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INTERACTIVE Outlander story Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV

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The brutal death of Maria Consuelo produced heavy consequences for the Montoja family. Duke Alfonso de Pereira demanded the restitution of her huge dowry that he had paid on his daughter's wedding day, as well as a substantial compensation for damages, appropriate to the lineage of the murdered woman's family. The Montoja family paid any amount requested without batting an eyelid, with the intention of immediately hushing up the scandal, and made no further objections when the victim's family demanded the heads of all the slaves who had been involved in the mass rape. It mattered little that they had been forced by their master to rape the young aristocrat lady: the same Montoja, despite the economic loss of that large number of strong and precious slaves in the fields, could not tolerate that a black slave could survive after having had a carnal relationship with a white woman.
The young Pedro was locked up in a Franciscan convent to save him from the law and here he was forced to take the vows and humble habit of St. Francis, which was badly reconciled with his thirst for wealth and his exuberance in terms of women, wine and worldly pleasures. However, the acquaintances and support of the Montoja family within the Franciscan order and the transfer of the young man, in all secrecy, to distant Spain, ensured Pedro Montoja a rapid ecclesiastical career. His superiors had noticed the young friar's deep aversion to women, especially the younger and more beautiful ones, and had directed him towards the inquisition: a truly profitable choice, given the results of his work, which had led to confession. , almost spontaneous, of numerous beautiful women accused of witchcraft and heresy. His Majesty's court had greatly appreciated his assignment in the investigation against Princess Francisca Alfonsa de Rio Blanco, the eighteen-year-old daughter of a disgraced great prince of Spanish.
The young woman, with a fresh and graceful body and long blonde hair, after some interrogation sessions alone with Father Pedro Montoja in the basement of the convent of Santiago, where she had been imprisoned, had confessed to having incestuous carnal relations with her father and brother, so much so that a scrupulous examination of the nuns of the convent showed that the young woman who had just blossomed was not a virgin at all, as she had claimed to be, when she had been arrested. Shortly it mattered that at the time of the body inspection she had been gagged and that all her words had always been verbalized by the devoted and irreproachable father Montoja. It did not matter that the young woman's father and brother denied any accusations, nor that the girl was unable to holding back tears every time she met Father Pedro. The de Rio Blanco family had been deprived of all their possessions for the benefit of the Spanish crown and the Franciscan order and the beautiful Francisca Alfonsa had been sent to a cloistered convent in Sicily, where however she had never arrived because her ship it had been attacked by Barbary pirates. The young princess was last seen as she stripped naked in tears in the slave market in Tunis and she let herself be admired in every part of her immature body by the noisy crowd of fresh white meat buyers.
As time went on, the insinuations and gossip about the conduct of the inquisitor father were increasingly difficult to cover. A woman defendant explicitly accused him of lust and unmentionable abuse but she mysteriously died in her cell the following night. Other young women said they were stripped naked, probed sinfully in their orifices by their father, or forced to use their mouths not to testify but to satisfy the inquisitor's illicit and carnal curiosity. But even these accusations were generally short-lived because at the latest the following morning the defendants retracted everything, without wanting or being able to explain how the bruises on their breasts, the bruises between the thighs or the bleeding from the holes of the their asses. In the end, however, the leaders of the order had decided to replace the disputed father in the next trials, when, in a truly providential way, the request of an expert inquisitor had arrived from the king of France for a trial of an alleged witch, a heretical and lustful English lady, who had attempted the life of the sovereign Political and economic interests had favored the choice of Father Pedro Montoja as the most suitable to frame this devious English heretic suspected of witchcraft.
When he, as soon as he got out of his carriage, had seen her, completely naked, while she was masturbating with impunity in front of a regiment of soldiers and then as she crouched down and did her relieving herself like an animal, knowing that she was doing something she had to do ashamed (and in fact she was crying and hiding her face in flames with embarrassment), he immediately thought of Maria Consuelo: same raven hair, same curvy and busty body, same sexual charge that emanated from all of her person. Father Pedro felt his cock quickly become rock hard. He knew it would be a long and complex investigation but in the end the accused would confess all her sins and ask to be lovingly welcomed into the strictly enclosed convent, where her re-education would continue over the next few years under the supervision of the inquisitor.
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Claire was forcibly dragged by two guards into the torture room, as requested by the Franciscan father and, on his specific orders, she had been blocked on a table placed under an iron bar supported by two solid vertical supports at the sides of the table itself. Both the ankles and the wrists of the condemned woman had been fixed to the central bar of that sort of solid metal H, and she was thus immobilized with her legs and arms wide open and with easy access to her private parts and her breasts. It was the position that the inquisitor father preferred for her defendants, because he left them completely at his mercy and did not allow them to protect their modesty in the least. A situation of psychological inferiority that weighed heavily during the interrogation and contributed to the rapid closure of the inquiries. Claire whimpered desperately as she saw herself stuck in that obscene position, with the friar peering closely at her and grinning at her ass still dirty with that horrible yellow slime of liquid feces mixed with sperm that had come out of her ass. The friar was given a bucket of water and some rags and wanted to personally clean up the traces of that shameful diarrhea caused by castor oil, which Claire had been forced to swallow. He said that this was a work of penance that he willingly accepted, in imitation of Our Lord, who had bent down to wash the feet of the apostles. After having cleaned with a wet rag the slit that divided the woman's buttocks, wide open by the ignoble position in which she was, and therefore all her perineum and the lips parted by sex, the thin furrow in which those delicate lips tightened around the clitoris and finally the fleshy mound of the pubis, the friar took a second folded rag, dipped it well in the bucket and, taking it out completely soaked, twisted it into a large cylinder of wet cloth.
