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INTERACTIVE Outlander story Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV

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"Oh, Marchesa, please don't. Let me do it alone. Don't do that, ooohh, please, ... Stop I beg you, I'll do it myself, I'll do it alone ..."
"You can't alone, it's a grave sin. But if it's a dear friend who loves you to do it, then that's no problem. You don't want me to have to tell my husband that I was disappointed in you, do you? ... "
Claire knew she had fallen into a trap. That woman wanted to possess her no more and no less than the men who had preceded her. At least her touch was gentle and her soapy finger moved in and out of her love channel with slow, deep, regular movements that immediately turned her on. With the other hand the marquise began to lather her breasts, stopping in particular to titillate her nipples which immediately responded to that exciting touch of her. The combined action of her two hands became irresistible and Claire found herself half crouched in the tub in a frog position ready to jump while the Marquise teases her irresistibly in the most sensitive parts of her body. When her finger came out of her vagina and through the narrow slit reached the narrowest and most reserved back hole, Claire tried in vain to get up, but the hungry woman stopped him and began to tease the opening of the anus with her middle finger.
"Those pigs have possessed you here too, haven't they?" she asked her slowly sticking her finger into her sphincter as Claire winced.
"Yup." she murmured with her eyes closed, while her finger slowly bore the small hole and gradually went deeper and deeper. "Please, Madame de Launay, enough ... I have never ... with a woman ... never ..." Claire replied with her eyes closed, fearing at that moment that her interlocutor would be offended by her refusal but not being able to bear a lesbian relationship, especially with that oppressive and unpleasant woman. The Marquise actually looked a little resentful at first and stopped touching her.
"I understand, - she said, getting up and going towards the cupboard from which he had taken the cup and the teapot - I just wanted to be kind to you, but if you don't want to ... Allow me at least to offer you this excellent cognac, made with my hands. after the tests you have undergone and it will give you courage. I am sincerely your friend and I will speak with my husband to make your stay here at the Bastille less difficult. Drink my dear, courage… ".
Claire, a little suspicious, took the glass in her hand and sipped it slowly, finding the liquor a little too sweet for her taste but not unpleasant.
But when she tried to get up and out of her tub her head began to whirl and as she fell forward she felt her greedy hands of Madame de Launay grab her tightly around her waist and drag her on the canopy bed. The last memory of her that remained imprinted on her was a fat and voracious hand that caressed her right breast and a female voice that whispered in her ear "now you are mine, you filthy little English cunt! ..." .
When she regained consciousness she was lying naked on the bed with the wrists tied tightly to the ankles with two strong ropes. Her butt protruded from the edge of the bed and her ankles had been tied to the solid wooden posts that supported the canopy, so as to Immobilize her with her thighs wide open and both of her lower orifices open to any possible abuse. De Launay had then gagged her and left her completely helpless and defenseless. She desperately looked around her but did not see anyone in the room, but when despair and a cramp in her leg made her moan then she heard a noise coming from the next room and soon after, in the corner of her wide open thighs, just above his hairless mound saw the obscenely fat marquise appear in her nakedness. In one hand she held a whip made of seven long leather cords, each of which ended in a large knot; in the other hand she instead she was holding a large black leather club about thirty inches long and about two inches thick at the tip and that tapered off and towards the hilt.
“Ah, Madame Fraser woke up? Well, I didn't want to start our game without you being there ... So you never made love to a woman, huh? I have a hard time believing it, you naughty little whore! Is this your gratitude, after I saved you from those male beasts? Well now begin your education, my dear, and I will make you as good and helpful as all the others. Oh yes, ... moan, moan well in your gag, nobody will bother us here. My husband is away for a few days and no one can come to this wing of the fortress without my permission…. " Claire watched her with wide, pleading eyes as she swung her whip and slowly passed it to him exactly where her wide open thighs met. The delicate passage of the leather straps between the folds of her sex made Claire moan in fear and excitement at the same time; she shook her head desperately with her eyes bulging in her terror as that smiled wickedly and tickled her tender slit with the gentle stroke of the whip over the delicate, sensitive flesh of her gaping vulva.
"I know how to be as good and gentle as the touch of this whip when I feel loved and desired, but when I am rejected ... - de Launay quickly raised her arm and let a deadly blow fall on poor Claire's exposed perineum with all the strength of her. Claire screamed in pain in his gag, and that blow was immediately followed by another and another in rapid succession. The poor prisoner could not escape the atrocious punishment that hit her right on the most delicate part of her body and which continued with cruel precision.
Swwwwwish THWWWAAACK!!
"UUUUUmmmmhhhh !!!!"
Swwwwwish THWWWAAACK!!
Swwwwwish THWWWAAACK!!
“NNNmmmmhhuuhhmmm! NNNmmmuuummm! "
The lips of her cunt were a throbbing mass of pain as de Launay's thick arm continued to descend and hit that delicate part of her, now completely streaked with red. Soon the prisoner's large and exposed breasts also became an easy target for the blows of her tormentor, whom she beat and laughed with sadistic pleasure. She only stopped when her arm got tired and the poor victim had used up all of her tears. Then, lying on the whip bed, she grabbed the club with her right hand and went towards the tub that had served Claire for bathing and with studied slowness she began to lather the whole leather club thoroughly, continuing to look at Claire's exposed body. , who squirmed uselessly on the bed and shook his head desperately.


"After warming you up a bit, it's time to put the fire on you, my dear. Do you see this leather baton? it's my favorite toy. I generally use it on a certain part of my body but today I feel generous and I want to introduce you to the sweet experience of Sapphic loves. You know who Sappho was, don't you? Of course, you are a noble and educated woman. - then she, approaching her bed with the well soapy bat in her hand, placed it on the bare mound and immediately Claire shivered.
“Yeah… did you hear how rough this raised seam under there is? I wanted it on purpose like this. You will feel it even better when you feel it inside you ... You will adore it, my dear, and you will become a devoted fucking lapdog of mine, won't you? ... "The seam she was talking about now rubbed inside the slit that led to the mouth of the vagina and tickled the secret crease that ended on Claire's erect and aroused clit. The poor thing felt dying as her flesh exploded in a fire of passion and a roar of pleasure issued from her gagged mouth. Then the tip of the club slowly went down, went down again ... Claire prayed within herself for it to stop, but her one continued its way downwards, widening the crease of the buttocks and going to stop just above the rear entrance. Heedless of Claire's desperate moans and groans, the marquise slowly began to turn the tip of the club just above the anus with light and gentle thrusts that soon widened the passage but without forcing it. The marquise wanted to enjoy her moment of sweet revenge.
"Oh, how I envied you that evening, with that damn red dress of yours, while you attracted the attention of all the men present and no one was looking at me, after all the pain I had given myself to dressing and styling myself ... I would have liked slit your throat that night but I thought that sooner or later I would have a better chance to give you what you deserve! - and so she said, Madame de Launay violated her anus with a strong push that made Claire's torso lift up to her surprise and pain. The poor bound prisoner screamed into her gag and screamed again when her club was withdrawn and sank back into her rectum with deliberate cruelty and then the back and forth movement in her tight anal canal continued indefinitely. De Launay's mouth came close to Claire's cunt and her tongue snaked over her already aroused clit. A new scream was heard in the room followed by a malicious grin from the marquise.
“Yes, you will love it, as your dear hubby loved it. I also tied him exactly like you, a few days ago. He whimpered a lot when I stuck the bat inside his ass, but then when I used my tongue on his nice cock, he was immediately into the game and started moving his ass to the rhythm, to take his ass fuck deep and deep. now you will too, you'll see! ...- and again she began to lick her pussy with greedy passion, tickling every fold and the sensitive bud and sometimes slipping inside the hot and soaked slit of female juices and climbing it for a long distance , without ever ceasing to ream the ass with the diabolical leather club.
But in the end a long desperate moan came out of her gagged mouth while the walls of her rectum clawed the club and blocked it inside her and the clotoris exploded like a firework giving her a sensation of ecstasy that deprived her of all strength. But de Launay didn't stop torturing her in her ass and with her tongue until she screamed a very long moan for the third time and arched her back with the strength of desperation. Then de Launay stood up leaving the club deeply embedded in her ass, climbed onto the bed, removed the gag and settled down, to Claire's utter horror straddling her face.
“Now let's see if you've learned your lesson, you filthy English whore. Sticks out your tongue and starts licking my ass! NOW! -The last word she screamed, twisting the right nipple of the tied woman with extreme cruelty.
Sobbing and lifting her head slightly, Claire slowly pulled her tongue out and slipped it into the valley between her tormentor's two broad buttocks. She lacked the courage to go through with it but she had forgotten that her whip was still there on the bed within reach of de Launay. A moment of indecision on Claire's part and suddenly the angry whistle of the string in the air followed the cry of pain of the prisoner, suffocated by the mass of flesh of the Marquise's wide ass.
"I told you to lick, you stupid slut! I want to feel your tongue all the way down my ass! Hold this! And this! And this! Here, now we understand each other ..."
Claire, overcome by her pain and humiliation, had ended up giving in, holding back the retching, and had finally started to lick the asshole that dominated her face. The smell and taste were horrendous but every time she stopped or tried to retreat, a new whip would hit her on her gaping vulva, her pelvis rocked on the edge of the bed, and the large phallic object stuck in her ass swung in turn in her turn his rectum, awakening the brutal sensation of anal pleasure that had just upset her. De Launay stretched out along the prisoner's supine body and began to torment Claire's clitoris with her tongue again,and Claire, lost contact with her asshole, and did the same with the marquise in the most classic position of 69 .
"Well done my little dog! ... You have a long and delicate tongue like that of your delightful husband. Lick my kitty well, impertinent little one! Where are now your good manners and your first woman pride that you had at that party? Here she is the famous white lady, the charming Madame Fraser, licking my pussy and ass like the last of the whores! " and grabbed the whip again and reversed the grip, she introduced the handle into the open and defenseless vagina of the immobilized woman and began probing both orifices with the two improvised dicks while he did not stop tickling the poor clitoris battered by the whipping with his tongue. The brutal double penetration and the hateful stimulation of her sex awakened the senses of poor Claire, who lost herself in the cruel delight of forced pleasure and multiplied the commitment and passion of her tongue in the vaginal canal of the marquise, who moaned in ecstasy like a bitch in heat. A female scent filled the room along with the liquid and obscene sound of their completely juice-soaked sexual channels.
Claire realized that she was by now very pure at the height of her pleasure when the two objects with which she was brutally impaled began to remain held in the two channels, which began to contract simultaneously until they snatched a cry of forced ecstasy which was followed by the roar of pleasure of de Launay, which died in the slit that enclosed Claire's clitoris.


