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We need a thread just for Wenona, her stuff is always beautifully done. Though I’m a complete submissive I’ve often fantasised about having that particular little bitch at my mercy.

Right now I am writing an illustrated story about Wenona's life from 19 y.o. and her execution at 32 y.o.
If I will have it successfully completed, I will post it on Patreon or Subscribestar or so :)))))))


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C Date

Assistant executioner
They catched a few western girls for having a forbidden relationship.


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C Date

Assistant executioner
Hello Community. I would like to offer you a commissioned work as a little contest. So if you have Material or Idea what the next Scene should be please write me a pm. I can use your material or mine. It must not published here but I would like to be more interactive. The idea I get was cause once a member gave me an image that was a historical drawing and tried to redo that.

The First answer will win this contest.
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