lydia was seated in the witches' chair, an infernal throne bristling with spikes that pierced her naked body: thighs, buttocks, back, arms.

The tycoon made all of us and himself, dress in medieval clothing to give more realism to the scene.

- Dear Lydia, he said dressed like an inquisitor, I don't think anyone like you has ever told about the torture of the witch's chair so I don't have to tell you what's next.

- No, please, this is horrible, nooo.


So they placed a brazier under the soles of his feet to slowly burn the sensitive soles

- Please take it off, take it off, my feet God.

- We need only your confesion, you witch, but if you confess you will be executed on the whee, you know very well.



Next the cruel executioner used red hot irons.
Lydia was on the witches chair for five hours and when she could not stand more pain she was closed in the dungeon where she was gangbanged again.

Next day the executioners continued with the sadistic program of interrogating and torturing a simple peasant woman to make her confess that she was a witch and Lydia had to ride the wooden pony again.

The rough wooden wedge was sharper than the first pony and scratched the delicate skin of her sex and labia. It also pressed into her crotch, digging painfully into her clit.

Lydia asked for mercy when she felt a sharp pain that spread from her sex throughout her belly, however the executioners made her torture much worse by placing bags of earth hanging from her ankles.

Lydia had researched a lot in different processes of the inquisition and had written several times that this was a way to make the torture of the wooden pony much worse.

Now in that hell of pains he regretted having done so much research.

CLAC, CLAC, CLAC, CLAC Suddenly she heard dry sounds and saw with a shudder how the executioner took metal tongs from a table.
- I'm going to pinch you a bit with this my beautiful milf, so you will jump on the wooden pony.




- Ha, ha, it is a real scream, bitch.


After another long night of gang bang anglerfish in the hands of a dozen executioners and guards the next day Lydia was taken to the torture chamber and subjected to the brutal ordeal of the Judas Cradle.
The executioners hung her arms and legs from the ceiling with her legs spread wide, then brought a metal pyramid to her crotch.
Lydia trembled with terror as she stared in terror at the top of the pyramid.

Are you ready for the Judas Cradle bitch?


- One two and three.
The pain was unbearable and when she stopped screaming they picked her up again and again dropped her on the pyramid, ..... and so on five more times.


Look bitch, this is an illustration from your book on the torture of Judas Cradle, now we are going to do it with you. Fill the inside of the pyramid with embers and leave it there to scream.

After several hours of torture Lydia lost consciousness and only then did they lower her from the pyramid.


Then they tied her up to fuck and sodomize her in turn for her wounded and burned pussy and anus in the pyramid. Lydia cried and screamed in pain because the cocks hurt her a lot when penetrating her.

The torture session had been so hard that she was allowed to rest for two days and the doctor had to visit her.

Take the opportunity to recover because on the third day you will be lying on the rack. I know it is your favorite instrument. Now you will have the opportunity to taste what it means to be tortured on the rack.

Solidly tied to the torture table, Lydia experienced the torture device that both terrified and attracted her at the same time. Since her boobs had grown, the woman masturbated with the fantasy of being tortured on the rack and now she felt what it really feels like when her arms began to separate from the joints of her shoulders and a horrible pain came from all her joints. from her body.

- How does it work? Does it hurt? You designed it yourself, one more turn.



- Come on, go ahead, push a little more.



The torture of the rack was especially cruel because instead of dislocating its arms the first time, the executioner calculated perfectly to stretch its body to the maximum and then loosened it and stretched it four more times.
On the fifth one the two arms came out of their joints causing so much pain that Lydia lost consciousness.
descarga (2).jpg

However, the skillful executioners fitted them back in and after pouring a bucket of water on her, they woke her up to continue the torture.


The next thing was the torture of water, they forced a funnel into his mouth and thanks to a jug they poured twelve liters of water one after another through his mouth.

The milf coughed and choked as she was forced to swallow so much water ...

and eventually her belly swelled so much that she looked like a nine month pregnant.

As Lydia had written in her books, witches who suffered water torture had their lower orifices covered with vaginal and anal pears to prevent water from leaking out, and the executioners struck with a stick or placed a press on the swollen belly. Lydia was put on the press and little by little they made her vomit up all the water during an endless torture that lasted two hours.
Lydia fainted after this brutal torture. The executioners took the opportunity to light the brazier and clant the instruments of torture, but while they did so they raped Lydia, still tied on the rack.
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