The story continues, if you like it.
But now for Claire things are getting much more difficult and ... painful ...


The cell was illuminated by the faint light of a candle. Claire, stretched out without strength on her bed, half asleep with exhaustion and naked as always in those terrible days, with her thighs wide open and her knees open and raised, she noticed that a fresh and wet rag was gently washing her exposed sex. After the violence suffered by Madame De Launay she had been used by an infinite number of soldiers, under the perverse and excited gaze of the Marquise, who incited the rapists to use the poor woman prisoner in every possible way.
This woman was perverse and hateful as a husband, and nothing about her excited her as much as being able to humiliate a woman younger and more beautiful than herself. When they finally got tired of raping her and satiated all their desires, the soldiers dragged her into the darkest and coldest of dungeons, where only rats could keep her company, until the next change of guard.
Without even being able to eat a bite of bread, she had sunk into a sleep filled with nightmares and pain, until the faint light of that candle and the gentle caress of that cloth that cleaned her in the most abused part of her body that day, they had not snatched her from oblivion. With difficulty she raised her head to try to recognize who was in her cell with her and hardly recognized the face of the young Scottish officer who had rescued her at the beginning of that terrible day.

"Robert! ... Oh Robert, where have you been? ..."

“Stay silent, - he replied in a low voice - someone can hear us. Don't worry, Claire, I am here and I will protect you. Now stand still and let me clean your tortured body and heal your wounds. Stay still and let me do it, "she insisted when she tried with the last of her strength to move her hands away from her cum-encrusted cunt. - Please let me take care of you. Close your eyes and listen to what I have to tell you, it is important." So, seeing that she surrendered to the gentle and caring tone of his voice, he resumed wiping the tender lips of her reddened vulva with the damp cloth. Then he moved on to the deep crack between her buttocks, when she agreed to turn on her stomach and spread her buttocks well, as many had her forced to do that hateful day. Now, however, the young man's delicate touch gave relief to that poor female body and her butt was the object of the delicate caresses of the damp cloth and not the cruel penetrations of a hundred hard and brutal cocks. He also carefully washed her back and shoulders, then rolled her over onto her back and cleaned her breasts with gentle and gentle movements even where her two firm and swollen breasts had been squeezed around a cock until they were soiled in the their central valley from the whitish trickle of some rapist's seed.

Claire was silent as her violated body tasted for the first time that day a modicum of love and attention. The delicate touch of the cloth around her nipples made them awaken despite the fatigue and she began to sigh and pant at an ever increasing and fiery rhythm, while, unseen, one of her hands went down to her sides to look for the bud. fiery red of his secret pleasure.

“Claire, I have done everything I can for you today and I will continue to help you in the next few days too, you will see, until I can get you out of here, like I did with Jamie. I'll do it, rest assured, but you must have patience and courage. I have been able to speak to King Charles of Scotland here in Paris and have asked him to intervene to your help with the King of France. I told him that a noble woman from his country is being held naked prisoner in a dungeon of the Bastille and is raped night and day by all the soldiers. He couldn't allow such a thing. King Charles sent his emissary to the King of France and obtained that you be transferred to the noble wing of the fortress: you will no longer be locked in a cell below ground level, without even a window and sunlight. You will have clothes to wear, you will be able to meet people who want to visit you, you will no longer be closed like here in a tomb. And I'll be there next to you. The Bastille wing where you will be transferred is the same one where I also serve and I will be able to defend you from abuse, at least I will do everything possible to do so. And finally making you escape from there will be easier, while here in the dungeons the surveillance is too tight and the escape routes are all manned. You'll see, you won't be locked up here much longer, I promise you ... "


While he spoke, she wept thinking about the violence she had suffered, the loneliness she had fallen into after Jamie's abandonment and the delicate presence of this young man, who had done so much for her that day at his own risk. Claire's hands reached for his face and caressed it as he put the cloth down and kissed the now fresh and fragrant groove between her breasts. The young man's hands gently squeezed Claire's white breasts and followed her sweet curvature, catching the turgor that in that abused flesh she awoke after so much violence and brutality. She gasped at the delicate touch of his fingers around her turgid and fresh nipples as he did not stop kissing her breasts and sucking first her one and then the other of the two pink buds erected under the touch of his tongue and his teeth. When those lips began to slowly descend along the breastbone, down to the navel and then further down, without stopping, to the intersection of her thighs and the shaved mound of her sex, the woman could not help but open slowly her thighs and let him pass by, while the female fingers sank into the young man's black curls and his tongue snaked over her sensitive bud. Only once had Jamie loved her like that and she was delighted. The confrontation with her latest violence and in particular with Madame de Launay's perverse tongue made her seem to be in heaven, despite the darkness and cold of her cell.

“Robert!… Oh, Robert! Please… love me, now… now!… ” She murmured guiding his face between her open thighs and offered to his mouth. She felt his mouth leave her for a moment and he was quickly undressing. For the first time on that sad day she really wanted to be possessed and loved by someone. When she felt the warmth of his body over her breasts and belly, she opened up to him as the tenderest lover and, as his penis found the tender crevice of her sex and gently ascended her, she encircled her hips with her hands and wrapped her legs around his buttocks, lifting her thighs and giving him better access to her wet and cozy cunt.
The young man welcomed her availability with vigorous thrusts of his kidneys and with passionate kisses on her breasts and on her lips. No one on that hateful day of sex and brutality had kissed and loved her with so much ardor and so much sweetness, and her body melted in a warm, quivering embrace, enjoying the slow and cadenced movement of the rod penetrating her and his lips, that aroused the passion on her hard and sensitive nipples. He grabbed her under his buttocks and he thrust his cock deep inside her, as her vagina tightened around her invader and her sex melted with pleasure in the warm flow of his semen.

Claire awoke to the sound of the key turning in the lock and to the hateful presence of the Marquis de Launay and his men filling the cell.
"Get up, prisoner Fraser! You must be transferred to another cell. - the Marquis said rudely throwing a clean shirt on the floor. - Wear this! You must stop arousing my men with your nakedness."

Claire hurried to finally cover her body after a long time. The subtle presence of that shirt gave her a new inner strength and she remembered Robert's words a few hours before, that had sparked a shred of hope. Two guards grabbed her and dragged her out of her cell closely following de Launay as he led the way and ascended to the upper floors of the fortress. When they came out of the underground part of the prison and Claire finally saw the light again after a long time she was almost dazzled and struggled to keep her eyes open and look at where she was being dragged. But de Launay and the guards made no move to stop until, after climbing at least two floors, they stopped at the door of a cell where she was awaiting the familiar presence of Robert McKinnon.

"You must thank your accursed court acquaintances and the intervention of the King of Scotland who is a guest of our sovereign if you will henceforth have the treatment reserved for the nobles and not for the filthy whores of your kind!" said de Launay as the the door was thrown open and Claire was pushed into the cell.The Marquis entered after her with Robert.

"This is Captain McKinnon, he will be responsible for your safety from now on. - Then, approaching Claire and grabbing her by the neckline of her shirt and taking a last look at her breasts, he continued - But don't think you're on vacation, my dear! You are always in my prison and I am always in charge here. There is still an open inquiry about you and His Majesty wants to go ... - and here he stroked her butt in a lewd way - ... to the bottom .... I have arranged for you to be questioned soon under the direction of Don Pedro Montoya, a Franciscan friar whom His Majesty has brought especially for you from the Spanish Inquisition. He is a true expert in making confess witches like you; in his country he has already had at least ninety of them burned in the last three years. He is an incorruptible man and he hates women and this beautiful body of yours will not help you to calm him, on the contrary. The more his defendant is beautiful and young, from what they tell me, and more the dear little friar goes wild to punish that body source of lust. Enjoy the sun, Madame Fraser, because very soon you will regret the days spent in the dungeons. "And with that he threw her on the bed and went away. On leaving, McKinnon also gave her an embarrassed and intimidated look, which made Claire realize with terror that the Marquis's words were not far-fetched..

