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i found this book but cannot find the ebook to share
I will make a research later, thought i have the feeling it will be about male impalement incidents...


I found yesterday on pixiv. You need a log in to pixiv to enter the whole story by Matrix :
Exorcist Miko Snow-chan
Some previews from the story :



Crucifier of Pixels
If even admins say they appear too young, why keep the post as it is?
Leave the link, delete the pics?
Think the pics are a liability for the community


Lord Ludwig

I don't have a central image stash on this forum. You could try to use the forum search function. Also, not much of my stuff actually ends up here, because people seem to be somewhat reserved about giving feedback -with some highly appreciated exceptions !

Now THAT is a big compliment, thanks a lot!
May I ask if there is ANOTHER site where more of your work can be found?


melissa said:
They do appear far too young. Also would any future contributors please note that any real life impalement pics are not allowed.
Thank you for warning Melissa.

However, I have mixed feelings about Crumera's reaction.
On the one hand, he has a prudish problem with the drawn picture story of an "appear far too young girl", but he no longer has a problem in the other manipulated picture with real women (as if murdered)?
I understand we're all a bit "flying away" here, but who really wants to share real photos of the "real life impalement" = murder here?
I don't think so.
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