Then, under Claire's shocked gaze, he put the end of that big wet cloth "salami" in contact with the anus and with a thrust and a violent twist he thrust it into her ass. The woman screamed, and screamed even louder when the rag was driven even deeper into her rectum, overcoming the resistance of the edges of the rectum and the narrow opening of the anal orifice. But despite the poor woman's screams, tears, and futile attempts to wriggle out of the obscene torture, the large rolled-up rag was forced into her ass for at least eight or nine inches.
“Now your ass is really clean, puta sucia! You are happy?" the friar said mockingly.
“Nooooo! Take it off! Take it out of there, I beg youuuuuu! It hurts! It hurts so much! " poor Claire cried desperately. "
At that moment the door opened and Robert McKinnon entered like a fury.
“Untie the prisoner immediately and hand her over to me! You have no right to torture her like this! " he said red with anger to the seraphic friar.
"Who are you to give orders to the envoy of the Church, young man? I was commissioned by your king to investigate this witch and I question her as I prefer! " the friar replied calmly, knowing full well that his authority protected him from any complaints from an obscure officer of the fortress.
"I am the person in charge of the prisoner's safety. I don't allow her to be treated like this! " the young man said furiously, without giving up.
"And I am instructed by your king to ascertain the truth and bring back this lost sheep ... - and here the friar amused himself by pretending not to remember the word and then, placing his hungry hands on the woman's panting chest and crushing it cruelly passion, he continued -… in the bosom of the Church… And the truth is that this woman is a perverse daughter of Satan, who lends herself to carnal encounters with the devil and who intends to lead to perdition all the men she meets on her path. But she has found in me the bulwark that stops her every attempt at conquest ”.
“This woman is just a prisoner, a weak woman humiliated and abused. This is not the way you seek the truth, Reverend Father! "
“You are a deluded poor man, my boy, and I will prove it to you if you obey my every order for the next few minutes. After that you will leave me alone with her to complete my work and you will not disturb me further. Now answer sincerely: what is this woman for you? "
Robert was stunned for a moment by the question he did not expect and replied stammering.
"This woman is a prisoner and my assignment ..."
"This woman has made an attempt on your king's life and she has tainted the honor of the regiment to which you belong with her accusations of it, therefore also your honor. But she for you she is she only she a prisoner. Is that so? "
"I confirm!" the officer answered decisively.
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"That's what I wanted to hear you say." resumed the friar. What he then said filled both Robert and Claire with amazement and bewilderment. “Now take off your pants and go up to the table where the prisoner is. Claire looked at him worried and began to foresee the game of the sly friar. She tried to talk, to persuade Robert to disobey that order but he had given his word as an officer by accepting the challenge that the inquisitor friar had given him and could not refuse to carry out that unusual order.
"Now, witch, you are going to suck the cock of this worthy officer!" Father Pedro then ordered, slapping Claire full in the face.
"I'm not a witch and I will never do such a thing, you filthy pervert!" Claire replied, indignant at such an abject order. In response, the friar took off the rope that he wore at his waist as a belt and that ended with some large knots and with it he struck a cruel blow between the wide open thighs of the poor prisoner who screamed in pain. That lash was immediately followed by another and another, until Robert, to spare his poor lover that atrocious torture, grabbed the prisoner by the back of the neck and delicately presented his cock in front of her mouth, and the woman , after some resistance she welcomed him. The shameful experience she underwent in prison and the hostile and hateful presence of the friar held back her loving impulse, but when Robert gently stroked the nape of her neck under the dark mass of her hair and gently guided her onto his erect rod, the woman's tongue began lapping her lover's penis with increasing passion, while her lips tightened around the long shaft and tickled each of his raised veins. The friar had helped her to overcome her inhibitions while, unseen by Robert, too busy enjoying her wonderful blowjob, with a finger he stimulated her sensitive button placed at the apex of the sex slit that dripped slowly. her moods. Claire, at her impertinent and unexpected touch, let out a long moan, choked by Robert's penis, but she couldn't stop her body from getting aroused and taking over control of her. The friar wanted to do just that, to have all her inhibitions nullified to show that she was a perverse and sensual woman, dedicated to sin and to make men sin. Robert had not understood it instead and, lost in the ecstasy of his senses, he was enjoying Claire's mouth as if they were alone, in the secret of her cell.
Claire too was now lost in the pleasure of the heat of her oral intercourse and held the rod between her sensitive lips, while her tongue enveloped the swollen flesh of the sex of her beloved and tickled and stimulated him with passion. When the friar's index finger slipped into the female's wet channel, while the thumb continued to delicately excite the gem of flesh, shocked by the itching caused by the nettles and the slow and constant masturbation, the woman instinctively lifted her pelvis with the strength of desperation , pulling force on the thighs, and the index finger dived all into the wet channel just waiting to be filled. The long-awaited contact of his fingertip with the fiery wall of her vagina made the poor prisoner scream with enjoyment, who multiplied the intensity of his sucking and the pressure of her tongue on the rod. But Claire's face was scarlet with shame because she knew she was forced into those actions by the friar's forced stimulation.
Robert, with his eyes closed, savored the pleasure, unaware of the subtle action of the friar who, in addition to probing with slow movements back and forth the sexual channel of the young woman, had reached out his other hand towards the contracted rosette of the anus, which demanded a gentle caress, after the cruel bite of the nettle. The index finger stimulated the tender flesh of the anal hole, which gripped the large roll of wet cloth, and the itch on that overused and sensitive part, caused by the stinging leaves, awoke like a flash in the dark. The anus began to convulsively tighten around the foreign body that occupied her rectum, causing long, rhythmic moans from Claire and the slow flow of water from her ass, which involuntarily squeezed the wet rag.
