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Illustrated short stories

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Twenty executioners took turns one after another fucking Lydia on the torture rack.
- This was your dream, no bitch ?, to be fucked by your executioners. Every day you are eating thirty or forty different cocks, so you are sure to be satisfied, ha, ha.

After covering in semen, the tycoon approached her.
- Listen nasty bitch, the irons are ready, are you going to confess that you are a witch? You know that if you do, you will be executed in the breaking wheel.

- No please, a quick death please.

- Ha ha, you know it takes several days to die on the wheel and you will eventually be eaten by the birds while you are still alive. Come on, confess!.


- Pinch her tits withe the red hot tongs.


- NO, no, NO, NO, I BEG YOU.

- Can you feel the heat whore?




- Come on witch confesss



After the red hot tongs, the executioner dropped melted tar over her nude body little by little.




The torture went on for three hours more and then the executioners stopped for a while.


"The Pear of anguish is probably one of the most gruesome torture devices created by mankind, but I'm sure the vaginal pear was not created by a woman as the pain it causes in the female cavity is as terrible as childbirth. Cold or burning, it entered the woman's vagina and dilated its walls little by little, opening the vaginal cavity and uterus three or four times its size. The pain was so excruciating that the woman would sell her daughters to escape it. Of course the vaginal pear could have been created by the Devil himself, but in that case that would show that the Lord of Hell is a man and not a woman".
- Do you remember this?. You wrote this paragraph. Well just now you are going to be tortured with this hideous device, Are you ready Lydia?

- The prisoner´s pussy is wet and ready for the pear.

- Well first use the pear cold, when inside we will heat it.

- Yes, my lord.

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- You know it very well, right slut? We have chosen the largest pear we had for the big bitch´s vagina. Yes whore your pussy is as big as a cave after all the cocks that have fucked you, ha, ha.
descarga (4).jpg

- Come on, let´s go. Do you feel it, bitch? Is it cold?


- Please not, not, NOOOOO
- Deep down fucking bitch, do you like your lover? And now we are going to give the screw a few turns

- Yes, but slowly, make she feel the pain.

1628017022730.pngdescarga (3).jpg



- One more, look how her pussy gives in, ha, ha, it hurts bitch?

descarga (3).jpg

Poor Lydia was banging her head against the wood in hopes of knocking herself unconscious, but it was useless.
images (23).jpg
After expanding the three petals of the pear until her belly bulged, the executioner took a pair of red-hot pliers and pinched her clit, which had grown twice its normal size.


- What´s happens?, has she died?

- No, she has passed out.

- Well, it is enough, untie her and carry to the dungeon. Tomorrow we will start over the interrogation.


After several weeks of torture, Lydia finally confessed that she was a witch and received the sentence: death on the wheel.

However, before that she was able to fulfill her dream of being tortured in public.
For this, she was taken to the place of the torture naked, bound and gagged, on the street so that she would feel all the shame and humiliation that she described in her books.
When she arrived, she saw on the top of the scaffold the cross, the mallet and the wheel, the instruments of the last martyrdom.
When he arrived, he saw the cross, the mallet and the wheel, the instruments of the last martyrdom.

As Lydia had described many times, the execution at the wheel could be done in many different ways.

Broken on the wheel.jpg
On the one hand, the victim could be tied to an eagle spread cross where wedges had previously been placed in the middle of the limb bones. The executioner broke the bones one by one with blows of an iron bar or a mace. Once they were reduced to splinters, he untied the victim and placed him on a wheel, twisting the limbs between the spokes of the wheel. The victim was thus dying for hours or days at the top of the wheel while being eaten by the birds while still alive.

The price of treason 01.jpgThe price of treason 02 (1).jpg
On the other hand, the victim was tied to the ground on several wooden wedges and the wheel could be used to deliver the blows, letting it fall heavily on the arms and legs.


Branding 186.jpg
Lastly, the victim could be tied directly to the wheel and the bones struck with a mallet.
As she was placed in the pillory, Lydia still didn't know how she was going to be executed.
The men took turns fucking her pussy, ass, and mouth for two hours before she was tied to the cross.

- No, you´d better to tie her on the wheel. there she will be tortured.
Before breaking her bones Lydia was tied on the horizontal wheel an then the hell started.

The cruel executioners used the red-hot pliers to pinch her flesh everywhere, legs, sides, pussy, tits.

Lydia screamed like crazy every time her flesh was twisted while the audience cheered delightedly

- Come on executioner, now in the pusssy

003 (2).jpg

- Twist it let's go.