The experience she had in those last days in the Bastille had upset Claire's life. Within a few days her entire existence had been compromised: not only had she lost her freedom and had been the object of the most hateful violence and humiliation, both in the face of all of Paris, which now additive to her as a depraved female, and to the interior of the prison, where she had been used by the governor, his guards and inmates; she not only had she lost Jamie's love, he had abandoned her to her fate, with no chance of returning to the twentieth century; what worried Claire most was the atrocious doubt that de Launay's plan to transform her, by dint of brutality, rapes and with the help of her mysterious drugs, into a nymphomaniac with uncontrollable instincts had really come true. How had she been able to enjoy the violence she had suffered? How could she have experienced a shocking orgasm while she was being sodomized? Because after the fourth or fifth blowjob in her recent experiences of collective rape, her mouth had become voracious, her tongue impertinent and aroused, her lips tightened eagerly around the rods of those animals, who insulted her calling her with the most vulgar and hateful epithets? Had she completely lost her mind? Thinking back and also reflecting on her previous love experiences with her husband Frank and her beloved Jamie, she realized that she was not mad but simply her body, her mind had suggested that she give in to violence and indulge her torturers, to the just to stay alive, to survive that hell. It meant that deep inside her she knew and felt that she had the strength to get through this and that she would regain her life and her freedom, with or without her Jamie. She wasn't dead inside her, as the news of Jamie's abandonment had led her to believe. Now a new hope strengthened her heart. A good and courageous person had moved to help her, not only to free her from the violence to which she had been unjustly condemned, but also to give her the hope of a new life, a new love in which to believe and take refuge when her brain and her courage still yielded in the face of violence. Robert had washed and cared for her that night in the gentlest and gentlest way possible, and then he had loved her with a passion and vigor that had made her feel truly alive and loved for the first time in a long time. Robert had stolen her from the darkness of the dungeons and from the brutality of her warders and inmates, had given her the protection of King Charles Stuart and finally the promise of an imminent freedom with her escape from that hellish place. She loved his courage and his dedication to her, his young years and his strong soldier figure, despite the young age his face revealed about his and the kindness of his manner. She with him she would face any obstacle and she would go with him to the end of the world.

She reassured by those thoughts she stretched out on her bed, wrapped for the first time since the beginning of that nightmare by a shirt that covered her nakedness and a clean sheet, and she sank into a peaceful sleep.


A sudden chill followed soon after by strong heat next to her bare skin on her thighs suddenly wrenched her out of her sleep. Someone had sneaked into her cell while she slept, with a quick move he had lifted the sheet that protected her, thus uncovering her bottom and legs, which, in the agitated movements of her sleep, were no longer covered by her shirt. She understood immediately that the sudden source of heat that had hit her came from a torch that the person who had invaded her cell and had suddenly torn her from sleep was holding in front of her, to illuminate her half-naked body and to dazzle her and disorient her with its unexpected light. Before she could oppose any of her reactions a voice behind her froze her, making her realize that her attackers were at least two and that she was caught between two fires.

"My dear Lady Fraser, it is indeed with immense pleasure that I admire this side of your person which was hitherto unknown to me. Unknown to me, who am a poor old Lord, but not to all the people of Paris who have admired you for the streets, naked like Eve before sin, and like the numerous gentlemen who saw you equally naked in your amorous embraces, after sin ... "
Claire immediately recognized the hateful voice of that sneaky character who was Lord Sandringham, whom she knew was carrying on a clever double game with the English Crown and the Scottish rebels, passing information now to one now to the other, ready to take the side of the more strong at the first favorable opportunity. She had always suspected him and surely there had been her hand in an attempt to eliminate her with poison during one of the many court receptions of the latter times. With a cry of shame she immediately tried to lower the hem of her shirt to cover her bare buttocks, realizing that she was referring to that hidden side of her when the dirty old man said he was pleased to be able to admire her, but a strong hand her prevented. Her assailant, who unlike Lord Sandringham was facing her and dazzling her with a torch, wore an English officer's uniform but his face was covered in the light of the torch. She struggled unnecessarily in her grip while Lord Sandringham reached her behind her and blocked her in a vault on her bed, to make it easy for his partner to tie her up and prevent her from any reations.

"This wild kitten is certainly to your taste, my dear friend, I will gladly give it to you, also because I know you have accounts to settle with her and her family." And Claire at that point could not hold back a cry of terror recognizing in the second assailant the fearsome figure of Captain Jack Randall, the cruel English officer who, protected by Lord Sandringham, had always persecuted her husband James and who through his own fault had caused him to be arrested. Black Jack Randall's hatred of Jamie and of of her could only be increased after the tragic duel a few days before, in which the officer was seriously injured just at the height of his manhood. Black Jack's face was in fact a mask of hatred as he tied her tightly with the hands behind her back and her thighs between them, so as to prevent her from kicking. When the prisoner was rendered harmless, the two assailants dragged her to a simple chest of drawers which was one of the few elements of decor of that cell intended for a prisoner of a certain lineage. Claire was deposited on her stomach on her cabinet, with the shirt that did not cover her buttocks at all exposed and offered to any outrage of those two brutes. Sandringham sat down in a chair enjoying the young woman's expression of anger and shame as the officer uncovered her butt even better and ran an impertinent and harassing hand over it.

"My dear captain, Mrs. Fraser here is probably convinced that she is in a hotel or, rather, in one of the many brothels that she certainly frequents. My friend Marquis de Launay told me that from day one she has been very busy with the dungeons, spontaneously offering her body to twelve of them at once and receiving their cocks in each of her holes with mutual and obvious pleasure, so much so that the whole Bastille has heard her screams of enjoyment. De Launay himself, that old pig who does not let any of the beautiful women prisoners who pass through his prison escape, wanted to try it and plowed and fertilized those sweet hills and that narrow valley and certainly no longer a virgin. Also he recommended the touch of her lips and her tongue on that part of the body that for some time you are forbidden to use, my good friend. Courage, we hope that the medicine will work the miracle and give you back what the husband of this whore has deprived you. But we are here now not to please you, my dear friend, but to please our beloved King George, who longs to have that bastard James Fraser in his prisons. Unless he is first captured by the French, who want to castrate him in the public square. I know this solution would satisfy you, but, come on! ... We are English after all and we owe obedience to our beloved sovereign. When James Fraser is in our hands I will leave him at your complete disposal for as long as you need. But now his beloved wife will tell us where that bastard is hiding! "

Claire struggled and twisted herself unnecessarily under the strong hands of Black Jack Randall as she listened to Lord Sandringham's ignoble words, until a brutal spanking took her breath away for a moment and then made her scream in pain and surprise. And that first blow was immediately followed by many others just as violent and brutal, given by the calloused and violent hand of the soldier. The young woman's butt soon turned red like a ripe fruit. Leaning prone on the dresser, which reached roughly the height of her pelvis, the prisoner did not have the strength to rise and she had to stand there helpless to receive every slap of Black Jack Randall on her bare buttocks.

"I well remember this delightful sight that evening you almost escaped me when you were ready to receive the same service that I later gave to your husband. - John Randall told her treacherously - This time your husband will not be there to save you, beauty, and you are certain that this spanking is only the appetizer of what awaits you. And I assure you that you will never be able to forget the dessert ... "the officer continued, never ceasing to beat the gentle hills of the two white crescents at a cadenced rhythm.

"Where is James Fraser? Answer, you cheeky little whore, before we really lose patience!" shouted Lord Sandringham, slapping the top of the cabinet where the woman was lying on her stomach.
"I would never tell you, even if I knew it. My husband is worth a thousand times a petty, pimp like you.
"Dirty naughty slut,I'll teach you to speak to His Grace!" Captain Randall shouted, doubling the energy he used to strike the weak, defenseless female body.
At that instant the cell door opened and Robert McKinnon stormed into the cell followed by a soldier.
"Who are you and what are you doing? Get out of this cell immediately and leave this prisoner alone!" he immediately yelled at Captain Randall, unimpressed by his arrival. He merely nodded to Lord Sandringham, whom Robert had not quite seen upon entering. The young officer was petrified and visibly embarrassed, perfectly recognizing the English diplomat in that period as a guest in France.
"Your Grace, I apologize! ... I have not been informed of the ..."
"You are fine, Lieutenant ..." Lord Sandringham began to say.
"... Captain, ..." McKinnon corrected him to attention.
"Young man, I know perfectly well the military ranks of the French uniforms at least as well as I know your commander and my very dear friend, the Marquis de Launay. So don't correct me when I speak or next time I'll have to call you sergeant!"