Why didn't Robert do anything? Why did he not realize that the friar was subtly stimulating her to make her yield and condemn as a woman possessed by sinful and uncontrollable passions? She had to warn him, she had to distract him, but the young man was lost in the paradise caused by the sensual action of the tongue and lips of his beloved and he simply accompanied the voracious sucking of the woman with the hand that held the nape of her neck and did not stop caressing her lovingly. Claire brushed the skin of the penis with her teeth but then she did not have the courage to bite and resumed sucking greedily, hoping to accelerate the orgasm of her beloved and the end of that sweet torture.


A thrill of the cock filling her mouth and a firm grip of Robert's hand behind her head made her realize that he was about to cum. But the perfidious friar had also noticed it, and he intensified the pressure and speed of his finger in the contracted and soaked channel of juices, while with the other hand he removed from the ass the rag with exasperating slowness and with a devastating effect for the imminent orgasm of the beautiful prisoner. Robert roared and erupted gushes of thick semen, forcibly thrusting her cock deep into Claire's throat as she howled and gurgled desperately as she felt her rectum contract and convulsively and involuntarily hold the coming rag.
The vagina captured and almost bit the finger of the friar who was now exploring her with frantic movements on the delicate point that opened the doors to enjoyment from inside her cunt. A violent whitish gush shot out from the swollen lips of her vulva as her finger left her hot, empty cunt. At the same time, with one last violent tug, Father Pedro Montoja tore the large rolled-up rag from the woman's ass and her empty anus began to gasp convulsively, like a fish left to agonize out of the water. It was the sign the friar was waiting for: the woman was enjoying through her anal canal, in a devastating climax that had simultaneously upset both narrow internal channels and the pearl of flesh that now rose red and excited at the mouth of her dripping vagina.
"Here is the proof you were waiting for, captain!" the friar said enthusiastically, hiding his guilty hands in the wide sleeves of his cassock. "This woman is nothing to you, he accused, certainly unjustly, this healing of brutality and non-existent rape, while instead she manages to lead you to sin, thanks to her perfidious mouth. You will agree with me that this is not the how a chaste wife can satisfy her husband's carnal need, respecting the dictates of the Church. The way she sucked you demonstrates all her lust and her tempting strength, which certainly comes from the devil. And finally look here, between her thighs! "
Poor Robert, struggling to recover from that shocking orgasm, gazed at Claire's gaping, dripping sex and the large pool of female juices that had squirted violently out of her overexcited cunt.
“This is the clearest proof! The Devil's Sperm! Your commander rightly said that this woman was possessed this night by the evil one, not only in her soul but also in her body: now you yourself are a witness! "
The young man had never seen that overwhelming enjoyment that leads some women, in some cases, to produce a gush of sexual fluids from their cunt. The perfidious friar, on the other hand, knew perfectly well and had often used this male ignorance and this female weakness, if it were to be defined as such, as an instrument to condemn the youngest and most beautiful accused who came under his perverse hands for witchcraft. Stammering and dressing, Robert bowed and walked confusedly to the door.
Claire's shocked eyes, exhausted and voiceless after that exhausting sexual torture, begged him not to leave her alone with this maniac and perverse character but the young officer was too confused and bewildered to be able to understand her desperate look and bowing to the friar, he went out closing the door.


"Now no one will disturb us anymore, my lost sheep ..." the friar said, approaching and placing his hungry hands on Claire's naked and defenseless breasts, who screamed in despair. But Robert was far away and he couldn't hear her.
"Get your filthy hands off me, you wicked pig!" she screamed with tears in her eyes in anger and frustration at not being able to defend herself.
"My position as inquisitor allows me to import my hands to heal your diabolical possession. But in your case the hands are not enough. I will make the devil come out of your body and I will make you confess all your sins, to obtain your complete conversion. " and so saying, he grabbed a whip from the rack. Claire trembled to see him approach with that terrible instrument in his hands; her position, with her thighs and arms spread and her sex, butt and breasts exposed to any attack, was extremely vulnerable and she had not yet recovered from the shocking orgasm that had just upset her vagina, her rectum and especially her clitoris, which was still erect and sensitive just beyond the narrow slit that normally enclosed it. In vain she tried to stop the friar possessed, begging him, begging him to have mercy and declaring himself completely innocent. All in vain. With eyes full of hatred and sadistic pleasure, the man brought his first brutal lash to her breast, which was still feeling the cruel bite of the nettles. blow was followed by a desperate scream, followed soon after by a new blow, this time to the belly, which marked the female body with a new painful red streak. he was walking around the poor immobilized body of the prisoner and hitting him from all sides, especially in the most delicate and sensitive areas. When in her turn the friar presented himself in front of the wide open thighs and targeted the still aroused femininity of the young woman, she screamed with all her strength.
“Noooo, nooooo !!! I beg you father, don't beat me there! I'll do anything, anything! You won!"
"Do you confess then that you are a witch, you filthy bitch?" he asked excitedly at the sight of her naked and defenseless sex.
“I'm not a witch! I'm not a witch! I am just an educated woman who offers her help to those in need and never asking for anything in return. Believe me father, I am innocent of everything they accuse me of! "
“This is not the confession you promised me but a further confirmation of your sins. The door that the devil uses to get inside you and the ideal place to knock to get him out, your pathetic apologies confirm it! " and having said this he caused a cruel whipping to fall on the vaginal lips. Claire howled like a wounded animal and her intense pain caused her to lose control of her bladder. A long stream of pee came out of her cunt and the friar was even more infuriated in his brutal punishment.
"Yes! Yes! Yeeeeesss! get out of this body, Satan! " he screamed repeatedly hitting the female sex with countless lashes while Claire could not help but scream and cry.
"No, pityyyyy! That's enough! I confess! I confess everything! "
"We feel! Do you confess that you are a witch? "
""Yes ..." Claire replied, lowering her eyes between sobs.
"Say it explicitly!" the friar ordered her, letting a new whip fall on her battered cunt.
"I confess I'm a witch!" Claire yelled in defeat
"Do you confess that you have unnatural relations with the devil?"
