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Let me start this topic abaut my second favorit executeion. Of course the first is crucifixion, but I'm alwais become very excited when I see an image abaut an impaled woman. Here is some that I managed to collect.
I am also looking for some new pictures to my collection, so if anyone have some, please post here!

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And some wonderfull from Marcus:


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Crucifixion & impalement are closely related. In fact, in Latin the word for crucifixion can also refer to impalement. Both are prolonged, painful forms of execution that have been used since ancient times. Of course, the penetration aspect gives impalement a sexual connotation as well.

It may interest you to know, 202114, that some people claim that Yugoslav partisans impaled ethnic Hungarians during WWII & that the Yugoslavs executed Hungarian General Ferenc Szombathelyi by impalement in 1946.

The correct word in English is "impalement". "Impalations" is not a word. But, you do better in English than I would in Hungarian. 8)

I'll see if I can find some more pictures. I hadn't seen the Damian or Quoom you posted before.


The most notorious impaler was of course the original Dracula, Vlad the Impaler. He is said to have surrounded his castle in Transylvania with impaled victims. If the technique was done skillfully, the spike could avoid all vital organs and the victim could live on in agony for days. For men, the technique had the additional humiliation of changing their sex.


Imagine being dragged into a dark room by two tall women in dominatrix leather… your body naked but for the chains around your ankles and wrists. Other women can be seen standing silently in the shadows, some with male slaves kneeling at their feet… all eyes are on you.
At the center of the room is a large scaffold… with a chain hanging down from its crossbeam. A hooded dominatrix in a black leather bodysuit stands alone atop the scaffold… arms crossed… waiting for you to be brought to her.
As you’re forced up the wooden steps… a woman you cannot see begins to read a list of “crimesâ€â€¦ they are the offenses for which you are to be executed by anal impalement.
You try to struggle, but are easily overpowered by those you now recognize as your dominatrix executioners… your naked body no match for the Amazon muscles that writhe beneath the tight leather these powerful women wear. Your cries for mercy echo the walls of the room with no response… the audience has no sympathy for you. Your arms are forced above your head by strong dominatrix hands… the chain at your wrists is attached to the one now hanging above you from the crossbeam. You hear a winch start to crank… and the chain your wrists hang from slowly starts to rise.
The others leave you… only the hooded dominatrix remains… standing by the machine that slowly pulls your arms straight up over your head, lifting you onto your toes. The winch soon stops and silence descends over the room… the muscles of your arms ache as your body’s weight pulls against them.
Moments later a loud crash makes your heart jump in fear, and suddenly the floor drops away beneath you, leaving you dangling by your wrists. Panic makes your legs kick franticly, searching for something solid to stand on, but the chain that is around your ankles makes it impossible for you to spread your legs far. You look down and see a tall wooden pole directly beneath you… it’s tip tapered to a rounded point, and coated with some kind of gel. The memory of those words… “anal impalementâ€â€¦ spoken in that cold female voice just moments ago… fills your mind with terror.
And then you hear the winch start again… but this time, the chain is slowly being lowered… and you with it… descending down towards the tall, thick shaft that awaits your asshole. One of the dominatrix executioners appears below you… ready to guide the impalement pole inside… the clicking of the chain marking its steady approach. You struggle to no avail… and your cries have no impact on the stolid onlookers.
Your fear reaches new heights as you feel the tip brush against your bare bottom… the hands of the dominatrix take hold of your hips as she lines you up with the shaft. The chain clicks a few more times… dropping you down by inches… and then it’s there. The tip of the impalement pole touches your asshole and the intense fear that floods your body in response, makes your heart feels like its going to explode… your butt clenches tight, keeping the shaft out for a moment… your body rests briefly atop the pole, the pain and pressure between your legs building quickly… you feel the tension in your arms relax for a second… more and more of your body’s weight comes to rest on the thick shaft that’s trying to force its way inside of you… and then suddenly your ass gives… and the thick shaft rushes in… you scream in pain as it fills you.
Writhing in agony atop the ever thickening shaft, you dance uncontrollably. The chain clicks 5 more times… 5 more inches are forced inside of you as your body slides farther down the impalement pole… and then it stops with a sudden jerk.
You have no idea how much of the shaft you’ve taken, but you can feel it getting a lot thicker with every inch more… your ass is on fire and even though it hurts to move, your legs twist and turn in a series of spams brought on by the pain… the instinctual need to escape driving your limbs into desperation. Your hands grab hold of the chain, arms struggling in a vain attempt to pull you off the pole… but it’s in too deep for you to get off… and the reward of your efforts is only more suffering as you slide back down the shaft.
The hooded dominatrix stands above you, her hand on the lever of the winch. Your body has stopped descending, but the expectation of this anonymous woman in black leather turning the machine back on fills you full of dread.
Then you feel a hand take hold of your cock… your body jumps reflexively at the unexpected touch and a new flood of pain courses inside of you. You look down to see a young female slave in a heavy leather collar standing there, her face very close to your penis. She starts stroking your swollen dick slowly with one hand… to your shame you realize that you were fully erect before she even touched it. Your penis seems to have a mind of it’s own… no matter the fear and pain you’ve felt, your cock has gotten extremely aroused.
And then she takes it into her mouth… her tongue caressing the shaft as the entire length of your penis disappears behind her full lips.
A strong female voice speaks – “That slave whore is going to give you the best cocksucking you’ve ever had… as long as you don’t cum, the pole won’t go any deeper inside of you… but the instant you orgasm, the chain will be released and you’ll be dropped down fully on the shaft.â€
The slave girl removes your cock from her mouth and looks up at you with a smile on her face… an evil look in her eyes that tells you she is not on your side… she wants your cum in her mouth… but she wants to see you dance on that pole even more… she wants to touch her wet pussy as she watches you slide down it’s thick shaft… masturbating while the full length is forced ever deeper inside of you… the cries of her orgasms blending with those of your final screams.
With that smile still on her face… she wraps her lips around your cock and slides the full length of your penis along her tongue, nearly to the back of her throat. She begins moving her head back and forth… fucking you with her warm, wet mouth… at first you think she’s humming as she blows you… but then you realize she‘s laughing… she knows the outcome is inevitable… and she can’t wait to see it.