McKinnon, red in the face with humiliation and suppressed anger, remained motionless and silent, his glazed gaze fixed on the opposite wall.
"Very well, Lieutenant. - Sandringham continued visibly satisfied - My friend here, Captain John Randall, was the victim of an unfortunate accident caused by this woman's wanted husband. So he is running out of strength and now his spanking has not more vigor than the first blows. - Robert, visibly embarrassed, fixed his gaze for a moment on poor Claire's fire-red ass, who was crying softly - Favor your whip, indeed, even better, replace Captain Randall in the punishment that is serving this insolent whore, sought for treason even by our crown. Show me how it is the complete cooperation that the Marquis de Launay has guaranteed me in favoring my investigation of this wanted woman and her rebellious husband. "
Upon hearing his commander mentioned, McKinnon realized he had no way out. John Randall chuckled and made room for him, and as soon as the whip touched Claire's fiery red buttocks, she began to tremble and cry.
"Our wild filly is no longer so insolent now! Maybe she recognizes her master's hand. Come on, lieutenant, some energy in that arm!"
Poor McKinnon, humiliated in that task unsuitable for the role of an officer, was forced to obey and let a violent and precise whipping fall on the young woman's bare buttocks, which marked both buttocks with a long red stroke. Then, under the watchful eye of Sandringham and Randall, his arm resumed hitting hard on that delicate ass that only a few hours before he had lovingly cared for and cleaned. Claire was crying and screaming with each lash, while the two Englishmen laughed heartily at her torture and enjoyed the show. When the woman's backside was marked by countless brutal blows, Sandringham signaled to McKinnon that he could stop.

"Very well, captain, you have demonstrated the energy and vigor of a good French soldier. Now I would appreciate a bottle of your excellent Champagne wine and a private place where my friend and I can continue our private meeting with this whore and let us tell you where that bandit of your husband is. "
"Follow me," McKinnon replied simply, promptly instructing the soldier to procure the bottle that had been requested. As they walked through the corridors of the fortress on their way to the torture chamber, the old Lord sipped his wine with pleasure.
"Oh, what a careless! - he said to poor Claire in tears who was being dragged by John Randall - I have not yet toasted your health, Madame! - and then looking at the English captain and pointing to the whip that he was holding firmly in his hand, he continued - Make Lady Fraser toast with me, captain! " and as the noble Lord grinned up his glass, Black Jack Randall dropped a brutal blow of the whip right between the young woman's spreading and insecure legs, right on her exposed cunt, hitting her clit full and making her scream in pain.
"Go on, go on, captain, - Sandringham said with a chuckle - I'm very thirsty today ...". And immediately another lash and then another hit the same delicate point, making the woman double and depriving her of the little energy that remained to oppose her destiny.


As soon as they entered the interrogation room and McKinnon took his leave in spite of himself, Randall tied threw Claire to a wooden frame, legs and arms spread wide.
"Where's that bastard, you filthy bitch?" he screamed behind her as she struggled in vain.. He then he hit her with a whip made of nine leather cords straight into the middle of her back.
When the woman was too exhausted to put up the slightest resistance and her back and or her butt were bruised by countless blows, he untied her and let her slide to the ground on all fours.
"Down, on all fours, as befits that bitch you are! Confess, you damned whore! Where is that filthy bastard hiding?".
But Claire was crying and didn't answer any questions from that hateful and brutal man. With the whip in his hand, Randall pounded her again with violent blows all over her back and her butt which had already been battered by his spanking and whip.
"The whore doesn't speak, Your Grace!" said the disappointed officer to his protector.
"My dear captain, if you had studied a bit of physics you would know that what you can't get out on one side can still be pushed on the other. - so saying he grabbed the big whip that the captain was still holding in his hand and he turned it on the side of the cords, lifting the handle and winking at the red-streaked ass of the poor prisoner, who, unaware of his purpose, turned her back on him. - If you weren't suffering from the wound you received from that whore's husband, you wouldn't need this tool but you could do it yourself, to your greatest satisfaction and pleasure, but you have to be content, don't you? "
With a malicious and mocking smile the captain grabbed the whip in the same way the old nobleman handed it to him and crouched behind the poor woman who continued to cry in her position on all fours, unaware of what was waiting for her. By the time she realized it she was too late and she still wouldn't have the strength to put up the slightest resistance. The handle of the whip dug the deep furrow between her battered buttocks and she quickly found the entrance to the narrowest and most painful passage in her young body and forced it with brutal determination.
Claire screamed and nearly collapsed on her back but he grabbed her by her hair forcing her to hold her animal position and forcing the big dry tool into her tight ass.
"Stay still, you filthy bitch! Let's see if this loosens your tongue a little or if you enjoy it at least as much as it amuses me!"
"Nooooo! PITY ON ME! STOP! It's too big! It's too much ... Pleaseeeee! NOOOOO !!!" Claire screamed as she stayed on her knees and hands as he thrust the big handle into her rectum and reamed her anus with unprecedented cruelty.
"Do you remember, my dear, our first night in Wentworth Prison, when I locked you in that beautiful pillory and fucked you in the ass all night? Did you then tell your husband how much you enjoyed that treatment ?
"That's not true! That's not true! You're a monster! Ahhhh! Enough! Aahiiii !!! Please! ... Wwwuuaahh! Not like that! NOOOOO! WWWWAUUAHHH!"
The tears and the moans did nothing but excite the cruelty of the sadistic officer more, who with powerful thrusts had by now managed to force the whole big wooden handle of the whip into her rectum. When he found the inevitable resistance in the intestinal walls and curves of the young woman, the man began to extract the handle, feeding a modicum of hope in the woman, which immediately broke when, as soon as only the tip of the handle was held by the dilated walls and aching in the anus, the soldier's treacherous hand resumed pushing the foreign object into the brutalized ass, unleashing a new scream and new tears.
"Where is he? Where is that filthy bastard?" Randall yelled again, pulling out the wooden stake again and sticking it back into her devastated ass, while Claire screamed at the top of her lungs for the umpteenth time. After the tenth thrust the handle of the whip was now entering and exiting her rectum with relative ease and the man tortured the woman with great pleasure and with rapid violent blows, heedless of her screams and her sobs. Lord Sandringham then approached the young woman and unbuttoned hisself pants, letting them slide around his ankles and showing off his good sized semi-erect cock.


"This game has given me a certain stimulus, even though I'm old by now. Since you don't need this mouth to confess and to provide us with the information we need, we will let you use it for something more useful and more suited to yours. whore experience. Just try to touch on me with one of your teeth and Captain Randall will use his saber instead of his toy. Start by using your tongue and do it with all the grace and experience you are capable of, you filthy whore! And you, Captain Randall, do not lose the rhythm of your shots: this whore certainly likes to serve with two parts of her body at the same time, de Launay confirmed it to me in great detail. - then, grabbing the woman by the hair and rubbing his erect penis on her cheek and under her nose, he made her scream in pain and thrust his cock into her throat, almost preventing her from breathing - I want to feel your tongue, you filthy bitch in heat! Squeeze your lips tight all around and suck it right! Only in France they know how to give blowjobs of this quality, I am surprised that an English lady is so expert in these things. Your husband was a very lucky man, he'd better be busy fucking you night and day without dealing with politics. Randall, put more energy into that handle, what the heck! Make her scream! Her screams give my rod wonderful vibrations. Suck, bitch! Suck! "
The handle of the whip furiously plowed the poor ass of Claire, who, between sobs, continued to suck and lapping with her tongue the slimy cock of Sandringham, who enjoyed the scene of the humiliation of the rebellious female now reduced to obedience and submission. And his cock quivered under the skilful passages of Claire's tongue, which she sucked and sucked madly, for the sole purpose of satisfying the old pig and putting an end to that ignoble torture as soon as possible. When the old man grabbed her by the hair behind her neck and bent her head, forcing her to lick his hard testicles, a retching upset her stomach but she managed to resist the disgust and continue the ignoble oral intercourse, until when, just as she was going up the stiff and hot shaft with her tongue, a whitish and dense gush hit her full face and panting breasts. Heedless of her moans, Sandringham unloaded the entire contents of his testicles on her face and open mouth as she screamed in disgust, humiliation and pain from double penetration.
Then, exhausted from the violence she suffered, the poor prisoner collapsed to the ground, bending her knees and remaining in a fetal position, unable to move a single muscle. Sandringham closed his pants as he admired her poor ass still raised and obscenely gaping after the torture.
The handle of the whip that Randall had thrown to the ground two steps away from the woman was covered in blood.
"Your asshole, milady, is now so large that it could hold two cocks at once and it finally looks like a whore as you are. I would be delighted to host you in the stables of my Yorkshire estate to let my studs let off steam. : that wide and gaping ass of yours would worthily welcome their rods, I guess also to your great pleasure ... "
Unable to respond to that latest outrage, Claire remained in her obscene position sobbing as the two walked out laughing from the hall


Shortly after, two loving hands embraced her and helped her up to her knees but she was not in a position to stand up and take a single step. McKinnon called for a stretcher, on which Claire lay on her stomach, to be carried to her cell. All the way Robert held her hand tightly in hers, to make her feel her loving presence. But when they finally reached the cell, they found de Launay waiting for them inside.
"Lord Sandringham and his friend have had a heavy hand, I see. - he said peering at the poor devastated anus of the woman - But there is a remedy for everything. You two, - he said then turning to the two soldiers who were holding the stretcher - stretch it out on the bed and chained on her stomach, with two pillows under the belly. Then all go out! "
"Commander, - Robert came forward worried - I am responsible for the prisoner's safety ... - he tried to say, so as not to leave Claire alone with that pervert.
"And I, captain, am responsible for the court-martial that will judge your insubordination." the marquis answered immediately. Robert glanced at Claire, who from behind de Launay motioned him to obey and yield. If her position inside the fortress had changed, any attempt to escape from there would have been impossible to carry out. After springing to attention in front of his commander, the young officer left immediately followed by his soldiers.
"At last alone, my dear! I have not yet been able to understand how you managed to get in touch with the court of the young Charles of Scotland but that will not help you. I have been accused of raping you but this accusation will soon backfire on you. All I have to do is to call my men to testify, who heard you scream with pleasure and certainly not pain while we were together. Besides, the whole garrison knows how hot and sex-hungry you are, don't they, kinky little bitch? Now, my dear, let's think of your aching ass! ... "

"Leave me alone, ... filthy ... pig ..." Claire said in a faint voice as he pulled a jar of his prepared medicines out of his pocket.