- Come on, executioner, burn the witch´s pussy

The tycoon's friends had dressed up as medieval audiences for the bloody pantomime.

images (22).jpg003 (1).jpgecf298f3f8a3e1e1feadb120099d0b8b.jpghop2_40.jpg
After the red-hot tongs they used rakes and cat nails, also heated to red-hot, to flay her skin in shreds.


F1A13EE90.jpgiq2_1074.jpgunnamed (5).jpg
Finally the executioner ripped her breasts so that the entire body had been covered by bloody wounds, probably to atrackt the scavengers.

- Good witch, the moment of truth has come, are you ready?


b03.jpg1628138525803.png001 (3).jpg
The executioner delivered the first blow and the crunching of bones was heard by the entire audience, followed by Lydia's scream of pain.
wheel torture.jpg
This was followed by a second blow and a third.
As Lydia counted in her book on "The Execution at the Wheel", the French expression "coup de grace" probably came from this kind of death. If the executioner had received some coins, after delivering two or three blows to the victim, he gave her a fatal blow to the chest that accelerated her death. It was a "pious" measure as she allowed a relatively quick death instead of a long and dreadful agony. Lydia was not so lucky as no one had paid the executioner.


After more than twenty blows her arms and legs were broken and splintered but she was still alive and would survive a couple of days dying on the wheel in one of the most gruesome deaths created by humanity

The audience applauded the executioner as the wheel was hoisted with Lydia's body on top of it and her arms and legs twisted between the spokes like the tentacles of an octopus.



After several hours, the audience and the executioners had left, leaving Lydia alone dying on her wheel. Then the first raven appeared.

Despite her agony, Lydia was conscious enough that she saw the bird hovering toward her and then realized in terror what was about to happen.
Years before, he had already seen a raven up close in very different circumstances to document himself for his book on breaking wheel.
She recalled describing the bird's beak and claws that could cut and tear flesh like a butcher's tools.
When the intelligent raven was sure that his victim could not defend herself, it turned to her and settled on Lydia's bloodied body, digging its claws into her chest.

The animal feasted alone for six interminable hours, tearing chunks of meat with its beak and taking them to its brood in a nest not too far away. During this dreadful ling-chi Lydia was all the time conscious howling and calling for help but no one came to help her from the birds.
In fact, after six hours of agony, two other crows came and among the three of them they continued to tear off pieces of meat starting with her eyes that were tored from sockets with accurate pecks

Blind and in terrible agony, Lydia had one of the worst deaths she could relate to in her books.


In fact and as promised, the tycoon took care to reissue one of Lydia's books on the "Judicial Process against a witch" illustrated with images.

In these images, it was Lydia herself, naked and uncensored, who played the role of the witch during interrogations and torture sessions as well as during her public execution.

The book was a best seller ....


My next mission was to capture a certain number of girls who had a masochistic fantasy in common: to be crucified like in Ancient Rome.

This time a hard job awaited me to make their dreams come true.

To be continue.


The Hunter. Chapter 3 Crucified teens

In Chapter 1 I told how Gloria, the Dolcett girl, had confessed under torture that she had a group of school friends who fantasized about being crucified in public. I had written down the names and adresses of all of them and decided to hunt them down one by one.


My first victim was named Syndee and I don't think she was more than eighteen or nineteen. It was easy to contact her on a dating chat and meet her at a bar near her flat.
Then she invited me to her apartment and there she allowed herself to be undressed and tied up.

In less than an hour sweet Sydnne was tied in a hogtied posture with her knots tight so that the fine ropes had to hurt her. The girl was looking at me like a sweet helpless lamb. Seeing her like this, I was almost sorry that she died on the cross in tycoon´s island, maybe I would have forgiven her and set her free after the bdsm session ...

However, then she behaved with such submission and sucked me so well that I wish she were my slave for weeks, so I took my cell phone and while she was sucking my cock I called the tycoon hitmen to come and look for her in a van.

With my cock still in her hot, wet mouth, I reflected on what the tycoon had just told me by phone. I had to capture over fifty! masochistic teenagers like Sydnee and take them to the island to carry out a massive crucifixion for his perverted guests. I couldn't use that procedure fifty times to capture them one by one. At any moment there could be a failure, a loose end .....



Sydnee screamed as I sodomized her, surely no one had broken her ass before me, but I didn't even pay attention to her screams because I was worried about my problem.

The solution occurred to me while ejaculating on her face, I had to make all those girls want to go to the island of their own shoes.

Once I filled her mouth with semen, I cleaned my cock and Sydnee's tits with a handkerchief and then peed until it was soaked through. So I forced it into her mouth and put a really strong ballgag on her lips.

With the taste of my urine and my semen in her mouth, Sydnee heard from my lips what awaited her.