"Yes, I confess! The devil has ... sodomized me ...! "
"And how many times?"
"I've never counted them."
"Many times, eh ... yes, ... many times ... as I imagined ..." she said, grinning at the friar, sticking a finger in her ass and probing it with sadistic pleasure as she cried. "Your ass is as tight as a virgin's. You're still lying!"
"No, I swear! The devil always casts a spell when he owns me and he brings it back to me as he was before. He told Me he only likes to fuck virgin asses!"
Claire made up her excuse on the spot, cursing de Launay's perfidious ointment into her heart.
"In this case ... - Father Pedro said quickly taking off his cassock and remaining completely naked between the wide open thighs of the woman - ... I'm here to save you!" And grasping her large, fully erect manhood, he aimed it at the tender exposed rosette of the poor prisoner's anus.
"Nooooo!" she barely managed to scream at Claire as her penis penetrated her from behind her into her narrowest and most delicate orifice, rending him mercilessly. The friar's big cock, aroused by the brutal whipping she had conducted so far, hardly entered her narrow channel causing Claire excruciating pain, like the first time she was fucked in her ass. The man grabbed her by her hips and brutally plunged into the narrow channel, immediately starting to plow him regardless of the screams of her victim.
"Pity! NOOOOO !!! Stop! You hurt me !!!"
"And would you like to enjoy it too, you filthy slut? This is the just punishment for your many sins!" the friar answered insisting with greater violence in his cruel blows of the kidneys.
"You are a pig! A damned pig! Leave me! Leave me alone!"
The cock dug into the tender flesh and the warm channel convulsively tightened around it. The friar was fucking her like a mad animal, without any attention to her pleasure but only with the pleasure of humiliating her and making her suffer.
The Franciscan's strong hands grabbed her under her buttocks and slammed the erect rod all the way into her colon.
"You like it, Consuelo, I know you like it, you filthy whore!"
Claire looked at him frightened, seeing in him the look of a madman: he noticed it and recovered immediately, insisting on his hateful anal penetrations that shook the whole body of the prisoner.
"Tell me, bitch! Is my cock bigger or the devil's?"
"Your ... your cock is the biggest, father ..." Claire replied immediately sobbing, hoping this would make him proud and less cruel.
"You like being buggered, right?"
"Yeeeeess! I like it! I like it!" Claire lied to calm him down.
"You filthy bitch! I knew it! You are a filthy and shameless sinner! Your redemption is still a long way off!" Then, coming out of her raped ass, she regained control of herself. He didn't want to enjoy that beautiful prey right away, he had to taste it slowly, like a delicious dish.


He grabbed a pair of pliers and brought the tips to the height of the poor woman's sex, who was crying in despair.
"Now I want to know from you in what form the devil presented himself to you the first time and when. Confess and I will spare you more suffering!"
"I ... I don't remember ... I don't remember ... it's been a long time ..."
"Don't lie and don't be reticent! I've heard you've been seen having intercourse with animals! Is that true?"
"Nooooo, that's a lie! I've never done such a thing! Someone who hates me has spread these rumors! I'm innocent!"
"Confess the truth, you filthy wicked witch!" the friar yelled, grabbing one of the outer lips of her sex and squeezing it between the iron pliers. An excruciating scream escaped Claire's throat.
"Oh, my god! Oh my god! NOOOOO! Please !!! Pityyyy !!!"
"Confess! Otherwise these irons will be hot next time!"
"Nooooo! I confess! I confess! That's right! The devil turned into a big dog and fucked me from behind while I was on all fours. I couldn't see him well but his dilated knot prevented me from escaping his assault. I could feel him barking behind me and drooling on my back. It was awful! "
Fear and excruciating pain had shaken Claire's mind, but not to the point of not realizing that the wicked friar would continue with his torture until he heard everything he wanted from her, be it the truth or just one his perverse fantasy. She hoped that the gory and unlikely details of that story would calm him down and that he would let her go back to her cell. Perhaps Robert would come to rescue her and take her away from there before the friar passed the final sentence, which would mark her end in a life-long prison in a dark convent and under the clutches of that maniac.
The friar seemed satisfied with her confession this time and put down the tool he was holding in his hand.
"Now let's start thinking! You are nothing but a filthy bitch, that's what the devil made you understand, taking the form of this big dog who mated with you in an animalistic way."
"Yes, I'm a bitch! I'm a bitch! But please don't hurt me anymore! I'll do whatever you want."
"Will you sign your confession tomorrow and accept the punishment I will give you without questioning?"
"Yes, I promise, I promise! ..." Claire repeated between sobs, seeing a glimmer of salvation, at least for that night.
"All my tools will arrive soon and I will use them on your body if I see the slightest hesitation in your confession. Am I clear?"
"Yes father!" Claire whimpered.
"But now I want to see tangible proof of your humility!" and turning the woman's head towards his erect penis, he thrust it into her mouth unceremoniously.
Claire was disgusted by the taste of the rod, which had recently been removed from her ass, but she sobbed and sucked it greedily, hoping to satisfy the man and to suspend her ordeal for a moment.
"Suck, Consuelo! Suck it well, so ... so ...! Don't force me to take the tongs again and crush your tender pearl of meat! ..."
At this threat Claire increased her ardor a hundredfold, moaning aloud from the fear she felt for that evil man and wondering what this Consuelo had ever done to upset her mind like that. The friar seemed to appreciate her diligence and her passion in fellatio and fortunately did not carry out her threat.
Claire sucked and licked greedily, as if her whole life depended on that blowjob, and in a way she was just like that. The friar grabbed her by her hair and guided her head back and forth on the long erect rod that stuck in her throat at an increasing rate, after tasting the tight grip of her lips and the caress of that expert tongue of hers.
"Suck, damn witch! Suck it right! Like this! Yeeeessss!"