"Do you remember my wonderful ointment, which I already used on your backside after that delicious enema? You will see, it will put you back in shape and help your poor anus to tighten and return to the dimensions of the past. Indeed, maybe it will make it for you. even a little tighter, so you will regain your "anal virginity", which I will personally be happy to inaugurate tomorrow morning under the gaze of the whole garrison. - while he was speaking he slipped two fingers impregnated with cream into her asshole and probed it with perverse pleasure. Chained to her bed on her stomach, with her butt obscenely raised and thighs wide open, because her ankles were locked in the corners of her bed, Claire could not resist the odious attentions of the old man, who enjoyed teasing the rectum ravaged by the large wooden handle, using a delicacy that only increased the torment and excitement of the poor wounded woman.
"You remember the effect of my cream on your skin and your orifices, right, Madame? That time you were dying to be fucked in every hole but now, given the accusations you have made against me, I will not grant you this satisfaction : you will remain tied to the bed in this position all day and all night and I will hold the keys to your cell so that no one can disturb you. Your ass will be almost completely healed and just a little more dilated by tomorrow morning than normal, just enough to make you welcome my cock without too much pain. Meanwhile, all day and all night I'll let you die from the unsatisfied desire to be fucked in the ass. We'll see if tomorrow morning you'll be more willing to review your accusations in the my comparisons. "

Claire cried and squirmed uselessly on the bed, as she felt the anal arousal she had experienced in the past growing within her after applying that hateful drug. Before leaving her, her old pervert rubbed a thin layer of cream on her nipples and clitoris as well, which began to rise and tingle as if an army of insects had invaded them. Claire began to rub back and forth on her bed to quell that mad desire to be touched and caressed in her most sensitive points but nothing calmed her insatiable hunger for sex, which no one could satisfy. The Marquis enjoyed for a while to see her shudder and twist on the bed like a bitch in heat, her butt raised in an unsatisfied offer, while she moaned and whimpered in vain, begging him for mercy.
Only late at night was Robert able to open the cell door after de Launay had gone to sleep, leaving the keys in his office. Claire was exhausted, having at least twenty strenuous orgasms from rubbing her body on the bed. The two pillows on which her belly rested were soaked with the vaginal juices that had gushed from her aroused cunt as her clitoris rubbed against her rough fabric. She no longer had the strength to wriggle but his body still quivered with unfulfilled desire. Especially the rectal canal and her sphincter gave her a cruel and constant torture, from the need to be touched and stimulated to give peace to that insatiable her desire. Claire knew that the next morning, first of all, de Launay would untie her and take her to a place where the entire garrison would witness her inevitable humiliation: she would have to bend down to implore the governor of the Bastille to fuck her there, opposite. to all her soldiers and perhaps also to those in charge of the investigation, proving once again the groundlessness of the accusations about the sexual violence she had suffered and instead confirming the perverse nature of her character as a dissolute woman.
Robert caressed and kissed her lovingly but could not free her from her position because de Launay had kept the keys of the chains that held the prisoner to her bed. He washed and treated the whiplash scars that covered the woman's back and buttocks, but luckily her damage wasn't too serious and her skin was just a little red in places. Her anus had almost returned to her normal size too, but Claire, after a full day of suffering the devastating effects of the cream that had been rubbed into her rectum and around her sphincter, could no longer resist. She in a whisper she pleaded the young lover.
"Robert ... please ... I beg you ... take me now ... take me from behind ... in the ass ..."
Embarrassed, the young officer tried to refuse.
"Claire, how can I? In your position ... with what you just suffered ..."
"I beg you! ... I cannot speak, I cannot tell you why I am asking you this. But I need to know if my body is not irreparably damaged, and your fingers are not ... long enough to understand if my internal wounds are really deep and if they have healed. Do it for me, my love ... But please be gentle and mild because it will still hurt a lot. "


The young man kissed her tenderly on the cheek and undressed completely. When he knelt in front of her ass, generously offered to her caresses, her hands gently spread her buttocks and discovered the tender orifice violated and just a little wider than her normal. When his lips kissed him and his tongue gently teased him, Claire felt like she was going mad.
"Please, hurry up! I can't resist anymore! ..."

He gently moistened the overused and dilated orifice and then slowly penetrated it with his tongue, holding the woman steady on his hips. But she was too aroused and she lifted her butt as she could, meeting the sensual caresses of his tongue on a spot so abused by torture and aroused by the perfidious drug. Claire knew that her desire was induced by the drug contained in the cream de Launay had used on her: nevertheless, knowing that it was her beloved Robert who was arousing her in such an intimate place, in the secret of his cell, instead the perfidious governor of the prison in the forecourt of the fortress in front of the whole garrison, released all her tension and lost herself in the delight of those foreplay so exciting.
"Oh please! ... take me! ... I'm yours! ..." she whispered as his tongue was replaced by the tip of his cock.
“What a hilarious sight! The noble and irreproachable Lady Fraser, so in love with her dear husband that she ends up in prison for him, that she wants nothing more than to be fucked from behind like a bitch! "
The voice that she had uttered those words in a mocking tone was unmistakable. Claire gasped in terror as she recognized Captain Randall entering her cell followed by two guards, the first two who had raped her at the Bastille and who had received a reprimand for her from both their sergeant and the Marquise de Launay and they had accounts to settle with the young Lady prisoner..
Robert was petrified as the three surrounded them: he had stripped naked and his weapons were too far away. The situation in which he and Claire had been caught left no doubt that he was not there to punish or humiliate her but rather to satisfy and comfort her.
"Lord Sandringham and the Marquis agreed that I would stay here to check on you, Madame, and to find out how your situation was brought to the attention of Prince Charles Stuart: I would say that my investigation has been closed before it has even begun. Here is a bold young Scottish man in the service of the King of France who betrays his uniform and gets along with the enemy! You can say goodbye to your ranks and your freedom, young man! You will remain a guest of the Bastille for some time, I believe, but on the other side of the bars, in a prisoner cell who will surely welcome you as soon as they know you were one of their jailers. Your asshole will soon become as wide as a howitzer! ... "
"It's true, Captain Randall! -said one of the guards-Captain McKinnon is the only officer who has always pronounced himself in favor of this slut, and he has always prevented us from fucking her as the Marquis had invited us to do. "
"I ... I ..." stammered the poor young man still kneeling behind Claire who was stuck on the bed doggie-style and couldn't even cover her nakedness.
"This man was raping me." Claire said in a low voice, hoping to save him. “I no longer had the strength or voice to oppose him and I was unable to defend myself. Help me, please! ”.
At an agreed signal, the two guards blocked Robert by the arms and made him get out of bed. Randall took the opportunity to slip a hand under Claire's belly and to feel her wet and excited groin. He immediately found her turgid and sensitive clitoris and began to tease him sadistically.
"Uh, this man was raping you and you were all wet down here, huh? ... Either you lie shamelessly or you are a shameless slut. What do you think, Madame? ... ” he asked her treacherously as he slipped a finger into her asshole and slowly plowed it deeply.
“I… I… I'm a slut…! - Claire murmured, knowing that she alone by saying so she could save the young man and hope with him in a chance of escape.
"Say it louder, Madame, these two soldiers and Captain McKinnon didn't hear you right!" Randall pressed on, now inserting two fingers into her wet cunt and teasing her erect clit with his thumb.
“I am a slut! I'm a slut in heat! " Claire cried crying as the two guards laughed heartily at this humiliating confession from her.
"Such perverse behavior inside a prison must be punished in an exemplary way. But even this young man deserves a little bit of trust. - continued Captain Randall - So, if we see him actually do what you say he was doing to you, maybe we won't report him to the authorities and we will believe your word, even if it's the word of a filthy cheating whore. But since you yourself have spontaneously admitted that you are a slut, we certainly cannot make your punishment an opportunity for you to please: therefore, your little friend here will fuck you in every hole but only after serving you a good dose of strap. You two, leave him and give him his leather belt. He folds it well in half and starts using it on the ass and back of this vile pervert who was dying to get ass fucked by you a few minutes ago! "
The two soldiers immediately did as they were told and, trembling, Robert took the belt they handed him and folded it as Randall had requested. He remained a few moments to admire the beautiful raised ass of his beloved and then let a brutal and painful strap fall on the white buttocks offered to his punishment. Claire screamed and cried and screamed even louder when a second belt hit her in the same spot.
“Ahhh !!! Noooo! Please! No! I'm not a slut! I'm not a slut! I am sorry! That's enough!" Claire cried with every stroke, while Randall and the two soldiers laughed heartily.
“Louder, McKinnon! harder! Make that ass turn red like a cherry! You will have the illusion of fucking a virgin when you fuck her in her ass, but don't believe it! I already fucked her before you, and Madame liked it a lot, didn't she? " treacherous Randall said as the cruel punishment continued and Claire's butt took on more color each time. Under the incitement of the two guards, McKinnon's blows became more and more cruel and brutal, while the excitement that had tormented Claire all day vanished and she remained helpless and ashamed to await the sad conclusion of that night of horror. When the young captain's arm was so tired that it could no longer rise and hit his target hard, Jack Randall waved his hand to stop. Claire sobbed with her face hidden between the sheets and her bottom raised and streaked with so many brutal straps.


