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1 Think quite a few people would like to see forums like this closed down
2 Kiddie porn is a big legal No NO
3 Dont think our kinky forum would get any leeway of authorities if they decide it is indeed kiddie porn.

That's all.

And no persaonally I dont find child (sized/resembling) victims a turn-on.
Its not just one victim in the pics that screams underage in the background you can see several female others.

I have seen the series on PIVIX. and it there isn't an adult sized/proportioned female by that artist IIRC
But that's PIXIV's japanese mentality with their obsession about underaged victims, why should we follow that?
On pixiv you can post pics marked as R18-G or R18 with the reason of underage subjects in it as well as other consideration blood, sex etc.
Maybe japanese authorities dont think this as problematic. So PIXIV gets away with it.

How would other countries authorities react on this kind of stuff, ask you that question before calling it my prudish problem.

My concerns are mostly expressed because I dont want this forum to be closed because of the 3 reasons above.
Why take the risk?
I am not a moderator, but if I was, I would step down over pics like that being posted and approved by the rest of moderation team.
As user I am not responsible for the content, moderators could be legaly held responsible for it.

Well thats my 2 cents..
I think I've made myself very clear on why I think its a bad idea to have these kind of pics on our forum/site/server..

Feel free to ignore


Hair and Nails
You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. We have to keep this place clear of any stuff like that, because we are already in a precarious scenario due to the extreme nature of our kink and fantasy. Also, ick.


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I have to add to Melissa's warning, links to other sites advertising 'little girls' or suchlike are certainly not allowed here.


I agree we must be extra careful to avoid at all costs any links to kiddie porn.
Other countries may have different views on what constitutes "underage" or even if they think that such a thing exists.
That is up to them, but we have different standards in the West (at least we do now*) so we must adhere to such standards, or risk being closed down.

*Mind you go back to the early 19th centuary and you could find legions of 12 year old girls selling their bodies on London streets and in many another city. Was it the "Mile End Road" that boasted of 1000 pre-teen whores?


If there is even the slightest doubt about anything posted on here, in this case, regarding underaged people, delete it. It's not worth even talking about. Just get rid of it.

Edit: The Pixiv page for this 'artist' clearly styates he does dabble in the 'lolicon' genre, which is basically borderline kiddy porn. To me this confirms the suspicions. Delete it.


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The link has been deleted. The images haven't. We received a report, considered the case carefully, ruled it 'borderline'; the poster has received two warnings, firstly to avoid going any further and second not to post links to that site. We moderators have a difficult job, we are constantly having to make judgements of this kind. We are grateful to receive reports, and to know the views of members, but in the end we have to take the decisions and accept responsibility.


Hi Vadim1,
I am surprised you have trouble with access to e-hentai.org . These links above are free, withouth access. Just open link and open "view gallery" .
If you need any access, there is probably other problem, or your provider blocked this page.

Try free links at joyhentai.com :

This link contains all colorized pictures missed in e-hentai.org. :

[渊] [Fallen Flowers] 落英 - 第三话(个人上色版) R-18G 版

[渊] [Fallen Flowers] 落英-第十话(个人上色版)R18G版
Thanks ! It helped !


Please, accept my apologies.

To Crumera : You are absolutely right and I agree with what you have written above.

When I was looking for stories on pixiv, I was looking for impalement not "lolicon" and it was not in my interest to present kiddie pictures here.
I posted the links at the request of one of the members. I will be more careful in the future.

Please, the administrator would delete Nina's story.
I would have done it myself after this discussion, but I no longer have the opportunity to edit this post.
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