Claire had to swallow his load down to the last drop of him.
Then, before sending her back to her cell to meditate on her sins, he gave her a long series of lashes on her back, after tying her to her knees on a bench. He forced her to humble herself with each blow, thanking him for her fatherly correction and proclaiming herself a filthy bitch, the devil's servant.
When two guards came for her she was almost unconscious: her body had been frustrated all over her and there was not a place on her skin that didn't hurt terribly. She struggled to walk because of the anal violence she had suffered at the hands of the friar and even the lips of her sex, crushed by the bite of her pliers, ached terribly. When the guards threw her on the bed she cried for her pain but above all for the desperation in which she felt again plunged: Robert had not shown up again, he had not come to take her with the soldiers and he had not waited for her in the her cell.


It was late at night when the door slowly opened and Robert sneaked into the cell. Claire could not sleep due to the many lashes that marked her body and was heartbroken by the fate that awaited her.
"Why did you abandon me with that man?" she asked him with tears in her eyes, avoiding the kiss he wanted to give her. And the young man, disheartened, answered him.
"I did not abandon you, my love. I realized that there was no more time to waste because that man is a madman. We will flee together tonight. I went away only to fine-tune everything and prepare our escape. Here, I brought you a dress. "
Claire cried but this time with joy. A dress, an escape from that place, away from all that she had made her suffer those days, from all the sexual abuse she had suffered at the hands of many men. And she with him finally, together forever with this inexperienced but deeply good, generous and courageous young man, who had believed in her innocence and her love for him. But when Robert hugged her she pulled away screaming. Her body slaughtered by her lashes ached terribly and there wasn't a single inch of her skin that didn't burn just touching him.
"Oh my god, Robert, I can't do it! That father Montoja destroyed me. I couldn't sleep all night, I can't lie down, I can't wear your dress ... We are lost! ..."
"Don't worry, I've thought of everything." he said, pulling something out of the bag from which he had already taken out the famous red party dress, in which Claire had been so admired and which had aroused the deep jealousy, so much so thatthe marquise de Launay had secretly bought it from the same tailor, identical in every detail to the one worn by Claire, to make him wear it again the day he would fold it at his feet. The husband had welcomed this fantasy of his wife, which was also his own and Robert had found that dress that day and had stolen it, sure that when the Marquises de Launay realized it he and Claire would already be far away and safe.
"What's this?" Claire asked suspiciously as he showed her an alabaster box and opened it before her eyes.
"It's a balm that will put you back on your feet. A trusted person gave it to me, and assured me that it is ideal against burns or skin abrasions. It will burn a little at first but then you will feel good in a few hours. We have all the time we need before the changing of the guard, which is the best time for the escape show. "
"Who is this trustworthy person? It's not de Launay I want to hope," said Claire, backing away frightened at the idea of still having to deal with the powerful but diabolical drugs of the perverse Marquis.
"No, don't worry. He is a friend I trust blindly, an abbot of a noble Parisian family, who lives between studying the classics, philosophy and teaching his young nephew, to whom he acts as tutor and tutor. He is a man of the church, he has nothing to do with a character like de Launay. "
Convinced by those words and the need to hurry, Claire agreed to have him treat her with that balm, and she had to grit her teeth at the first touch of the cream on her skin. The cream burned terribly but only for the first few minutes. Then the burning subsided, leaving the skin soft and sensitive. Her bruises were greatly reduced and so were the superficial scratches caused by the whiplash. After Robert massaged her back, she Claire lay down on her bed and let him rub that miracle cream all over her body. The sensation of her was wonderful, the young man's fingers passed over her battered skin and in a few minutes they brought her back to life. Claire slowly opened her knees, leaving easy access to the fingers of the young lover who caressed her with great delicacy between her thighs. A thrill of her took it all over her body, as her pain subsided and when Robert's fingers brush her pussy she meowed excitedly, caressing herself breasts.
"What's the name of this friend of yours?" she asked stammering Claire as she continued to tickle herself now erect and sensitive nipples, as well as her clit that was receiving the caress of her lover.
"He is the Abbot of Ebreuil, Monsignor de Sade. He is often visiting here at the Bastille because he is a longtime friend of de Launay. That's how I met him."
"Donatien Alphonse François de Sade?" Claire asked petrified with terror as her whole body awoke in a sudden and devastating sexual arousal, as she had experienced only after applying de Launay's drugs, which were used only on her localized erogenous zones and not on everything his body. Robert looked at her in amazement.
"No, his name is Jacques François de Sade.". Claire seemed calmed, even though the thrill on her body didn't stop. Robert resumed speaking as if nothing had happened "Donatien Alphonse François is the name of his nephew, the young Marquis de Sade, the one he is raising, but he is only a child, even though his uncle says he is very promising. How do you know his name? Abbot de Sade was called by de Launay to act as a spiritual father in some orphanages for young women without means, many of whom have passed through the Bastille: the Marquis protects them for a beneficial spirit and to snatch them from a life of prostitution or from deportation to Louisiana or to the plantations of Santo Domingo. Monsignor de Sade is often at the Bastille and each time he and de Launay exchange gifts and advice… ".
Claire jumped on top of him like a fury and grabbed him by her neck, squeezing him in her fingers until she almost choked him. But then her grip weakened as she saw the amazement and bewilderment in his eyes and as the tide of overwhelming sexual passion built up in her. In the end the woman could not resist her and she threw herself with her mouth on that of her beloved, kissing him with an animalistic enthusiasm. Their tongues entwined and their fingers got lost in each other's hair.
"Undress! Undress now!" Claire told him, bringing her feverish fingers to the buttons of her uniform.
"There is no time for these things now." the young man said, doing what he could to break away from her.
"I want you! I want you now! I have to make love right away."
"Love, be reasonable, we'll have all the time later ..."