"Start fucking the slut and do it with all the strength and brutality you are capable of or it will be worse for you!" ordered the English captain to the poor young man, who, kneeling behind her beloved, grabbed the cock and with a cruel thrust impaled her in her cunt without kindness and began to fuck her with violent thrusts of the kidneys to which the woman responded with screams and tears desperate. Her breasts swayed beneath her deliciously with each thrust and Randall couldn't resist the temptation to grab them and squeeze them between his brutal fingers. Claire was screaming and crying, begging for mercy in vain. That nocturnal encounter that began as an exciting embrace had turned into excruciating torture.
“Now I want to see you fuck her in her ass! Let's see a bit of her, her hole is still nice and wide after the treatment I gave her this morning!... "
"No! No! Please! it's too big! Too much… you hurt me! Aaaaahhhwwaaaaaaaa !!!! " Claire screamed, feeling cruelly impaled in the anus by the Scot's big cock, which mercilessly sank into her rectum and began probing it all along her length with a powerful and cruel fuck. The torture lasted many minutes, during which Robert nearly came a couple of times but Randall's cruel gaze and his threat of denunciation if he put an end to that turn too soon held him back. Only after an interminable time of cruel anal torture did the English captain signal to the young Scottish officer that he could finally dump all his fluids into the poor woman prisoner's ass. With a feverish surge of cruel thrusts and thrusts, McKinnon roared in fury as his cock spewed all the hot contents of his long-held testicles into poor Claire's ass. Claire, feeling her guts filled by that waterfall of slimy semen, cried in despair and shame.
"That's enough! Now is the time for her bitch to suck her bone, flavored with the aroma of her ass. Come here, boy, and get this bitch sucking it right! ”.
Shaking with shame and excitement at the same time, McKinnon stood in front of Claire's face and grabbed her by her hair. The woman tried to avoid the contact of her lips with the tip of the rod that smelled horribly of the part of the body she had just come out of but then, won by the tugs on the hair given by Robert and some spanking from Randall, she gave up and opened her lips.
“Good, filthy little bicht in heat! you like baby food, huh? Are you still feeling like a bitch in heat now? And are you still in love with this ambushed dude, who is not only a good licker but also a club worthy of a ram?
Claire cried as she was forced to lick and suck the rod of her lover, who was using her like a vulgar whore. In her heart she knew that this was the only way to defend him from any accusation of treason and to guarantee her a way of salvation too. Robert's conviction and removal would have meant the end of all hope for her. When the young man's cock began to erupt its salty stream of semen back into her throat, she moaned, causing Jack Randall to laugh.
“Was dinner to your liking, Madame? No? then we have here some other dishes for you! You two! it's your time. Madame has just confessed to us that she is a great slut and surely one lover is not enough for her. Fill this slut's ass with your cum! "
“Noooo! Enough, please! I can not stand it anymore! I can not stand it anymore!" Claire cried desperately as the two soldiers quickly undressed and got ready to climb into her bed, one in front of her face and one ready to spread her buttocks and sodomize her.
“Shut up, you filthy English sow! Now I will cook you on the spit and I really think you will feel my cock up in your throat! " said the more commanding of her two, rape her mercilessly from behind and violating her tight back hole.


"And if you don't feel his, you will certainly feel mine, little chick!" said the second, who had already raped the woman in the ass the previous time. Unable to oppose and defend herself, while Robert watched her pale and unable to do anything to defend her. When the anal rapist first reached orgasm and filled her ass with cum, the partner left the lock of hair behind her neck with which he forced the poor prisoner to swallow his rod all the way down her throat, and moved to where was his partner first, plunged into the same still enlarged hole to give the last cruel thrusts into the colon of the violated woman, tearing the anus for the last time.
Then the three brutes left their victim tied tightly to the bed with the pillows under her belly and her butt raised, they forced a long wax candle into her ass so that she could not get rid of the cum received until morning and left her there sobbing and waiting for the sad return of the Marquis the following morning.
Jack Randall whispered some terrible threats in her ear before coming out of her.
“This is our little secret, you dirty slut. The Marquis expects to find you still hot and eager to be fucked in the ass tomorrow morning, right? But now he will be sadly disappointed. Woe to you if you breathe and let it slip that we preceded him, ruining his party! Woe to you! Or rather, woe to this little Scottish shit of yours that you like so much; my new friends and I will cut off his cock and throw him in the moat of the fortress with a cannonball tied to his neck and a gun barrel in his ass. Did we understand each other, you filthy bitch? "
Claire nodded silently, unable to respond to that latest provocation.


At the first light of dawn, Claire woke up exhausted and distraught. During the night she had pushed out of the anus with a superhuman effort the candle that like a cork had been stuck between her buttocks. During the night her anus had shrunk to normal size and it still ached a little but her cum, to her great shame, had not been able to expel it and it was still all inside her. She awaited with terror and shame the arrival of de Launay, who unaware of the torture she had suffered that night, thought he would still find a woman excited and ready to beg him to be sodomized, like the most ignoble of whores.
When the old Marquis entered, he quickly realized that the woman was not in the state of sexual arousal that she should have had according to his expectations. With his middle finger he probed her ass, finding her anus tight and vital but without that spasmodic excitement of the day before her. He reamed him with two fingers three or four times, without the woman deigning to him the slightest reaction, other than a stifled cry between her sheets.
"How did you do it, you filthy slut? Who did you get fucked by last night? Confess!"
But she Claire didn't answer him and she just moaned in shame and humiliation.
"You think you have won, huh? But don't sing victory too soon, my dear. Today I had everything organized and we go on stage anyway, even if the script has changed. "
"I will never bow to your desires!" Claire answered firmly.
"Oh, you will bow, Madame, you will bow all right! Not to my wishes but to yours. It will be an excellent opportunity to introduce yourselves to Father Pedro Montoja, who is arriving just this morning to meet you."
He then called the guards and made her untied from the chains but only to drag her onto a bench that was not far from her, so as to immobilize her on her back with her arms chained again under the wooden surface on which she was lying there. Then he had a chain fastened across the underside of the bench and to that hanging chain he fastened the young woman's ankles so that her thighs were obscenely wide open and her butt raised slightly above the counter. Claire was sure that she would now be raped again but the revenge the Marquis had in mind was more subtle and cruel. He left her for a few minutes naked and exposed to the guards' gaze and humiliating comments, and when he returned to her cell he was holding a bundle of lush, green shrubs in one gloved hand. He spread some of them under the buttocks of the woman who immediately understood what plants they were.
"Yes, my dear: nettles! The strongest and most luxuriant nettles of the ditch of the Bastille. Some will stroke your buttocks but this beautiful bunch ... - and with cruel and perverse slowness he rubbed the stinging leaves on the delicate lips of the gaping sex. He enjoyed passing by and go over the fronds on the delicate skin of the vulva, also spreading the labia majora and going to torment the hidden mouth of the sex and the tender bud closed in the sweet crack of the pubis.
Claire screamed and wriggled like a madwoman on the bench but to nothing her efforts were worth it and the cruel bite of those leaves lit an irresistible itch in her. The cruelty of the old jailer then turned on her defenseless breasts and especially on her nipples, which he targeted with cruel lashes or with delicate touches, always obtaining the same result , that is, a red skin full of annoying buboes that he enjoyed stimulating more with his gloved hands. Then he took a black bottle from his pocket, he closed the woman's nostrils and waited for her to open wide the mouth to breathe. At that point he shoved the neck of the bottle down her throat and forced her to gulp down a large amount of thick and horrible tasting liquid. Immediately then he shoved a rag into her mouth and gagged her tightly, preventing her from vomiting or spitting out what she had been forced to swallow.
"It's not poison, my dear, but just a good dose of castor oil. You are a beautiful young English lady, full of pride, shit and cum. Pride constantly comes out of your mouth; shit and cum they will soon come out, in front of everyone and above all in front of the venerable Father Pedro Montoja, in the parade ground of the fortress, where you will welcome our welcome guest naked as Our Lord did. - then, turning to the guards who attended the scene, he said them - This woman is a powerful witch and Father Montoja is here to unmask her. Beware of her and don't touch her if you don't want to be helpless forever. In an hour Father Montoja will be here and the oil, that I gave her, will start making effect. Before taking her to the parade ground, well handcuffed, give her another amount of nettles on her pussy, ass and tits.


