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Imprisonment and Execution in Modern Singapore Part III of Barb's Singapore Saga

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Scientists from Singapore have moved further than their colleagues in creating artificial skin for robots. A special coating has the same characteristics as a human skin - you can determine the characteristics of an object: hot, cold, smooth, rough, and so on.This artificial skin turned out to be even "smarter" than human skin.

They're making a ROBO-Barb !!!

Praefectus Praetorio

R.I.P. Brother of the Quill


The judges of the Republic now have a lot of work to do.
During the drug raids on July 12, Singapore police officers arrested 104 people on suspicion of violating the law on prohibited psychoactive substances.

Majority of these drugs identified is class-type A which warrants not less than 10 strokes and not more than 15 strokes of the cane. Since it is the quarter islandwide raid which affected 104 individuals, the respective possession weightage for each person is unclear. Obviously if any one of them hits a relatively much higher threshold for any identified drugs, 24 strokes or death sentence is quite normal. Heroin is a clear no-no, a measly 40g+ (I guess?) would result in death penalty.

There are also a lot of factors in influencing the penalties e.g. drug trafficking, consumption and intent to supply to others.

Don't hold my word - I am by no means a lawyer.

CNB is quite a notorious drug bureau. They are dead serious in sniffing and weeding out drugs in Singapore. You can see one of their operations here, where a group of plain-clothes officers wearing a sling bag (who also acted like gangsters hurling vulgarities and smashing the suspected drug dealer car):



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