"I want to fuck, you understand! I want to be fucked, shagged, buggered !!! I can't resist anymore !!!"
Seeing that she did not yield and indeed began to fidget and raise her voice, Robert thought it best to please her and began to undress naked hisself. She looked at him lying on her bed and furiously masturbated with two fingers inside her pussy dripping with juices, while with the other hand she was fondling her full and aroused breasts, anticipating the pleasure of feeling inside her the powerful erection that was rising between her thighs and her young lover. She made him to lie on top of her but she forced him to lie on his back on her bed and then and she threw herself ravenously on his erect cock and started sucking and licking it greedily. She had settled on top of him on all fours and her gaping, mood-shining pussy was right over his mouth. Robert, lost in the delight of the blowjob he was receiving, reached out to her mouth and tongue to reach her clit. She moaned madly as she sucked the young officer's stiff penis like a maniac.
They loved each other giving each other oral pleasure for several minutes, and Claire's passion showed no sign of abating. Overwhelmed by her irrepressible desire, she straddled him and offering him her shoulders and letting herself fall slowly on his erect rod, he guided her hole tighter than hers inside her, hoping that her pain would arouse her from that sweet torment. His cock filled her all over and despite the painful pangs she felt around her anus, she began to rise and fall with her pelvis over her lover until she felt his hair in contact with her buttocks. . He moaned with pleasure and guided her with his hands around her hips but she was leading the game.
The young man's big cock was still stuck inside his small orifice when the cell door suddenly swung open and, to the bewilderment of the two lovers surprised at the fact in that unmistakable situation, de Launay and Father Pedro entered the room, both armed with a gun they aimed at the couple. Claire screamed in fear and stopped for a moment, covering her breasts and pubis out of a sense of modesty, trying to mask the young man's cock embedded deep in her dry ass. She tried to break away but she couldn't, they were stuck in each other in a really awkward situation.
"Our little bicht is good! You have your male's knot well stuck inside and you can't come off eh? What a delightful sight you are giving. I should call the whole garrison to show how proud Madame Fraser spends her evenings at the Bastille, in the absence of her husband… ”de Launay grinned as Claire blushed to the tips of her hair. Her attempts to break away from the cock stuck in her ass had the opposite effect to what she wanted: in fact, her already hot and aroused body could not resist that new stimulation and sexual arousal of. she took it uncontrollably. Closing her eyes and not caring about the presence of the two enemies and the end of all hope of salvation, the woman resumed getting impaled in the ass by Robert's cock, who called her in vain and tried to make her arouse from that kind of sexual hypnosis. But now lost in her nirvana of sex and pleasure, she could no longer control herself.
"This whore is really possessed by the devil!" Father Pedro said, pointing his gun at her head.
“No, my dear friend. The explanation is much simpler. This bitch used an ointment that I also use on my most rebellious and demure prisoners, to make them warmer and more available. From the smell that emanates from his skin, I would say that it is the formula of my friend Monsignor de Sade.
He used his classical studies to deepen his knowledge of the bacchantes and sacred prostitutes of the goddess Venus and in particular studied the products they used to prolong their arousal. I recognize the smell of her ointment, just the tip of my finger over her nipples or into her pussy is enough to make a female lose her head and make her fuck all night, and this slut judging by how it smells, if she is covered the whole body. She could fuck the entire four horse in my carriage and still not be satisfied with it. What better time to satisfy Madame's desires? ... ”said de Launey, grinning and stroking her breasts at Claire and making her howl like a bitch in heat, spontaneously offering her nipples to her persecutor's hand.
"This filthy sinner must be punished as she deserves, she must not be satisfied in her desires, to make her sin better!" the friar objected, while with his free hand he stroked under the cassock, not even able to resist the obscene spectacle that the naked woman was giving of herself.
“You are right, my dear friend! we are not here to please this bitch, but rather to punish her as she deserves. But there is an easy remedy for this too ... "and so saying he gave a powerful slap in the face to poor Claire who was astonished and dazed by the blow and stopped squirming on the young man's penis. Another powerful slap made her sob and blush with shame, as if her frenzy had suddenly disappeared, like a bad dream. She brought one hand to her breast and the other to her pubis and tried to lift herself from Robert but still couldn't. De Launey slapped her again and she began to cry hard,lowering her head in shame.
“Do you see, Father Montoja? The physical pain neutralizes the effect of the drug contained in the cream, at least for a while, and makes our Madame Fraser regain a minimum of control and awareness of how slutty she is. The time has come to pay for your sins, my dear, and the priest here is just waiting to hear your confession and give you his penance, isn't he a real father? " so he saying he grabbed her by her hair and forced her to detach herself from his penis firmly planted in her ass. The pain and the momentary awareness of the woman, as well as the fear felt by her lover of her, whose erection had subsided, had allowed the two bodies to finally separate. Father Montoja struck McKinnon on his head, knocking him out, and then two newcomers threw themselves on Claire's body and dragged her to a rack, tying her with her hands and feet apart, in the same position in which Black Jack Randall had also immobilized her.
"Please leave me! Leave me! Have mercy!" Claire cried desperately as she struggled needlessly between her bonds. When the poor woman could no longer put up the slightest resistance, the diabolical passion induced by the aphrodisiac drug of the cream that had excited her body quickly woke up and she began to moan and wriggle not being able to relieve herself from the irrepressible desire to enjoy her body. .
“Oh please! Please, Messieurs, touch me! Caress me! Oh yes, now! I beg you! I can not resist!"
"What do you want, you filthy bitch?" de Launay asked her treacherously, stroking her ass.
"I want to enjoy! I want to enjoy! take me! fuck me! fuck me! bugger me! do whatever you want with me! but let me enjoy! I'm going crazy!"