- Dear Sydnee, you have just been kidnapped by a sect of sadists. In a few minutes my men will appear at the door. Yes trust me, I am not lying you,....We will put you in a box, we will put you on a boat and we will take you to an island where....... you will die crucified, but not before spending several weeks of torture and daily rapes.

- Thank your fate to your school friend Gloria,..... I abducted a month ago and she was impaled.... look at this photo, here you can see her impaled while being roasted alive.....

Before taking her to the van my men put the girl in a box, decidedly this was a very complicated and cumbersome method......
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Despite having found a solution to my serious problem, I continued hunting. On the one hand I had to catch Gloria's schoolmates besides I am a hunter and it is difficult to deny my nature, I like to hunt girls for my boss.

Chrissy was second on the list. I didn't even bother to contact her for a bdsm chat, instead I showed up at her door like I was a postman and captured her pointing my gun at her face. Her little sister Nina was unlucky to be visiting, so I had a bonus. Nina was nude in the shower and and I had Chrissy tie her to a chair as naked as she was while I pointed my gun at her, then I forced her to undress and tied Chrissy to the other chair. Poor Nina!, if she had decided to visit her older sister any other day she would have escaped being crucified!

While I was waiting for my assistants to come for them, I gagged the girls with duct tape and then I saw in my phone the effect that my announcement had caused in that BDSM forum. I read aload

"Casting for bondage movie. We are looking for amateur bondage actress between 18 and 23 years old to take part in a BDSM movie. The fetish is crucifixion, although the candidate must be willing to practice hard sex in front of the camera (boundgang, anal, facial, piss drinking, rimming and so on). She must also be willing to be tied, suspended and endure all kinds of hard bondage as well as some soft torture (whipping, piercing, pinching), for the strongest torture (red hot tongs) camera tricks and makeup will be used. Actresses will have the right to safeword although it is preferred that they not use it. If you abuse it, your services will be dispensed with.

If you are interested, send nude selfie".

The salary was very generous......of course it was a lie.......

- Ha, ha, only two hours and fifteen teeny whores have already answered and they send me their photo

- Have you seen Nina? Mary 19 years old, Patrizia 18, ha, ha all these sluts think they are going to become bondage queens and just fall into the clutches of a snuff organization. I definitely had a good idea, ha, ha.

Minutes later my men arrived and I opened the door for them. While they were preparing the package, I took Nina to a room and convinced her that if she was good to me, I would let her go because we had only come to look for her sister.
The bitch sold Chrissy and she accepted the deal so when I took her gag off she gave me a blowjob and she let herself be fucked.
Of course I didn't let go of her, but when she finished I put the gag back on her, ha, ha, you had to see her face when she realized that it had all been a hoax and she was going to die on the cross anyway.



For several more days I continued capturing Gloria's friends. Following my custom, I continued to meet them in their own homes.
One day I made a date with two of those sluts on a lonely nude beach. The girls were surprised to see that they were suddenly surrounded by a group of hooded men with guns and chains.

They quickly put them in the trunk of the car and took them away without a trace. Nobody saw how they were kidnapped.

As the hunt continued, I kept getting requests for candidates for the bondage movie: 50, 75, 100. Surely I could make a selection with the most attractive girls.
Finally all of Gloria's friends, plus her flatmates, fell into our clutches and were taken on the boat that was going to take them to the island. This time, since there were several of them, they were put in cages in the ship's holds.

This time I could not accompany those beauties on the pleasure cruise because I had to take care of the casting, but I know that the crew did not miss the opportunity to have fun with them.


For the casting I rented a big house with a huge garden full of trees. Finally, based on the selfies, I decided to date 75 girls to the casting and I received 12 per day.

The girls came dressed quite sexy. At first it looked like a normal porn casting, but that casting was not normal at all.


The casting was really fun. At first I had the girls sit in front of the camera and answer questions about their sexual preferences, why they liked bondage, and where their obsession with crucifixion came from.


Then I made them undress and show their body. The girls were very submissive and they all undressed without problem and allowed themselves to be touched and masturbated.
Then me and my assistants wanted to see how they fucked. They were definitely very sluts because none of them refused to do anal and that some had come with their ass untouched.

Thus ended the "nice" part of the casting but then the girls show their resistance to pain and torture. They also had to be crucified for several hours to see if they could endure this bondage suspension hard torture. Of course we gave them a safeword as we wanted them to believe that everything was legal and consensual.
However, at this point some girls refused, got dressed and left the way they had come.

Most of the girls agreed to go ahead so that they let their hands be handcuffed behind their backs and were led by our executioners to the basement of the mansion where we had improvised a torture chamber.
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