Father Montoja's gloomy black carriage pulled into the Bastille forecourt at the appointed time, just as the Marquis de Launay ordered the guards to remove the chains that held Claire's wrists behind her back. As soon as he freed her, the itch that teased her breasts seemed irresistible but she made herself strong and stood motionless, her arms at her sides. Then the modesty of feeling naked under the gaze of so many men, the stinging effect of the nettles and the perverse groping that de Launay, unseen, quickly gave her swollen and red breasts, triggered in Claire an irresistible need to touch herself. And as her fingers touched the nipples, all her stamina and fortitude melted like snow in the sun.
Her hands began to feverishly caress the breasts and then immediately descended to the inflamed cleft of the sex. If from a distance it might seem that the woman was modestly covering her shame, a closer and closer look could not escape the fact that she was masturbating obscenely in front of so many men, oblivious to giving an ignoble spectacle of herself.
Then when Father Pedro was a few steps away from her and stared at her with scandalized and furious eyes, the poor woman was struck by a sudden colic and she doubled over and finally crouched down crying. And there, whimpering and covering her face in shame, she let her intestines free in a humiliating and painful way, under the gaze of all.
De Launay leaned beside her and treacherously whispered in her ear.
"I told you, Madame, that you would bow not to mine but to your desires."
"This woman is an unrepentant sinner!" Father Pedro said shocked, while an unmistakable intestinal gurgling and a horrible stench rose all around the crouched woman.
"The matter is much more serious, Father Pedro. - intervened de Launay, grabbing Claire by the hair and forcing her to get on all fours by her side, like a pet, with her ass still dirty with just shit discharges - Look at her feces! See what they are mixed with? "
"Oh, saints of Heaven! A sodomite!"
"Much more, Reverend Father! This woman was locked in her cell all day. Only I had the key and God and my soldiers witness that I never approached her all day and all night. Yet a mysterious presence possessed it and if it did not fertilize it it is only because it preferred to take it against nature, certainly with its sinful consent. Considering the quantity of semen that appears here, it was certainly not a single embrace but of many sodomite carnal contacts, which she gladly accepted, as not a single cry was heard from her prison. "
"That's not true! That's not true!... WWWWAAAAHHH !!!" poor Claire wept humiliated while everyone around her laughed at her.
"Shut up, perverse woman! Your own body accuses you without a shadow of denial for your hideous sins, to which you have added the attempt to seduce and perhaps kill the ruler of this Christian nation. Know that I am not in the least attracted to your sinful body and that I will eradicate with suffering the demonic presence that is in you. Every whip and every red-hot iron that I will use on your body will be a torture inflicted directly on the devil. When I am finished with you, you will have returned to reason and you will thank me and then you will begin your new life in the cloistered convent that His Majesty will decide for you as your new home for the rest of your life of atonement. "


Father Pedro Montoja was not born with the Franciscan cassock on. He came from a very rich Spanish aristocratic family, owners of immense haciendas on the island of Cuba, from whose sugar cane plantations he earned a huge fortune. The prince of Montoja was destined for a great future, as it had been for all his predecessors: career in arms, government of some big city or some region, private adviser to the king of Spain ... there were no limits to his ambitions and its possibilities. What had prevented his success from happening was the woman he had married, more at the behest of his family than out of a sincere feeling for him. The woman in question, Donna Maria Consuelo de Pereira, a beautiful female with thick raven hair and a seductive body, desired and admired by all the aristocracy of the island, had aroused the lust of the young prince, docilely lending herself to all erotic games, even those most brutal and obscene, which were her husband's true passion. The young Pedro Montoja had even stopped frequenting brothels or using the beautiful slaves of his plantation, as he had always done, so much so that the family had concluded that the marriage with the handsome heiress of a family as powerful and rich as that of the Montoja, had not only benefited the economic interests of the family but also the character of the young prince.
However, this idyllic situation was not destined to last long and Pedro sadly realized it the day when, returning home from a hunting trip earlier than expected and passing by the barn, he heard suspicious noises and on entering he found the charming naked wife, clinging to the herculean body of a mighty black slave, the best fighter in the prince's team. The wrestler was sprawled on the straw and his mistress straddled her pelvis. The pubic hair of the two were in close contact, which made the prince even more indignant, who immediately made a quick comparison between his own virility and the well-known and immeasurable one of the black. The woman moved in a sinuous and rhythmic way over the erect rod, while she teased her breasts with her hands. Her male, with his strong black hands gripping the woman's narrow, white hips, guided her in her movement up and down her and at times he stroked her buttocks. Sometimes, when she felt close to the peak of her pleasure, the beautiful Maria Consuelo stopped pumping her body on the ebony rod and slowly bent forward, to passionately kiss her lover and intertwine her tongue with that of him. The wrestler then had easy access to the groove that separated the beautiful white buttocks and slipped one of his big fingers into it to look for the tight and secret hole, which married life had however enlarged a little and made sensitive and receptive to those intimate explorations. Maria Consuelo then revived and her pumping on the big black cock resumed with new vigor, while she let herself be probed first by one and then by two of the slave's strong fingers. Their tongues didn't stop dancing and clinging in and out of their mouths. The whole stable was impregnated with the wild smell of their sexual juices and the two moaned and groaned like animals in heat, not realizing they were being spied on.
Pedro Montoja had silently drawn his sword and cocked his pistol, then stealthily came up behind the two of them. Maria Consuelo was paralyzed with terror when she felt the chill of the gun barrel on the back of her neck. The wrestler then opened his eyes, finding the tip of his master's sword touching his carotid artery.
"Go on, filthy puta maldida!" said her husband, who had forced her to continue on his ride, despite the fact that the man's penis was sagging with shock and fear of being caught fucking his mistress, which meant certain death for him. The repeated and rhythmic movements of the woman, forced in spite of herself to continue in her embrace that had turned into a rape, awakened the turgor of the black column of flesh and, crying, the slave reached its apex before his partner, cumming inside her cunt in which the mighty cock was completely buried. The beautiful Maria Consuelo had screamed in her surprise, horror and humiliation, because she would never have wanted to be impregnated by the semen of a black man, all the more so under her husband's gaze.
"And now clean everything!" Pedro had ordered her in an icy voice as he continued to keep the head of his young wife under the aim of his gun, who, crying, pulled the still semi-rigid rod from her sperm-filled vagina, knelt over the ankles of her black lover and she had licked and sucked from his ebony rod every trace of the semen that had dripped from the tip all the way down the shaft and up to the thick dark bush of hair and big purple testicles, now completely empty.
His penis, under the expert work of that tongue and those trembling lips, had immediately begun to rise again, returning to being a proud and impertinent club, ready to satisfy a new lover. Don Pedro, however, had then stuck the barrel of the gun into his wife's mouth, thus abruptly interrupting her fiery blowjob and forcing her to move her head back. Then, with a quick flick of the wrist, he brought the blade of the sword from the slave's throat to the base of the erect rod and emasculated his wife's lover with a powerful swipe, under her shocked eyes, and then slit the slave's throat. as he screamed with his hands wrapped around his mutilated pubis.
Then the prince grabbed his wife by her hair and dragged her, completely naked as she still was, to the barracks where the black slaves of the plantation lived.
"If it is the black meat that satisfies you, now you will have it until you die!" he told her, heedless of her pleas and her desperate plea for forgiveness. To the slaves who, attracted by the noise and cries of her woman had crowded around her, the prince had ordered to take her mistress and to tie her to the rack that was normally used for the daily punishments of rebellious or runaway slaves. Then, grasping the powerful whip, Pedro had marked his wife's back, buttocks, breasts and belly with an infinite series of lashes. Many slaves behind him had not resisted the temptation to touch themselves under their trousers as they saw the white and naked body of the beautiful mistress receive an even worse punishment than that normally experienced by the most rebellious slaves. Then the master had chosen thirty of the strongest and most vigorous slaves of him and ordered them to strip completely naked and release the woman from the rack. Unable to take a single step, the beautiful Maria Consuelo had welcomed her husband's sentence with eyes wide open in terror, which condemned her to be raped by all thirty young black servants under the eyes of their master and all the slaves of the plantation.
"You're not that hot and horny anymore, you filthy slut! Do you still like to fuck my slaves, puta?"
His wife could not answer her insistent and provocative questions because her mouth was never without a powerful cock that fucked her throat, while her other two orifices were equally abused in the same instant. Even her hands never remained empty for more than a few minutes, so that the beautiful aristocrat satisfied at least five black cocks at the same time, when a sixth was not added, which exploited the deep gap between her breasts to squirt her face and and neck of streams of African sperm.
decided for her. Her screams at the first anal rape she suffered were muffled by the big cock plowing her throat deeply, and soon the young girl adapted to receive every cock that penetrated her with tragic resignation.
The collective rape lasted from three in the afternoon until late sunset, and after the first thirty rapists, who had alternated in every hole with animalistic enthusiasm, another thirty slaves took over excited by the spectacle of the defenseless and violated young white woman in every possible way, under the vision and consent of her husband.
At the last light of day, what was once the beautiful Maria Consuelo de Pereira had been dragged, half-aware and covered with sperm in every part of her body, to the gallows which was the tool of capital execution used for rebellious and irreducible slaves: here her husband's hands had tightened a large rope around her neck and the woman had been lifted by the tightrope but without this immediately provoking a quick end. Pedro Montoja had in fact ordered two of the slaves to support the young adulterous wife by the legs while she was being lifted and her thighs were once again spread wide open. Then a large blunt-tipped pole had been planted beneath her, and that tip of hers had been guided with cruel precision onto the pleated rosette of her anus, now greatly dilated by the constant bestial rapes of that day. The rope that held the woman by her neck had then been slowly loosened, letting the pole stick into her battered rectum with exasperating and cruel slowness. No one knew exactly if Maria Consuelo de Pereira had died strangled by the noose or devastated in her viscera by the pole, the fact is that it was later ascertained that the slip knot had not been properly soaped before and that the pole was immediately lubricated abundantly by the continuous flow of sperm, which came out of the young girl's asshole.