“Not so soon, my dear! Not so soon! First you have to tell us where your husband is! "
“I don't know, I swear! I swear!!! I don't know where that bastard is! He abandoned me! he left me here to let everyone fuck me and he got to safety! It's somewhere in Scotland! Ask McKinnon, he knows! "
“I don't believe you, you filthy whore! you're lying!" continued de Launay, sliding his hand now hers between her thighs and stroking her pussy. For Claire, it was like feeling an electric shock. She moaned and howled like an animal, frantically rubbing her vulva on her fingers, so that they reached her clitoris excited beyond measure. But de Launey quickly removed his hand and made her scream in frustration. The marquis waved to the friar who, armed with a sturdy whip, stood behind the woman while de Launay stood in front of her.
"And so the pure and faithful Lady Fraser just wants to be fucked like any whore, doesn't she?"
"Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeesss !!!! I am a slut! a very big slut! fuck me! Fuck me now! I beg you! I will do anything for you! I'll be your personal slut forever !! "
“Sure, Lady Fraser! Sure! We will fuck you until you can't feel the pussy anymore! But before it… ”And he gave her a powerful whip between her shoulder blades. Father Montoja immediately responded with another cruel whip on the breasts. Claire screamed and struggled but the ropes she was tied with were strong and her efforts were worth nothing. His third whip hit her on her buttocks and the fourth between her thighs. She screamed and screamed again as her pain roused her from her frenzy and her modesty and control of her instincts took over her arousal. At the sixth whip, her face was already a mask of pain and her initial excitement was left with only the memory of her. She had awakened naked and helpless in front of those two cruel characters who had enormous fun in causing her pain and she heard the moans of Robert, who was awakening but was firmly bound and could not come to her rescue.


"Help! Help! stop stop! have pity! Don't hit me anymore! you hurt me! That's enough!"
“And now, my dear, the time has come to satisfy your cravings for a bitch. Now Father Montoja and I will fuck you together, in the pussy and in the ass. Does the program satisfy you? "
"No! No! I beg you! Don't rape me! Please don't! I do not want to!"
“You are too fickle a woman, my dear. But I'm glad this fuck is an adequate punishment for your lust! " and at an agreed signal, Father Montoja penetrated her cunt while de Launey spread her buttocks and tore her ass apart. A long female scream filled the cell as the two grinned.
“You wanted to be fucked, huh, you filthy bitch! You are satisfied! " Father Montoja told her, grabbing her breasts and using them as handles to sink better into the vagina up to the cervix. De Launay held her firmly by the hips and pounded her from behind with brutal thrusts of the kidneys, which buried the friar's cock even more deeply inside her body. Claire, awakened by the atrocious pain of her brutal penetration, especially her anal one, felt every pang of her and nothing gave her pleasure like a few minutes before with Robert. The two brutes fucked her with unprecedented violence and their great pleasure. They enjoyed stopping every now and then to admire the awakening of the woman's sexual arousal induced by the drug, then the pain of the brutality suffered immediately brought the prisoner back to consciousness of her condition as a sex slave and she tried to oppose and defend herself from the double rape that he was undergoing. Her moans and her cries of pain mingled with her moans of pleasure, as if there were two different people in her. When de Launay felt close to orgasm he grabbed one of his victim's nipples and twisted it cruelly making her scream in pain: he wanted to be sure that Claire would die of shame at feeling her insides filled with the slimy semen that flooded them. The friar multiplied her assaults in the Lady's vagina and ejaculated in her with a ferocious roar which was immediately echoed by the woman's long moan of defeat.
Grinning with satisfaction, the two let her dangle from the rack with no more strength. De Launay dressed quickly, laughing.
"Her sexual arousal has subsided and she is aware of the shameful condition she is in. That is exactly what I wanted to subject her to this morning. Now I will wake the garrison and we will take her to the forecourt completely naked but with her hands tied behind her back. so that she cannot satisfy herself. We will wait for her arousal to take over her shame and enjoy the scene where the noble Lady Fraser begs the guards to be assfucked and fucked in every way or gets down on her knees to suck some Then we will have her whipped until she is conscious and we will have her raped all night. In order not to volunteer to her rapists she will beg us to be whipped, won't we Madame? I could also invite Prince Charles Stuart to enjoy it show as she horny begs my guards to be fucked. The prince will know what kind of slut he's interested in and let her it will be to her fate. The night is still long, my dear, and the Bastille whore has just begun her work. My guards will remember you for a long time, I'm sure. And this dude of yours will enjoy the whole show, before being locked up in the most fetid and crowded of my dungeons. "
And so saying, de Launay left, leaving Claire alone with Father Pedro.
The woman was exhausted after the brutal double penetration and the friar easily managed to drag her to the table and tie her on top of her legs and arms wide open. Within minutes, poor Claire felt with horror that the passion provoked by the perfidious drug contained in the cream, with which her skin was impregnated, was taking over her willpower. The friar saw her squirm and moan like a raging animal and was shocked and excited at the same time.
"You dirty little slut! You are dying to be fucked again and the thought that a few hundred soldiers will soon fuck you in every hole makes you even more horny, huh? I know how to ruin your party, my dear. I have something here that it will cause you the pain necessary to make you feel ashamed of yourself and become aware of your humiliation. " And from the foldout of his robe he pulled an object that Claire recognized immediately with dread.


"They tell me that you are a healer. There is an old saying that" an apple a day keeps the doctor away. "I don't have an apple here but only a pear ... let's see if this pear of anguish removes the healer away and leaves us only the whore you are inside! ... "
"Nooooo! NOOOOO !!! NOOOOO !!!" Claire screamed desperately as the friar soiled the surface of her ignoble tool with the fluids that still came out of the woman's cunt and then forced the pear into her vagina .
"Shut up, you filthy bitch or I'll put it in your ass! And now let's see how big this pussy can become! ..." and as he said, he began to spread the tool, tearing the tender folds of the victim's vagina. Helpless and ashamed, Claire could not help but suffer the excruciating torture, squirming helpless on the table and screaming in pain.
