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INTERACTIVE Outlander story Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV

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Wow, it's copy of thread from ralphus.net !
I ve posted some older pics there, from the first Outlander story, thanks to jjjack I ve learned a lot about fotomanips but the main forum is here, I am not sure what happened on the Gimp site, maybe they have been hacked like some years ago, hope they will recover.
By the way Claires ordeal has not ended. :naughty2:


Hi Mr Hyde, what has happened to the GIMP? It was still down last time I looked.
Margot said today:
We're moving ralphus.net to a much better hosting plan where there are more security options built in, including SSL certificates for all of the websites we have there. At this moment we're considering all the options we have to set up the forum and to integrate everything that is part of the gimp website. We'll begin testing it in the new place in a couple of days.

Stay tuned
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