Assistant executioner
Yes, crucifixion and impalement were very much intimately associated. As late as the First Century CE according to the sources I've found so far, anal impalement was a valid form of crucifixion. Even the imalement stake itself was called a crux, just like an execution cross was. The word itself might have derived from the Latin word crus - meaning leg; shank; shin; main stem of shrub| stock; upright support of a bridge - or the Greek word ?????? - meaning yoke-ring on a horse's breastband, to fasten it to the peg (?????) at the end of the carriage-pole. And there is a Latin phrase crux pendula refers to the tow-pole of a wagon.

And the Romans designed the 'seat' of the cross as an anal impaler as well - possibly as early as the First Century BCE or earlier. (Cicero used the phrase 'cruciatus et crux' twice in In Verres: I believe he was referring to a torture rack and an impaling stake assembled in one unit.) Four Church Fathers in the Second and Third Centuries CE talked about this so-called 'seat' as a Rhinocerous Horn (Justin Martyr & Tertullian), a Pale (Tertullian), a Projection of a Seat (Tertullian), an Impaling Stake (??????) (Origen, quoting Celsus), and a High Point in the Middle of the Cross (Irenaeus). And yes, the penis had a mind of its own: it would frequently become erect even as the 'seat' penetrated the crucified and split his anus wider the more he hung down from the crossbeam.

Now I'm not saying that in every instance the crucified had to ride 'seats' resembling huge rhinocerous horns, but sometimes it happened, I am certain of that.

The attached photo displays a white rhinoceros horn 24" long, maximum 8-1/2" wide at the bulb-out at its base. Such a horn would penetrate a man deeply and massage his prostate from two directions, causing him to become fully erect and his anus to cinch. And the stretching of the limbs on the frame would cause his skeletal muscles to quiver and shudder. In concert, these effects on his body would unite to give the crucified a mind-blowing orgasm! Which was considered to have made him 'effeminate.' This is likely one of the reasons why the ancients thought crucifixion to be completely repulsive and those condemned to it to suffer the most utterly shameful of deaths.


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Please could you upload it? I can't open.

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I have read that the spike used to impale a women through her vagina was intentionally blunt at the tip, so that it would slowly penetrate her nude body as she struggled on top of it. Only the most skilled torturer, working over several days, could slowly guide it through her abdomen and chest, and out through her mouth, before she died in agony.

The Fallen Angel

Carpenter said:
Indeed, the links don't want to work. Hmmm... :-??

Well, under http://www.necrobabes.org/ you find the "The Dolcett Archives" and there are some "Miscellaneous Pictures" (P2 and P5). B-)

I'm not sure, wether I'm allowed to copy and upload these pictures because of copyright ...

By the way, the whole galleries of Dolcett are full of pics with impalement... :p


I wouldn't worry about copyright, the artists want people to see their pics by the looks of the site. It appears harmless.

PS I love the Cheerleaders wars pic!


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Re: Impalations - A Couple of Thoughts

xirvan said:
The most notorious impaler was of course the original Dracula, Vlad the Impaler. He is said to have surrounded his castle in Transylvania with impaled victims. If the technique was done skillfully, the spike could avoid all vital organs and the victim could live on in agony for days. For men, the technique had the additional humiliation of changing their sex.

about victims living for days.

I can see it if the victim is impaled perpendicular to the stake. They executioner can then drive the stake through the belly area avoiding any organs in which the organ failure kills you quickly. The stake itself can impede blood loss allowing the victim to die slowly.

However if you impale the victim parallel to the stake I just can't see them surviving a long time if it goes into the chest. Let's just take me as an example, you as executioner decided to impale my pussy.

First I am designed to 'expand' down there but there will be tearing and immense pain but nothing fatal up to about 4-5 inches. However 5-7 inches deep (the depth of the average woman) that stake is going through my cervix and into my womb. Again pain and damage but not immediately fatal. Same for the stomach etal immediately above that. However once you get into my chest you have my lungs and heart and no way to get around them. Even if you missed them, there is no way there is enough room in my chest for a 4-5 inch object. That would crush my lungs or heart by squeezing them. I'm just not going to linger for days with that type of damage. Incredibly painful hours yes, but not days.

Now if you want to impale me perpendicular you need to use a stake with a blunt or rounded point. That shoves up into me and only very VERY slowly batters its way through to my chest. Now THAT would take me days to die. If you use a sharp stake you have to hope I lean back and it comes out my belly or forward and it comes out my back before it gets into my chest. I suppose most guys would want me to lean forward so they can watch my breasts jiggle, shake and swing as I linger in pain.

And it doesn't change a guy's sex you just go up his ass.


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