"This will enlarge your beautiful cunt and deprive you of the pleasure of your fucking. Men will be disappointed and will be more brutal to you. But there is still something we can do to take away the pleasure of fornication forever, you dirty!" and he began to caress her nipples, arousing them in a sadistic way.
"You like it, uh, you filthy little heretical sow! Even the devil, I bet, made you prick up these little gems with his hands and his mouth ... now I will let you try something worthy of the hell you are destined!.. "and from the folds of his robe which he picked up from the ground he pulled out the terrible iron pliers he had already used on the prisoner's vaginal lips. He watched with sadistic pleasure at Claire's shocked face as he spread and closed the tips of her instrument. She then she turned to the fireplace that warmed the cell, a feature of a few cells intended for noble and important prisoners who passed through the Bastille, and she stuck the two points of the tongs into the pile of burning embers. He blew on it a little, rekindling the flame, oblivious to the desperate screams of Claire, who was watching him terrified and looking desperately for Robert, who was still lying unconscious on the floor.
"These beautiful nipples will soon be well roasted. You will no longer feel any pleasure from those devil tips! ... And after those, it will be this one! ..." and he began to titillate the clitoris that rose impertinently from the open wide lips of the sex. While his brutal instrument of torture heated up on the burning embers until it became incandescent, the friar began to greedily lick the sweet slit opened under the hairless pubis, the tip of the tongue teased the hidden pearl making it harden and lift and provoking in the poor Claire an unstoppable excitement that would soon turn into excruciating agony. With his greedy hands he caressed the two erect nipples and the full and firm shape of the two breasts offered defenseless to his hateful provocation. Claire, under the combined action of the fingers and tongue of the perverse religious, raised and arched her back and with sinuous movements of her pelvis came to meet the tongue that probed her in her cunt and that darted around the bud of her irrepressible pleasure . She was about to come with utmost shame under the action of the friar's tongue and lips when he pulled away from her and headed for the fireplace. Claire, who was moving her pelvis in a dance of pleasure in search of that wicked tongue that had brought her close to ecstasy, was petrified to see the fiery tips of the forceps approaching her erect and sensitive nipples.
"You can say goodbye to your pleasure forever, bitch! You will remember me as the last man who made you enjoy before feeling the heat of the flames of hell!".
Claire closed her eyes helplessly, waiting for the painful pang that would forever deprive her of her source of pleasure. She felt her warmth inches from the skin of her breast, then a dull sound and a moan and she saw Robert grab the friar from behind and drag him away to a dark corner of her cell.

From there she heard the sounds of a violent scuffle between the two and then the muffled sound of a moan and Father Montoja's voice fading into a gasp as Robert's fingers tightened around her throat. In a few moments the young officer stood up and ran towards Claire removing the cruel pear of anguish that had been inserted from her vagina and then untying the woman from the table where she had been tied.

"Quick! Let's hurry before de Launay returns!" the young man said, while he helped the woman to get up and dress in the red dress he had brought her. In a few moments Claire was ready and helped by the Scotsman, she left the cell and hurriedly walked through the empty corridors of the prison. All the soldiers were rushing into the square, summoned by the sound of the general gathering which de Launay had had sounded. McKinnon walked with Claire to the governor's office. He had discovered that from there a secret and unguarded passage led out of the fortress. It was the same passage de Launay had used to sneak out the night he had gone into the square to enjoy the spectacle of the rape of poor Claire tied up in her pillory and left to the violence of passers-by. It was a matter of minutes and the two found themselves outside, in the narrow streets of the neighborhood surrounding the prison. Here awaited the carriage that McKinnon had had prepared for their escape. An hour later they were now safely away from Paris. The first light of dawn illuminated the walls of an isolated castle in the middle of the countryside.
"It's Chateau Brisson, a property of a distant cousin of mine who left it to me after he left for the West Indies. Nobody will come looking for us here." Robert said hugging Claire passionately.
Claire looked suspiciously at the sinister form of the manor, and a shiver of fear from her ran down her back. She had been through some terrible times and she would have preferred the carriage to continue to the first port from which to leave and return to Scotland. She would rush to the stone circle, hoping to finally return to her time of hers. The day, however, was beginning to dawn and it was not prudent to wander the streets until evening fell so he accepted with some fear the idea of locking himself up again in a gloomy castle, moreover isolated in the countryside, hoping not to repeat the experience just ended at the Bastille. The kiss that Robert gave her as the carriage entered the castle courtyard dispelled her last doubts.


The story goes into his final
So we ask the audience again how will the story continue
1. Claire and Robert are safe now, they sail togeater back to Scotland, where they are both safe.
2. Its a trap, Claire is punished and abused by her worst enemies
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The story goes into his final
So we ask the audience again how will the story continue
1. Claire and Robert are safe now, they sail togeater back to Scotland, where they are both safe.
2. Its a trap, Claire is punished and abused by her worst enemies
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2. It is most surely a trap, and Claire and Robert are captured . This time tortured more harshly with red hot irons, in the dungeon of the very castle they took “refuge” in…

a bit like this @Damian piece, but the kneeling girl having her genitals threatened by the squirming of her lover is instead Robert- who is a traitor to the state this suffering her doom!


Robert and Claire to face further torment



Very good, I would like to offer some of this saga to the members of my site. I would like to add some of the image material to manips I will do for the French Revolution series I have been working on, great material, some I have used before. I have to reluctantly admit I have not read it all, far too long considering the time I have, will revisit here again to get into it more.


The story goes into his final
So we ask the audience again how will the story continue
1. Claire and Robert are safe now, they sail togeater back to Scotland, where they are both safe.
2. Its a trap, Claire is punished and abused by her worst enemies
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How can it not be 2? :p
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