Bad Boris

"So, Madame, do you like your lovers? Do you want to stay with them for the rest of the evening?"
"Nooooo…. Nooo-oooo-oooo!!!! Uuhhaaaa !!! Mmmhuuummm !!!"
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"You don't talk with your mouth full, Madame, haven't the nuns of your college taught you that? ... Ah! Ah! Ah I see that you are an excellent rider, even if I imagined that you would prefer to ride as amazon, but I was wrong ,. It is evident that rather than riding you like to be ridden by talented studs! "
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"Enough, I beg youuuuuuu! EEEEnough! I can't take it anymore! I can't take it anymore ... MMMHHUUMMMM !!!"
"You are a bit too greedy, Madame, and you don't know how to taste what you take. Hey you over there! A bottle of cognac to whoever will make her scream with pleasure!
The convicts seemed to go mad at the prospect of a sip of cognac in addition to the beautiful woman everyone had by now fucked in one way or another. The rapist who was beating her kidneys from below began to move more slowly and deeply. He knew from experience that somewhere well hidden inside her sexual channel the woman had a secret point which, when properly stimulated by him, would make her scream with ecstasy. Even the one who buggered her did not want to be outdone and his lunges took the same rhythm as those of her partner.
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His cock came out almost entirely from the anus with each slow retreat and then sink again and entirely inside the rectum and going to rub against the solid and turgid presence of the cock that fucked the vagina, separated only by a slight internal wall of the body of the woman. Claire moaned harder and harder as she realized that the combined efforts of the two rapists were about to bring her down. Until now she had suffered for every abuse she had suffered and this, beyond the suffering, had been of minimal comfort, because the memory of the pleasure linked to her embraces with her beloved Jamie protected her from collapsing into the abyss of the squalor of the fate of her. But now her body rebelled against her decision and after so much suffering she demanded the satisfaction that the continuous stimulation of his sensitive areas of her imposed on her. With horror, Claire felt her vagina getting wet and contracting around the rod as it plowed her at an increasing rate. But the horror grew when the anus also began to tighten around the big cock that penetrated her from behind and that part of the rectum, on which the penis rubbed to and fro and which was in direct contact with the vagina, began to clench like a fist around the big intruder. The man noticed this and multiplied his pressure on the lower part of the anal gut, which was getting tighter and warmer. A faint meow came from the lips set between the young woman's teeth, and slowly became a growing moan and finally a desperate cry, overwhelmed by the laughter of the twelve brutes and those of the Marquis de Launay.
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The men, however, did not stop pumping their virility into the violated body of the English noblewoman, who she resumed moaning relentlessly and without restraint, now won on all fronts.
"Ohh, I beg youuuu, uuuuhhmmm…. Yes! Yes! Yeeeeesssss !!! Again! AGAIIIINNN!!!!"
The two rapists exploded which simultaneously inside her and lifted the woman who was now semi-conscious given the violence of her double vaginal and anal orgasm, which she had never experienced before. From the two violated holes came a cascade of thick sperm together with a clear and limpid stream, which for the first time in her life the woman had produced on the occasion of that brutal orgasm.
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"Our lady is now really naked! - said de Launay with a grin - You are no longer the devoted Madame Frazer, madly in love with her dear hubby! You are a filthy whore, worse than a street harlot! You enjoy cocks pounding your pussy and ass like a bitch in heat. Confess it! I want to hear you scream now! You fellows, make her talk bad or good! No punches though, I don't want her to be ruined! A few slaps and a good spanking will be enough to convince Madame of the importance of sincerity, isn't it? "
De Launay's fantasy also tickled the dirty dozen brutes who now, after enjoying Claire's body, wanted to enjoy her transformation from a refined noblewoman to a sex slave of the same unspeakable desires as her. Her gang leader grabbed her arm and forced her to kneel. Then, with a slap across the face, he gave her the next order.
"Down, on your hands and knees! Like that bitch you are!"
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Claire was crying and pleading, but after the third or fourth slap she gave up and took the humiliating position that had been ordered.
"Spread your knees wide, bitch! I want to be able to see that precious noble cunt you hold between her thighs!". And full of embarrassment, Claire still obeys.
"She Lifts her ass! And she starts wagging her tail like a happy bitch!"
A shameful cry was heard in her cell as she dropped her shoulders a little, lifted her buttocks and began to move her butt sensually in front of the snickering men.
"Come on, you heard what the Marquis said. Tell us what you are, you filthy bitch! Tell us what you like!" and to better convince her he gave her a loud spanking on her buttocks offered on top of her. Claire screamed and cried and it amused the gang so much that another and then another slapped her on the ass, until everyone was competing to see who would hit her with the loudest and most painful spank.
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Claire cried and screamed at every blow but tenaciously resisted the intention of humiliating herself until she recognized that she enjoyed that brutal attention, until she recognized that her body was now betraying her at every opportunity, shaking her with shivers of pleasure that had nothing to do with his previous experience. When the spanking was accompanied by the infamous caresses of her open and exposed sex or any profanation, which the gang leader began to do to her while the other cronies continued to beat her, then every brake fell and Claire began to move her pelvis on the brutal fingers that bullied her and she raise her butt more to offer a better target to the slaps that had already made her buttocks a bright red color.
"What are you, Madame? Tell us the truth! ..."
"I'm ... a ... slut ..." Claire confessed in a low voice, wiggling her butt more and rubbing her cunt and clit on her pack leader's callused hand.
"Say it louder! Nobody heard you!"
"I'm a slut! A SLUUUUUTTT!!!"
"And what do you want to do now?"
"I want to make love…"
Her two fingers teasing her clitoris entered her slimy vagina of semen and feminine humors, and began probing her with hateful insistence while her buttocks still warmed under the sound slaps of the other men.
"A whore doesn't make love, a whore just wants to get fucked and enjoy!"
Claire sobbed and moaned as her cunt no longer responded to her desires and her self-control and squeezed around her probing fingers.
"I ... I ... want to ... enjoy ... I want to be ... fucked like a bitch! A bitch in heat! YES! YES! YEEEEESSSS!!! O MY GOD! OMYGOD! MYGOOOD!!! UUUUUHAAHHAAAAAA!”
And screaming at the top of her voice she threw from her cunt battered by insistent and brutal fingers a new hot and clear jet of sexual lymph.
That gang rape had in fact transformed her into an ignoble creature, in which she no longer recognized herself.
The sound of the key turning in the lock and the din of the guards entering her cell to save her from the wishes of the herd brought her back to the sad reality of her next meeting with the Marquis de Launay.
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OMG. How have I only just discovered this thread. Love Claire and Outlander. I think I may need to have a little 'me' time to go through every scene and pic!!!


OMG. How have I only just discovered this thread. Love Claire and Outlander. I think I may need to have a little 'me' time to go through every scene and pic!!!
I hope you enjoy it, another old Outlander thread can be find here, but very amateurish.



I watched the first two seasons of a Russian TV series called "Ekaterina," about Catherine the Great, which I've posted about on CF somewhere a while back (couldn't find it.) At one point, while Czarina Elizabeth is still in power and Ekaterina is a newly arrived princess from Prussia, Czarina Elizabeth discovers that Ekaterina's mother has been spying on behalf of Frederick of Prussia, and threatens both the mother and Ekaterina with torture and imprisonment. So yeah, I was kinda hoping that the show would go down that alley, but alas, Catherine does become Catherine the Great, not Catherine the Tortured and Imprisoned.

View attachment 1001958Marina Alexandrova as Ekaterina.
You welcome!


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